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Perhaps you are not sailing any of the seven seas this Summer. No matter-the breeze that blows the traveler happily on his way is a land breeze also. It is money.

a Not so much in amount, as that it shall be convenient, safe against loss or theft, and good as gold anywhere.

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VERY blacksmith and wheelwright

knows that the way to fit a tire onto the felloe is to heat the tire, so that while it is expanded by the heat it is larger than the felloe, and as it cools it contracts, binding itself fast upon the wheel. But it has remained for the Bureau of Standards to reverse that principle.

This problem came to the Bureau: Find a method of binding heavy steel plates together where it is impossible to use bolts because of the location of the plates and where the shearing power is too great for screws.

The scientists bored inch holes through the steel plates and prepared steel pins eight or ten inches long and one-thousandth of an

inch or onefifteen hundredth of an inch larger in diameter than the holes. The pins were about ten inches long—the thickness of the two plates to be fastened together. Then, the plates being in position, the steel pins were immersed for ten minutes in a beaker of liquid air which was at a temperature of 2,000° F. below zero. This intense cold contracts the pins, so that they are easily driven into the holes, and upon their regaining their normal temperature the expansion gives an enormous grip, stronger than any rivets.

Another method, equally original, but a little less reliably effective, consists in making the steel pins slightly smaller in diameter than the holes into which they are to fit. Then along the axis of each pin is drilled a hole an eighth of an inch in diameter. This hole is filled with a high explosive known to soldiers as TNT. After the pin has been driven home, the TNT is set off, causing the pin to expand, and this expansion remains permanent, gripping the sides of the socket and holding like a rivet.

These methods—both new—are not available to ordinary workshops, unequipped with liquid air or with the necessary knowledge of high explosives, hut they will he found useful where old

Sky-blue in color, about the size of a dollar bill, these cheques are issued in amounts of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 dollars. Sterling cheques in 5 and 10 £-French Franc cheques in 200 and 400 francs. They come in a neat leather wallet with perforated ends and cost 50c for each $100. You sign each cheque when bought. To cash them you sign your name a second time. These two signatures identify you as the rightful owner. No form of money is so absolutely safe-none so universally recognized the world over-for larger sums American Express Letters of Credit are desirable. They are easily changed into .our Travelers Cheques without extra cost.

Holders of American Express Travelers Cheques or Letters of Credit command the services of the American Express Company's world organization. These offices and thousands of correspondents everywhere assure the traveler the most helpful advice and practical assistance.

Wherever you go this summer, near or far, week-ends or a tour of the world, convert your money into American Express Travelers Cheques.

For all journeys secure your steamship tickets, hotel reservations and itineraries or plan your cruise or tour through the American Express Travel Department. American Express Company

65 Broadway, New York

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THE Cape Cod Canal is declared by from the accident and renewed his cere-

Secretary Weeks to be the busiest monial entrance, he found, to his astoncoastal waterway of the world. It has ishment, that “the noble gateway, the more traffic than the Suez Canal, and work of Kalemegh, had been reduced to is regarded as one of the chief arteries a heap of ruins. I deplored this rash of commerce in New England. Its pur. destruction of the gateway, but the chase by the Government for $11,500,000 Rawat declared that he could never has been recommended by Secretary have looked upon it again with comWeeks, on account of its military and placency, since it had nearly deprived naval potentialities.


Mother (as reported in the "American In some wide-awake stores, according

Legion Weekly”)—“Why do you wish to to "American Business Methods," a offering the best of accommodations, in

be a great general like Sherman?' meeting of employees is held once a cluding drawing rooms - lounges

Willie-"So's I can say things like him month to discover and eliminate all veranda cafés - swimming baths and not get licked."

waste of effort, time, and material. A gymnasia.

list of questions is asked and answered. ONE MILLION TONS

Edward Payson Weston, the pedes. One question, which suggests unusual

trian who was famous a generation ago humility on the part of the store's manof shipping will be under the Company's for his wonderful walking feats, is still agers, at one of these meetings was control on completion of the thirteen hale and hearty at the age of eighty-two this: "Give ten reasons why this store LARGE AND LUXURIOUS years, so a newspaper paragraph states. would displease you if you were a

Even now he walks three miles daily patron.”

for his mail and several times a week
now building
takes a twelve-mile walk in the neigh-

Another store mentioned in the book For Schedules and all information, apply borhood of his home, Plutarch, Ulster above quoted from is said to taboo the

County, New York, just to keep himself word "Hello" in an employee's answer CUNARD - ANCHOR

in condition. Weston once walked 550 to a telephone call. The firm's name or STEAM SHIP LINES miles in six days, and 5,000 miles in

"Good-morning" is preferred. When a 100 days.

customer is addressed, "Are you receiv25 Broadway New York

ing attention ?" is insisted on in this Branches and Agencies

“We inclose herewith" is a common store instead of the blunt query, throughout U.S.A. and Canada

expression in business letters. It is "Waited on?" "Can I interest you in
criticised by a correspondent as tauto- shirts?” is regarded as better than
logical. “Anything that is inclosed is “Something for you?" And "What is it
necessarily 'herewith,'" he says. “Each you wish ?” is approved, rather than
other" is also objected to in such "What is it you want?"
phrases as, “The crowd got in each
other's way." This,

Under the headline "Trouble in the subscriber

says, should of course be "one

Transmission" the “Journal" of the other's," as applying to more than two

American Medical Association reprints

this local item from the Lisbon (Ohio) persons.

"Journal:" "Mrs. Lucy Mumaw has

More than "ne hundred buffalo calves been under the Doctor's car this week." SONGS OF LIBERTY

were porn ja che Yellowstone National Sacred and Secular. Specially adapted for Park this pring, a bulletin says, and

The “Journal” (of the A.M.E.) pubBOYS' AND GIRLS' CAMPS AND COMMUNITY CHORUSES the Park herd now numbers approxi

lishes a series of "definitions" in its This book also includes the well known melodies of the South. Attractively bound in cloth.

mately seven hundred. As if in celebra- humorous column. These are samples: $25.00 per hundred 30c per single copy tion of tile increase, it is sai? chat the "GallThe word that comes after 'You. THE BIGLOW & MAIN COMPANY, 156 Sth Ave., New York City Park's springs are more active than at

gottalotta.' GargleThe German lanany other time in thirty years.


GasThe usual ingredient of Ideal SUMMER

after-dinner speeches. Glacial-Attitude "Experiments have shown that it is a to be assumed in response to request for good idea to place any special article a a $10 loan. Goggles-Modern substitute store wishes to push in the window at for an intelligent appearance." the left of the main store door." The statement is made in a book called The following clipping from a treas

The "American Business Methods." Two Days from New York,

ured scrap-book is sent by a reader, reason given is: “The customer zesi

with the suggestion that many persons tates and generally looks to the left as

would like to keep it for ref rence: he opens the door with his right hand.” The longest chapter of the New Another strategic point recommended is

Tesiament is the first chapter of Including all expenses for Steamer, the store's exit: “A placard should face

Luke; it contains eighty verses. The Hotel and Side Trips

shortest is I John, 0 st chapter; it the customer as he is ready to leave the

contains ten

The longest (25:) balance 10 days before sailing. store."

verse in the Old Testament is the Bermuda is COOL in Summer

ninth verse of the eighth chapter of Some East Indian potentates have (average Summer temperature 19 degrees)

Esther. It contains ninety Varie been noted for their friendship for All Outdoor Sports

composed of 426 letters The shorttheir British coadjutors. One of these Golf, Tennis, Sailing, Bathing, Fishing, Riding, Driv.

est verse in the Old Testament is the ing or Cycling or visiting Bermuda's wonderful was a certain Rawat described in a new

twenty-fifth verse of the first chapter Crystal Caves and Sea Gardens.

edition of the works of Colonel James of I Chronicles, consisting of twelve No Passports-Sailings every Five Days

Tod, a British Agent in India in the letters and three words. The ninevia Palatial Twin Screw Steamers

early part of the last century. He was teenth chapter of II Kings and thirtyFORT VICTORIA

visiting a city called Begun, and trav- seventh chapter of Isaiah read alike. FORT HAMILTONeles in state. In going through the his.

The twenty-first verse of the seventh

chapter of Ezra contains all the let. Send for FREE de lure Summer Tours booklet to toric gateway of the town the elephant

ters of the alphabet with the excepFURNESS BERMUDA LINE on which he was riding became fright

tion of "J." The thirty-fifth verse, ened and threw nim off; he narrowly 34 Whitehall Street, New York

eleventh chapter, of St. John is the escaped death. When he recovered shortest in the Bible.

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8 Days $91.00 Upward



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E began housekeeping, many years

ago, with The Outlook, and very little furniture," writes a subscriber in Minnesota. “The Outlook has been periodically renewed, likewise the furniture—both necessary in our housekeeping. The weekly visits of The Outlook have been welcome because we have not agreed on all points with its editors. I think if we had you would have been tiresome and the visits would have been discontinued long ago. My aged father, a retired clergyman, lived with us before his death, and how he did disagree with The Outlook's theology! At the last he could read only with the aid of a magnifying-glass the size of a saucer; but he never missed a number.

It was

on these points of disagreement that he loved to dwell, to study, to 'sputter,' and to grow.”

How you can build your home at a saving of hundreds of dollars

ERE is a brief excerpt from a long

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Loup, Nebraska, who, along with numerous others, writes to us in divided strain: "What America needs is a consistent, continuous foreign policy. And the fact that Harding is going ahead with the policies of Wilson, notwithstanding election promises, shows that beneath the insincerity of politics there is developing an American foreign policy, in spite of politics. Your bitter denunciations of the Wilson Administration, while approving so much of the same programme when directed by a Republican, has been one of the painful surprises to me. I had said I would stop my subscription, though I have been a subscriber for years. However, I am inclosing check for renewal. “With all your faults,' I cannot do without you."


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Twelve hundred leading architects and leaders of the nation.
wide Own Your Home Movement make possible a great
new association which guarantees savings from 25% to 40%.

A membership may save you $500.00 to $2,500.00.
COU want to own your owr: home. You want to free yourself from the economic
waste of paying rent for a house owned by somebody else.

You want to be sure that your house plans are as perfect and economical as the most skillful architect can make them. You want to know how to finance a home so that what you now pay each month for rent will, little by little, make your home your own.

How can you get this information? How can you be sure that the home you finally But you must act now. The Institute does decide upon will be all that you dreamed it would not promise to keep the membership open at be?

How can you be sure that you will not waste this rate for a permanent period. $500 or even $2,500 in needless building expense?

Read the

24 Service features; and fill in and clip the The answer to all these questions has been coupon now. provided through the organization of the Home Owners' Service Institute-an organization existing for one purpose and one purpose only - lo make possible more and better homes for men and uomen

These are the 24 Services to which of moderate means at savings from 25 per cent to 40 per cent. your membership entitles you. $5 Fifty Homes Laid Down

invested now may save you hunon Your Library Table

dreds. The Home Owners' Service Institute grew out

1. Fifty prize house designs. of the nation-wide "Own Your Home" Movement,

2. Diversified series of plans. which had the co-operation of leading architects,

(a) Brick

(d) 4-room building and loan associations, investment bankers

(b) Frame

(e) j-rooni and real estate associations all over the country.

(c) Stucco In the 1921 National Prize "Small House Com

(f) 6-room

3. petition," open to all American architects, more

Guide to building costs. than 1,200 well-known architects submitted plans

The "Small House Competition." for economical bungalows and houses of four,

5. Privilege of purchasing architects' five and six rooms in frame, brick, and stucco.

blueprint working drawings and The fifty prize-winners selected have been gath

specifications for 50 plans, ready to ered together in a handsome book-a de luxe

library edition-the "Home Builder's Plan Book."
To members of the Home Owners' Service Insti-

6. How to solve Home Owning Finantute this book will be sent immediately upon re

cial Problems.
ceipt of the coupon below. Think of it-fifty

7 Home Site-A Savings Account.
homes all laid down on your library table for you 8. Selecting the Building Site.
to study, discuss and compare. This is part, but

Cost Estimating, Securing Bids, Let-
only part of the service which members receive.
A series of fourteen educational pamphlets is

ting Contracts. included in the service. These booklets contain a

10. Good Architectural Planning.
wealth of practical and invaluable information for

11. Selection of Materials.
the home builder, written by the leaders of the 12. Building Now With Wood.
"Own Your Home" Movement and the 1921 "Own

13. The House of Brick.
Your Home" Expositions in Chicago and New

14. Stucco Homes.
You receive an

Active Membership Certificate

Planning the Plumbing. in the Home Owners' Service Institute for one

16. Heating With Comfort and Economy. year. All questions which arise while you plan, 17. Lighting in the Home. or during actual construction of your home, will 18. Painting the Home-Inside and Out. be answered, free of charge. by correspondence.

19. Decorating and Furnishing. Our corps of experts will be at your service.

20. Planting the Home Grounds. Making a Little Money


Fifty Landscape Plottings.
Go a Long Way

Business of Being a House Wife.
A complete statement of the twenty-four ser- 23. A Sample Building Contract.
vices offered to members is contained in the panel 24. One Year's Active Membership Cer-
on the right. Read this list carefully. It is as

tificate in Home Owners' Service Inif yc : had gathered together for personal consul

tation the nation's leading architects and home-
fuilding experts and put your individual problem
into their hands

You pay $5 only when you have examined
the Service

The Home Owners' Service Institute is

24 West 39th St., New York.
conducting a nation-wide campaign for 1,000,-
000 members. It wants to enroll every

Send me your Service. I will pay the Post

1 American family of moderate means which

man $5 upon delivery (plus the small posthopes, either this year or at any time in the future to build and own its own home.

age fee). If I am not satisfied for any rea

son While the offer remains open, the price of

whatsoever, you agree to refund !

my membership is not $100 or $50 or even $25. money upon return of Service and MemberThe Ins'itute asks for no money at all in

advance. It offers to send to any responsi-
ble man or woman who will clip the special
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Accept it; examine it; pay the postman $3

(Please print name)
for your membership and complete service,
plus the small postage fee. If at the end
of ten days you are not more than satis-

fied with your membership, return the ser-
vice. The Institute will promptly return the
fee and substitute another name for yours
on the Membership Rolls.


Outlook 7-20-21

OME time back you asked for the

peregrinations of certain copies of The Outlook," writes Edna S. Knapp, of Caryville, Massachusetts. "Allen Eastman Cross, the hymn-writer, takes the paper in Milford, Massachusetts. He hands it to Mrs. Carl J. Dane, of Milford; then it comes to us here in Cary. ville. We read it, and add it to all our own periodicals and send them to a family of seven nine miles from the railway in the Vermont hills. The Bartletts read the copies threadbare; the mother keeps the papers in her own hands first and reads aloud the things the older children can appreciate at the evening story hour; then the papers really begin to circulate as she passes them on. I believe The Outlook is less of a magazine than a habit.

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Take a Novel With You || The Outlook


Most Important Invention In OFFICE EQUIPMENT

entertaining to read and pleasant to remember

Copyright, 1921, by The Outlook Company

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By LEONARD MERRICK "Unique and unapproachable."--N. Y. Times. "Some of the most exquisitely amusing yarns in the literature of our times are in this collection."- Boston Herald. By the author of "While Paris Laughed," "Conrad in Quest of His Youth," ete.


AMINOFF This story of men and women who lived out their destinies in one of the most dramatic periods of history, the French Revolution, is told with strength, humor, and sympathy. A book we recommend without reservation,


By SHEILA KAYE-SMITH "She is of the soil of Thomas Hardy," says Samuel Abbott in the N. Y. Tribune. $2.00


eliminates the use of plate glass and blotteri Wears like iron. Feels like kid. Attractive in appearance. Restful to the eyes. No varnish to mar. Impervious to ink and stains. Sample Section, showing construction and full particulars, mailed FREE



GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN *Thirty years builders of Desks"

NEW YORK BRANCH, No. 11 E. 36th Street

“The Master Salesman”


By CAPT. DAVID BONE Keith Preston in the Chicago Daily News says: "The more we reflect on this book the more we like it for its keen observation, its mellow humor, and the fine story of rough adventure that it is."


A clear, practical, fascinating work, explaining the Real Secrets of Personality, Magnet

ism, Persuasion and Salesmanship A Handsome Volume Price $3.00 Postpaid

W. L. VAN OSDOL 515 Arlington Pl.

Chicago, In.


By GARRETT C. PIER "An honest historical romance," says H. W. Boynton of this story of ancient Egypt, in the Literary Review.

"It puts


for a breathing moment in imaginative contact with that storied past whose tale is never really told."


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By FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG "A haunting novel, very beautiful, full of power, and marked by the authentic accent of romance,' says the Chicago Tribune. А fresh proof of the genius of the author of *The Crescent Moon."


Publisher's Notes ...

461 President Harding's Proposal for a World Conference..

463 How Far Can We Trust Mexico ?... 463 The Work of Congress...... Yorktown, New Orleans, and Belleau 464 The New Prohibition Commissioner .. 464 There's Thy Reward...

465 The New Solicitor-General..

466 Personality Counts ......

466 In Command of the Pacific Fleet 416 A Declaration of Dominion Rights... 467 The Italian Ivanboe......

467 The Sixth Dante Centennial....

467 The Aaland Islands and the League of Nations...

408 Newfoundland Fish......

468 Hopes for Peace in Ireland..

469 The Bonus and the Veteran.

470 An Intellectual Shorthand.

470 Not What But Whom...

471 By Lyman Abbott Mr. Mellon : A Study of the Secretary of the Treasury.

472 By Richard Barry The Liquor Problem in Great Britain 473

By P. W. Wilson
Burden Bearers of Europe. ...

475 By W. C. Gregg. With Photographs by

the Author Censorship at Paris...

478 By Wade Chance The Beaver Claims His Birthright... 479

By Enos A. Mills
The French Civic Union ...

481 By Charles Henry Meltzer Night Sailing (Poem)......

483 By Bernice Lesbia Kenyon Buffalo Insists. .....

483 By the Mayor of Buffalo, George S. Buck Firtide..

485 By Theodore Stearns International Sport.....

486 The Book Table : How to Study the Bible....

487 By Lyman Abbott Contributors' Gallery .....

488 Transportation Equality....

488 By M. L. Pulcher By the Way


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CHILD Short stories of mystery and adventure, each with amazing power to give the reader a thrill of tense suspense'.




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By DIANA PATRICK • The Islands of Desire will give entertainment anal

• intellectual pleasure," Saya the Boston Transcript. **Miss Patrick has given us a strongly conceived, skillfully

iborated, and firmly written story." $2.00

All these books can be bought at

any bookstore, or direct from E. P. DUTTON & CO. AI Fifth Ave.,

New York City

BY SCBSCRIPTION $5.00 A YEAR. single copies

15 cents each. For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $6.56.

Address all communications to THE OUTLOOK COMPANY 381 Fourth Avenue

New York ('ity

TRAINING SCHOOLS FOR NURSES St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

School for Nurses

YONKERS, NEW YORK Registered in New York State, oflera * 2X years' courseAs general training to refined, educated women. Require. mente one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses Youkers, New York.

JULY 20, 1921



PRESIDENT HARDING'S PROPOSAL ain and Japan. Of course with respect is only fair to accept the document as FOR A WORLD CONFERENCE to both the Far East and naval arma- at least presenting Obregon's view. It

RATIFICATION, mounting in ments, any agreement reached by Great is full of friendly assurances; but how some cases to jubilation, has

Britain, Japan, and the United States far can we rely on assurances by Presigreeted the invitation extended would undoubtedly prevail. It was wise, dent Obregon? His own political staby President Harding to the principal

however, to include France and Italy bility is none too firm, and one of the Allied and Associated Powers to a con

because, aside from their interests as best points that he makes—namely, that ference at Washington to consider the

naval Powers and influences in the he has no power to commit his Congress limitation of armaments and Pacific and

Orient, they are indispensable factors in in advance or to order the courts to inFar Eastern affairs.

world peace and justice. No question of terpret the Mexican Constitution to meet No other Power could have done what

limiting or reducing armaments of any our views-really emphasizes the diffiAmerica has in summoning this con

kind can justly be considered without culty of getting valid and solid proof ference. Proposals on the part of every

considering also the position of France that American lives and property shall other great nation concerning disarma

as a neighbor of Germany. No question be protected. ment or concerning the Far East would

of naval armament can justly be consid- We are no more in a hurry than is have been subject to suspicion. Great

ered without considering also the Medi. Mexico for normal international relaBritain, the predominant naval terranean naval Power, Italy.

tions. It is, then, for Mexico to find a Power, could hardly take the initiative

In extending the invitation infor- way to establish her just intentions for in asking others to limit their ’navies.

mally, the President, through Secretary the future. A year ago Senator Fall, of France, of course, might have suggested

Hughes, has made it clear that, in th the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, a naval holiday; but she has hardly at

discussions of Far Eastern problems, proposed that the assurances we demand stake what the United States has, and

China has also been invited to take part. should be embodied in a new treaty and any suggestion from her would have

Some speculation has been entertained that the ratification of the treaty should been discounted. Any request of that

concerning the bearing of this confer- be followed by immediate recognition. nature from Japan or Italy might have

ence upon the fortunes of the League of If that course were legitimate a year been interpreted as a request for favor.

Nations. Some earnest advocates of the ago, it might well be considered now. The United States, however, has inter

League have deplored the fact that the It is, unfortunately, quite possible for ests which call for the defense of a navy

President did not have recourse to the Mexico to injure unfairly American inand yet is strong enough to make any

League, and thus give it something to terests without confiscation, strictly so suggestion it pleases without fear of be

do. Others have seen in this conference called, and without legislation aimed ing thought over-timid. No little credit

the beginnings of a new association of solely at Americans. Mr. Obregon can for this suggestion is due to Senator

nations which will gradually take the point out, as he does, that the muchBorah; for he was indefatigable in

League's place. Those who have their talked-of Article Twenty-seven of the pushing, first as a resolution and then

minds more on means than on ends, Mexican Constitution does not in the as an amendment to the Naval Appro

more on organizations for justice than least authorize confiscation, but simply priation Bill, a provision authorizing

on justice itself, may find these specula- asserts the national original ownership the President to call such a conference.

tions important. Those, however, who of natural rights while conceding the By including the discussion of problems

look for the gradual development of a national power to transfer these rights of the Pacific and the Far East Presi

sense of international law and justice, to private ownership. This same article dent Harding has gone beyond the scope

and who hope for peace as a fruit of declares positively that such private of any such conference as that author.

justice, will welcome every practical ownership may not be destroyed "except ized in the Borah Amendment. Indeed, measure, whatever its name, which will

for reasons of public utility and through the subject of limiting armament must cake justice and peace between nations

indemnification." Moreover, another be made subordinate to the larger ques. out of the realm of academic discussion

article of the Constitution declares that tions of policy and principle; and Mr. and into the realm of fact.

"no law shall be retroactive against any Harding has exercised wisdom by using

person." This flatly forbids any ex post the demand for a conference on arma- HOW FAR CAN WE TRUST

facto legislation. This is all very well ment to forward the larger idea of coMEXICO?

and very true, and it does seem to prooperation between the nations on mat. o far nothing practical has resulted vide against the seizure of concessions ters of foreign policy.

from Secretary Hughes's plain notice to Americans. So far as law and ConThe bearing of such a conference upon to Mexico that the United States cannot stitution go, at the present time, theothe question of the renewal of the Anglo- resume formal relations with that coun- retically the property rights of Ameri. Japanese Alliance is obvious. That try until it is assured that Americans cans in Mexico are the same as those of treaty was designed to preserve stability will be free from confiscation and dis- Englishmen in Mexico or of Mexicans in in the Far East, vhere Japan and Great crimination as regards their property Mexico. Britain are both involved. If out of this rights. A long and plausible letter from But the fact that foreign property conference comes an understanding, not President Obregon in the New York rights in Mexico cover investments of only between Great Britain and Japan, "World" has clarified, but not solved the universal importance in which Mexicans but also among the other principal na. question. Its authority was lessened themselves are but slightly interested tions-France, Italy, and the United when it was reported that its real writer financially-as in the case of oil, fer States-there will be less, if any, need was Mr. George Creel; but Mr. Creel instance-leaves a door open to such unfor a special treaty between Great Brit. modestly disclaims authorship, and it just and grasping legislation toward

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