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GET acquainted offer : Mail us 2e with any MASSACHUSETTS

size film or six negatives for development AMERICAN TRAVEL | If You Are Tired or Need a Change

LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick and six velvet prints. Twenty-four hour ser

People to Get Well vice. Fine work. Roanoke Photo Finishing

Doylestown, Pa. Au institution devoted to Independent travel to the West and Eastern and Ca.

Co., 323 Bell Ave., Roanoke, Va. you cannot find a more comfortable place in nadian points. Itineraries submitted. Inclusive price.

New England than

the personal study and specialized treat

ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, THE TEMPLE TOURS


Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to 65 A Franklin St.



Business Situations

(late of The Walter Sanitarium)

BIG money and fast sales. Every owner It affords all the comforts of home without

buys gold initials for his anto. You charge extravagance.

$1.50, make $1.35. Ten orders daily easy.

Write School For Sale for particulars and free samples. American

Monogram Co., Dept. 167, East Orange, N.J.
FOR SALE A school for girls
and young women

Professional Situations
The Leslie

with overflow enrollment. Beautiful loca- WANTED-Nurse for the summer for small
A quiet, cosy little house by the sea. Pri- son. No others need apply. 5,779, Outlook.

tion. Unusual opportunity for the right per- infirmary in institution in the country. 154, vate baths. Descriptive booklet.


Companions and Domestie Helpers ROCK RIDGE HALL Real Estate

DIETITIAN. Actual preparation of meals.

Large family. Others employed. No ser. WELLESLEY HILLS, MASS. and the


vants. Cedar Hill Farm, Reading. Pa Hot and cold running water in nearly all

REFINED woman. Help children 3, 5: bedrooms. Some private baths. Many com- FOR YORK CLIFFS, ME. keep some rooms in order; mend. Large fortably furnished rooms for general use. Large, breezy, screened piazza. Fern room, To settle an estate, attractive house

Cedar Hill Farm, Reading, Pa. "Crows' nest" outlook Edison phonograph and furniture; 7 ipaster's rooins, 3 baths,

WANTED-Refined woman between 30 and --laboratory model. Casino (separate build- 2 servants' rooms, living and dining rooms,

40 to assist mother with the care of three chil ing) with playroom for children. Bowling, butler's pantry, kitchen, laundry, furnace, Sailings Aug. 13 and Sept. 14

dren ages 13, 8 and 5 years of age. Protestant 4 fireplaces, sun and sleeping porches. tenuis, croquet. Pleasant forest walks and drivesCream

preferred. Must care for children's rooms on J. PERLY PUTNAM, Agt., York Harbor, Me. eggs, chickens. Rates $15, 18, 21, 25 a week. For details write

second floor, State salary and give references


MASSACHUSETTS WANTED-Young woman to keep house

for small family of adults in New York City,

or 15 Boyd St., Newton, Mass.

Share family life. Sunny south room. Time Adirondacks Keene Valley, N.Y. Edge- To Rent, and never rented before ; wood Cottage, accommodates modern. Plymouth, Mass. Apply to

to carry half year's college credits. 395,

Outlook. 15. Fine location. Comfortable beds. Best of CLARK'S 17th Orient Cruise by sump

J. B. SWANTON, Esq., 60 Allerton Street. food. All modern improvements. W. H. OTIS.

Teachers and Governesses 5. S. Empress of Scotland, 25,000 gross tons, 8 days in Egypt and Palestine, etc. Feb. 4,

NEW HAMPSHIRE WANTED-Master in French and Spanish

NEW YORK CITY 1922; 63 days $600 up, including shore

in Episcopal boarding school in the East. excursions, hotels, guides, drives, fees, etc.

Salary $2,500 and living. Successful experi Frank C. Clark, Times Building, N. Y.

ence required. Quick action desired. 177,


Spofford Lake, Chesterfield, N. H. WEST OF 'FRISCO

SITUATIONS WANTED 2 fireplaces, electric lights, 3-car garage, 3 202 West 103d Street

boats. Lot 100 ft. front, 85 ft. on lake. 10 A superb Around the World Tour

Business Situations
New York

miles from Brattleboro, Vt., and Keene, N. H. Sept., 1921-Apr., 1922. $5,215.

Address Jannes B. Randoll, Brattleboro, Vt. HORTICULTURIST-Young man, 10 years THE TEMPLE TOURS A hotel of Quality and Refine

experience with ornamentals, orchard, vine 65 A Franklin St. Boston, Mass.

yard, and small fruits, desires position where

NEW JERSEY ment, located in the Residential

industry will be appreciated.204, Outlook. HE beauty, fascination, and

Companions and Domestie Helpers Section of the West Side. Short completely furnished 9-room house for

mystery of the Orient lures visitors block from Broadway Subway stricted locality, within the hour, frequent MANAGING housekeeper, social secretary.

companion, chaperon, care of motherless From all over the world to

trains, near stationLawn . Station-within easy reach of all wood 1999, s.c. wait, West Englewood. girls, or any post of trust and responsibility Shops and Theaters.

entire control. Invaluable to delicate elderly $1.50 NEW YORK

lady or gentleman. Sympathetic in trouble Rates-Single Room, Bath near by, $2.00

and illness. Highly cultured. Highest reThe quaintest and most interesting of all Parlor, Bedroom, Bath, for 2 83, 84, $5

ADIRONDACK SUMMER HOME erences. Liberal salary. 181, Outlook. countries. Come while the old age customs

REFINED, educated woman desires posi

Artistically furnished: 7 rooms, running prevail. Write, mentioning "Outlook” to Parlor, 2 Bedrooms, Bath · $5, 86, $7

tion as housekeeper, care of widower's home

water, bath. Piano. $125 for August : $195 and children, or housemother in school, or JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION

Excellent Restaurant
August into October. A. WARD, Jay, N. Y.

any position where executive ability is de Care Traffic Dept.

sired. References. 197, Outlook. IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS Moderate Prices —Table d'Hôte or a la Carte COUNTRY HOME FOR SALE YOUNG woman, college graduate, desires TOKYO

position as companion. Will travel. Refer

Unusually charming, new Dutch Colonial
Write for Booklet C and Map of N. Y. City

ences exchanged. 196, Outlook.
for full information

house, all improvements, 9 rooms, 2-car garage. ENGLISH trained infant's nurse wishes Rales for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,

1% acres. Near city. Owner, 5,793, Outlook.

position about September 1. Best references $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

Communicate with Florence Jenney, 83 Pine VERMONT

woods Ave., Troy, N. Y.

WANTED, by woman of refinement, posiTO LET

tion of trust, with lady or child or assistant

in the home. Experienced. 203, Outlook. West 72d St., through Parties enrolling now. Moderate

In Green Mountains prices. Most interesting routes. to 71st St., New York

Teachers and Governesses Great success 1920.

On private estate. Commodious, fur300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely

TEACHER with experience in girls prinished 12-room house ; also small bungalow.

vate schools of college preparatory rank do fireproof. One block to 72d St. enTEMPLE TOURS 65-A Franklin St.,

Attractive tea house where meals can be had.
Boston, Mass.
trance of Central Park. Comfort and Near-by lake. Beautiful drives and scenery.

sires tutoring in Latin or algebra, preferably

resident, during August and September. Rel. Salubrious and cool climate. References exrefinement combined with thoderate

erences. 198, Outlook. Hotels and Resorts

rates. Send for illustrated booklet J.
changed. Particulars. 5,795, Outlook.

PROFESSIONALLY trained worker of

mature age, with U. S. Civil Service rating FOR THE HOME

on social hygiene, desires to withdraw froin CANADA

public service, to apply her technical and HONEY. Delicious new clover honey direct

practical knowledge of child hygiene and

from producer. Guaranteed pure and clean. THE SIGN OF THE

child psychology to the training of an infant 10 pounds $1.90, 5 pounds $1.05. postage (Near 5th Avenue)

or very young children, preferably in the

prepaid Zones 1, 2, 3. Herbert A. McCalluin, home of widower with young children finan TROUT AND THE FLY

40 West 45th Street
Great Barrington, Mass.

cially able to pay reasonable salary. 206,

Outlook. In the heart of the Laurentian Mountains. A Select


SANATORIUM SCHOOL YOUNG French lady, experienced, well Lodge run by university men. 75 miles from

Directly in the fashionable club and shopMontreal, on privately owned forest land.

educated, desires situation to teach French IDEAL climate, special teachers, faithful,

in first-class public

school, boarding school, Finest lake and mountain scenery. Altitude ping section. Within five minutes' walk to careful treatment, massage, medical ortho

all principal theaters. 1,600 ft. Excellent trout fishing and shooting.

A bigh-class hotel

or college. New England or vicinity. 207, paedic gymnastics. Near Phoenix, Arizona. patronized by those desiring the best accomHigh grade cuisine. References exchanged.


141, Outlook. Capacity, 12 men. Opened July 15 and closes

modations at moderate cost. September 15. Apply to PAUL A. LEIGHTON,

Rates and wap gladly sent upon request. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES MISCELLANEOUS Lac Superieur, Terrebonne County, P.Q., Cau.


COOKING for PROFIT. Earn handsome income: home cooked food, catering, tea


Correspondence course. Am.

ply preacher, lecturer, occasional speaker, ton Square School Home Economics, Chicago.

Sunday evening story-teller, Bible recitationadjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms

ist. Plainfield, N.J. The Wayside Inn with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day, EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES

BOYS wanted. 500 boys wanted to sell The

Outlook each week. No investinent necessary.

for two NEW MILFORD, Litchfield Co., Conn.

or wore. Location very central. Convenient WANTED-Coinpetent teachers for public Write for selling plan, Carrier Department, In the foothills of the Berkshires. Open all to all elevated and street car lines.

The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave.,

and private schools. Calle coming every day. the year. An ideal place for your summer's

Send for circnlars. Albany Teachers' Agency, New York City. rest. 2 hours from New York. Write for


Albany, N. Y booklet. Mrs. J. E. CASTLE, Proprietor.

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will DIETITIANS, Superintendente, cafeteria eend things on approval. No samples. ReferCHESTER, ,

managers, governesses, matrone. house- ences. 309 West 99th St. MAINE

Tul summer home. Cheerful, large, airy keepers, social workers and secretaries. TO young women desiring training in the rooms, pure water, bath, hot and cold: broad Miss Richards. Providence, Fast Side Box 5.

care of obstetrical patients a very thorough DRIFTWOOD piazza, croquet, fiue roads. Terms reasonable.

PLACEMENT BUREAU for employer and nurses' aid course of six months is offered by Refs. exchanged. The M189 ES SARGEANT.

employee : housekeepers, watrons, dietitians, the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New Bailey Island, Maine

governesses, secretaries, mother's helpers, York. Monthly allowance and full mainteJune 15 to October 1. Beautifully located

companions. 51 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, nance is furnished. For further information

Health Resorts overlooking ocean. Mrs. N. C. STONE.


address Directress of Nurses.

CALIFORNIA.- We can place in California STATIONERY that looks expensive and Balley The Bethesda

White Plaius, and Arizona college graduates with post- costs little. 200 sheets notepaper and 100 Island,

N. Y.

graduate study and seventeen months' teach- envelopes printed with your name and adA private sanitarinn for invalids and aged ing experience, from the East, after this date dress $1.50. Used for club, business, and per 13 Sept. 15. Always cool. Bathing who need care. Ideal surroundings. Address in fair quantity. Boyuton Teachers' Agency, sonal correspondence Samples on request Booklet. T. E. HAZELL. for terms Alice Gatea Bugbee, M.D. Tel. 241. Brockmau Bldg., Los Angeles.

Lewis, 284 Second Ave., Troy, N. Y.



EUROPE 1921 Hotel Hargrave



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TELOR MISS WARNER'S e Resident and Day School

Near New York. Individual Instruction. Handicrafts : all grade studies. Excellent care nervous and bakward children. Camp Good Luck," R. D. 11, Gardiner, Maive.

TEACHERS' AGENCIES The Pratt Teachers Agency

70 Fifth Avenue, New York Recommends teachers to colleges, public and

private schools. Advises parents about schools. Wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr. SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES


The Outlook || The Manhood of


Copyright, 1921, by The Outlook Company


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High School Course in 2 Years You can complete


this simplified High

School Course at home in. side of two year. Meet all requirements for entrance to college And the leading professions, This and thirty-six other practical courses and described in our free Bulletin, Send for it TODAY.

AMERICAN SCHOOL Depl. HC-168 Drexel Ave. & 58th St.


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The Science and Art

of Human Engineering By ALFRED KORZYBSKI Mr. WALTER POLAKOV describes it as :

A book of tremendous force and beauty, possessing almost unlimited influence on the future development of mankind . .. a supreme logic of mathematically rigorous thinking - but so simple, so beautiful and so complete that it is within easy grasp

of a child.” - The World To-morrow. CASSIUS J. KEYSER, Professor of Mathematics, Columbia University : " It is momentous in what it contains, even more so iu what it suggests, and most of all, I dare say, in the excellent things it will eventually help men and women to think

and say and do.” ROBERT B. WOLF, Vice-President of the

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, writes: “I consider Count Korzybski's discovery of man's place in the great life movement as even more epoch-making than Newton's discovery of the law of gravita

tion." A. F. SHELDON, Chairman of the Com

mittee on Ethics and Philosophy of the International Association of Rotary Clubs, sees in the truths “revealed by this epochmaking book the possibility of making a long stride toward putting the problems of human relationships, including commerce and industry, on the plane where they belong."

Price $3.00


Summer Term : July 11-Sept. 10 DEER ISLE, ME.

legitimate school of highly specialized instruction, located in ideal surroundings. A faculty of experts and a coinplete equipment. For mformation address The Directors-8. B. Know Iton, Lester D. Tyler, Haverford, Pa. N. Y. Representative: W. B. Wildman, The Trinity School.


Eight Months Course

"The Next War"




Practical experience in lower New York. For Young Women Regulars Non-Resident Volunteers

Apply at the Training School for Christian Workers

(Interdenominational) 7 GRAMERCY PARK, West, New York City

Marking Time in the Irish Conferences 527
Famine Relief for Russia....

527 Blasphemy and Free Speech

58 A Governor Under Indictment.. 528 Soldiers and Mothers....

As He That Leaves & Shallow Plasb
to Plunge Him in the Deep........ 529

Cartoons of the Week
The Battleship and the Bomb........

530 The American Music School at Fontainebleau.

530 Track, Field, and Links.

531 Millennium or Armageddon...

531 Who Is Responsible for Upper Silesia ? 532 Right Waste and Wrong Waste...... 532 The Wheat Farmer Turns Middleman 534

Special Correspondence by Heary J. Haskell
A Hardtack Attack; or, The Veracity

of Sailormen Vindicated: A Tale of
the Clipper Ships..,

535 By Bill Adams Russia's Next Generation....

536 By Sir Paul Dukes Where the British Watch on the Rhine 538 Railway Travel Ninety Years Ago... 539 The New T. R........

540 By Mercer Vernon Millennium or Armageddon : An Anal

ysis of the Problems Which Face
the Disarmament Conferences at

By P. W. Wilson
Just as Much Fun in Your Own Little

545 By Rollin Lynde Hartt Contrasts from the Southwest.... 548

Pictures from Outlook Readers
The Book Table :
Some Singing Johnsons

549 By Robert T. Kerlin The New Books.....

550 An Ancient Apartment-House of a Thousand Rooms..

551 By Robert H. Moulton The Lumber Cost of a Million Homes 551

By Arthur Newton Pack Contributors' Gallery ...

552 By the Way


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connected with Antioch College Opens in the fall of 1921 to accept a limited number of boys and girls as boarding pupils in an ideal school environment. For information write to The Director of the Antioch School, Yellow Springs, Ohio.


The Voice of Russia

By M. ALEXANDER SCHWARTZ A story of a Russian's personal experience in Russia, ranging in emotion from enthusiastic expectation of a golden age, through disillusion and grief. The most vivid and informing book which has come out of Russia since the Revolution.


South Dakota State School

of Mines
Rapid City, South Dakota

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Has just closed the best year in its history. Few institutions have at their doorway such a wonderful outdoor laboratory the Black Hills regions.

Degrees are granted in Civil, Electrical,

Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Expenses are low and much attention is given the individual student. Write and let us tell you more about the advantages here provided. For catalog and book of view), address


Out of Their Own

Mouths By SAMUEL GOMPERS, President of the A. F. of L., with the collaboration of

WILLIAM ENGLISH WALLING. A revelation and indictment of sovietism compiled from Bolshevik sources and showing the aims and intentions of the soviets relating to the workingmen and the governments of other countries.

$2.00 These can be bought from any bookshop or

St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

School for Nurses

BY SUBSCRIPTION $5.00 A YEAR. single copies

15 cents each. For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $6.56.

Address all communications to

YONKERS. NEW YORK Registereit in New York State, offers a 2% years' course-19 general traluing to reflned, educated women. RequireBente one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses Youkere, New Yors.

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On the foot of Caesar was laced the ancestor of the modern boot. Laced!. Science hasn't yet invented any method for doing that important work. It is remarkable how some simple methods stand the test of time. Since its invention, more than a third of a century

the Mimeograph method has remained unchanged -its application only has been modified and improved. It has stood the test of time because it is the simplest, quickest, and least expensive way of doing important work. Five thousand perfect duplicates of a typewritten sheet is its habitual hourly output – forty thousand and more a day. And by the use of the new dermatype stencil, diagrams, plans, maps, charts, etc., may be as easily and quickly duplicated-on the typewritten sheet if desired. Private printing! Low cost printing! Let us show you why the Mimeograph is the most widely used duplicating device in the world. Ask for catalog "O-8” and particulars from A. B. Dick Company, Chicago—and New York.

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AUGUST 3, 1921




ent relief from violence that they will tration shall be given full liberty to IRISH CONFERENCES insist on its permanence.

come and go and move about Russia; MIST of vagueness and uncer

(c) that these members shall be allowed tainty envelops the negotiations

FAMINE RELIEF FOR RUSSIA to organize the necessary local commitfor peace in Ireland. It is known ROUGHT has brought about a state of

tees and local assistance free from Govthat the English Prime Minister laid

ernment interference; (d) that they before Mr. De Valera a plan that might diate relief. A large portion of the crops

shall be given free transportation of imserve as a basis for discussion. It was have not come to maturity and millions ported supplies with priority over trafannounced that this plan would be laid are now facing death by famine. As the fic; that the authorities shall assign before Parliament in outline, if not in remainder of Europe, owing to its ex- necessary buildings and equipment and detail, but later this statement was can- haustion from war and the prevalence fuel free of charge; (e) that, in addition celed, and up to July 26 no official ver- of the drought is not in a position to to the imported food, clothing, and medision of the plan has been offered.

aid the Russian sufferers, Maxim Gorky, cines, the children and the sick must be Meanwhile Mr. De Valera has gone to who stands high in Soviet councils and given the same rations of such local supDublin to consult with his "Cabinet." is regarded as the literary spokesman of plies as are given to the rest of the popuOne Sinn Fein organ, the "Irish Bulle- that unhappy country, has made known lation; (f) that the Relief Administratin," which has been regarded hereto- the situation to the American Govern- tion must have the assurance of nonfore as De Valera's mouthpiece, declares ment and urged it to aid in the work of interference of the Government with the that Ireland will accept nothing but relief.

liberty of all its members. complete independence. This is not In reply to Gorky's appeal for When these conditions are complied taken very seriously, for it seems highly American relief Herbert Hoover, as with, Mr. Hoover states, the Relief Adimprobable that the Sinn Fein leaders Chairman of the American Relief Ad- ministration, within its resources, is would enter into elaborate peace parleys ministration, by cablegram has made

prepared to undertake to supply "all if they were set on impossible demands. known to Gorky the conditions upon

children and invalids alike without rePublic opinion continues to believe which such relief can be obtained. gard to race, creed, or social status," that some form of Dominion government

Among the conditions outlined by Mr. and further he declares that its represensimilar in many points to that in Can- Hoover is, first, and as a sine qua non,

tatives in Russia will engage in no poada or South Africa offers the only pos- "the immediate release of the Ameri. litical activities. The conditions outlined, sible solution. The difficulty is in per

cans now held as prisoners in Russia." as he fully explains, are in no sense suading Ulster that she can be guarded Other conditions as summarized by Mr. extraordinary, but are identical with against political and economic oppres- Hoover are: (a) That the Moscow those "laid down and readily acce ed sion by any all-Irish parliament that

Soviet authorities give a direct state- by the twenty-three governments in would have a large Sinn Fein majority. ment to the Relief Administration rep- whose territories we have operated." General Smuts believes this can be done,

resentatives in Riga that there is need Such a clear and positive statement and it is understood that he is laboring

of our assistance; (b) that American places the burden of accepting or rejectto convince the Ulster leaders.

representatives of the Relief Adminis- ing American relief squarely upon the Tactically, Mr. De Valera seems to have shown skill and acuteness. He has refrained from violent and extreme declarations, which is not true of his Ulster opponent, Sir James Craig. The Sinn Fein leader has thus seemed to put his opponents in the wrong, yet up to this writing he has not publicly committed his following to anything. It is quite possible that, in the last analysis, the blocking of progress in a settlement will be due to Sinn Fein obduracy quite as much as to Ulster aloofness-"rigid and unyielding" are terms applied to Sir James Craig's utterances by the London "Times."

Lord Northcliffe, now in this country, points out that England could no more consent to a strategically independent Ireland than New York could consent to a strategically independent Long Island. But he believes also that the proposal of a central parliament for all Ireland and separate parliaments for Ulster and

THE ULSTER CABINET the south leaves the door open for unity.


**The difficulty is in persuading Ulster that she can be guarded against political and The best hope for peace is in the con

economic oppression by any all-Irish Parliament" tinuing and growing belief that the

Left to right-Sir Dawson Bates, Home Secretary: Marquis of Londonderry, K.G.,

Education ; Sir James Craig, Prime Minister; H. M. Pollock, Finance; E. M. Archdale, Irish people are so thankful for the pres

Agriculture; J. M. Andrews, Labor



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Soviet Government of Russia. They are right in holding that the offense did denies with vigor the inference that he such conditions as any self-respecting come under the statute, and the defense, and his colleagues drew any profit from government or organization engaged in therefore, was again founded on the defi. the handling of State funds. He decharitable relief must insist upon.

nition of the individual's right to speak clares that the Attorney-General has That the Soviet cannot be trusted freely of his own convictions. The fathered these charges because of politiwithout restrictions such as Mr. Hoover lower court held that the offense was cal enmity; and, moreover, intimates demands even to look after the children not at all mitigated by the Constitu- that moneyed interests have combined of its own people is amply shown in an tional rights of Mockus to express opin- to defeat the will of the people in makarticle elsewhere in this issue called ions or to controvert the opinions of ing him Governor, and that they are “Russia's Next Generation." The moral others. The Supreme Court in an elab- backed by certain politicians and cer. breakdown under Bolshevik rule has orate and admirable decision not only tain newspapers. These influences and resulted in physical suffering, character upheld the lower court as to this, but interests he describes as acting through deterioration, and criminal abuse of asserted that the statute "in no manner “a whole gang of character assassins Russia's children. Any aid the Relief conflicts with our State constitutional and character defamers." Administration can give must be partial guaranty of religious freedom and free- Lawyers are interested particularly in and temporary. The question at once dom of speech." The presiding Justice, the contention that a State Governor by arises whether such relief might not be Judge Philbrook, most vigorously com- submitting to arrest after indictment more than counterbalanced by the con- mended the definition of liberty set would surrender his official rights and sequent bolstering up of the credit of forth by the justice of the lower court commit an act of political treason. The the Bolshevist minority which is re- and commended it as “a charge which Attorney-General, on the other hand, insponsible for what Sir Paul Dukes for clearness of thought, beauty of dic- sists that the sole question is whether rightly calls the appalling conditions tion, accuracy of law, and impartiality the Governor is or is not guilty of the among Russian children. of statement is seldom equaled.”

charges, and asks whether the defense

It is for the purpose of enforcing and for refusing to obey the courts would BLASPHEMY AND FREE SPEECH commending this excellent definition apply if a Governor should commit murHOME four years ago we reported the

that we have thought it worth while der while in office.

again to refer to the attacks of Michael named Michael Mockus under a Con

Mockus on religion and the religious SOLDIERS AND MOTHERS necticut statute originally passed in feeling. The definition referred to by

THE United States Senate has passed 1642 and then aimed against witchcraft Judge Philbrook is as follows:

two measures of much human apas well as against blasphemy, but later

The great degrees of liberty which

peal, the Soldiers' Relief Bill and the

we enjoy in this country, the degree amended and moderated. The interest

of personal liberty which every man

Maternity Bill. The first is also known in the case was in the plea that insult to

and woman enjoys, is limited by a as the Sweet Bill, from the name of its the Christian religion and its followers like degree of liberty in every other introducer in the House, Representative was defensible as free speech.

person, and it is the duty of men,

Sweet, of Iowa. The passage of this bill

and the duty of women, in their conNow some friend sends us pages from

duct, in the exercise of the liberty

should be followed by quick and thora law journal which report another

which they enjoy, to consider that ough aid to the needy soldier, for it conblasphemy case against this same every other man and woman has the solidates into one bureau the Bureau of Michael Mockus which came before the

right to exercise the same degree of

War Risk Insurance, the Board for Voca

liberty; that when one person enters Maine Supreme Court recently. Here,

into society-and society is the state

tional Education, and so much of the again, is the question how far the prin- in which personal liberty exists- Public Health Service as relates to disciple of free speech allows contumely to each gives up something of that lib

abled ex-service men. Such consolidation

erty in order that the other may the religious convictions of others.

ought to save the soldier from the waste

enjoy the same degree of liberty. It The report shows that Mockus, in com

is a conception that perhaps some

of time and money due to separated menting on various pictures which he people find difficult to understand, but and overlapping bureaus. As it passed threw on the screen, used almost incon. it is the conception of liberty which

the House the bill provided for the new

we enjoy. ceivably indecent, insulting, and filthy

bureau to be under the Treasury Departexpressions about God, Christ, and the

ment, but as it passed the Senate the Virgin Mary. It is perfectly clear that A GOVERNOR UNDER

bureau was to be independent and under as a mere matter of public decency no INDICTMENT

the President. While the Senate's acman should be allowed to utter such HE State of Illinois is undergoing tion is assumed to be prefatory to the language in any public place. And this the singular experience of having establishment of the bureau in the new would be true, no matter whether the its Governor under indictment on Department of Public Welfare, as recominsults were directed to Christianity, or charge of embezzlement, yet refusing to mended by the President, Mr. Sweet, in Moslemism, or Judaism. Conviction submit to arrest on the ground that he recently writing to The Outlook, said was obtained in this case under a Maine would thereby violate his obligation to th "it would be a very easy matter to statute which makes it an offense to use the State to carry on his functions as transfer the new bureau from the Treas"profanely, insultingly, and reproach. Governor.

ury Department to the Welfare Depart. fully language against God" or against It would be improper, and indeed im. ment" in case the pending bill establishthe other members of the Trinity or the possible, to form at a distance an opin. ing that Department became law. Christian Scriptures. Whether or not ion as to the charges and counter- The Maternity Bill, also known as the this is theoretically the best method of charges in this unfortunate affair. The Sheppard-Towner Bill, from the names legally forbidding the kind of thing allegations upon which the county Grand of its sponsors in the Senate and House, above described is an open question. A Jury acted charged Governor Small first suggested by Miss Julia non-Christian (say, for instance, a Jew) with conspiracy together with the Lieu. Lathrop, Chief of the Children's Bureau might reasonably ask that his sacred tenant-Governor, Mr. Sterling, and Mr. in the Department of Labor. That convictions and feelings also should be Vernon Curtis, a banker, to misappro. Bureau, assisted by an Advisory Comprotected against such an offense.

priate or misuse the daily balances of mittee consisting of the Secretary of The lower court undoubtedly the State in the banks. The Governor Agriculture, the Surgeon-General of the

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