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(Derivative Compound) assures a good digestion and regular, natural functioning of the intestinal tract.

A little ENO, in water, makes a sparkling, pleasant, clean-tasting health-drink which sweetens a sour stomach and stimulates digestion. A larger amount serves as an efficient aperient and laxative, cleansing gently but thoroughly the organs of elimination.

For over half a century ENO has been used by young and old—the strong and weak-with equally beneficial results.

Prepared only by

J.C. ENO, Ltd., London, S.E., England 3ENO'S FRUIT

Sales Agents : Harold F. Ritchie & Co., Inc. SALT

New York-Toronto-Sydney

ERMAN'S shoes are

unique, in that they are the best footwear obtainable for the widest range of special uses to which American men put their shoes.

The call for special shoes for men in all occupations, ranging from the professions, military life and business life to labor, including general outdoor sports, is tremendous.

Herman's Shoes, varying from the genuine Munson U. S. Army Last to the latest dress shapes, and fashioned from highest-quality materials, answer to this call.

At all druggists

$1.25 a large bottle

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Sold in 8,000 retail stores. If you are not near one, we will fit you correctly and quickly through our MAIL ORDER Boston.


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Short - Story Writing A Course of Forty Lessons, taught by Dr. J. Berg Esenwein, Editor of The Writer's Monthly. One pupil has received over $5,000 for stories and articles written mostly in spare time. Hundreds are selling right along to the leading magazines and the best producing companies.

Also courses in Play, Writing, DR. ESENWEIN

Photoplay Writing. Versifica.

tion, Journalism, etc. 150-Pase illustrated catalogue free. Please Address The Home Correspondence School

Dept. 58 Springfield, Mass.

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President American Audubon Ass' Joseph H.Dodson

756 Harrison Ave., Kankakee, nii. Dodson Sparrow Trap guaranteed to rid your community

of these quarrelsome peate price $8.00.



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The Route of Greatest Comfort to vacation paradise

For anywhere West take the comfortable, dependable Burlington


THE screen is a wonderful means

of publicity, but there is a great

difference between advertising and publicity. The place to advertise is in the newspapers and magazines. That is where the public look for information, and there is where they should find it.” This, according to a writer in the Boston “Transcript,” is the rather surprising doctrine of Dr. Francis Hol. ley, Director of the Bureau of Commercial Economics, who himself has 55,000,000 feet of film in circulation throughout the world.

"The films of the Bureau of Commercial Economics are familiar in every civilized country on earth and in some of the uncivilized. Their only object is to help, to teach by object lesson. The pictures deal with travel, industry, agriculture, public health, and science, and from one point of view they are advertising of the most elaborate kind. But Dr. Holley is speaking of the advertis ing of individual business, and from an experience which hardly has been dupli cated if it has even been approached he is moved to make a few suggestions to business men and motion-picture pro prietors which cannot fail to be useful."

In speaking of the advertising value l'ersus the publicity value of the screen, Dr. Holley says:

"To have publicity value the picture must display some degree of modesty! and put the message over with adroitness and reservation. The story must be interesting, holding the audience! sympathetic and leaving a theme of thought and food for reflection as the audience quits the theater. Ad men little realize the combative spirit aroused when an audience which has paid to be amused finds its dignity slighted and its feelings outraged by be ing forced to gaze for several minutes at some fool picture introducing a patent spark plug through the medium of the tea party in an alleged drama developed by some skim-fed author educated beyond his intelligence."

The “Transcript" writer thus explains Dr. Holley's reference to the spark plug:

“The spark plug fraud is only one of many Dr. Holley has exposed as an incident of his work in the interest of the popular uplift. A concern started out a while ago showing on the screen an elaborate industrial plant said to be making a novel spark plug. Hundreds of feet of vista bordered with imposing machinery was shown, with gigantic buildings and all the other appurtenances of a great manufacturing industry. But Dr. Holley noted that none of the machinery appeared to be turning out spark plugs. He investigated, and found that the swindlers had simply adapted to their purpose a series of films depicting a great automobile plant. and that they had sold $360,000 worth of stock without ever having turned out a spark plug. Another case was of a land company out West. The picture showed railroad terminals, a large station, and charming residences apparently abutting on the property. But Dr. Holley, as a



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To all the West's wild, glorious vacation land goes the Burlington. Begin now to plan your vacation in the realm of painted mountains, the enchanted land of thrills, delights and health.

Enjoy Burlington service to restful Rocky Mountain National-Estes Park, scenic Colorado-the Playground of the Nation, and surprising Utah, to thrilling Glacier Park, mysterious Yellowstone and her thrilling Cody Road, the “charmed” Pacific Northwest, glorious California-phatever wonderspot you may choose.

The travel part of your vacation will be among its keenest pleasures. Burlington service is business-like, courteous, comfortable, and dependable always. A splendid roadbed and regulated speed-so you can sleep; attentive and gentlemanly employes; sensible schedules at convenient hours; constant and rigid inspection. This is the service that proves to more than 25,000,000 passengers yearly that the Burlington is the Route of Greatest Comfort. Let your vacation joys begin the minute you step aboard your train - take the Burlington to and from the West.

Plan your vacation with the help of one of the free books illustrated : “ Rocky Mountain National.Estes Park," “Scenic Colorado and Utah,” “Yellowstone National Park," " Glacier National Park."

Just ask your local agent about Burlington service or write P. S. EUSTIS, Pass. Traf. Mgr., C. B. & Q.R.R., Chicago



The National Park Line

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shown in the pictures and he could recollect no such place where the property was supposed to be. He wrote the governor, and found that the land which was being offered for sale was not within forty miles of the railroad. In still another case, a fake concern had drilled holes in the ground, dropped down dynamite, and was exhibiting a screen picture of a big oil gusher on which it was selling stock. As a matter of fact, the oil shown came from fortyeight barrels of it which had been poured in before the dynamite was touched off."

Dr. Holley asks manufacturers to cooperate with the Bureau in producing pictures of real educational value. He says:

"The Bureau is greatly in need of pictures showing industrial processes, and would esteem it a rare co-operation on the part of manufacturers if they can make a picture showing what occurs in their establishments, how they produce their wares, and under what conditions; showing as far as possible the production of the raw product—which can in many cases be supplied by the Bureau from the laboratories of the various Governments, showing production of raw material. The use of these negatives is without expense if desirable. We desire to show the industrial rela. tions and the consideration which is given by the employers for the em ployees and, if possible, the contented condition in which the employee engages in his work. Show also what is done in the way of recreation, information, and entertainment of employees by the employers. Put on the screen exactly the information that you would put in an advertisement, only be content with a limited display of your corporate name," advises Dr. Holley. “Put the message over by suggestion rather than by direct attack, for this keeps the audience sympathetic, whereas the contrary renders it combative. There are many reputable photographers who will take your picture to show the industry and not for the purpose of multiplying footage to be paid for by you. By cooperation in this way you are doing much for the relief of unrest, benefiting industrial and economic conditions; being amply compensated by the publicity value which accrues to you.”

ow sleep the brave who sink to rest

By all their country's wishes blest” HS

IS end may have come You owe his memory such a

aboard transport or in memorial in his or your own some front-line trench-in a favorite church. It is never base hospital or a training camp “too late” for such a tribute. at home. It matters not where Perhaps but a simple hymnor how-remains simply the board, or, on the other hand, fact that he died for his country. a chancel and altar complete, a

Simply to mark in cold and console for the organ, the pews, stately marble the unresponsive a communion table, or a bapsod is not enough. The mem- tismal font. ory of his supreme sacrifice Every piece has embodied in should be a heritage for the it the genius of our chief artist ages. It is more fitting, more and sculptor, Alois Lang, one consoling, far, to give his spirit of the most renowned of living and soul enduring memorial wood sculptors. He is a memwhere congregate those he re- ber of the famous Oberammergretted so to leave.

gau family of Langs, whose art What place among the haunts and skill as wood carvers has of men more fitting to erect such been traditional for centuries. a memorial to the departed than To those who desire to perwithin the sacred walls of the petuate the name and memory House of God where spirit of some one near and dear, we speaks to spirit in many an ex- offer the service of our Ecclesipressive and symbolic form, astical Department. A request and where the ideals and sacri- will bring without obligation a fices of the dead live on to beautifully illustrated booklet inspire and quicken the living and complete information.



American Seating Company


Address General Offices

18 East Jackson Boulevard


1:llamiere really if you will give the name of the church v hoe in mi

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Suppose you owned some 7% noncumulative preferred stock in a prosperous corporation which had not declared dividends in five years. Suppose at the end of that time, the directors declared a 7% dividend on the preferred, a 25% dividend on the common stock. Would the preferred stockholders have any recourse? Could they demand the unpaid dividends of the five preceding years, before the holders of common stock cut the melon? Hundreds of questions like this, which concern every person holding stock in a corporation, are answered in a simple, straightforward, authoritative way, in

Corporate Organization

and Management By Thomas Conyngton of the

New York Bar The standard guide in all matters of organizing, financing, and managing corporations. Mr. Conyngton starts at the very beginning, analyzing the corporate form, showing its advantages and disadvantages. He describes in detail the full procedure of incorporating, the kinds of stock, and their issue. 'He explains the charter, by-laws, and meetings.

A Guide for Business Men The duties of the officers, declaration of dividends, bandling finances, promotions, consolidations, reorganizations, and dissolutions are clearly explained. Many pages of legally accurate corporation forms,

which you can use as guides, are contained. The analytical index enables you to secure instantly the answer to the problem confronting you.

Publicity versus Advertising in the

234 Liberating the Liberator.

239 A Disaster of the Air.......

239 The Way of the Transgressor..

239 A Look Ahead.....

240 The Dye Industry..

240 General Horace Porter..

240 A Sculpturesque Painter.

240 Poles, Police, and Policy....

241 Cartoons Selected by Outlook Readers A Permanent Bridge Between Belgium and America...

242 Japan and Great Britain.

242 Can the People of Ireland Unite p" 242 Germany Pays Something.....

243 A Coal Consumers' Strike.

243 Hoylake......

244 Blues

245 New Managers in the Business of Government ....

245 Aviation and the Navy: Letters to The

Outlook from the Secretary and As.

sistant Secretary of the Navy...... 246 'The Passing of the Old Navy.... 248 Indians' Fishing Rights Restored.... 249 Japan and America : 1-Keeping the Pacific Ocean Pacific. An Interview with Viscount Kaneko 250

By Edward L. Conn
II—California and the Japanese : A

Statement of an American Point of

253 By a Californian Ordeal by Fire. Letters in Answer to

The Outlook's Question, " What Did
the World War Do to Youp":
My Husband's French Bride .... 255

By a Kansas School-Teacher
Wifeless and Disabled...,

By Martin K. James
A Man with a Need ...

By D. B. Roberts
A Forty-Year-Old Freshman .... 256

By Verne Victor Barnes
Publicans and Sinners..

156 By S. Omar Barker Can the People of Ireland Unite ?.... 257

By Eleanor Markell
The Book Table :
Novels and Tales ....

By R. D. Townsend
The New Books ..

261 Books Received...

261 This Week's Outlook : A Weekly Out. line Study of Current History . 262

By J. Madison Gathany Contributors' Gallery ....

262 “Mine Own People

264 Publisher's Notes .

264 Financial Department.

268 By the Way ......

271 BY SUBSCRIPTION $5.00 A YEAR. Single copies

15 cents each. For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $6.56.

Address all communications to THE OUTLOOK COMPANY 381 Fourth Avenue

New York City

TEACHERS' AGENCIES The Pratt Teachers Agency

70 Fifth Avenue, New York Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools Advises parents about schools. Wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr. SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES

CONNECTICUT The Curtis School for Young Boys

Has grown forty-six years and is still under the active direction of its founder. Entering age nine to thirteen $1,000.


S. CURTIS, Principal
GERALD B. CURTIS, Assistant Principal


A school for boys under 15

Yearly rate $1200
L. R. SANFORD, Principal

LOUIS H. SCHUTTE, M.A., Headmaster

You May Examine the Work If you are interested in any corporation, or expect to be, this manual will be of constant assistance to you. It contains 778 pages and 200 forms. Published 1917 (Sixth printing, 1920). You may examine it at your bookstore, or, we will gladly send you the work for inspection; the form below is for your convenience.



ELY COURT GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT In the country. One hour from New York. FLORIDA


The Ronald Press



At Bookstores

or by Mail The Ronald Press Company,

20 Vesey St., New York Send me for examination Conyngton's Corporate Organization and Management. Within five days of receipt, I will either remit $6 in payment or return the book.

Name ..



Episcopal. A homelike school for girls.
College preparatory and general course.
Delightful winter climate.

LILIAS S. BILL, Principal.

Summer Term : July 11-Sept. 10 DEER ISLE, ME.
A legitimate school of highly specialized instruc-
tion, located in ideal surroundings. A faculty of expert
and a complete equipment. For information address The
Directors-8. B. Knowlton, Lester D. Tyler, Haverford, Ph:
N. Y. Representative: W. B. Wildman, The Trinity School


Business Connection...

For catalog of publications, check here. I

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Sacred and Secular. Specially adapted for BOYS' AND GIRLS' CAMPS AND COMMUNITY CHORUSES This book also includes the well known melodies of the South.

FOR 54 YEARS we have successfully cor. rected stammering by our simple and natural method. Individual instruction only.


Boston Stammerers Institute

246 Huntington Ave. Boston. 17 Mass. SCHOOL

Methods, Influence, Grad

uates, Books have led for OF

forty years. Co-ordinate EXPRESSION training for all professites

Summer term in 6 States. Winter courses open October 1. Booklets free.

S. S. CURRY, Ph.D., Litt.D., Copley Square, Boston New-Church Theological School Guinay stret

Cambridge, Mass Est. 1866. Three years' course. College preparation desired The curriculum includes systematic study of the writin of Emanuel Swedeuborg and spiritual iuterpretation of the Scriptures. Correspondence courses. Catalog.


Attractively bound in cloth. $25.00 per hundred 30c per single copy


Oun Y 1er

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