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ITORIAL - Continued


Vealth, faith in


White, Chief Justice


Vhitley, The Rt Hon. J. H., Speaker of the
British House of Commons


Villiams College, A School of International

Politics at


Voods, C. E., Ambassador to Spain,

Voods, WildWhat Makes Them Wild.... 281
Vorry, When We Shall...


Vorth Trying (Limitation of Armaments).. 202

'ap and Djambi.


'orktown, New Orleans, and Belleau,

layas, Dr. Alfredo, President of Cuba... .9, 200



Airplane Smugglers, The. L. La T. Driggs 685

Imerica in Camp and Council.

Stéphane Lauzanne 284

American, A Passionate (F. K. Lane).

L. F. Abbott 203
Inglo-Japanese Alliance, Did the Consortium
Kill the?

Sydney Greenbie 409
Apartment-House of a Thousand Rooms, An

R. H. Moulton 551
Aviation and the Navý (Letters).

Edwin Denby and Theodore Roosevelt 246

Aviation Policy, A National.

Theodore Roosevelt 288

Balloons, Fre, The Reason for.

K. C. McIntosh 67
Beaver, The, Claims His Birthright.

E. A. Mills 479
Black-Bass Bug, The Cork-Bodied....W. H. Dilg 162
Bolshevism in Education...

J. A. Ayers 653

Bolts, Better Than..

.P. V. Collins 459

Bonus or Business..

.W. C. Gregg 511
Bonus, The, and John Fabris's Children.

R. R. Perry 512
British Statesmen, The Training Ground of.

Beverley Nichols 647
Buffalo Insists....

G. S. Buck 483
Burden Bearers of Europe.. .W. C. Gregg 475
Business Man, The, Speaks. L. A. Williams 178
Cabinet, The

W. H. Crawford 64
California and the Japanese.. A Californian 253
Canadian-American Relations.

D. M. Lee Bourdais 15

Chautauqua, Putting the Talk in.

Gregory Mason 418

Church, The-Is It Losing the People? Op-

posing Views:

I. Why Don't They come to Church?

Andrew Ten Eyck 444

II. A Little Clinic on the Status of Church-


H. A. Bridgman 445

Clay in the Potter's Hand, As the. (Pictures).

H. H. Moore 369
Coal and the Consumer.

W. M. Calder 617
Daniel Jazz, The, and the Rabbi.... Molly Amos 574
Detroit Close-Hauled...

N. A. Fuessle 294
Education, Bolshevism in.

J. A. Ayers 653
Egypt, The Situation in

Scriptor 208
Employee Representation and the Pennsyl-
vania Railroad..

W. W. Atterbury 704
Employee Representation.. Sherman Rogers 689
England at Play.

C. H. Meltzer 638
England at Work...

.Francis Rogers 639
England, If England Were What It Seems.

H. E. Scarborough 215

English-Speaking Peoples, The Common Weal

P. W. Wilson 376

Europe, Burden Bearers of... W. C. Gregg 475

Expelled from School...

Winfield Brown 648

Farm Labor and the Eight-Hour Day.

W. A. Freehoff 57


Theodore Stearns 485

France, The Affections of.... Stéphane Lauzanne 599

France to Her Comrade America.

Stéphane Lauzanne 101

France-Why She Will Back Up America at

the Washington Conference.

Stéphane Lauzanne 640

French Civic Union. The.

C. H. Meltzer 481

Friend, The

Harry Lee 125
Fun in Your Own Little Town, Just As Much.

R. L. Hartt 545

Germany Invades, While... W. C Gregg

Great Britain, The Liquor Problem in.

P. W. Wilson 473

Hardtack Attack, A; or, The Veracity of

Sailormen Vindicated.

Bill Adams 535

Harkness Quadrangle. The.


Hughes, Mr., Humanized. Richard Barry 412

Hypselometopy, Of.

Robert Withington 615

Immigrant, While the. Was Still an Emigrant.

J. G. O'Brier 604

Immigration Problem, How Canada Handles


R. J. C. Stead 606

Incompetency. The Satisfactions of Mel Crane 375
Ireland, Can the People of, Unite?

Eleanor Markell 2:7
Ireland, The Dominion of: Is It Possible?

Eleanor Markell 449
Italy, The Boiling Pot of..

E F. Baldwin 681

Japanese Parliamentary Delegation, Impres

sions of the

K. S. Inui 616

Japan and America:

I. Keeping the Pacific Ocean Pacific: An

Interview with Viscount Kaneko.

E. L. Conn 250

II. California and the Japanese

A Californian 253

Japan in a World of Arms:

1. Turning from Mars to Mammon.

H. W. Kinney 218

II. The Government, Public Opinion, and the



japan, Puzzied

H. W. Kinney 641 Africa: Slave or Free (Harriy).

"Jography." Jogging Up

W. B. Ashley 651

Knoll Papers

Balfour, Arthur James. A Life of (Raymond) 517

Lyman Abbott:

Basque Country, The (Fedden).


Mother. To a Troubled..

600 Bible, How to Study the.

Two Prayers

.Lyman Abbott 47


Lane, E. K. (A Passionate American).

Biblical Interpretation, Essays in (Sinith)

Books, Battle of the (Burlingame).

L E Abbott 205 Carnegie, Andrew, Autobiography of

Laughing Elephant, The.... Meade Minnigerode 108 Children, The Inalienable Rights of.

League of Nations, A Suggestion as to a Pos-

sible Policy in Relation to the Treaties of Civilization. The Salvaging of (Wells)...

John Finley

Peace and the..

Robert Lansing 366 College and Commonwealth, and Other Educa-

Liberty--When She Turns Her Back.....


tional Papers and Addresses (MacCracken) 16.1

Link, The Fifth

Sherman Rogers 416 Columbia, Hail! (George).


Liquor Problem, The, in Great Britain.

Creole Families of New Orleans (King).

P. W. Wilson 473 De La Mare, Walter, The Collected Poems of..

London Note-Book, Jottings from a.

Democracies, Modern (Bryce).


A. B. Maurice 327 Democracy-Is It a Failure?.. L. F. Abbott

Lumber Cost, The, of a Million Homes.

De Morgan's Last Novel............R. D. Townsend

A N. Pack 551 Denmark (Howe)

Majesty and Mirages.

C. H. Meltzer 572 Dickens, Charles, Appreciations and Criti-

Man and Other Animal Power in Europe.

cisms of the Works of (Chesterton).


W. C. Gregg 693 Essay: Speculative and Political (Balfour) 621

Marriage, Adventurers in...Natalie de Bogory 618 Eugénie, Empress, in Exile (Carey)....


Master Minds at Short Range..... Frank Dilnot 290 Eugénie, Empress, Memoirs of the (Fleury) 28

Mellon, Andrew W., Secretary of the U. S. Eugénie, Empress, The True Story of the (de


Richard Barry 472 Soissons)


Men, Fewer, and Better.

Kingsley Moses 447 Europe's Morning After (Roberts),


Millennium or Armageddon. P. W. Wilson 342 Fan Book, The (Percival)

Miller Administration, The, in New York,

Fiction, Creative Art in....... R. D. Townsend 60%

F. M. J'avenport 107 Fiction :

Moon, Set Your Vacation by the. H. A. Haring 169 Achilles, The Heel of (Delafield).


Music, How to Learn to Enjoy.

Alice Adams (Tarkington)..


Self-Made Music Lover 381 Case in Camera, A (Onions).


"Nation, The Everlasting Favored."

Chair on the Boulevard, A (Merrick).


Stéphane Lauzanne 221 Children of the Whirlwind (Scott).

New England, The Hospitable Trails of.

Coquette (Swinnerton)


Anna W. Cole 164 Courageous Marriage, A (Bryant).


New York City: Seventy Years' Changes.

Enchanted Canyon, The (Willsie).


Lyman Abbott 413

Family Affairs, Our, 1867-1896 (Benson). 174

Ordeal by Fire: Second Contest Letters.... 255

Galusha the Magnificent (Lincoln).


Outlook, This Week's (J. M. Gathany): 30. 74, Grinding, The (Bush)..


132, 176, 224, 262, 298, 310, 356 House of the Falcon, The (Lemb).


Paris, Censorship at....

Wade Chance 478

Humorous Ghost Stories (Scarborough).

Pearl River: An Educational Idea in Action.

In His Own Image (Briarly)


Wallace Buttrick 655 Little Red Foot, The (Chambers).


Pennsylvania Railroad, The, and Mr. Rogers's

Low Ceilings (Newton).



Man Who Did the Right Thing. The (John-

Permit Kingdom, The

Emma S. Yule 376



Photography, Pictorial...

H. H. Moore 642 Narrow House, The (Scott)


Pictures from Outlook Readers:

Old Man's Youth and the Young Man's old

Americans, In Memory of Brave-Hearted.. 410

Age, The (De Morgan)


Apart from the "World's People"


Revolution (Beresford)


Gond Wedding in India.


Scaramouche (Sabatini)


India, In Distant..

411 Shallow Soil (Hamsun).


New York City, Exotic Scenes in


Terry: A Tale of the Hill People (Thomson) 174

Poland, Peace in..


Three Loving Ladies (Dowdall).


Roofs, Mainly a Matter of.
172 Timber Wolveg (Cronin)

Sod and Thatch...
338 Tragic Bride, The (Young).

Southwest, Contrasts from the
549 Trusty Servant, The (McFadden)

Plymouth, The Pageant at. Hermann Hagedorn 697 Velvet Black, The (Child).


Vision House (Williamsons)

Follow Through
F. B. Keene 459 Folks (Murdock)

For the Critics.

R. W. Kauffman 585 Heart of a Woman, The (G. D. Johnson). 550
Gift, The

Aline Kilmer 335 Highlanders, The Southern... Rollin L. Hartt 71
Grave, A.

Edward Davison 420

Highlander, The Southern, and His Homeland

"I Accept"

H. T. Pulsifer 205 (Campbell)



Amelia J. Burr 420 Holland, Henry Scott (Paget).


Letter-Carrier, The
Harry Lee 214 Hoover, Herbert, The Making of (Lane)

Night Sailing.
Bernice L. Kenyon 483 Husbands and Wives (McCoid).

Peace and Justice
Theodore Maynard 125 Italy and the World War (Page)

Sisters, The..

Louise A. Garnett 697 Japan, Introduction to History of (Hara). 702


Amelia J. Burr 25 Jesus and Paul (Bacon).


Post Office, Humanizing the. W. H. Hays 212 Joan of Arc (Richards).


Prohibition Law Violators, The Rising Tide

Johnsons, Some Singing (Kerlin)..



Garrard Harris 682 Keats, John, Memorial Volume


Quatre-Bras, The, of the World's Waterloo.

Life and Letters, Notes on (Conrad).

Lyman Abbott 413 Life Indeed, The (Genung)..

Roosevelt at Pine Knot, With John Burroughs 170 Little Dreaming, A (F. Johnson).


Russia's Next Generation... Sir Paul Dukes 536 Living, Daily, Fundamentals for (Smith). 487

School, Expelled from

Winfield Brown 648 Long Island, Loafing Down (Towne).


Shibusa wa, Viscount, An Interview with.

Mary Stuart (Drinkwater).

Julian Street 570 Mayfair to Moscow: Clare Sheridan's Diary. 28
Snap-Shots of My Contemporaries (Lyman Napoleon the Third' (Geer).



New England Group and Others (More).


Armstrong, General s. C., Educational Pio-

New England in the Life of the World (Bridg-





Beecher, Henry Ward, Pulpit Orator

506 New Guinen, Taming (Monckton)


Brooks, Phillips, Prophet of the Spiritual

Novels and Tales

R. D. Townsend 260


104 Painting, Ancient and Modern, History and

Hayes, Rutherford B., Peacemaker.

18 Methods of (Ward).

28. 340

Moody, Dwight Lyman, Evangelist.

324 Piazza San Bernardino, From the.

Palmer, Alice Freeman..


Gino Speranza 127

Smiley Brothers, The, Lovers of Hospitality 568 Pine. The Story of a Thousand-Year (Mills).... 550

Tin Can Tourists, The Flight of the.

Portraits, Contemporary (West)...


Elon Jessup 166 Quicksands of Youth (Hoyt).

Titles, English.

P. W. Wilson 627 Reading. A System of Protective T. L. Masson 3.39

Toga, Out of the, and Into Overalls. F. M.

Realist, The Ideals of a.....

L. R. Morris 621

Davenport :

Reformation, The Age of the (Smith).


The Mind Behind the Hands

21 Reid, Whitelaw, The Fourfold Career of

'The New Friendship in the Factory


Lyman Abbott 701

My Final Impressions of Factory Life

508 Reid, Whitelaw, The Life of (Cortissoz).


T. R., The New.

Mercer Vernon 540 Religion, Social Evolution of (Cooke).


Tyrant, The
One Who Knew Him 24 Romance of the South Seas. The.....

Uncle Sam Saveg...
...E. F. Baldwin 440 Sculpture. Modern Tendencies in (Taft)


Vacation, On the Art of Taking a.

Seaborne Trade (Fayle)

Stephen Leacock 160 Songs of My People (C. B. Johnson).

Vassar, Democracy and Self-Support at.

Southern Highlanders. Our (Kephart).

(Photographs). Margaret De M. Brown 610 South Seas, Mystic Isles of the (O'Brien).

Veteran, What the Country Owes the:

Spirit, Portions of

Lyman Abbott 206

1. Bonus or Business

W. C. Gregg 511 Stone Age. The New (Howe)


II. The Borus and John Fabris's Children

Style from Several Angles. Brander Matthews 383

R. R. Perry 512 Thought Relics (Tagore)


TIT. The Dugout Idea.

Elisha Flag 513 Upanishads. The Thirteen Principal (Hume).. 702

Weak, the, or the Sturdy-Whom Shall We

Van Horne, Sir William, The Life and Work


C. B. Malone

of (Vaughan)


Wheat Farmer, The. Turns Middleman.

Victoria, Ouren (strachey)

Prega I. Kawakami and S. L. Gulick 220
Japan, Old, Recollections of: An Interview

with Viscount Shibusawa. Julian Street 570

H. J. Haskell 534 Victoria, Queen, the Woman. RD. Townsend 516
Yale. A Noble Memorial at. (Photographs)

Wanted-A Congregation (Douglas)

H. H. Moore 531 Yosemite National Park, Handbook of (Hall) 422




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The Mayflower (Published April 9)

" Its characters are real. Its scenes are real. One smells the fragrance of Valencian flowers and the salt sea.

The story has the breathless speed, the vigor and sweep and rush of Blasco Ibanez at his best."-N. Y. Times in closing a long review of

this story of Valencian fishermen. Price $2.00 The Shadow of the Cathedral

Deals with the Church and education.

A Novel of the Grand Canyon
and of National Politics
by the author of “Still Jim.”



By HONORÉ WILLSIE A hero whose rise from boyhood in the slums of New York to power in Washington politics-andthe canyon's part in his regeneration-is pictured surely and convincingly; a beautiful desert heroine, an inimitable negro servant, and other live men and women are the people of this satisfying story.

Net $2.00.

Blood and Sand

A brilliant panorama of what bull-fighting has

meant to all Spain. La Bodega

Pictures the wine-growers of Cadiz. Woman Triumphant

The problems of an artist in Madrid. The Enemies of Women

A story of Monte Carlo in war-time. Mare Nostrum

A story of the sea-and of the difficulties and temptations of a neutral country during the war. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The book which made him world famous--the one great picture of the war, still tremendously influential.

Each, $2.15

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Why Are Prices Still So High ?....... 5 Mr. Lauck's Charges

5 Is This Makeshift Legislation ?........ 6 Oil Before Honor-and No Assurance of the Oil...

6 Baseball Put on Trial

6 Tell It to Uncle.....

7 Cartoons Selected by Outlook Readers Bringing Germany to Terms....

8 The Pledge to South America.

8 The President of Cuba .

9 A Princely Scientist..

9 Education “By the People

9 The New Antioch......

10 Property Rights and Human Welfare :

A Supreme Court Decision... 10 A New Bill of American Rights. 11 Right and Wrong.

12 Mary Stuart..

12 The Colombian Treaty : A Poll of the Press...

13 Canadian-American Relations..

15 Special Correspondence by D. M. le Bourdais Athletes- Present and future. ... ... 16 A Sight for Old Salts ...

17 Snap-Shots of My Contemporaries : Rutherford B. Hayes-Peacemaker .. 18

By Lyman Abbott
Out of the Toga and into Overalls : The
Mind Behind the Hands ...

21 By Frederick M. Davenport The Tyrant ...

24 By One Who Knew Him Warning (Poem)..

25 By Amelia Josephine Burr Peace in Poland...

26 Pictures of the City of Vilna as Seen by a

Red Cross Worker The Book Table :

William De Morgan's Last Novel... 27 The New Books ...

28 This Week's Outlook : A Weekly Out. line Study of Current History .. 30

By J. Madison Gathany Contributors' Gallery ......

31 Salt and Balm for Fresh Wounds. 32 Melodrama ...

34 By the Way......

38 Announcement of Prize Wioners of The

Outlook's Second Prize Contest.... 40

[blocks in formation]

“has written," said an eminent English writer recently, “the best short stories published in English in the last fifty years." And his fellow-authors " fell all over each other," as Barrie put it, " for the honor of writing prefaces" to his books. And among them besides Barrie are such men as W. D. Howells, G. K. Chesterton, W. Robertson Nicoll, H. G. Wells, Maurice Hewlett, Arthur Pinero, w. J. Locke, Neil Monroe and A. Neil Lyons, who says

that the volume published April 18 A Chair on the Boulevard

is one of the few really amusing books published during my lifetime" and contains “the funniest story of this century." Its humor has a gay

stimulating sparkle like that of While Paris Laughed

Pranks and Passions of the Poet Tricotrin. The Man Who Understood Women and Other Stories

Compact of wise and witty insight. Conrad in Quest of His Youth

A quaint and whimsical story of a sentimental effort to recapture well remembered associations. The Worldlings

A story in which the villain meets his just dues,

with your full sympathy, respect and liking. The House of Lynch The Actor-Manager The Position of Peggy Harper When Love Flies Out o' the Window Cynthia

All of them novels which are exquisitely human, written from intimate knowledge of the struggles of the young actors, artists, or writers who people his most interesting world.

Each, $1.90


By J. G. SIME A human novel of an undaunted little seamstress who welcomes to her heart the strayed, the lost, the suffering of the tenement in which she makes her home. “An idyl of the common plate ... so intensely human that it has an interest for all humanity."-Rochester PostExpress.

Net $2.00. The Guild Idea in Industry The average man who is puzzled by the whole Guild situation-what it means and how it should work-will finda clear, reasonable explanation in G. D. H. COLE'S CUILD SOCIALISM. Mr. Cole is the leading exponent of the Guild idea and is Secretary of the British Labor Research Deparment. With special Preface for

American readers, suggesting the significance of Guild Socialism in relation to American industry.

Net $1.60.

BY SUBSCRIPTION $5.00 A YEAR. Single copies

15 cents each. For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $6.56.

Address all communications to THE OUTLOOK COMPANY 381 Fourth Avenue

New York City

Obtainable from any bookstore or E. P. DUTTON & COMPANY

681 Fifth Ave., New York

THE OUTLOOK. May 4, 1921. Volume 128, Number 1. Published weekly by The Outlook Company at 381 Fourth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Subscription price $5.00 a year. Entered as second-class matter, July 21, 1893, at the Post Office at New York, under the Act of March 3, 1879.

F. A. STOKES COMPANY 443 4th Ave. New York

TEACHERS' AGENCIES The Pratt Teachers Agency

70 Fifth Avenue, New York Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools. Advises

parents abont schools. Wm. (). Pratt. Mgr. SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES ILLINOIS

Catalogue on



National College of Chiropractic


BOOKS that Build TH


'HE all too few moments we spend in reading


To thinking people they are priceless - for in such
moments the mirror of life is held up to the gaze, and
the mind is nourished with foods that strengthen and

The wide preference for Abingdon Books among
thinking people of today is the best proof of their excep-


By Joseph Nelson Greene It is the aim of the author to represent to the

A new treatment of an old subject — The mind, conscience and heart of Christians their

Prodigal. A study of underlying motives and responsibility for promoting the righteousness,

their relation to life. A valuable contribution peace and good will that are characteristic of

to the literature of the Parables. the kingdom of heaven.

Price, net, $1.50, postpaid.
Price, net, $1.25, postpaid.


By Edmund D, Soper

The long-waited for book on comparative reBy Charles M. Melden

ligions. Bringing to his task the necessary What about the Negro? Never was the ques. equipment in scholarship, sympathetic interest tion more important and imminent. Here is a and evangelical faith the author has produced discriminating, fair and constructive treatment a volume of great importance and outstanding of the subject--facing the difficulties, recogniz

value. ing the responsibilities of both the black man

Price, net, $3.00, postpaid. and the white man, and offering a modus vivendi.

THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA Price, net, $1.75, postpaid.

A Political Study

By George M. Wrong

The second series of the Bennett Foundation
And Other Discussions

Lectures of Wesleyan University, delivered in

1919-1920, by Prof. Wrong are quite in keepBy Ernest Fremont Titile

ing with the purposes of the Foundation, among The Mendenhall Lectures. Sixth Series

which is "the promotion of a better underDelivered before DePauw University

standing of national problems and of a more

perfect realization of the responsibilities of An attempt to face fairly some of the ques- citizenship.” The author of these six lectures tions concerning religion which are rising to- aims "to explain in no recondite or learned way, day in the minds of thoughtful people, and to some of the things in which the United States show how vital is the relation between religion and Canada are alike and also different," and and life.

to open the way for a better understanding of Price, net, $1.25, postage extra.

the relations of the two peoples. In Press. (Prices are subject so change without notice)

[blocks in formation]

TRAINING SCHOOLS FOR NURSES St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

School for Nurses

YONKERS. NEW YORK Registered in New York State, offers a 2X years' courseAs general training to refined, educated women. Requirements one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.



CASCO, MAINE Limited to 20 boys. Healthful sleeping dormitory. Excellent food. Ownership-supervision. Experienced trained college councilors. All sports. Perfect sand beach. Best camp for $350. Near Portland.

Write Director MERRITT GAY, Laconia, N. H.


GIRLS' CAMPS OCEAN CAMP for BOYS CAMP BAYSIDE A Salt Water Cam On beautiful, historic, secluded, wooded peninsula on Casco Bay Bay, New Market, N. H., near Portsmonth Forty, acres spruce and pine and thirty acres field. Best


Boating, swimming, hiking,athletics, handicrafts, motor trip care, food and instruction, with trained supervisors. Excel

cruises. Send for booklet. ETHEL B. MAYALL, Princeton, N.. lent boating, bathing, hiking, fishing and sports.

ERNEST E. NOBLE, Mgr., Portland, Me.

Can You Qualify



FOR ACCOUNTING TRAINING? Thousands of high salaried positions with still more splendid future opportunities are open for men with the right kind of accounting training. Many men who have never thought of taking

up this work have splendid natural qualifcations-still others would fall even with the best of training. We turn out more successful graduates than any other institution in existence but we will not accept every applicant. If you can qualify we will place you under the personal Instruc. tion of the largest staff

of o. P. A.'s ever gathered together-every man a master of his profession. You learn at home by mailno books -no class-room annoyances-all lessons loose-leaf-exclusive result-getting teaching methods-Post Graduate Courses enable you to specialize in any branch of accounting you prefer without additional cost. Few moderate easy terme, Beautiful new book explaining every detall sent FREE. International Accountants Society



Camping and Trail Trip

for Boys Party limited to twenty boys in charge of tutor, guide and cook, to take 60-day trail and camping trip through the Big Horns and Yellowstone Park, starting July ! References as to health and character

required. Address Ranch is nationally famous u an ideal vacation spot. HFBAR RANCH Comfortable family bungalows. Rates on application Buffalo, Wyoming


A Valsparred Laundry
is soap-and-water proof-


The famous

Valspar boiling water test

ALSPAR is proof against hot and cold water, water thick with strong

soap or bluing. It is the varnish that won't turn white under any circumstances, any conditions.

Besides Valsparring the laundry floor, go over the whole washing machine with this tough, durable coating of protection.

Then, Valspar the woodwork throughout the laundry-even the clothes basket will be better for a coat of Valspar.

There is nothing like Valspar for general household use. In the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, dining room, hall or porch-wherever water, weather or wear must be reckoned with— Valspar is the varnish to use.

Anything that's worth varnishing is worth Valsparring.

[blocks in formation]
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