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Teachers and Governesses MASSACHUSETTS


WOMAN of refinement and tact wanted

Protestant. Teacher having occupation durIndependent travel to the West and Eastern and Ca

MARBLEHEAD, MASS. FOR SALE ing winter months but whose time is free gadian points. Itineraries submitted. Inclusive price.

A comfortable home in the thriving city of

latter part of day, or one who can devote The Leslie

Sanford, Florida. 12 rooms, laundry, 2 bathTHE TEMPLE TOURS

entire time will be considered to assist

mother in care of two boys of school age; DO

rooms, 1 lavatory, gas and electricity, Arcola 65 A Franklin St. BOSTON A quiet, cosy little house by the sea. Pri- heater. Price $15,000, easy terms, or can be

teaching except small assistance in lesents vate baths. Descriptive booklet. rented for season, furnished, for $1,200. Ad

comfortable home New York City in winter, dress M., care First Nat'l Bank, Sanford, Fla.

country in summer, and moderate amount of NEW YORK CITY

time required, but applicant must have good ITALY

judgment and natural aptitude for boys. State salary expected. 234, Outlook.

TEACHERS WANTED for Bishop College, an American Baptist Home Mission Sony school for Negroes. Positions open: English, mathematics, biology, librarian, sering

theology. Salaries and $1,000. Liring West 2d St., through


expenses for single teachers $3.50 per ww. EGYPT

Address C. H. Maxson, President, Marwall,
to 71st St., New York
Baronial Palazzo, "cinque cento" (at pres-

300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely

WANTED-Teacher of chemistry with

ent a flourishing pension), 17 bed, 2 bath, 3 PALESTINE ITALY fireproof. One block to 72d St. en- reception rooms, cellar, stabling, modern

M.A. degree, member of Evangelical church trance of Central Park. Comfort and THE MEDITERRANEAN

sanitation. Magnificent scenery.

to take chair of Chemistry and Physla la

7 hours refinement combined with moderate

Madras College, India. Apply to Mr Hery

from Rome. Address - English Pension," W. Peabody, Beverly, Mass. ROUND THE WORLD rates. Send for illustrated booklet J. Ari (Chieti), Abruzzi, Italy. Price, $25,000, MANUAL training teacher, Protestanta

for bench and brush work, wanted Septeuber VERMONT

15, Seguin School, mentally deficientud Small groups, scholarly leader- HOTEL JUDSON 53. Washing

backward children. School limited to silttie ship and interesting itineraries. adjoining Judson Memorial Church Kooms Summer Home farmhouse) furnished, and boys, girls, young women. Ten teachers en with and withont bath. Rates $3.50 per day,

ployed. Salary seventy-five dollars mouthisi Write for further details to

hills of southern Vermont, elevation 1,700 feet. including meals. Special rates for two weeks

board, room alone, laundry. Interview desir Beautiful situation, bathing brook, fruit, good able. Elsie M. Seguin, Orange, N. J. or more. Location very central. Couvenient

vegetable garden, cool spring water. Price BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL to all elevated and street car lines.

$1,250. Rent for remainder of season, $150. 15 Boyd St., Newton, Mass.


Address Mr. R. CALLENDER, Wardsboro, Vt.

Business Situations

HORTICULTURIST-Young man, 10 ye
Forest and Averill Lakes
AUTOMOBILE owners, garagemen, me-

experience with ornamentals, orchard, rise A superb Around the World Tour Only Maine Camps in Vermont chanics, repairmen, send for free copy of

yard, and small fruits, desires position were Sept., 1921-Apr., 1922. $5,215.

our current issue. It contains helpful, in-

industry will be appreciated.204, Outlook THE TEMPLE TOURS

CATCH THEM WITH A FLY structive information on overhauling, ignition SECRETARY-American lady haying trus 65 A Franklin St. ... Boston, Mass.

Trout and Salmon-Augest and all September troubles, wiring, carburetors, storage bat- eled in Europe, knowing French and German
Partridge in October

teries, etc. Over 120 pages, illustrated. Send perfectly, having working knowledge of Trout, Salmon, Lakers, Aureotas, Bass, for free copy, to-day: Automobile Digest, Russian and Swedish, shorthand, typlner, die Pickerel, Boating, Bathing, Tramping 527 Butler Building, Cincinnati.

sires post. Highest

references. 25, Outlook. tery of the Orient lures visitors Five lakes, miles of streams and trails. Main from all over the world to camp, twelve cabins. Open fires. A table we BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES

Companions and Domestic Helpers are proud of. Good old guides if desired. Famous mineral springs. Accessible to Bos- COOKING for PROFIT. Earn handsome

WANTED— Position as managing bouse ton and New York by rail or motor. Reliable income: home cooked food, catering, tea

keeper in school or institution for fall. references near you. 75 miles from White room, etc. Correspondence course. Am.

Mountains. 20 miles from Colebrook, N. H. School Hoine Economics, Chicago.

TO take young girl for trip abroad during
The qnaintest and most interesting of all
No mosquitoes; no black flies and no hay I have $2,000. Desire partner with equal Highest references as to fitness, personalty.

fall or winter or to go with older woman fever, Garage. Open to October 15.

amount for establishment of camp. Interestcountries. Come while the old age customs prevail. Write, mentioning Outlook" to H. A. QUIMBY, Mgr. Averill, Vt.

and education. Languages. 228, Outlook. ing proposition. 230, Outlook. TEACHER with successful experience and

WANTED, by middle-aged Southern w» JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION

executive ability as partner in well-estab

man of social standing, position by October Care Traffic Dept. Health Resorts lished school for girls in suburb of large

1, as managing housekeeper, companion to IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS

Eastern city. Twenty-five thousand necessary.

invalid lady, or chaperon in private family, TOKYO

246, Outlook.

Qualitied to take entire management

country estate. References. 229, Outlook. for full information


LADY desires position in institutions Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,

hostess or housemnother, or as companion $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

WANTED-Competent teachers for public chaperon, or housekeeper in family. Edu and private schools. Calls coming every day. cated, experienced. References. 232, Outlook Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, BY college woman, companionable, respce Albany, N. Y.

sible, experienced housekeeper and go

DIETITIANS, superintendenta, cafeteria erness. Will travel. 236, Outlook. Parties enrolling now. Moderate

managers, governesses, muatrous, honse- POSITION as housekeeper by an educatel prices. Most juteresting routes.

keepers, social workers, and secretaries. capable woman. 238, Outlook. Great success 1920.

Miss Richards, Providence, East Side Box 5. HOUSEMOTHER'S or matron's positiu TEMPLE TOURS 65-A Franklin St.,

CALIFORNIA.-We can place in California by an experienced American Protestant Boston, Mass.

and Arizona college graduates with post- good executive. Indorsed. 239, Outlook. and

GENTLEWOMAN derires position as com Hotels and Resorts

panion or chaperon. 240, Outlook. in tair quantity. Boynton Teachers' Agency, CULTURED lady desires position as con Private Hospital Brockman Bldg., Los Augeles.

panion to elderly lady. Adaptable, compas CANADA For Mental and Nervous Diseases

ionable. References exchanged. 237, Outlook FOR THE HOME

EXPERIENCED housekeeper wishes pos THE SIGN OF THE Comfortable, homelike surround

HONEY. Delicious new clover honey direct

tion. Institution preferred. 247, Outlook. ingg; modern methods of treatment; from producer. Guaranteed pure and clean.

PLEASANT, experienced woman TROUT AND THE FLY competent nurses. 15 acres of lawn,

10 pounds $1.90, 5 pounds $1.05, postage

like care of motherless girls and manas prepaid Zones 1, 2, 3. Herbert A. McCalluin,

meut of home. Companionable and efficie ut

Reasonable terms. 245, Outlook.
In the heart of the Laurentian Mountains. A Select park, flower and vegetable gardens. Great Barrington, Mass.
Lodge ruu by university men. 75 miles from
Food the best. Write for booklet.

HOUSEKEEPER open for position, schod

or institution. Good buyer. Best reference Finest lake and Inountain scenery, Altitude Sanford Hall Flushing New York

as to character and ability. 244, Outlook. A new size of note paper and envelope de YOUNG woinan, college graduate, in et

signed for ladies' personal correspondence. High grade cuisine. References exchanged | The Bethesda White Plains,

change for expenses, will chaperon child or a Capacity, 12 men. Opened July 15 and closes

200 sheets and 100 envelopes printed with your as companion to older person on trip to Cal A private sanitariun for invalids and aged September 15. Apply to PAUL A. LEIGHTON,

name and address $1.50. Samples on request. fornia the first week of October. 252, Outlool who need care. Ideal Burroundings. Address Lac Superieur, Terrebonne County, P.Q., Cau. for terms Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D. Tel. 241. Lewis, 284 Second Ave., Troy, N. Y.

Teachers and Governesses HELP WANTED

EXPERIENCED primary teacher desin Hotels and Resorts LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick

Business Situations

position as resident teacher” or governe People to Get Well

for coming year: full charge; refined un CONNECTICUT Doylestowa, Pa. Au institution devoted to

BIG money and fast sales. Every owner

congenial home more desired than a the personal study and specialized heatbuys gold initials for his auto. You charge

salary. References. 342, Outlook. ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity,

$1.50, make $1.35. Ten orders daily easy. Write The Wayside Inn

YOUNG French lady, experienced, we Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to for particulars and free samples. Ainerican educated, desires situation to teach Frend NEW MILFORD, Litchfield Co., Conn.

ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D. Monogram Co., Dept. 167, East Orange, N.J. in first-class public school, boarding, scho In the foothills of the Berkshires. Open all

(late of The Walter Sanitarin)
Companions and Domestic Helpers

or college. New England or vicinity. A

Outlook. the year. An ideal place for your summer's

WANTED-Mother's helper interested in
rest 2 hours from New York. Write for
booklet. Mrs. J. E. CASTLE, Proprietor.

boys ages 6,3%, aud 2. Good home in Friends
family, Germantown, Pbiladelphia. Perma-


nent position open Sept. 1. References re

5-ROOM quired of ability and health, 2:2, Outlook. BOYS wanted. 500 boys wanted to sell Tu If You Are Tired or Need a Change APARTMENT with southern exposure

To Sublet, Furnished
MODERN EXCELLENT home in cultured family and

Outlook each week. No investmeut necesar refined position as companion open to well

Write for selling plan, Carrier Departmesi you cannot find a more comfortable place in in East Orange, N.J.blocks from train born, well-bred young lady of education and

The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave
New England than
and trolley. From October 1 for 6 months cultivation who is fond of and attractive to

New York City.
or longer. References exchanged. Address children (girls). Co-operation with pleasant MISS Guthman, New York shopper, w
John Adams, 63 Harvard Ave., Brookline, Mass. elderly housekeeper in motherless home. 237, seud things on approval. No samples. Refe

euces. 309 West 99th St. GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS

Real Estate

WANTED--Young woman of refinement TO young women deairing training in t! It allords all the comforts of bome without

and experience to assist mother with care of care of obstetrical patients a very thorouy extravagauce.

three small children. Protestant preferred. nurses' aid course of six months is offered E NEW JERSEY State salary, experience, and give references. the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave, Xe

Mrs. Beardsley, 258 S. 16th St., Philadelphia. York. Monthly allowance and full maint
WANTED immediately, trustworthy wo-

nance is furnished. For further informata reasonable rent, six months or year. Re- man, age 45-55, as housekeeper in family of

address, Directress of Nurses. WELLESLEY HILLS. MASS. stricted locality, within the hour, frequent 3 adults in Vermont. Good home and fair NOTED teacher of boys desires eleven lo Hot and cold running water in nearly all trains, near station. Lawn & trees. H.C. Wait, wages for right person, 243, Outlook.

for college preparation together with bis bedrooms. Some private baths. Many com- West Englewood. Tel. Euglewood 1379-M. FRENCH speaking girl to assist in care of iu his country home. References noted fortably furnished rooms for purralus

two small daughters of minister and wife.

cators. 210, Outlook. Large, breezy, screened piazza. Fern room,

251, Outlook.

SW188 lady, long engaged in educatro "Crowsnest "outlook. Edison phonograph

Teachers and Governesses

will chaperon few young Indies in her boni -laboratory model Casino i separate bulu ing) with playroom for children. Bowling ADIRONDACK CAMPS Fumished,

to learn French. Healthful climate Bra

GOVERNESS, English or Scotch. Begin- tiful scenery. Lessons in art and all woul Lannis, miquet. Pleasant furent walk and water, inside toilet. Moderate rent for Sept. plery' inusie. No other teaching. Must help languages can be had in the city. For ter : atry rive Creanu berries, fruit, fresh Oct. Fine location. Supplies convenient. in housekeeping. Mrs. Julian Coolidge, 37 address Mlle. M. Prilaz, 64 Ave. de Rumi liicken Rates $15, 18, 21, 25 week, Jersey milk and cream. A. WARD, Jay, N. Y. Fayerweather St., Cambridge, Mass.

Lausanne, Switzerland.



Sanford Hall, est. 1841 ing experience, from the East, after this date


ROCK RIDGE HALL completely furnished 4 room honse for

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U.S. MONO-TWIN A solid truck tire that is the latest ad. vancement of the U. S. Tire makers.

Superior in cushioning, tractioning, and load carrying capacity, and in 95% of cases far more economical and satisfactory than duals.

Today it is the fastest selling solid truck tire in the world.

U.S. NOBBY CORD Not an enlarged passenger tire, but a truck pneumatic designed and built for trucking conditions.

While many still use passenger tires for commercial work, in the 4% and 5 inch sizes Nobby Cords yield a lower cost per mile.

Truck Tire Service:
judge for yourself its value to you


NTIL now American truck owners

have never had at their disposal absolutely impartial, honest advice about the right type and right size tire for a specific trucking condition.

As much money is wasted today on wrong truck tires as on poor ones.

The makers of United States Tires are ready to give anybody engaged in truck operation a full advisory service in the interest of greater economy.

Independent and non-partisan advice. A service by experts who have no theories to try out-who make no favorite of either pneumatics or solids.

The equivalent of a personal consultation with the best tire-engineering brains in the country.

No obligation to anyone who asks for it.

Write to our Technical Service Dept. at any length. On questions involving one truck or a fleet of fifty trucks. Recommen. dations will be for the right size of tire, the right kind of tire, and greater economy.

To men who are ordering new trucks a
special word: Consider tires as a separate
problem from the truck itself. Get the
right tire equipment for it before it is
delivered-not afterward.

Address all letters to Technical Service
Dept., United States Tire Co., 1790 Broadway,
New York City.

The fuller the details you give about your
truck tire problem the better you can be
served by the U. S. Technical Service men.

United States Tires United States Rubber Company


The Oldest and Largest

Two hundred and

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Wherever in America adolescent girls and boys allow themselves to be hurried into an early marriage, is the true scene of this book's opening chapter. To be sure, Mr. Norris clothes it in the wonderful beauty of the mellow Californian fruit harvesting, but as you read the intensely real incidents of the story you feel that his people are such warmly human Americans as are to be seen in every village, town, and city.

Before you realize it you are sharing with them the tension of the conditions which are making for or destroying their happiness in marriage. Increasingly you desire to see the final effect upon them for better or for worse of the marriage bond-accepted or evaded.

Never has the whole subject of marriage, its obligations to the individual, the society and the state been handled with such masterly understanding and sympathy. It is a book to read leisurely and to discuss, for it is presented with vivid force and unrelenting honesty-and, moreover, with vision.

$2.00 Mr. Norris's earlier novel

The Antiseptic, Healing So Easy to Uso

Powder for the feet Takes the friction from the shoe, freshens the feet and gives new vigor. At night when your feet are tired, sore and swollen from walking or dancing, sprinkle

ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE in the foot-bath and enjoy the bliss of feet without an ache.

Over 1,500,000 pounds of Powder for the Feet were used by our Army and Navy during the war.

Rosts the Feet Ask for ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE

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Tammany and Fusion.....

591 Seteling Strikes in Pennsylvania...... 591 Lord Bryce and the Washington Conference

592 Will Congress Clip Its Own Wings P. 592 The Sourest-Natured Dog That Lives 593

Cartoons of the Week Acquittal, Yes; Vindication, No .... 594 Church Union in Canada Probable... 594 The Restoration of Rheims.... 595 The American Legion's Pilgrimage... 596 The Supreme Council and Upper Silesia 596 A German Shock to German Faith.. 596 Small and Lusk......

596 Caruso, Phonography, and Art. ... 597 Coal and Congress .

598 The Affections of France..

599 By Stéphane Lauzanne Knoll Papers : To a Troubled Mother 600

By Lyman Abbott When Liberty Turns Her Back...... 601 While the Immigrant Was Still An Emigrant...

604 By John Gleason O'Brien How Canada Handles the Immigration Problem....

... 606 By Robert J. C. Stead Democracy and Self-Support at Vassar 610

Photographs by Margaret De M. Brown
Snap-Shots of My Contemporaries :

General Samuel Chapman Armstrong
-Educational Pioneer..

612 By Lyman Abbott Of Hypselometopy

615 By Robert Withington Impressions of the Japanese Parlia. mentary Delegation .....

616 By Kiyo Sue Inui Coal and the Consumer.

617 A Letter from Senator Calder, of New York Adventurers in Marriage...

618 By Natalie de Bogory The Book Table : The Ideals of a Realist............ 621

By Lloyd R. Morris The New Books...

622 Contributors' Gallery ...

624 Publisher's Notes ..

625 English Titles...

627 By P. W. Wilson By the Way....


Salt; the Education of Griffith Adams

received, as you may recall, high commendation as a penetrating, scathing analysis of influences which are affecting the school, college and business life of our young men.


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Other Notable Recent Fiction
The Tragic Bride


Green Apple Harvest $2.00 By LEONIE AMINOFF Torchlight

$2.00 By RICHARD WASHBURN CHILD The Velvet Black


$2.00 By Capt. DAVID C. BONE

The Brassbounder $2.00 By FLORENCE FINCH KELLY The Dixons



South Dakota State School

of Mines
Rapid City, South Dakota

Has just closed the best year in its history. Few institution have at their doorway such a wonderful outdoor laboratory as the Black Hills regions.

Degrees are granted in Civil, Electrical.

Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Expenses are low and much attention is given the indis dua student. Write and let us tell you more about the advan tages here provided. For catalog and book of views, addresi


School for Nurses

YONKERS, NEW YORK Registered in New York State, offers a 2x years' course As general training to refined, educated women. Require ments one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to th Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.

BY SUBSCRIPTION $5.00 A YEAR. Single copies

15 cents each. For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union. $6.56.

Address all communications to THE OUTLOOK COMPANY 381 Fourth Avenue

New York City

Ask any Bookseller to Show Them

E. P. DUTTON & CO. 681 Fifth Ave.,

New York

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AUGUST 17, 1921



their nominations of candidates to op- economical management of the city's HE Mayoralty election this autumn

pose the present city administration. business. It cost about $275,000,000 to in New York City is a matter of

They have selected Henry H. Curran, at run this city last year, a sum provided National as well as of municipal

present President of the Borough of by the inhabitants, non-taxpayers as interest. Only three of the forty-nine

Manhattan, for their candidate for well as taxpayers. The non-taxpayer States of the Union have a population Mayor; State Senator Charles E. Lock- pays his share in the increased cost of larger than that of New York City. To a

wood for Comptroller; and Vincent Gil- rent, food, and fuel which comes frori very large extent the physical, mental,

roy for President of the Board of Alder- excessive and inefficiently administered and moral welfare of its six million in- men. These are the chief officers of the taxation. Another curious phenomenon habitants is in the control of its Mayor;

city ticket. Messrs. Curran and Lock- of democracy is that thousands of men not that the Mayor is himself, an all

wood are Republicans; Mr. Gilroy is an will pay each many hundreds of dollars powerful autocrat, like Lorenzo de' Me

for costly housing, food, sanitation, and dici, the great Mayor of Florence, but by

schooling, due to an inefficient mayor, his appointments and by his influence

without complaint, and will support him the Mayor of the city of New York exer

for office because he professes that he is cises an authority which in a way is

going to save them a few cents a day in more concentrated and direct than the

transportation. authority of the President of the United

The Fusion candidate, Mr. Curran, States.

has not only got to run against Mayor It is not necessary to accuse Mayor

Hylan, but probably against one or more Hylan of corruption in order to state

misguided independent candidates. If his unfitness for the great administra

the citizens really and vitally interested tive position which he holds. He is in

in a businesslike and efficient governcompetent by training and education.

ment of the city could really get toIt is one of the curious phenomena of

gether, Mayor Hylan could easily be democracy that a population which

defeated. The question is whether they would not for a moment tolerate John

can combine, or whether they will be F. Hylan as principal of a grammar

diverted by jealousies, petty political school, nevertheless puts him practically

ambitions, and false issues from opposin charge of the entire educational sys

ing a united Tammany. tem of the city. It is not of course necessary that the Mayor should know

SETTLING STRIKES IN how to teach school, but it is necessary

PENNSYLVANIA that he should know something about

The State of Pennsylvania has been the principles of education, and enough,

making an experiment in settling at least, to enable him to select the ex

strikes that is really ending many labor perts who are going to conduct the

controversies and that is worth examinschool system. (C) Paul Thompson

ing. It is a matter of common report HENRY H. (URRAN, FUSION

In an effort to improve industrial conthat if Tammany had really believed


ditions, the Pennsylvania State Legislathat it was going to win the Mayor

ture created some years ago the Departalty election four years ago it would independent Democrat, a member of ment of Labor and Industry, with various never have nominated John F. Hylan. Tammany Hall, and supporter of subdivisions, one of which, the Bureau It is also commonly supposed that Mayor Hylan four years ago. The of Mediation and Conciliation, exists Mayor Hylan has the support and ticket is generally considered to be a for the sole purpose of trying to end backing of William Randolph Hearst. good one. Mr. Curran is a graduate of strikes by reason rather than by force. This also seems to us to be a very curi- Yale, a lawyer of clean reputation, and The Bureau of Mediation is headed by a ous human phenomenon. Mr. Hearst, has been active in city politics for ten chief who, under the law, goes in perwhatever may be said of his principles, years. He has been a city magistrate, or sends suitable substitutes to is a man of ability, and he selects men served in the World War with an excel. places where labor disputes occur, and of ability as his leaders in his vast pub- lent record, having attained the rank of endeavors by mediation to bring the two lishing business. Unless we are very major in service, and has been an ad- sides to an understanding. Failing in much mistaken, John F. Hylan is one mirable administrative officer as Presi- this, he may offer to arrange for arbitraof the last men that he would put in dent of the Borough of Manhattan. Sen- tion. There is nothing in the law, howcharge of the business management of ator Lockwood is a graduate of the pub- ever, that compels either the employer one of his newspapers or magazines, and lic schools, is a lawyer, and has been in or the employee to accept the services yet he does all he can to put this incom- the State Legislature for nearly ten offered. petent in charge of the greatest human years.

The success of such a bureau is magazine in the United States—the City The popular issue in the campaig is largely dependent upon the character of of New York.

the transit issue—Shall the surface and the man who heads it. In this respect The anti-Hylan forces, usually known subway railways charge a five-cent fare Pennsylvania has had rare good fortune. as the Fusion Committee, have made or more? The real issue is the efficient Mr. Patrick Gilday took charge of the






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Bureau of Mediation at its inception, keep all material offered for discussion ture, seeking the good of mankind as and made it of great usefulness to within proper limits."

well as the advantage of their respective Pennsylvania industry and Pennsyl. During its few years of existence the nations, able to appreciate the workings vania workers. Mr. Gilday was a self- Bureau of Mediation and Conciliation of those better forces which alone can made man who worked up through the has brought about the adjustment of bring reconcilement and peace to a disvarious grades of coal mining until he many hundreds of labor controversies tracted world. Such men did not apbecame an expert. His kindliness, wis- that affected thousands of workers, that pear." dom, and humanity made him a natural caused the loss in wages of many hun. Lord Bryce answers the question as to leader. For nearly twenty-five years he

dreds of thousands of dollars, that oc. why they did not appear by saying that was the first official of one of the great casioned untold hardships, and that they could not have been expected, since divisions of the United Mine Workers of would have resulted in further suffering the delegates to the Conference were America. He had also been one of the and perhaps in bloodshed had they not bound by the national ambitions, jealconciliators of the National Govern. been thus ended. Here is an agency of ousies, and passions of the constituents ment.

government appointed for the specific who sent them. Is there any cure for For two and a half years, until his purpose of settling strikes that is actu. this unhappy situation? “The prospect death, he served as chief of the Bu- ally settling them.

of improving the relations of state and reau of Mediation. During that period

people to one another depends on the he or his subordinates settled more than

possibility of improving human nature LORD BRYCE AND THE three hundred strikes, which is at the

itself. A sound and wide view of naWASHINGTON CONFERENCE rate of one strike every three days. And

tional interests, teaching the peoples these strikes were not merely tempo.

F the Institute of Politics now in

that they would gain more by the corarily suspended. They were settled.

operation of communities than by their So great was the confidence won for setts, under the auspices of Williams

conflict, may do much to better those this bureau by Mr. Gilday's work that College, has done nothing else than pro

relations. But in the last resort the after his death the machinery continued vide a group of thoughtful hearers for

question is one of the moral progress of to function along the lines he had laid the series of lectures or addresses by

the individual men who compose the down for it, and strike after strike is Lord Bryce, it would have justified its

communities." now adjusted and ended that without existence.

This is sound doctrine, and a docthis agency of mediation would drag on

Lord Bryce, better known in this

trine which we think is beginning to in bitter desperation. country as James Bryce, the author of

make an impression. The Washington How these adjustments are "The American Commonwealth," is one

Conference called by President Harding plished can best be shown, perhaps, by of the greatest living experts on the

is based on moral rather than on politi. quoting from a letter that Mr. Gilday theory and practice of government. He

cal and geographical relationships. If it wrote to an inquirer: “Our first step combines ripe knowledge and high

can be maintained on this basis, there is to ascertain the true and complete ideals with common sense and an under

is considerable hope that it may be sucfacts in the situation at issue as well standing of human relationships. While

cessful in some of the respects in which as in other related situations as to he never uses the language of the alarm.

the Paris Conference failed. It does no wages, hours, etc., in like or similar ist, he evidently thinks Europe is in a

good to sneer at this moral or ethical industries, and lay this information be- dangerous condition. He does not be.

basis of an international association as fore the parties at interest. ... The lieve that the Treaty of Peace made at

the aspiration of over-pious and imState mediators always try to exert an Versailles was wisely framed or can be

practical minds. As a matter of fact, impartial endeavor to see that full jus- successfully carried out. This is not be

the attempt to attain world peace by tice is accorded both employer and emcause Lord Bryce believes it is impossi

means of political and economic forces ployee. The success of the efforts of the ble to organize an association of nations

has failed. It can at least do no harm mediators has been largely because they to maintain peace and justice. On the

to have an international conference in have been able to get both sides to rea- contrary, he is a believer in such an

which obligations and duties take preceson together without passion or personal association. The trouble, in his opinion,

dence over rights and privileges. feeling. The mediators have been able, is that the Peace Conference at Ver

Lord Bryce's lectures at Williamsmany times, after they have surveyed sailles endeavored to settle definitely too

town make us wish that he might repthe situation, to offer a plan in which many geographical, racial, and political

resent Great Britain at the Washington both sides can agree.” details and did not deal enough with

Conference instead of Lloyd George. Necessarily the course pursued by the general principles.

We mean by this no reflection on the mediator must vary with the particular

The task before the negotiators at

personality or purposes of the British situation he faces. This item from the Paris, he says, “was one of unprece.

Prime Minister. But he was one of the Venango “Daily Herald” shows how one dented difficulty. New states had to be

Big Four at the Paris Conference who particular case was handled: “Mr. M. T. created, territories redistributed, and

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