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Silvertown Cords


are included in the

20% Goodrich


Tire Price Reduction



Among tires SILVERTOWN is the name that instantly conveys the thought of the highest known quality. Motor car manufacturers and dealers are quick to emphasize to their prospects that their cars are equipped with Silvertownsknowing that neither explanation nor argument is necessary. The genuine value of Silvertowns has given them first place in the esteem of motorists. Their jet black anti-skid safety treads and creamy white sides give them the air of distinction that is expected in a product which is the highest art of tire craftsmanship. The full name "Goodrich Silvertown Cord” — appears on each tire. Look for it, and get the genuine.

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The anti-skid safety tread

Silvertown Cord


Akron, Ohio Your dealer will supply you with Goodrich Silvertown Cords, Goodrich Fabrics and Goodrich Red and Gray Tubes at the 20% price reduction.

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Hotel Hargrave




Hotel Webster


Delightful Autumn Tours

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MEDITERRANEAN | A Cathedral Summer


in England

Tours and Travel Tours and Travel Hotels and Resorts Hotels and Resorts EUROPE 1921 RAYMOND-WHITCOMB



Overlooking Parties enrolling now. Moderate

If You Are Tired or Need a Change BEMIS CAMPS

Kimball Lake prices. Most interesting routes.


in Travel

you cannot find a inore comfortable place in Near the White Mountains. A retreat for Great success 1920.

New England than

nature lovers. Homelike and comfortable.

Wonderful scenery,rugged mountains, healthTEMPLE TOURS 65-A Franklin St., Boston, Mass. A Summer Cruise

ful climate, pure air, spring water. Boating,

bathing, fishing, tennis, horseback riding.

GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Blazed trails to surrounding mountains. RelSEE EUROPE

erences. Terms $18 to $25 per week. Booklet. THE LANDS of THE It affords all the comforts of home without

HARRY C. BEMIS, South Chatham, N. Y. Five weeks with Prof. Otto Bond, Chicago

extravagance. University. Brittany, Paris, the battlefront, MIDNIGHT SUN

NEW YORK CITY motoring in the Chateau country, the Pyrenees. * With the understanding also."

INTERCOLLEGIATE TOURS Iceland :: The North Cape 65-A Franklin St., Boston, Mass.

The Fjords of Norway


High and Cool in the Berkshires tery of the Orient lures visitors Sailing direct from New York

A HOTEL OF DISTINCTION from all over the world to

West 720 St., throngh
June 25, 1921
Opens June 18. Goll. Saddle Riding.

to 71st St., New York Desirable Cottages with hotel service.

300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely and visiting, also, Scotland, HOWE & TWOROGER, Managers fireproof. One block to 724 St. el

trance of Central Park. Comfort and Holland, Belgium and Winter Resort, Princess Hotel, Bermuda The quaintest and most interesting of all

refinement combined with moderate countries. Come while the old age customs

On Buzzards Bay-Cape Cod

rates. Send for illustrated booklet J. prevail. Write, mentioning


$850 and upward Care Traffic Dept.


ton Square Send for illustrated booklet.


adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms TOKYO

with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per diay, for full information. RAYMOND & WHITCOMB CO.

Yachting, fishing, bathing, golf, tennis, including meals. Special rates for two weeks Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,

ballroom. Rooms single or en suite.

or more. Location very central. Convenient

CHAS. W. KOKERDA. to all elevated and street car lines. $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

22 Beacon Street, Boston


91 Elm Street, Northampton, Mass.
Season June 24 to Sept. 10. Reservations may
be made now. Detailed information upon

(Near 5th Avenue) application to Mrs. M. V. BURGESS.

40 West 45th Street Leisure travel, June to Sept.

ELM TREE INN 17 Belmont Avenue,

WORTH WHILE TOURS, Boston 30, Mass.

Northampton, Mass.

Directly in the fashionable club and shop Open Junie 20 to Sept. 10. Room and board for summer. Reservations upon application.

ping section. Within five minutes' walk to all principal theaters. . A high-class hotel

patronized by those desiring the best accom13 Belmont, Northampton, Mass.modations at moderate cost.

Rates and map gladly sent upon request. and the

En route White Mountains, Mohawk Trail.

Home comforts. Season June 15, Sept. 15.


VHESTER,VT. "The Maples," Delight-

ful summer home. Cheerful, large, airy

rooms, pure water, bath, hot and cold; broal Sailings Aug. 13 and Sept. 14

piazza, croquet, fine roads. Terms reasonable

Refs. exchanged. The Misses SARGEANT. For details write 54 Days of Byways and Highways


Among the foothills of the White Mountains

Three modern buildings with all improve15 Boyd St., Newton, Mass.

Historic English Inns

Elevation 1,000 ft. Home comforts. ments, located in beautiful village
Weekly rates $15 to $26.

in Green Mts. Fresh milk, fruits, and For further information about this

vegetables from farm. Attractive walks and unique lour write or telephone to

MERIDEN, N.H. "The Bird


drives. Mountain climbing. Box 0. J. F. CANN, Mgr.

WYOMING Conducted tours and independent travel to BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL the West. Send for our booklet “America 1921."




QUEEN MARY COTTAGE 607 Second Ave., Asbury Park, N.J.

An all season stock ranch. Good water, EUROPEAN TOUR 60 Days Running water in every room. Exceptional table. Telephone 449. J. M. KETCHAM. table, and our own garden

in season, fishing, With old-established Company. Select party.

and saddle horses. Camp OUTDOORS WITH Experienced conductor. Write for circular.

COMFORT in the Big Horn Mountains. E.D. QUICK, 488 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn,n.y. The ENGLESIDE Reservations all the year. Address

WYMAN & SONS. Shell, Wyoming. Hotels and Resorts

Beach Haven

N. J. Health Resorts Grant's Tomb—the ever


Opens June 17. The best combination of wonderful Palisades-great DRIFTWOOD seashore features on the coast. Matchless bay | The Bethesda White Plains,

for sailing and fishing, perfect beach and bath

A private sanitarium for invalids and aged awe-inspiring mountains,

Bailey Island, Maine
ing. Five tennis courts. The Engleside has all

who need care. Ideal surroundings. Address the modern conveniences, private baths with June 15 to October 1. Beautifully located a new point of interest at

for terins Alice Gates Bigbee, M.D. Tel. 241. overlooking ocean. Mrs. N. C. STONE.

sea and fresh water. Booklet. R. F. Engle, Mgr. every mile. Most delight

SURE RELIEF FROM ful inland water trip on


HAY FEVER Suburbs of New York Near Hudson

Easy access by automobile. Private home for the American continent


convalescents or elderly people. 5,489, Outlook on the finest river craft in Opens June 15. Private estate, 25 acres woods and shore. Folder. T. E. HAZELL.

ADIRONDACKS the world, the


Doylestowa, Pa. lan institution devoted to

People to Get Well

Keene Valley, N.Y. Wonderful location, "Hendrick Hudson “Washington Irving" Attractive mountain resort, 1,000 feet alti

the personal study and specialized treat in spruces and pines. Beautiful illustrated tude. Charming scenery ; pleasant walks and "Robert Fulton" "Albany."

booklet. $18 to $20. M. E. LUCK, Prop. ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity. drives. All improvements. Fresh dairy prodand “De Witt Clinton" (Newest Flyer)

Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to

ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D. Daily Service between New York and Furnished Cottages to Rent, with meals at Maplewood Cottage

(late of The Walter Sanitarimu) the Inn. For terms address E. S. DOUGLAS. Albany. Also ideal One-day Outings.

KEENE VALLEY, N. Y. Season to October 23. All through

HE rail tickets between New York and


The Heart of the Adirondacks. Mountain

BEACH, ME. Leading hotel. Fine climbing, golf, tennis and swimming near. The Van Valen Sanatorium Albany accepted.

location. All conveniences. Excellent cuisine. Nearest settlement to the famous Ausable Send 4 cents for literature

Yonkers, N. Y. Paycho-therapeutic trentComfortable and homelike. Golf, tennis, Lakes. Purest running water and dry, brac

ment for mental, nervous, functional dising air. $18 and up. Also cottages to rent, beautiful drives, bathing and fishing: Ideal Hudson River Day Line

orders and addictions; also receive patients spot for children. Booklet. W.J. SIMPSON. furnished, at reasonable prices.

needing care, with or without treatment:

Desbrosses Street Pier

booklet upon request. Telephone 0321 Yonkers. New York

Camp On-Ur-Wa Clemons,

N. Y.
Between two lakes. Fishing, tennis, saddle-
PINES horses. Write Mgr. for descriptive booklet.

TO LET, Furnished For the sum

mer, 3 large COTUIT, MASS.

rooms, bath, kitchen, elevator, maid service Boating, bathing excellent. Cottages. Ideal

157 West 57th St., Apt. 64. Circle 3856.

1362 Cedar Avenue place for summer.Own garden.C.D.Crawford.

First class accomınodations. Special attention Flatbush, Brooklyn, N. Y. to table. Comfortable rooms, all conveniences. 20 mins. from the beaches, 20 mins. Broadway

Dexter Richards



Trapper Lodge

Hudson River by Daylight



Douglas Inn and Cottages DOUGLAS Interbrook Lodge and Cottages





Pleasant residential district, 1 block froin
The Leslie
HEWLETT SCHOOL Prospect Park, 2 blocks from express subway

station. Furnished apartment, 3 rooms and A quiet, cosy little house by the sea. Opens HEWLETT, L. I., will receive young bath with shower, to sub-let from June 1 to

Oct. 1. References exchanged. 8,307, Outlook.

abil on to boord beth

Santembar 25th.

Country Board


A Little Old Farmhouse

Todet for moon 1927, comfortably furnished NEAR OLD BEDFORD

Real Estate

Real Estate


MANUSCRIPTS Nountain air, beautiful surround


NEW JERSEY ings; fresh eggs, milk, vegetables,

EDUCATORS, CLUB-WOMEN, ATTEN. fruits : arge, cool rooms; modern bath.

given in arranging Twenty five to thirty dollars per week. HERON ISLAND, ME. ON ORANGE MOUNTAIN and compiling at lectures and addresses to

for For Rent June 1 to October 1 For, , 2-story , 45 x 60,

any occasion. Guaranteed satisfaction. AdTHE MAPLES, Coudersport, Pa. Hearlyfurniphed commanding location. 12.500 Furnished House Mountain

dress Current Information, Brainerd, Minn. terms to suit. Cost $6,000 to duplicate. Photos,

(four bathrooms)

all conveniences. High location, beautiful EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES A dirondack w popero Saramac Lake Coupons plans, McClave, 1 Madison Ave., N. Y. City board summer in retined

grounds. Within easy commutation distance
of New York. For particulars apply to

PLACEMENT BUREAU for employer and private family. Near golf links: Terms mod For Rent ISLE-AU-HAUT: ME. erate. References exchanged. 5,515, Outlook.

PETER DUFF, Orange, N. J. R. F.D. employee: housekeepers, matrons, dietitians, Seashore cottage, eight rooms and bath-room.

attendants, secretaries, governeases, mother's Price $373 (three hundred and seventy-five wanted-Adult boarders or convalescents.


helpers, 51 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, Mass. Desirable place for family to spend sumdollars). References exchanged. Write H. F.

DIETITIANS, superintendents, cafeteria STONE Columbia University, New York City. Adirondacks n.Keenfor Rent. me. Comfortable rooms. Modern couve

Valley managers, governesses, matrons, houseNorfolk

keepers, social workers, and secretaries. met resort. Moderate tering. 5,459, Outlook. PEMAQUID, MAINE toilets, etc. Season Skov to $1,600. W.H! Otis:

, very ; bath, Miss Richards, Providence, East Side Box 5.

Boston, Fridays, 11 to 1, 16 Jackson Hall, FOR SALE OR RENT

Trinity Court. Address Provideuce. Real Estate

Finest estate on Maine Coast. Large Colonial ATTRACTIVE BUNGALOW WANTED-Competent teachers for pnblic house. Ocean view, fine harbor and drives.

and private schools. Calls coming every day. FOR RENT FOR SUMMER MONTHS W.G. TIBBETTS, Pemaquid Harbor, Me.

Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, CONNECTICUT

Located directly on Trout Lake, three mileg Albany, N. Y.

by good road from Bolton Landing, Lake TEACHERS WANTED for public and TO LET or season or year at Brookfield Pleasantly situated in a village

George. Entirely new. Built by present
Center, Conn,

private schools, colleges, and universities

season at ponma, bath, steam heater, electricity, orchard PORTLAND, a well-built house moderate rental.Completely furnished

all over the country. Walter Agnew, 1254 Ave.,

Amsterdam Ave., New York. of 11 rooms, with steam heat, several fire- throughout.

rooms (three bed rooms) and bath. Kitchen with

TEACHERS WANTED-College graduates Eastern Point, near New London places blurt and cold water in each bedroom, barn, one acre , will be a running water.

for all departments of schools and colleges. Ice, wood, and rowboat included.

September vacancies. Special terms for early BENT FOR SUMMER, large fur- great bargain and partly furnished if desired.

For full particulars address 4,511, Outlook.

enrollment. THE INTERSTATE TEACHnished cottage. 8 bedrooms, 3 baths, large JOHN D. HARDY, 10 High St., Boston.

ERS' AGENCY, Macheca Building, New living room, dining-room, pantry, and kitchen,

One of the best equipped

Orleans, La.
porches : bathing and boating ; near goll

For Sale
farms and most attractive

BERNICE A. DRYER, 15 East 40th St., N. links of Griswold Hotel. Apply to S. T. P.

country places in Dutchess County

Y.C. Distinctive service for organizations 224 W. Lafayette Ave., Baltimore, Md.

40 pure bred and 20 grade Holsteins. 300

and individuals demanding the highest grade
Completely furnished housekeeping cottage
acres. High elevation. 3 hours from New York.

men and womeu in commercial and educa(known as Bristol cottage),

electric lighted,
For particulnrs and photos, 5,517, Outlook.

tional lines. The Commercial Department sup4 master's rooms, 2 servants' rooms, all large,

plies executives, secretaries, research workers 3 baths, fireplaces, splendid location and

and other office assistants for organizational view. INNES & CENTER, Agent, 30 East

or individual requirements. The Educational 20th St., New York City.

Department recommends teachers for public Remodeled. 7 rooms, bath, running water,

and private schools. Inquiries invited. SQUIRREL ISLAND, ME comfortable, unpretentious. Summer home HELP WANTED

To let, practically new cottage, furnished. or all-year farm; at Hillsdale, N. Y., 3 hourg
8 rooms and bath, open fireplace, attractively
Harlem Division; woods, hiils: 94 acres; barn,

Business Situations located, secluded, fine ocean view. Price $200 garage, chicken houses ; fruits. $6,500.

SPLENDID clerical work opportunity, for season. Also 6-room cottage, $150.

MITCHCOCK, 45 East 55th St., N. Y. City. Spare or whole time. No canvassing, good Address A. A. SOULE, Augusta, Me.


Chautauqua Business Builders,

Jamestown, N. Y. COUNTRY ESTATE season

WANTED - 1,500 Railway Trafic Inspeccottage, 11 6 , priviHIGGANUM, CONN.

tors; no experience; train for this profession Jege, modern conveniences; moderate terms. Westchester County, N. Y. through spare-time home study; easy terms; To be sold at less than cost of house alone;

Nettie M. Mills, So. West Harbor, Me.
Moderate priced house, porch with high co

$110 to $200 monthly and expenses guarrooms, 3 baths, modern conveniences

lonial columns, 10 rooms, 2 baths, electricity,

anteed, or money back. Outdoors, local or MASSACHUSETTS hroughout: 50 acres and buildings in heart of

telephone, new furnace, copious water supply.

traveling, under big men who reward ability. lesirable picturesque Connecticut Valley up

Large barn-garage with four rooms. Five

Get Free Booklet CM-27. Stand. Business ande: beautifully appointed for ideal coun- TO LET For one or Furnished minutes drive to golt links. Five minutes Training Inst., Buffalo, N. Y.

Years .Ty home-accessible yet exclusive. Farm,

walk to swimming pond. Beautiful wood Companions and Domostic Helpers prchard, lake. A striking bargain, sale or lease.

roads. Will sell with about 8 acres for $18,000. Po mal estate agency involved. Photographs A Gentleman's Place of 40 Acres

Additional acreage if desired. Will also sell WANTED-Competent woman to care for und particulars from owner. Price $25,000. Within 8 Miles of Boston furniture in house including, Colonial and

child a year old, to go to Mexico City. Mrs. PHILIP W. PORTER, Higganum, Conn.

Italian pieces. Write Box 3, Bedford, N. Y.,

John E. P. Morgan, 40 Milton Road, Rye, 14 rooms, 3 baths, open fireplaces, large piazza or phone evenings, “59 Bedford Village.”

N. Y. Telephone 528 J. X BEAUTIFUL SALISBURY. aud tennis court. Also garage, stable and

WANTED - Woman, preferably middle 8 hours from New York, 8 rooms, bath, for man. lovely

14-room aged, in small family. Willing to do very Open fireplaces, pure water, electricity, water view. Will let the whole estate or house FOR RENT for Summer

stucco house simple plain cooking. Experienced cook not senting, garage garden, fruit. Miss A. M. alone. session Sept. 1st. Details with High ground, facing Hudson; ver as, sleep- wanted. A very unusual home for refined CLARK, 1142 Madison Ave., New York. pictures sent on request. 5,405, Outlook. ing-porches, 3 baths, fireplaces, electrical woman. 9.982, Outlook.

equipment; 2-car garage; 4 minutes from Park WANTED - Managing housekeeper in

Hill , . Rent $350 monthly. If family of good social standing. A lauy, capafully equipped

ble of caring for home, father, and two chilFully Furnished on Maside car, chauffeur, . 5,507, Outlook. dren, twelve and fifteen. No servant's work

in .; plumbing : high elevation; 1 mile from lakes.

expected. Mother engaged in outside busia month. Meals near by. 5,477, Outlook. Restful summers; verandas : fine views;

ness. 23, Outlook.
piney air ; six bedrooms, bath, toilet, hot
water, fireless cooker; oil, wood, and coal

Toachers and Covornesses stove; open fireplace; screens; plenty fine Why stick around New York and pay fab- WANTED-Young, refined, educated woTamden, Me. Seashore and mts. com- walks, drives. $3,500, or $3,200 for cash. “K. ulous apartment house rent, when an invest

man (about 30) as governess for three school

ment representing an interest charge (includbined. 2 high-class summer cottages for K.," Mr. HOWARD, East Northfield, Mass.

children. Experience unnecessary. Mrs.

ing taxes) of $2,500 per year would provide Karran, 75 Fulton St., New York City. rent 2 and 3 baths, 8 and 10 chambers; garage; fully and modernly furnished. Illus. descrip.

you with a beautiful country home, located NANTUCKET, MASS.

WANTED- Christian man, teacher pre

in a park of ten acres, with magnificent Hudtkun. J. R. PRESCOTT, Newtonville, Mass.

ferred, secure boys on commission Maine Furnished Cottage. Ocean frontage. son River scenery in full view. The joy of

living awaits the man or woman who acquires $350 season. R. E. FARRIER, Ridgewood, N.J.

camp. Describe yourself fully. 9,932, Outlook. CASTINE, MAINE. -'Non-resi

this property. It would take fifty years of

WANTED-Teacher for first four primary dent owner offers charming year

grades. Experience essential. Excellent salary round or summer bome. 6 rooms, bath,

Manomet, Plymouth, Mass. varieties of trees, hedges and shrubs, and for unusual person. The Shipley School, Bryn concrete cellar: garage: near water,

$75,000 in cash to-day to erect the main house, FURNISHED SHORE COTTAGE

Mawr, Pa. golf. Furnishings obtainable. $3,800. Eatson Farm Agency, 489 5th Ave.,N.Y. to let or for sale: broad piazzas, electric

the gardener's cottage, the garage and the lights, hot and cold water, conveniences,

barns (all built of brick), yet less than one- SITUATIONS WANTED fireplace;

half that sum ($35,000) on whole or part pay; AN UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY HAWLET, Room 148, State House, Boston.

ment will buy the property. Could be sold
furnished and ready for occupancy or unfur.

Professional Situations to purchase a small estate at

nished. For full particulars or appointment TEACHER of singing, with European trainglorious spot on the

Vive-Room Cottage, retired, acces- to visit property address KENNETH IVES ing, and long experience in teaching, desires

sible, fine view, simply furnished. driven & CO., 7 East 42d St., New York, or Owner, position in summer school. 3, Outlook. MAINE COAST wen, 3 minutes to electrics. $150 for season.

5,473, Outlook. F. Bagnell, 5 Spring St., No. Plymouth, Mass.

TWO young physicians will take to Maine six boys requiring medical attention. 21,


an Acre. Stock,
tools, crops, often included to settle quickly.

Business Situations
FOR RENT, CHOCORUA, N. H. Agency, 150 BM Nassau St., New York City.
Write Strout

FRENCHMAN, 36, of old French family, graduate Sorbonne University, banking and

stock exchange experience, also could connear Chocorua Lake and Inn. 11 rooms, 3


ect with important glove or faience indusbaths, boat and bath house.. Address

tries in France, speaking English, French, M. H. PAGE, Chocorua, N. H. I MUST SELL MY HALF ACRE German, and Spanish, having just arrived

in America, seeks business connection or New in the bowl of the hills at DORSET. You

teaching position, either permanent or temshould see it first in the moonlight. EDGAR

porary. Highest credentials. 9,996, Outlook. Hampshire PINNEO, 322 Pennington St., Elizabeth, N.J.

ANDOVER student, aged 17, would like

position on farm with refined family during For Sale, to Settle an Estate

Rent-10 Room Summer Cottage the coming summer. 9,947, Outlook. An unusual opportunity to secure a per. with running water, bathroom, broad ver

SECRETARY desires change of position anda, garage, sightly

location near quiet in fall. Business or educational. References. 13 acres with beautiful woods and manent or summer home at this delightful

Vermont town on Connecticut River. For 19, Outlook. and healthful resort. A 10-room house with unsurpassed view of the ocean and

LADY, linguist, experienced in social secremodern improvements. Convenient to the particulars apply to CHAS.

E. CARR, 5019

Pulaski Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
Abenaqui Golf Links. Fine ocean bathing.

tary and editorial work, would give half day Mount Desert Island

services for board in country. Excellent de modern bungalow, well arranged and home. Apply to

references. Write Apartment 11, 160 Waverly J. ARTHUR BROWN, Executor

BOARD AND ROOMS de 6 chamber, 2 baths, toilet, gravity water

Place, New York City. Telephone, eve

New Hampshire soply. Abo 2-story house, well built, suited Rye Beach,

LADIES visiting New York, professional

nings, 1071 Spring. cottage or caretaker. Bam, vegetable and

women, students, transient or permanent, Companions and Domestic Helpers lower gardens, blueberry pastures.


June-October. Apply School for Girls, 17 East
86th St.

YOUNG lady desires position 19 traveling Can dicide estate and sell houses separately.

companion, chaperon, nursery governess in IDEAL OUTING BUNGALOW Jw Ber has transferred his residence


family of refinement. 9,956, Outlook. FOR SUMMER RENTAL

NURSE, graduate, sunny disposition ) od is offering this property at very

On Metedeconk River, near Bay Head; new, DOMESTIC SCIENCE. correspondence relatives, desires position. Lady on low price for quick sale furnished 6-room house ; 2-car garage ; hot courses. Good positions and home efficiency. man. Good traveler. Finest cred

Outlook. biy to Dr. S. J. Beach, 776 Congress Sl., Portland, Me. I and cold water. Address 5,487, Outlook. Am. School Home Economics, Chicago.

FOR RENT ung and paper For Sale - Rustic. Cottage House biomasenkent. Here are made

A Wonderful Bargain



[blocks in formation]

AY as a flutter of butterflies and light as a zephyr,

these dainty fabrics instantly suggest a wardrobe of
sheer delight.



Samples and Prices on Application

James McCutcheon & Co.

The Sea Library of William McFee himself a writer of sea books perhaps as good as any in his library, is as follows:

Tom Cringle's Log, by Michael Scott.

Two Years Before the Mast, by R. H. Dana.

Midshipman Easy, by Captain Marryat.

Captains Courageous, by Rudyard Kipling.

The Flying Cloud, by Morley Roberts.

Cruise of the Cachalot, by Frank T. Bullen.

Log of a Sea Waif, by Frank T. Bullen.

The Salvaging of a Derelict, by Maurice Drake.

The Grain Carriers, by Edward

Marooned, by Clark Russell.
Typhoon, by Joseph Conrad.
Toilers of the Sea, by Victor Hugo.

An Iceland Fisherman, by Pierre

The Sea Surgeon, by Gabriele d'Annunzio.

The Sea Hawk, by Sabatini. It will be noted that several famous sea books are omitted, among them "Typee," by Herman Merivale; "Sailing

Fifth Avenue, 34th and 33d Sts., New York




Engel € 100

Art Corners
Billions Use them to mount all kodak
Sn use

pictures, postcards.clippings in albums
Made to Square, Round, Oval, Paney and Heart

of black, cray, sepia, and red gummed paper, Slip them on corpers of pictures, then wot and stick. QUICK EASY-ARTISTIC. No musa, no fuss. At photo supply, drug and stat', stores. Accept no substitutes:

there is nothing as good. 10e brings full pks. and samples from Engel Mfg.Co., Dept. 93-F, 4711 No. Clark St., CHICAGO


Authorized Distributors of 30 Courses

At a substantial discorint.

Send for FREE Catalog. ECONOMY EDUCATOR SERVICE, Inc. 1664 Broadway (Dept. 55) New York City

SITUATIONS WANTED Companions and Domestic Helpers

CHARMING American girl, European education, booked for concert tour next season, will become guest to woman of refinement traveling to Europe, Orient, or South America. 22, Outlook.

BELGIAN NURSE, graduate, registered in New York and Brussels, speaking French and English, wishes opportunity to accompany an invalid gentleman to Tahiti or some other island in the South Seas. 5, Outlook.

AMERICAN lady as companion-helper, fond of home duties, experienced in nurs ing. Capable of taking charge of correspond. ence. Good needlewoman. Best references. 29, Outlook.

GRADUATE nurge traveling to England will give services in any capacity in exchange for passage. 13, Outlook.

COMPETENT, efficient young woman, pleasing personality, experienced as trained nurse, school teacher, secretary, desires position for summer months only. Cheerful and has initiative. Will travel. 9,995, Outlook.

A refined American lady desires position as companion. Best of references. Address Box 135, Simsbury, Conn.

GRADUATE nurse wishes care of infant durug the gunmer. Country preferred. Can give best of references. 27, Outlook.

GRADUATE nurse wishes position in boy or girls' camp. Fond of children. 28,


Teachers and Covernesses

Teachers and Covornosses
EXPERIENCED teacher of English wishes INSTRUCTOR, European university edu-
position for the summer as tutor. She would cation, speaking fluently French and Ger-
travel. References. 9,994, Outlook.

man, desires summer einployment as tutor WANTED by Princeton student, position

and companion. Would

be glad to travel.

High references. 6, Outlook.
for summer months as tutor for one or two

EXPERIENCED teacher will tutor or
boys, ages eight to fifteen. Will travel.
9,963, Outlook.

travel as companion References exchanged.

20, Outlook.
YOUNG man, college junior, with teaching

SOUTHERN college woman, tutor or com-
experience, wishes position as tutor or com-
panion during summer. Can instruct riding,

panion. Europe or Hawaii. Exceptional
golf, etc. 9,907, Outlook.

references. 18, Outlook. UNIVERSITY graduate desires position as

EXPERIENCED teacher desires summer
tutor-companion in private home. No objec position as wursery governess. References.

17, Outlook.
tion to traveling. 9, Outlook.
HIGHLY recommend my French teacher.

DARTMOUTH Senior, Phi Beta Kappa,
Piano, Spanish, advanced English. Principal elsewhere. 8, Outlook.

desires to tutor in family traveling abroad or
Gateway School, New Haven, Conn.
GENTLEWOMAN, teacher, desires sum-

mer position, chaperon or companion. Can
read acceptably. Would travel in this coun- BUSINESS woman going to California mid-
try. Free June 15, 2, Outlook.

dle June would undertake private commis-
TEACHER-Experienced private school sion for reliable house or person. Room 303,
teacher, Boston-English woman, L.L. A. de-

15 East 40th St., New York.
gree-very snccessful teacher of children of BOYS wanted, 504) boys wanted to sell The
12 to 15 years, would like summer position- Outlook each week. No investment necessary.

girls or boys for pre- Write for selling plan, Carrier Department,
paratory Preparikuld consider permanent The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave.,
day position in Boston or vicinity. 7, Outlook, New York City.
or telephone Copley 2959 M.

EXCEPTIONALLY fine stationery for
YOUNG gentleman, B. A., M.A. (eco- any type of correspondence. 150 sheets high
nomics, art), is forming afternoon class of five grade note paper and 100 envelopes printed
boys, ages elesen to fourteen for summer with your name and address for $1.50.
month. Organized, educative recreation. Write for samples. Lewis, 25 Hudson Ave.,
First-class references. 26, Outlook.

MISCELLANEOUS MISS Guthman, New York shopper, wil, send things on approval. No samples. Reter. ences. 309 West 99th St.

CLERGYMAN will supervise two or thre BOYS at his summer cottage, Cape Con Swimining, boating, etc. Moderate terus References exchanged. 9,966, Outlook.

SHORT COURSE IN NURSING in sma hospital for non-surgical and convalesce cases. Diplomas awarded. Only women refinement, intelligence, and high purs need apply. Particulars from Superintender Francis E. Parker Home, New Brunswick,

BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY HOME PO YOUNG CHILDREN. Refined and cultin father and mother would take into to home life a limited number of children fr three to eight years. Home influence ! interested care. Very highest referer given and requested. Guardians and pare desiring to travel for the summer invitei! correspond. Convenient to Philadelphia ain New York. Reply 14, Outlook.

FORMER teacher, owning delightful is acre place near school in New England Jage, offers best care and home training one or two children. Terms moderate. Red erences exchanged. 9.955, Outlook.

LONELY couple would board one or tw small children. Intelligent care in Christ home assured. S. E. A., Box 175, Wyandotta Mich.

ok OMAN of education and refinement, age

ires care of home and childreu. Excepreferences. 15, Outlook.

Troy, N.Y.

ONE OR TWO CHILDREN will be give home care for summer months by el enced private school teacher. Tutoru Miss Dorothy Hopson, Kent, Conn.

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A friend who has been re-reading Locke's “Beloved Vagabond” points out 1 an error on the first page a reference Es to Canning's "organ-grinder who had no

story to tell." The allusion, of course, is to the “needy knife-grinder and the Friend of Humanity," a satire in which the tender-hearted philanthropist turns from pity to scorn when he finds that his beneficiary's “pitiful story" is merely one of the grog-shop variety and ends by saying to the knife-grinder: "I give thee sixpence? I will see thee

dd first."


A photograph reproduced on page 161 of last week's Outlook, by Léonard Misonne, has interested many readers. M. Misonne is a Belgian, and during the years of the Great War his home town was in the hands of the Germans. His photographic work, thus interrupted, has now been resumed, and a few months ago an exhibition of his new prints was held in London. M. Misonne is known among his photographic friends as the “Corot of the camera," his photographs containing more than a suggestion of the delicacy and feeling that characterized the pictures of the famous French painter. The photograph was reproduced through the courtesy of "Photograms."

From published interview with PROF. COLLIER
COBB, one of America's foremost geologists with

an universal reputation as a student of harbors.
"Puget Sound is America's great-
est maritime asset. The conditions

"Never have I seen such a harbor. On a tour there for opening a greal world

studying the chief harbors of the world what port are beyond comparison." - P. H. W. Ross, President National was meant to be a few days' hasty visit here Marine League of U.S.A.

has been lengthened into six weeks of intenBy C I CONOVER

sive study. Your harbor, unmatched on this Seattle's wonderful harbor - 194 miles of salt and fresh water front- continent, was carved out by glacial action age with no dredging, no fiNing, no pilotage, no towage-was not a less than 2000 years ago. Perhaps in 10,000 freak of nature but clearly a part of an all-wise plan-a provision for years your descendants will have to start a world center of commerce and industry

dredging just as New York, San Francisco It commands the most favish and other harbors have to today, but until wealth of vital basic resources as. sembled on the continent

then, do not worry. Your harbor will get It is the nearest Pacific port to better with the centuries. This is not true of the Atlantic Seaboard and to the Orient as well - and the nearest any other harbor in the world. ... American port to the vast wealth of Alaska.

"Nature must have ordained that here Tributary is one-sixth of the nation's water power and practically

should be the trade center of the Pacific and the only coal in the Pacific States It has the best climate in North

the trade center of the world within the 20th America.

century — here at the world's great crossAn advantage of 20 per cent in manufacturing costs due to climate.

roads between the East and the West, North Abundance of pure water.

America and Eurasia, between North and The world's health record.

South, Alaska and South America. The very An unconquerable force known differences on which world commerce depend as the Seattle Spirit. A peculiarly virile and progres

are more marked in the case of Seattle than sive citizenship.

in that of any other city on the globe... A scenic environment unparal.

Nowhere else is the soil so deep, for I have Seattle is in her early pouth. The found in Seattle's front yard glacial drift 900 big chances are ahead. There is pour pre-eminent opportunity with a new feet deep. Yours will never be a problem of industry, a branch factory, in foreign trade, agriculture, horticulture, worn-out soil. Incidentally Los Angeles may dairying or lumbering.

"shimmy" with earthquakes and San FranWrite for "Seattle the Seaport of Success" and lay your problem cisco may get another one, but Seattle, set on frankly before us

the deepest glacial drift yet discovered, has a shock absorber which makes the city im

mune for all time.” Seattle Chamber of Commerce & Commercial Club Publicity Bureau 903 Arctic Building

Scattle, Washington


A too-faithful dog spoiled a film scene, according to a Los Angeles correspond

ent of a motion picture magazine. "George Walsh,” he says, “has a dogand a certain 'villain' is aware of the fact. The dog hangs around the set most of the time as a casual spectator. On this occasion everything was ready for the big scene. The heavy was to attack Walsh with a knife. Camera!' shouted the director. Like a flash the faithful dog leaped for the 'villain' who was threatening his beloved master and obtained a firm hold on his leg! And a perfectly good scene was shot to pieces."

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Rhymes published in this column March 30 prompt a reader to ask: With the ball of his foot can a man

play a game? Make a strike with the bat of his

eye? Can he take a swim in the creek in

his back? If he cannot, I wonder why? When stopping to rest 'neath the

arch of his foot, Can he possibly come to harm By suddenly scratching the skin of

his teeth, Or stumbling into the pit of his arm? (an his bone of contention ever be

broke? Can he see through the pain in his

head? Why does his belt always-go-to waste? What's the news when his hair is

read? ! O fudge, I can't understand it at all! i

My brain reels, my hat I must doff! Why don't his eyes, when they're

feeling dry, Take a drink when the lid is off?

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