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Real Estate

Charming cottage, richly furnished, superb
view. ft. ocean frontage, Sale $15,000.
Rent $700. Address Box 125, Ogunquit, Me.


For Sale, “Westwood"

" SEBASCO, ME, Log Bungalow A beautiful country home in a clean college

Woodstock, near Kingston, N. Y.

A Wonderful Bargain

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Real Estate

ATTRACTIVE front room with cultured Companions and Domestic Helpers

family. Easy access to New York. Business
woman preferred. Hovey, 467 East 23d St.,

COMPANION, purse, managing, house-

keeper, lady or child. Refined, practical. 11ROOMS for church students, and when

telligent care. 45, Outlook.
vacancies occur, for other church women.

MIDDLE-aged woman of refinement and
Located directly on Trout Lake, three miles Apply to Director, 123 East 28th St., New

education desires position as companion to by good road from Bolton Landing. Lake York City.

elderly lady or couple. Country or town. George. Entirely new. Built by present

52, Outlook.
owner, who will rent for the entire season at

TUTOR-High school teacher, ex-service moderate rental.Completely furnished

nan, wishes position for summer months as throughout. Five roons (three


companion for young boys or a backward TO LET bed rooms) and bath. Kitchen with FOR PROFIT AND DISTINCTION," by

boy. Highest references. 41, Outlook. Completely furnisheci housekeeping cottage running water. Ice, wood, and Henry Woodhouse, may lead you to success.

GENTLEWOMAN, experienced traveler, (known as Bristol cottage), electric lighted, rowboat included. It also tells of inventions, discoveries, and

going from Syracuse to Colorado late in & master's rooms, 2 servants' rooms, all large, For full particulars address 4,511, Outlook. activities that created billion dollar indus

June, will take care of invalid, old lady, or 3 baths, 4 fireplaces, splendid location and

tries and defines billion dollar industries to young girl from any place in New York View. INNES & CENTER, Agent, 30 East

be. Mr. Woodhouse unaided achieved tíuair

State and leave her safely in any place in with St, New York City.

cial independence, international prominence

Colorado. 37, Outlook. and distinction before thirty-five. Send one WOMAN of refinement as companion to

dollar for a copy. The Scientific Library, 299 town, 1% miles to Erie R.R., *inile to post

yomg; middle aged, or elderly woman in

Madison Ave., New York. (Established 1914.) refined home. Capable of supervising menage For Rent or Sale. Ocean, Casco Bay, office, elevation 1,800 feet; beautiful view,

WANTED-Efficient and reliable woman

if desired. Good reader. "Highest credenNex Meadows River, harbor, picturesque Brick and shingle, tile roof, plate glass, 1?

to manage small high class boarding house

tials. 33, Outlook. jalande, lake, mountains, within sight. Six rooms and large attic, stable and storage shed. acres, garden, fruit trees, city water, also hot

in Hartford during July and August. Salary large rooms, bath, modern conveniences. Fur

YOUNG woman, teacher, desires position nished. STANLEY GARDNER, Santa Monica, Cal. and cold soft water, bath and lavatory, nat

or division of profits. Address 801 Asylumn as companion during summer months. Would ural gas, furnace and 6 wood and gas fireAve., Hartford, Conn.

travel. 31, Outlook. MASSACHUSETTS places. Laundry, vegetable, furnace, and coal COOKING for PROFIT. Earu handsome YOUNG student, 3 years'

college work. rooins in basement. Address

income; home cooked food, catering, tea desires summer position'na companion-tutor.

OWNER, Box 137, Alfred, N. Y. room, etc. Correspondence course. Am. Manomet, Plymouth, Mass.

42, Outlook. School Home Economics, Chicago.

TEACHER wishes position as child's nurse FURNISHED SHORE COTTAGE

July, August. Seashore preferred. ExperiHELP WANTED

enced. References. 43, Outlook. to let or for sale; broad piazzaa, electric

Cool, free from mosquitoes. 10-room house, lights, hot and cold water, conveniences, attractively remodeled and furnished last

ON or about July 1, by middle-aged prac

Businoss Situations gjen fireplace; terins moderate. WM. H. year. . Open fireplaces, gravity water, good

tical nurse, hospital experience, care of HAWLEY, Room 148, State House, Boston. plumbing, good floors, comfortable beds.

WANTED - 1,500 Railway Traffic Inspec- invalid. Salary $20 weekly. Address M. E. Planted garden, fruit, ice, and wood. 177 acres.

tors: no experience: train for this professiou Monahan, 3448 Park Heights, Baltimore, Md. Small lake with fall in front of house. No un

through spare time home study ; eayy terms; POSITION of trust and responsibility, FOR SALE desirable summer neighborg. Fariner opposite

$110 to $2000 monthly and expenses glar- entire charge of home or motherless chil. does small chores at reasonable price. Rent

anteed, or money back. Outdoors, local or YOKUN BROOK FARM

dren, governess, or companion. Most excel $1.000. Will consider selling:

traveling, der big men who reward ability. lent references. Address F. M. Harger, Box
Near Pittsfield, Mass.
ROSETT, 53 E. 76th St. Riinelander 800.
Get Free Booklet CM-27. Stand. Business

71, Wilson, Conn. 1

Training Inst., Buffalo, N. Y. real beauty spot. On the state high

MANAGING housekeeper, outdoor superway between Pittsfield and Lenox, just


intendent, homewaker, cultured, middle i halfway, twenty-six acres, ten acres

tion of general library assistant, including

aged, English by birth,cosinopolitan by travel, elented land aud sixteen highland and

cataloging, open after June 15. Possibility London B.A., accustomed to diplomatic and lowland, rocks and woods, a spring, a Why stick around New York and pay fah- of using typist who would also be willing to

social life, very experienced running large stream (Yokun Brook), a gleu, site of an

ulous apartment house rent, when an invest. assist in soine general library work. Appli- and medium country homes, successfully ancient mill. all kinds of ferns and wild ment representing an interest charge (includ. cant should have had college education plus handling indoor and outdoor help; six years fowers, all kinds of birds and harmless

ing taxes) of $2.500 per year wond provide library school training. Apply to Librarian, with U. 8. diplomat (widower), two years last Tra wild animals. The buildings are a sevenyou with a beautiful country home, located Weils College Library, Aurora, N. Y,

position (widower), experienced hostess, mag. Mob camping out cottage, a garage and

in a park of ten acres, with magnificent Hud1 uniner house. Three miles to Pittsfield son River scenery in full view. The joy of

Companions and Domestic Helpers netic personality, cheerful, synpethetic disliving awaits the inan or woman who acquires

WANTED - Woman, preferably middle and three toiles to Lenox. one mile to trol

position, fond of children, animals, country

life; interior decorator. No ties whatever. les fine and oue mile to Pittsfield Country this property. It would take fifty years of

aged, in small family. Willing to do very Club. Worth $10.000. Apply the owner

Employer's interests sole study. Late emnature's work to reproduce the twenty-odd

simple plain cooking. Experienced cook not GEORGE N. KINNELL, Pittsfield, Mass.

ployer's personal references. 57, Outlook. varieties of trees, hedges and shrubs, and

wanted. A very unusual home for refined
$75,000 in cash to-day to erect the main house,
woman. 9.982, Outlook.

WANTED-Position as companion or tutor the gardener's cottage, the garage and the

MOTHER'S helper wanted. Seashore for for young girl in family traveling for subOLE barns (all built of brick), yet less than one

72, Outlook.
suminer, remainder of year New York sub-
half that sum ($35,000) on whole or part pay;
urb. Write, stating age, refereuces, and salary

PLEASANT, well educated, capable woinan,
ment will buy the property. Could be sold
desired. 46, Outlook.

American, desires position as companion. IGOLF TENNIS furnished and ready for occupancy or unfur.

Would travel. 70, Outlook.

WIDOWER with two healthy, well-reared

nished. For full particulars or appointment daughters, 13 and 8, desires services, beginning Teachers and Covornossos Quality horses with unobstructed ocean

to visit property address KENNETH IVES September next, of refined, cultured woman KINDERGARTNER, experienced, young, Bi pieu, tooderu conveniences, $9,000 to $75,000. & CO., 1 East 12d St., New York, or Owner, to take charge of home and children in

musical, as tutor or companion to children. cOavancy when title pasges. Cottages to 5,473, Outlook.

suburb outside New York. Kindly state Country or travel. (Apt. I, R. M. D., 1198 i het, is to $5,000. HELEN THURSTON,


qualifications, experience, and salary exrealtor, '20 Pleasant St. Tel. 80 Rockport, Mass.

Pacific St., Brooklyn, N. Y.) pected. 38, Outlook.

UNIVERSITY graduate, Ph.D., twenty. Lake Champlain, Vermont

HOUSEKEEPER-Lady capable of caring NEW HAMPSHIRE

eight, teaching experience, four languages, home, ,

athletic, good rider, desires position as tutor

companion or secretary. Would travel. 34, Bungalow, Modern, For Rent, Furnished

Outlook. Malletts Bay, Coates Point moms, bath, hot water heat. Convenient 6 miles froin Burlington, one-half inile across Speed, 1209 Second St., Louisville, Ky.

EXPERIENCED primary teacher, cheerEU and heautiful location, overlooking Mt. Washbay from McVicar, Camp. 6-room furnished

NURSE - Responsible woman for child

ful, adaptable, as governess for siminer. ligion, N. H. Agent for others. bungalow with 4 bedrooms, bathroom, tub, eighteen inonths. Chamberwork. Mrs. Ar

Will travel. References. 9,986, Outlook. LA VARNEY, Box 222, Bethlehem, N. H. running hot and cold water, 3 screened nold, 57 Maple Ave., Greenwich, Conn.

EXPERIENCED nature guide desires porches, garage. GEORGE M. SABIN, M.D.,

Teachers and Covornosses position from August 1 to September 15. 244 Main St., Burlington, Vt.

WANTED - Christian Inan, teacher pre- College graduate. Can teach swimming. 56, and Aug. Three

Outlook. ferred, secure boys on cominission Maine

FRENCH student desires position as gov. 000, and kitchen; lights. MINNIE B. W. CANN, Meriden, N. H. with running water, bathroom, broad ver

WANTED-Teacher first four primary erness for summer in New England or

vicinity. Address Dean of Women, College anda, garage, sightly location near quiet grades. Experience essential. Excellent salary Verinont town on Connecticut River. For

for unusual person. The Shipley School, Bryn of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. New particulars apply to CHAS. E. CARR, 5019

Mawr, Pa.

UNIVERSITY graduate, in education A.B. Pulaski Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

KINDERGARTNER (graduate) for chil- degree, with wide experience in edịcational dren's institution, beautifully located near and institutioual administration, desires posi

New York City. Fine home, board, and care. tion in school or college. 47, Outlook. For Sale, to Settle an Estate

$30 monthly. Call or write 2 West 15th St., WANTED, July 1, by teacher, competent Room 52.

to assume full charge, position as nursery opportunity to secure a per: Wanted TO RENT FOR SEASON summer home

governess to children over 4 years old, 53,

Hampshire. Accessible and near village.
WOOD WORTH, 1311 E. 57th St., Chicago, Ii.

Business Situations

ENGLISH WOMAN, good musician, desires

summer position. Teacher, companion. HighFRENCHMAN, 36, of old French family,

est references. 60, Outlook.
graduate Sorbonne University, banking and

COLLEGE graduate, French teacher, destock exchange experience, also could con

sires summer position as governess, tutor, or
New Hampshire
LADIES visiting New York, professional

nect with important glove or faience indu
women, students, transient or peripaneut,
tries in France, speaking English, French,

secretary. Will travel. 58, Outlook.
June-October. Apply School for Girls, 17 East
German, and Spanish, having just arrived

HIGHLY recommend my French teacher. 86th St. in America, seeks business connection or

English, Spanish, music. Principal Gateway teaching position, either permanent or tein

School, New Haven, Coun. porary. Highest credentials. 9,996, Outlook. TUTORING-Yale student will tutor boy

MALE secretary available. Experienced, in or near New York this summer. Kenneth, DIETITIANS, superintendents, cafeteria

reliable, efhcient. References. 49, Outlook. 483 Yale Station, New Haven, Conn. Inanagers,

governesses, muatrolls, house- YOUNG woman, domestic science train-
keepers, social workers, and gecretaries.

ing, nine years' experience as dietitian in
Miss Richards. Providence, East Side Box 5. large institution, desires executive position
Boaton, Fridays, 11 to 1, '16 Jacksou Hall,

BOYS wanted, 500 boys wanted to sell The
in college or school. 48, Outlook.
Trinity Court. Address Providence.

Outlook each week. No investment necessary. CHAUFFEUR-Student wante position for

Write for selling plan, Carrier Department,
WANTED--Competent teachers for public summer. Experienced. He is williug to tour

The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave.,
or assist in care of grounds. 44, Outlook. New York City.
Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency,
Albany, N. Y.
CULTURED young college woman desires

MISS Guthman. New York shopper, will
BERNICE A. DRYER, 15 East 40th St., N.

position as social cor.contigentiat secretary. send things on approval. No samples. ReferWill travel. References50, Outlook.

euces. 309 West 99th St. Y.C. Distinctive service for organizations FARM WORK. Young man, good family, SHORT COURSE IN NURSING in small and individuals demanding the highest grade wants work on high class farm. Learned men and women in commercial and ednea

hospital for non-surgical and convalescent dairying at Cornell. Experienced. Address tional lines. The Commercial Departinent sup

cases. Diplomas awarded. Only women of Brooks, 8151South 11th St., Newark, N. J. plies executives, secretaries, research workers

refinement, intelligence, and high purpose aud other office assistants for organizational

Companions and Domestic Holpers need apply. Particulars from Superintendent, or individual requireinents. The Educational

YOUNG lady desires position as traveling

Francis E. Parker Home, New Brunswick,X.J. Departınent recommends teachers for public

companion, chaperon, nursery governess in WANTED -Child of five or under to care and private schools. Inquiries invited. family of refinement. 9,956, Outlook.

for during summer or longer: Country air, TEACHERS WANTED for public and

NURSE, graduate, sunny disposition, no good food, kindergarten training, patience private schools, colleges, and universities-

CAMP TO RENT and ifteen; no servant's work expected.

fornished Cottage To Let For June, July
det er en bath, living room dinile Rent-10 Room Summer Cottage caut. Describe yourself fully 19,932, Outlook:

RYE BEACH Hampshire

Property Wanted

od healthful resort. A 10-room house with woderu improvements. Convenient to the lwnaqui Golf Links. Fine ocean bathing. Ipply to

J. ARTHUR BROWN, Executor Žye Beach,



bond sized farmhouse of eight rooms, fully turut shed; six fireplaces, double-decked sleep ng purch, large piazza, garden if wanted, ice midi sond Large barn for car. Unsurpassed iew of the White Mountains. Price for seaom 824). For full particulars address IWNER, P. O. Box 328, Ridgewood, N. J. a Small Old Fashioned Village and private school calls for the needley; OR SALE, an attractive, furnished & vom homine, in good repair; 8 acres land; an, ihed, and ice house. Ice, fuel, and garden up suamer. Picturesque scenery. No modTu itaprovements. Price $2,500. 5,325, Outlook.

NEW YORK Adirondacks n. sen for Rent:

Keene Valley, ottages, fully equipped, very in odern: bath, Bilets, etc. Seasot $300 to $1,000. W.A. OTIS.

Jo Long lake in Adirondack Wilderness Building, Chicago.

relatives, desires position. Lady or gentle- and love among advantages. 54, Outlook. all over the country. Ernest Olp, Steger

man. Good traveler. Finest credentials. 12, NOT a single dissatisfied customer since Outlook.

we started business. 2010 sheets high quality WANTED– Teachers all subjects. Good

GRADUATE nurse traveling to England note paper and 100 euvelopes printed with vacancies in schools and colleges. Interna

will give services in any capacity in exchange your name and address, postpaid, $1.50. Write tional Musical and Educational Agency, Carfor passage. 13, Outlook.

ior samples. Lewis, 712 River St., Troy, N. Y. negie Hall, N. Y. REFINED Protestant lady desires position,

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, PLACEMENT BUREAU for employer and

companion or governess. 36, Outlook. established 1895. No charge; prompt delivery, einployée; housekeepers, matrons, dieti- WOMAN, intelligent, cheerful, would like 44 West St., New York. tians, governesses, attendants, secretaries, to give half her time to some other womau, WANTED-Board and attendance for nermother's lielders. 51 Trowbridge St. ('au- ag companion) or secretary in exchange for Vous invalid in nurse's home, Near New York.

Delightful Small Cottage
Zmuzing water. Tennis court.

$528. Bargain
Address F. & HACKETT, Riverdale, N. Y.
OTTAGE at Glenburnie. Write

The Financial Department is prepared to furnish information regarding standard investment securities, but cannot undertake to advise the purchase of any specific security. It will give to inquirers facts of record or information resulting from expert investigation, and a nominal charge of one dollar per inquiry will be made for this special service. All letters of inquiry should be addressed to THE OUTLOOK FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York.



NON-CALLABLE BONDS MONG the most important happenings in the financial Some people call it reluctance to buy, but it is all the same world recently was the news that the Bank of England Capital in the form of cash or credit is absolutely necessary i

had reduced its discount rate. At about the same time business is to be done on any large scale. The nations of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced a reduction Europe know this, and lack of capital has been the principa in its rediscount rate. Following close upon these announce- reason why their recovery from the effects of the war has not ments and directly attributable to them came a rise in security been more rapid. War destroys capital of course, and it takes prices which favorable developments of other kinds had not time for the pursuits of peace to replace that which is gone been able to bring about.

Lack of capital in Europe has injured us too. We must do Scarcity of cash is one of the things which perhaps more business with all the world if we are to keep our industries than anything else is retarding our business recovery to-day. employed, and when a large portion of the world cannot buy

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Our Services as Agent TH

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business cannot help but feel the effects. hoito

If we look upon the United States as a business enterprise with fifty good cus

tomers, and if the fifteen best customers Vel suddenly stop buying, we can understand

the results. If we appreciate that they have stopped buying because they have no money, we can understand how joy. fully we shall welcome indications of an improvement in their financial standing

which will bring them back to us as the buyers once more.

The reduction in the discount and rediscount rates is an indication that cash

is becoming more plentiful. Money is be

only a commodity, after all; when it is scarce, it brings a high price, just as potatoes do when they are scarce; when it is in abundant supply, its price goes down. Now as money represents capital, and business is dependent upon capital, the supply of money and good or bad business are directly related to each other. This being so, it is easy to see that the man who has money to loan when money is scarce is going to get more for it at such a time than when it is not so strongly in demand.

During the past year or two corporations and governments borrowing money have had to pay extremely high interest rates to the people who have loaned it to them. The lender has naturally benefited, and the fact that money has been worth more than is normally the case has reacted to his advantage. A year ago high-grade domestic issues carried 7 per cent coupons, while at the present time new issues of this class bear coupons paying 612 per cent and 6 per cent. The trend of interest rates is plainly downward. For instance, the Pennsylvania, New York Central, Northwestern, and other railway systems sold securities a year ago with 7 per cent coupons; recently the Pennsylvania and Northwestern have issued bonds with 674 per cent coupons. The Standard Oil bonds had 7 per cent coupons a year ago; this year a new issue has 612 per cent coupons. The Louisville and Nashville sold an issue of equipment notes not long ago carrying 6 per cent coupons. It is entirely probable that interest rates will continue to show a downward trend. They may not get down as far as they did twenty or twenty-five years ago, when high-grade bonds were issued at 4 per cent, but it is likely that they will decline from present levels.

In other words, if the trend is downward, as most people think it is, the bonds sold a year ago were on a more attractive basis from the investor's standpoint than those offered at present.

HE modern trust company is authorized

by law to perform various duties that are often of a confidential or closely personal nature.

Such are many of the services which the Old Colony Trust Company renders as agent. In this capacity, it functions in a wide variety of ways in behalf of individuals, estates, firms, corporations, municipalities and even governments.

Acting as agent for individuals, either with or without

power of attorney, our services include the care, purchase and sale of securities, the management of real estate, the collection of income, the preparation of income tax returns, and such other duties as may be agreed upon. As agent for trustees and guardians, this company will attend to all financial matters under instructions from its principal, and prepare probate accounts. As agent for the Treasurer of educational orcharitable organizations, it undertakes the custody of securities and the collection of their income, act-. ing at all times in accordance with the votes of the governing body.

In all cases, the more obvious advantages of appointing this company as your agent would be the immediate relief from all purely routine details, and from the many cares inevitable in the personal management of property. Our facilities are unsurpassed in both scope and efficiency, and represent an experience of many years in this special field of trust company service.

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Those offered at present are more at: tractive perhaps than will be the case a year from now.

The supposition is, therefore, that now is the time to take advantage of the high interest rates.

There is another phase of the matter which is also worth considering. Many of the corporations which were obliged to do financing when interest rates were highest figured that the conditions obtaining at that time were only temporary: in order to protect themselves, they had incorporated in the indentures securing their bonds a provision that

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(Continued) redemption and paid off. In other words, they planned that in case interest rates came down they would be in a position to retire their bonds outstanding at high rates and issue new ones at the prevailing lower rates. Foresight of this kind is commendable and indicates sound business sense. But what of the man who has bought these bonds? He has invested his money on favorable terms and expects no doubt to enjoy the high return on his money for years to come, until the bond he owns falls due. Suppose his bond is called.

If his bond is called, he will get face value for it of course, so that he is not out of pocket so far as his principal is concerned. But what about his interest? In all probability, he will want to reinvest it; but will he be able to do so as advantageously three or four or five years from now as is possible at the present time? Most investment bankers think not. In other words, suppose you own a 7 per cent bond for $1,000, due in 1941. You naturally expect that for the next twenty years your income from this investment will be $70 a year. It would be quite a shock probably if four years hence you received notice that your bond had been redeemed and you discovered that 5 per cent was the best return you could get on a safe investment at that time. The difference to you on that one bond would be $20 a year, and over a period of sixteen years that means $320. If the amount involved were $10,000, the difference would be $200 a year, which in itself is the interest on $4,000 at 5 per cent.

How can you guard yourself against such an eventuality as is described above? Why, simply by investing your money in non-callable bonds. Not all of the high-yield issues on the market today contain this redemption feature. If you investigate before you buy and select only those bonds which cannot be called, you can assure yourself of the high yield over a long period of years and snap your fingers at the downward trend in interest rates. Non-callable bonds yielding these high returns may be purchased which do not mature for fifteen or twenty years. It is the part of wisdom for investors to give this kind of bonds their careful consideration. INCORPORATE Least cost. Greatest advantages

Cost not affected by amount of IN ARIZONA capital. Transact business and ker

full paid and non-assessable by using

our forms. Laws, blanks and directions free. Stockholders are exempt from corporate liability. Stoddard Incorporating Co., Box 8-N, Phoenix, Arizona



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An amusing incident in the career of the late Chief Justice White is related in the New York "Times." As a young lawyer he was called upon to defend a man who was accused of stealing a pair of "pants." The man was seated with his legs under a large table, when Mr. White sat down and asked him something about the case. The man was most reticent. Finally the lawyer for the other side called the accused to take the stand. The prisoner turned to Mr. White and said:

"Jedge, I don't want to take the stand."

"Why not?" asked Mr. White. "You're perfectly innocent, aren't you?"

“Yes, sir, I'se perfectly innocent as long as I sit with my feet under dis table, but if I get up on the stand-oh Lord, Jedge, the trouble is I'se got them pants on!"

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The oldest living college alumnus in America is said to be Mr. Washington Bissell, of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, who was born April 17, 1820, and was graduated from Union College in 1846. A newspaper interviewer declares that "at 101 he still has a full, carrying, resonant voice and speaks distinctly." He remembers hearing John Quincy Adams, sixth President of the United States, speak during the campaign of 1825 in Rochester.

Criticising what he calls the crudeness of the British national anthem, the editor of the London “Mercury” says that he recently spent some days with two poets who had settled down to the rewriting of "God Save the King" till they had produced something satisfactory. But after all their struggles they had to give it up. A national anthem cannot be written to order, it seems. As an example of the subtleties that will not "go" in a popular anthem, the critic quotes "the most skillfully written of all new versions, that of the late James Elroy Flecker," whose second verse ran :

Thou in his suppliant hands
Hast placed such Mighty Lands:

Save thou our King!
As once from golden Skies
Rebels with flaming eyes,
So the King's Enemies

Doom thou and fling.

TO SUMMER RESORT PROPRIETORS The Outlook will devote two more early summer issues to special advertising

of summer resorts, tours and travel. These are the issues of

June 22 and July 6


381 Fourth Avenue, New York City

The graduating class of 1871 of Wilbraham Academy, Massachusetts, we are informed, has maintained personal correspondence between all of its living members for fifty years. In June, 1871, a small mail-bag started on its way from member to member of the class and still continues its journeying, always carry.



is the

ONE Tooth Brush in universal

use today-everywhere

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