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Country Board

i Hotels and Resorts 1 NEW YORK CITY

THE MAPLES, Coudersport, Pa.

Hotel Hargrave

Tours and Travel

Country House For Sale

NAESumer bath, hof arms TIGEANT


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Health Resorts

Real Estate


ROOMS IN GOOD HOMES in New York Mountain air, beautiful surround


City. Rooms Bureau, New York Community
M ings; fresh eggs, milk, vegetables,

Service, 370 Seventh Ave.
fruits ; large, cool rooms; modern bath. FOR SALE LOTS on shore front
Specja) rates to families.

CONN. Salt water bathing, boating, fishing, SANATORIUM SCHOOL
clamming. 100 acreg woods, 500 ft. stone Jock ;
river X to 1 mile wide. Box 62, Chatham, N. Y.

IDEAL climate, special teachers, faithful,

careful treatment, massage, medical orthoFOR SALE

padic gymnastics. Near Phoenix, Arizona. West 720 st., through to 71st St., New York


Closing of Estate. 3-apartment house; 300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely

17 rooms, 3 baths; beautifully located. Owner

EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES fireproof. One block to 72d St. en

on premises. 67 Blakeman Pl., Stratford, Conn. trance of Central Park. Comfort and

DIETITIANS. superintendents, cafeteria refinement combined with moderate


managers, governesses, matrons, houserates. Send for illustrated booklet J.

keepers, Bocial workers, and secretaries. Miss Richards. Providence, East Side Box 5. Boston office.

WANTED-Competent teachers for public VERMONT

Fine old brick house in the town of

and private schools. Calls coming every day.

Hollis, Maine, along the Saco River, with Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, MHESTER,VT. "The Maples," Delight

ontbuildings and about one acre of land. Albany, N. Y. U ful summer home. Cheerful, large, airy

Near the summer home of Kate Douglas

WANTED-Teachers all subjects. Good rooms, pure water, bath, hot and cold; broad

Wiggin. For particulars address Mrs. GEO.S.
HOBBS, 127 Pleasant Street, Portland, Me.

vacancies in schools and colleges. Internapiazza, croquet, fine roads. Terms rensonable.

tional Musical and Educational Agency, CarRefs. exchanged. The MISSES SARGEANT.

negie Hall, N. Y.


Cedar Grove Hotel & Farm Bomoseen,

To settle an estate, attractive house


and furniture; 7 master's rooms, 3 baths, Castleton, Vt. Boating, bathing, fishing,

2 servants' rooms, living and dining rooms, lennis, dancing. Booklet. J.J. QUINLAN, Prop.

butler's pantry, kitchen, laundry, furnace,
4 fireplaces, sun and sleeping porches.

Companions and Domestic Helpers
Each turn discloses new views J. PERLY PUTNAM, Agt., York Harbor, Me. CAPABLE young woman, 18 to 25, as
of rolling hills and towering

waitress for out of town tea room during the

season. 146, Outlook. and COTTAGES

mountains. Each mile of river
shore presents a more delightful

Teachers and Governesses On Lake Bomoseen, Vermont

TO LET-FOR THE SEASON picture. Through service be

WANTED - Experienced nursery gov.

At Manchester-by-the-Sea Ideal family hotel with private cottages for

erness, 2 children, age 3 and 6. Country in those desiring privacy; all modern couve

tween New York and Albany

Cottage house, 7 rooms, centrally located ; summer, South in winter. Good physical biences, electric lights and bells, telephones

as well as ideal one day outings.

five minutes' walk from the railroad station care and kindergartner. State age and nab cottages. Unexcelled fishing, 3 tennis

and boat landing. Apply for terms to W. K. tionality. References of governess required. courts, own farm. Hotel managed by same *De Witt Clinton," added FLEMING, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass. 127, Outlook. family for 28 years. Booklet and rates on request. E. A. ELLIS, Prop. to the Day Line fleet this sea

son, making five famous steam U To Rent, and never rented before; SITUATIONS WANTED

modern. Plymouth, Mass. Apply to
ers in service.
J. B. SWANTON, Esq., 60 Allerton Street.

Business Situations
Season to October 23. Daily in-

WANTED-Position as librarian in boardcluding Sundays. All through

ing school or small college, boys' boarding of SUMMER COTTAGES To Let school preferred, by woman librarian of ten, rail tickets between New York

at $300 up; For Sale at $3,500, years' experience. Would do clerical work and Albany accepted. Send $7.500, $12,000, $18,000 to if desired. 162, Outlook. 4 cents for literature. $75,000. Country Club, bathing, good

EXPERIENCED woman, Pratt graduate, train and shop service. HELEN THURSTON,

desires position as supervisor in boarding 20 Pleasant Street, Tel. 80, Rockport, Mass.

school, in or near New York preferred. Best Hudson River Day Line

references. 134, Outlook.

Desbrosses St. Pier, New York

Companions and Domestic Helpers
For Rent, WHITE MOUNTAINS CAPABLE young woman, college, will
Six furnished rooms. Bath

give services as mother's helper in refined

family in return for desirable summer outing. Mrs. ALMA RICHARDSON, Franconia, N. H.

East. 153, Outlook. Sanford Hall, est. 1841


business man will accompany invalid or boy Private Hospital

to point West during July. References. 148, Adirondacks n. s. For Rent.

Outlook. For Mental and Nervous Diseases

REFINED young woman, college graduate, Comfortable, bonelike surround

Cottages, fully equipped, very modern bath, desires position as companion. Will travel.

toilets, etc. Season $300 to $1,000. W. H. OTIS. 147, Outlook. ings; modern methods of treatment;

HOUSEKEEPER Assistant in school or coinpetent nurses. 15 acres of lawn,

CAMP IN ADIRONDACKS institution. Miss Deans, 271 West End Ave., park, flower and vegetable gardens.

New York.

$90 for August. $125 August into October. Food the best. Write for booklel.

Furnished, 5 rooms, running water; inside

YOUNG woman desires position as comtoilet. Fine location. A. WARD, Jay, N. Y.

panion to lady. Can sew, drive car, and make Sanford Hall Flushing New York

self generally useful; cheerful, healthy, and and the

well educated. 125, Outlook. LAKE GEORGE FOR,

ILULUI UE SALE CULTURED young woman as companion “INTERPINES”

Cottage at Glenburnie

or social secretary Graduate nurse. Will

Write Adamson & Bayle Co., Glens Falls, N.Y. travel. References. 126, Outlook. Beautiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Over 26 years of Anccessful work. Thorough, re

CANADIAN lady desires position as comliable, dependable and ethical. Every com


panion, social secretary, or tutor. 163, lort and convenience. Accommodations of

Outlook. superior quality. Disorder of the nervous sys Sailings Aug. 13 and Sept. 14 tein a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, Sr., M.D.,

Furnished House and

Teachers and Governesses
Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D.. Goshen, N. Y.
For details write

Small Bungalow

WANTED, by experienced summer camp

teacher, man of personality and culture, posiDairy Farm

tion as tutor or instructor, or other suitable LINDEN|The Ideal place for Sick 15 Boyd St., Newton, Mass.

Near Brattleboro. work for summer. 155, Outlook.
People to Get Well

Altitude 1,900 feet.

YOUNG French girl, Legion d'Honneur Doylestowa, Pa. An institution devoted to

Housekeeping fa

graduate, English education, desires position the personal study and specialized trent

cilities or meals

at neighboring meut of the invalid. Massage, Electricity,

as companion or governess. 157, Outlook. Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to

VASSAR graduate, cultured, experienced


and drives. ComParties enrolling now. Moderate (late of The Walter Sanitarium)

manding views. Travel. Highest references. 161, Outlook. prices. Most interesting routes.

PRIMARY teacher desires position July,
Great success 1920.
Particulars from 5,699, Outlook.

August. 142, Outlook.
65-A Franklin St.,
Boston, Mass.

BOOKS, MAGAZINES 8 a real home for invalids and convales


MISCELLANEOUS ceuts, with purse's care. Large, sunny, airy rooins with all modern conveniences. Sit

SPECIAL articles or short talks on any

THE best in printed stationery. 200 sheets nated upon one of the best streets in 1 tery of the Orient lures visitors subject prepared for all occasions. Club

notepaper and 100 envelopes printed with KEENE. NEW HAMPSHIRE | from all over the world to

papers a specialty. All work confidential.

your name and address $1.50. Samples on one of New England's prettiest viilages, in

Prompt service. 1,000 words $10. Catherine

request. Lewis, 284 Second Ave., Troy, N. Y. the heart of New England. Address all in

Moore, 8. State St., Big Rapids, Mich.

COLLEGE woman with one child can offer quiries to Mrg._GRÂCE H. BEMIS, 184

home in country for small child. References Washington St., Keene, New Hampshire.


required and given. 160, Outlook. The quaintest and most interesting of all

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will The Bethesda White Plains, countries. Come while the old age customs

DOMESTIC SCIENCE correspondence
N. Y.

send things ou approval. No sainples. Referprevail. Write, inentioning "Outlook" to courses. Good positions and home efficiency. A private sanitarium for invalids and aged

ences. 309 West 93th St.

Am. School Home Economics, Chicago. who need care. Ideal surroundings. Address JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION

BOYS wanted, 500 boys wanted to sell The lor terms Alice Gates Bug bee, M.D. Tel. 241. Care Traffic Dept.

Outlook each week. No investment necessary. ROOMS TO RENT

Write for selling plan, Carrier Department, IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS

The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave., prained nurse desires limited number of con

TOKYO valescents or semi-invalids in desirable and

New York City.
TWO large connecting front rooms. Newly

for full information. 'quiet home. Excellent table, comfortable and

and attractively furnished. Rented together M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, cheerful surroundings. Skilled and kindly Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals. or separately. Desirable location, near established 1895. No charge: prompt delivery care. Miss A. VANDERBILT, Milford, N. J. $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country I Columbia. 154, Outlook.

44 West 22d St., New York,


Delightful Autumn Tours





The Bemis Convalescent Home




NE of those typewritten letters that

bear the warning caution, “Dictated but not read by Mr. — ," was recently received by the head of a large manu. facturing concern, says the New York "Times." It was sent back by him with the words written across it in a large, clear hand, “Received but not read by Mr. - " "Think of asking a man a favor and then letting a stenographer sign your name to it while you are out playing golf," was the manufacturer's comment.

A high light in an otherwise very somber picture is this from Pueblo, published in a despatch to a daily paper:

Doris Seaber walked into one of the morgues to-day and declared that she was very much alive. As she gazed at the body which was identified as herself, she said: "That is not me."

A request in this column for the miss. ing lines in a partly obliterated epitaph has brought many answers. The following comes from a Newark (N. Y.) subscriber, with the statement that it is found on a gravestone in an old Dutch cemetery on a farm in Wayne County:

Sarah Van Benschooten is my name
Poughkeepsie was my station
Heaven is my destined place
And Christ is my salvation
As death comes on my bones must rot
Read this that I am not forgot
Behold and see as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you must be

Prepare for death and follow me The epitaph, so far as the last four lines are concerned, is a common one in New England graveyards dating around 1750 to 1850, another subscriber informs us.


Sacred and Secular. Specially adapted for BOYS' AND GIRLS' CAMPS AND COMMUNITY CHORUSES s book also includes the well known melodies of the South.

Attractively bound in cloth. $25.00 per hundred 30c per single copy E BIGLOW & MAIN COMPANY, 156 5th Ave., New York City

Many of our correspondents also quote the rhyme which was added by some wag to the epitaph quoted above:

To follow you I'm not content
Until I know which way you went

This somewhat homely epitaph, one of our correspondents writes, is without much poetical merit, and he quotes another, by Carew, the English poet, as more worthy of immortality. It is inscribed on the tomb of "The Lady Mary Wentworth," and reads: Loe here the precious dust is layd Whose purely tempered clay was made So fine that it the guest betrayed Else the soul grew so fast within It broke the outward shell of sinne And so was hatch'd a cherubim

A Broadway dry-goods firm puts this placard (evidently aimed at a rival) in its window:


Short - Story Writing A Course of Forty Lessons, taught by Dr. J. Berg Esenwein, Editor of The Writer's Monthly. One pupil has received over $5,000 for stories and articles written mostly in spare time, Hundreds are selling right along to the leading magazines and the best producing companies.

Also courses in Play Writing, DR. ESENWEIN

Photoplay Writing. Versifica

tion, Journalism, etc. 150-Page illustrated catalogue free. Please Address The Home Correspondence School on

Dept 58 Springfield, Mass.

Referring to an inquiry in this col. umn as to the meaning of the familiar initials “B. V. D.," a friend writes:

For several years prior to 1890 there was on Whit Street, New York, a firm of manufacturers known as Bradley, Voorhees & Day. One of their productions was the kind of men's abbreviated underwear which is still


A famous tire-a famous tread. Acknowledged among motorists and dealers alike as the world's foremost example of Cord tire building. Always delivering the same repeated economy, tire after tire, and season after season. The stripe around the side walls is registered as a trade mark in the U.S. Patent Office

Youll find a clue to tire worth in the way the tire is sold

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The Red Mask

Contents of August ASIA

.. 436

At first glimpse it looked like a man in a red mask and black cloak, crawling on his hands and knees. A moment later the red-masked figure straightened, spread great wings and flew into the blue above the Himalayas.

A carrion vulture! Coming out of the Eng. lishman's cabin!

Pilsbury, of the Forest Reserve, stationed near Murree—whimsical, delicate, studious—a man who had a way with small creatures.

Beattie, his Chief-all man-plenty of chin, a bullock neck, a lot of appetites partially under control-said to be brave.

The deadly Karait, a creature of the blackest reputation of all India-thin as a lead pencil, black with the black of old leather, a dull gleam to her extra unlovely head-Pilsbury's one defense against the bullying of Beattie:

Around this triangle Will Levington Comfort and Zamin ki Dost interlace one of their remarkable Eastern stories—a study in the psychology of fear between animals and men.

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Peace and a Naval Holiday ..........
Bombs and Battleships....
The New Tariff Bill.
An American Bonaparte.............
Baptists Defend Their Liberties...... 434
Happy Are They that Can Hear Their

Detractions and Can Put Them to
Mending ............

.......... 435 Cartoons Selected by Outlook Readers The End of the British Coal Strike.. 436 The New Chief Justice.. Three Ambassadors and Two Gover. norships...

......... 437 The Anglo-Japanese Alliance ......... 438 The Opium Evil......

438 Are the People Losing Their Religion P 439

By Lyman Abbott What General Dawes May Do....... When We Shall Worry...... Uncle Sam Saves.................... 440

Staff Correspondence from Washington by

Elbert F. Baldwin
One of America's Highest Mountains 442
One of Switzerland's Noblest Peaks. 443
Is the Church Losing the People ?

Opposing Views :
1- Why Don't They Come to Church? 144

By Andrew Ten Eyck
II-A Little Clinic on the Status of

Church-Going................... 445

By Howard A. Bridgman Fewer, and Better, Men ............ 447

By Kingsley Moses
The Dominion of Ireland. Is it Possible ? 449

By Eleanor Markell
The Book Table :
The Collected Poems of Walter De

La Mare........................ 451 Books Received. .................. 451 The Editors' Mail Bag: The Peace

Resolution; A Bit of a Blanket Stiff 452 Publisher's Notes Contributors' Gallery... Financial Department.... Follow Through (Poem).........

By Francis B. Keene Better than Bolts ....

By Paul V. Collins By the way....


The Dangerous lslands · By Frederick O'Brien For more than 400 years these siren islands, a bracelet of ivory and jade set in the sapphire Pacific, have been known to mariners as marking the most parlous piece of sea in all the round of the globe. They are the fairy islands of childhood, the coral strand of youth, the lotus lands of poesy. It takes but Frederick O'Brien's inimitable story-telling to put you on familiar terms with every interesting character on Niau, from the Mormon deacon who peddles bread to Chocolate, a mongrel pup of the Marquesas. An Evening with the "Damned" By K.K.Ardashir "Oh, Allah! We are indeed lost!" exclaimed old Abdul Hamid, thirty-fifth Sultan of Turkey, when an English friend said to him that the Turks were the only commercially honest people in Europe. Chatty and historical anecdotes go to make up this more than entertaining article about the old Sultan who once claimed that, The British Sovereign and I are the two greatest Mohammedan powers on the earth!" Singing Craftsmen of Peking . . . By Sam Dean American captains of industry marvel at the wonderful handicraft, skill of the Chinese, an abiding heritage from days when work was art and art gave joy and joy meant song. These merry artisans, members each of their powerful guilds, still specialize on beauty while the rest of the world concentrates on production Hindu Stories in American Negro Folk Lore

By Norman Brown There's nothing new-even under the Asiatic sun! Now we find that some of Uncle Remus' very best thrillers have their counterparts in the softly told stories that little Hindu children listen to at night from their Ayahs. Main Street in a Caucasian Village - By Elizabeth Anderson Molikans, Armenians, Russians, Turks, crowd Main Street in Dilijan, where even the mildest men looked ferocious when they stared from under their shagsy caps of tangled sheepskin at this plucky American girl who made the acquaintance of these swaggering Caucasians while doling out the supplies of a Relief Commission. Black Bull the Champion - . By Bernard Sexton A legend of India which holds a world of wisdom, philosophy and humor in its short but stirring length. The Great River ..... By L. Adams Beck All the jewels of Burma seem mirrored in the sparkling tales of life told in the golden shadows of the Shwe Dagon or voyaging along the silken river that skirts the lazy city of Rangoon. My Chinese Marriage ...... By M. T. F. Chapter III: First Daughter-in-law. The great racial instinct of the Chineseobedience to parents-now confronts this American girl as she accepts the position of first daughter-in-law in her Chinese mother's household.

The American MAGAZINE on the Orient

More than 60 Illustrations-Art Insert of 8 pages Within the pages of ASIA one meets and knows the romance and fascination of the old-the startling possibilities of the new East. The Orient is restless, determined and inspiring. Each month, through this magazine, its drama and mystery are translated for the Western mind through intensely interesting stories and articles. ... SPECIAL OFFER sy Five Months for $1.00

Open to New Readers Only ASIA is on sale at all news-etands at 35c per copy. If you do not know the magazine this is your opportunity to become

friends. Send $1.00 with the coupon.



Send the next five issues of ASIA. the American Magazine on tp Orient, beginning with the current number. I enclose $1.00 Outlook 7-13-21.


its shortom:. philosoph'ch holds a wo


Business or Profession....

issues for the special price of $1.00-a small sum for an exceptionally large dollar's




Capada, $1.20 Foreign, $1.40

BY SUBSCRIPTION $5.00 A YEAR. Single copies

15 cents each. For foreigu subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $6.56.

Address all communications to




An endowed school for boys and girls. In the New Hampshire hills. 99% of graduates succeed in college. Self-reliance taught through student government and athletics. Boston office, Tremont Temple. Booklets. G. H. BARRETT, Headmaster, New London, New Hampshire.

Many of the best private schools, colleges, correspondence schools, and camps are advertised in these columns. Each one issues descriptive literature which will be sent to Outlook readers upon application

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TEACHERS: AGENCIES The Pratt Teachers Agency


Est. 1866. Thren wcludes systespiritual interpres

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NEW YORK 25 miles from N. Y., in the beautiful, historic “Irving" country. 85th year. 30 years under present Headmaster. Extensive grounds. Modern and complete equipment. Prepares for all colleges and technical schools. Athletic field. Swimming pool. New gymnasium.

Address J. M. FURMAN, A.M., Headmaster, Box 935.

NEW YORK CITY Bureau of Personnel Administration

New-Church Theological School & Quincy Street,

Cambridge, Mass.
70 Fifth Avenue, New York

Est. 1866. Three years' course. College preparation desired. Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools. The curriculum includes systematic study of the writings Advises parents about schools. Wm. (). Pratt, Mgr. of Emanuel Swedenborg and spiritual interpretation of the

Scriptures. Correspondence courses. Catalog



GIRLS The Curtis School for Young Boys

Lowell, Massachusetts, 38 minutes

from Boston. Country sports. Gymnasium and Has grown forty-six years and is still under the active

swimming pool. For catalogue aud views address direction of its founder. Entering age nine to thirteen.

Miss OLIVE SEWALL PARSONS, B.A., Principal 31,000.

GERALD B. CURTIS, Assistant Principal



18 miles from Springfield. 117th year. An up-to-date colConn. lege preparatory school. Aim: to develop manly boys by

the practical personal touch. Athletics carefully supervised.
A school for boys under 15

Fund for boys of proven worth. $500. Booklet. JOSEPH M.
Yearly rate $1200

SANDERSON, A.B. (Harvard), Prin., 20 Main St., Monson, Mass.
L. R. SANFORD, Principal
LOUIS H. SCHUTTE, M.A., Headmaster

23 Highland St., Natick, Mass. A College Prepara-
tory School for Girls. 17 miles from Boston.

Miss Conant, Miss Bigelow, Principals.

In the country. One hour from New York.

A course of forty lessons in the history, form,
structure, and writing of the Short-Story taught by

Dr.J. Berg Ksen wein, for years Editor of Lippincott's.

150-page catalogue free. Please address

Dr. Evenwel Dept. 88

Springfield, Masse
Episcopal. A homelike school for girls.

College preparatory and general course.
Delightful winter climate.

Boarding and Day School
LILIAS S. BILL, Principal.

From primary grades through college preparatory. School
building. Gymnasium. Three residences. Ample oppor-

tunity for outdoor life. 62d year. Address MAINE

Miss MARTHA MASON, Principal, Waltham, Mass.

Founded to further human relations in industry. Educational Division-One Year Co-operative Course, Eight Weeks Intensive Course, Evening Courses. Labor Analysis Division. Placement Division. Teachers' Summer Course.

17 West 47th St., New York City.


[blocks in formation]



Yonkers Homeopathic Hospital

and Maternity

Registered School-2% years' course in general nursing, with special training at Bellevue Hospital, for young women of good standing who have had 1 year of High School or its equivalent. Address SUPERINTENDENT OF NURSES


Summer Term : July 11-Sept. 10 DEER ISLE, ME.

legitimate school of highly specialized instruction, located in ideal surroundings. A faculty of experts ind a complete equipment. For information address The Directors-8. B. Knowlton, Lester D. Tyler, Haverford, Pa. N. Y. Representative: W. B. Wildman, The Trinity School.


Life in the open. Athletics. Household Arts. College and general courses.

Each girl's personality observed and developed. Write for booklet. Telephone W. N. 131.

West NEWTON, Mass.

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[blocks in formation]

22 Teachers
$800,000 Equipment
88th year opens Sept. 20th

1st year. Coeducational. Prepares for college.
Courses in music, art, elocution, domestic science, business.
Experienced teachers. Separate dormitories. Gymnasium.
Athletic field. Terms $400 per year. Send for catalogue,
ORLANDO K. HOLLISTER, Litt.D., Pres.. Portland, Me.


DEAN ACADEMY, Franklin, Mass.


A clear, practical, fascinating work, explaining TAMMERER

the Real Secrets of Personality, Magnet

ism, Persuasion and Salesmanship
FOR 54 YEARS we have successfully cor.
rected stammering by our simple and


A Handsome Volume Price $3.00 Postpaid natural method. Individual instruction only. SAMUEL 0. ROBBINS, Director.

RATES: $1000 single

Boston Stammerers' Institute
246 Huntington Ave.

515 Arlington PI.
Roston, 17 Mass.
$850 double

Chicago, I. JUNIOR SCHOOL for young boys 5сноор

Methods, Influence, Grad-
uates, Books have Jed for

For catalog address the

Any Boy or Girl
forty years. Co-ordinate

Registrar, G. D. Church, M.A.
EXPRESSION training for all professions.
Summer term in 6 States.

SAMUEL F. HOLMES, M.A., Principal Can Earn Money in Spare Time Vinter courses open October 1. Booklets free. 8. S. CURRY, Ph.D., Litt.D., Copley Square, Boston.

If there are boys or girls in your NEW HAMPSHIRE

family, why not encourage them to

become Outlook salesmen in your 5th Year. Young men and young women find here a lomelike atmosphere, thorough and efficient training in

neighborhood ? This outdoor work Nery department of a broad culture, a loyal and helpful chool spirit. Liberal endowment permits liberal terms, $400

A School in the Country for Boys

is good fun and is excellent training $500 per year. Special course in domestic science. For Tutoring for leading secondary schools, college and scienatalogue and inforination address, tific schools. Stimulating air, outdoor sports, modern home

for a business career. We supply ARTHUR W. PEIRCE, Litt.D., Principal. zike buildings. ARTHUR F. STEARNS, Mt. Vernon, N.H.

all necessary materials to start this

work, and furnish complete sug. MASSACHUSETTS

gestions as to how to proceed.

No investment or experience is OUTDOOR happiness offering exceptional opportunities for training in

required. If a youngster is old self-discovery and self-direction. Inspiring ideals of health, responsi

enough to play marbles or spin a bility and Christian usefulness. School for Grammar and High School Students three terms, fall, spring, and summer. Mid-winter vacation. Two

top, he is old enough to earn his own Rev. Thomas Bickford, A.M. hundred acres; pine groves, 3,000 feet seashore. Swimming. Athletics.

spending money selling The Outlook. Founder

Estheic dancing Gymnastics. College preparatory subjects. Art, Music, Distinctively devoted to and

Domestic Science. Handicrafts. Business Courses. Foreign Languages. Address applications to Carrier Department recognized as the Pioneer

Personality Methods. Diplomas introductory to definite service. School of Personality Summer Course in Personality Theory for High School Graduates II THE OUTLOOK COMPAN



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