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is due to post-war, world-wide con- and wool trusts; that the amount of the Government has .. ::.- .ditions, and that if capital went on import taxes will be added to the price years. a "strike" against society it would ::.

.. the consumer pays-according to the With the Colom be striking against itself. . . . Capitale : which is composed of the savings of

the savings of

Democratic minority, some $2,000,000

Democratic minority, some $2,000,000,000 ernment hopes to all classes, would have more. to lose would thus be added to the cost of liv- able commodity 0 than would labor. ... .

ing; and finally that, if we want to help are Senators, too, No institutions or organizations in

Europe to settle her debts to us, we must from the payment this country have struggled harder against difficulties to preserve the

be prepared to buy from her; and, as commercial adva financial, industrial, and commercial Europe can pay only in goods, we can which are unspeci stability of the country throughout

not be paid unless we welcome the com- are paying twentythis period of world-wide reaction and

modities which we need and which Eu- the hope that the economic readjustment than have the

--w which banking Institutions of New York. ... .

rope is prepared to send to us; and it is paid may endi ong enough to deThe burden of the situation has fallen therefore we should avoid any possible liver goods which iu nas not promised far more heavily upon capital than

display of sectional or National selfish. to deliver. As a guaranty of the fulfillupon labor. The values of securities ness.

ment of this lively expectation of favors and commodities have been deflated ... far more than have wages.

The Fordney Tariff is frankly experi. to come we are relying upon the faith Mr. Lauck. it would appear has mental and temporary. It has the merit of a Government which has proved faith

less in the past. The chance is one charged the financial interests with biting off their nose to spite their face

which would hardly interest even a moda surgical operation which they are not

erately cautious gambler. in the habit of performing.


The opening of the professional baseLEGISLATION?

I ball season has shown by the crowded Mhe House of Representatives has

grand stands and the full-page newspaI repassed the Fordney Emergency

per reports that the American lovers of Tariff Bill. All tariff bills are given the

the game (rooters and fans, in the lanname of the Chairman of the Ways and

guage of the bleachers) have not lost Means Committee in the House of Rep

their interest because of the scandals resentatives—as, for instance, the Ding

and crookedness of last year. Baseball ley Tariff, the Payne Tariff, and now the

has been given a chance to establish Fordney Tariff.

itself in public confidence as clean sport. From the quick and emphatic Republi.

"In a very real sense,” says the New can vote which the Emergency Tariff

York “Tribune," "baseball is starting Bill received in the House one might ex

fresh, with a new lease of life and a repect that it would go through the Senate International

vival of good will and old-time zest and with proportionate speed. The tendency JUDGE LANDIS OPENS THE BASEBALL

applause." there, however, to pass makeshift meas


All the more, therefore, serious reures is not as great as it is in the House.

sponsibility rests on managers and on Doubtless most of the proponents of of recognizing the claims of one great

Judge Landis, now the supreme arbithe measure believe that the addition of body of producers who have been gen

trator in baseball law and ethics. If import duties on agricultural products erally overlooked in protective tariff

baseball is to remain truly the National will check the importation of those prodlegislation, and who, in the interest of

game, it must not be allowed to be used ucts at a time when their prices have the whole country, should not be ignored.

by gambling syndicates and bribe-givers. been declining rapidly; that an emer

At the opening of the season Judge gency law, operating three months (the OIL BEFORE HONOR-AND NO Landis issued a statement to the period provided for by the present bill). ASSURANCE OF THE OIL

players. He told them frankly that will help the farmer by relieving the HE Senate, after a bitter debate, every player who makes an error in a pinch, and, indeed, will help to steady I passed the Colombian Treaty on game or who fails to play up to the the general situation. Certainly no April 20 by a vote of 69 to 19. The standard expected of him will fall under group was harder hit by the recent Senators who voted against the treaty suspicion. There are charges even now sharp decline in wholesale foodstuffs included 15 Republicans and 4 Demo- circulating that baseball players are prices than that of the farmers. The crats. The Republican Senators were planning to make money out of their Fordney Tariff, moreover, provides Borah, Capper, Johnson, Jones of Wash- own misplays. Hugh S. Fullerton in the against the practice of "dumping"—that ington, Kellogg, Kenyon, La Follette, New York “Evening Mail" recounts is, selling foreign goods cheaper than Lenroot, McNary, Nelson, Norbeck, Nor- some of these charges. One, for inthey are sold in the country of their ris, Poindexter, Townsend, and Wads- stance, is that the team to win this origin, and prevents scaling of present worth. The Democrats were Senators year's pennant is already decided upon. tariff duties by valuations made in the Dial, Reed, Simmons, and Watson of Another is that a pitcher is to get money depreciated currencies of Europe. Georgia. Senator Cummins, Republican, for home runs made off his pitching.

The opponents of the bill, on the other and Senator Tramwell, a Democrat, Certain of these stories Mr. Fullerton hand, who are strong in the Senate, were paired against the treaty.

has himself disproved. The chances are believe that it has been drawn for its We publish these names as a roll of that none of them are true at all. The political rather than for its economic honor.

fact that they are circulating, however, effect; that it will benefit chiefly the This list of names may also be said to is an indication of the state of mind of speculators who are holding large quan- constitute not only a roll of honor, but a the people who patronize ball games. tities of farming products which they roll of intelligence, for these Senators There is a strong feeling that the ex.

at before the decline in prices; that were the only ones who voted against posures of last year were not followed

the interest of the sugar, meat, the poorest bargain which the American by sufficiently severe and drastic punish

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ment. A few members of the Chicago which, if immediately paid, would tiations as far as possible and avoiding White Sox who were dismissed for their amount to about $12,000,000,000; this thus a definite committal until it can offenses last year have attempted to capi- with interest over forty-two years would no longer be avoided. talize the scandal by forming a free- amount to about $49,000,000,000. Thus Germany is virtually in the position lance club (called in derision the Black Germany and the Entente Allies would of a bankrupt concern whose pledges are Sox) to travel about and give exhibition seem to be approaching a common agree- not to be trusted. Of course Germany games; but their enterprise has not met ment.

cannot pay in gold, and the nations with any marked public favor or patron- Germany's promise to pay, however, is would not be well served if they were age. Perhaps the exposure will insure a not equivalent to payment. In the first paid in gold. What Germany can pay clean game this summer; if it does not, place, there is the demand for an im- must be chiefly in labor and in commodithe only hope for the restoration of base- mediate payment on May 1 for part of ties. The problem is to secure such pay. ball to its pre-eminence as an honestly the reparations; this probably, however, ment without flooding the markets of fought game, which attracts its aggre- will be extended by some days of grace. the world with German goods or admitgate attendance of millions of onlookers In the second place, some method must ting Germany in unequal competition who want to see athletic skill and honor- be devised by which the ultimate pay- with the labor of her neighbors. It seems able contest for the two pennants and ment will be assured, for German prom- as if the only way out were by estabthe final World's Championship, lies in

lishing something which would corregetting at "the men higher up" who

spond in commercial life to a receiverhave besmirched baseball for sordid

ship. It may be that the occupation of greed.

the entire Ruhr district, if it is underThere are sixteen clubs in the two

taken, will be in the nature of a partial major leagues. There are thousands of

receivership. local clubs-school or amateur or just boys. Tens of thousands of games are

THE PLEDGE TO SOUTH AMERICA played every fine holiday all over the

EFORE a notable gathering of reprecountry. Perhaps we think too much

sentatives of North and South of professional baseball and too little

America President Harding delivered an of the game as it is played for fun and exercise by our boys and young men.

address at the unveiling of the statue of

Simon Bolivar in New York City on In the larger sense baseball is with us

April 19. A picture of this statue, a to stay.

gift of the Government of Venezuela,

was published in last week's Outlook. BRINGING GERMANY TO TERMS

Perhaps the most significant portion of AY 1,

President Harding's address is condefinite and very important date

tained in his reference to the Monroe in the settlement of the war. According

Doctrine. President Harding said: to the Treaty of Versailles, the amount

The doctrine proclaimed under of damage which Germany did to the

Monroe, which ever since has been civilian population of the Allied and As- International

jealously guarded as a fundamental sociated Powers and to their property


principle of our own Republic, main

tained that these continents should was to be determined by a Reparation With a notable record in the late war, this dis

not again be regarded as fields for tinguished French officer is now emphasizing his Commission, whose findings were to be service to his country by his administration of

the colonial enterprises of Old World concluded and notified to the German

that part of the Ruhr region taken from Ger- powers. There have been times when

many and occupied by France. Should the en- the meaning of Monroeism was misGovernment on or before that date. tire region be so occupied, General Degoutte understood by some, perverted by Pending the full determination of the

would seem to be the most appropriate choice
as Military Governor

others, and made the subject of disclaims of the Entente Powers, Germany

torting propaganda by those who saw. was to pay “during 1919, 1920, and the ises have not been equivalent to per

in it an obstacle to the realization of

their own ambitions. Some have first four months of 1921, the equivalent formances.

sought to make our adhesion to this of 20,000,000,000 gold marks," which is By the time this issue of The Outlook doctrine a justification for prejudice about $5,000,000,000. This payment was reaches its readers the Entente Allies

against these United States. They have to be made in "gold, commodities, ships, may have agreed upon definite measures

falsely charged that we have sought

to hold the nations of the Old World securities, or otherwise." At a confer- to enforce their demands. Great Brit

at arm's length, in order that we ence in London in January the Entente ain has virtually agreed with France might monopolize the privilege of exAllies presented to Germany a bill of that if something definite is not forth

ploiting them ourselves. Others 226,000,000,000 gold marks, which is

have protested that the doctrine coming French troops may march

would never be enforced if to enforce about $55,500,000,000, plus a 12 per cent farther into the German industrial dis

it would involve us in actual hostiliexport tax-all to be paid within a period trict known as the Ruhr.

ties. of forty-two years. On March 1 Ger- The present situation is very unstable.

The history of the generations since

that doctrine was proclaimed has many made a counter-proposal of a sum It is quite uncertain what may happen

proved that we never intended it selfwhich was totally unsatisfactory. from day to day. The German offer has

ishly; that we had no dream of exThe Germans made an appeal for not been officially divulged. All that is ploitation. On the other side, the hismediation to President Harding, which publicly known as we write is that Ger

tory of the last decade certainly must

have convinced all the world that we was courteously, but definitely, refused many has made an offer; the amount of

stand willing to fight, if necessary, to in a note issued by Mr. Hughes, Secre- 200,000,000,000 gold marks (as against protect theze continents, these sturdy tary of State. Now, at the last minute, the Entente demand of 226,000,000,000 young democracies from oppression under the menace of invasion if the gold marks) has been stated, coupled

and tyranny. terms of the Treaty are not complied with a suggestion for mediation.

It is perhaps not so much the fear of with, the German Government has, it is Germany's course has been evidently American aggression which has caused reported, increased its offer to a sum with the object of prolonging the nego- South America to look askance at the


M-definite and very important date

Monroe Doctrine; at least among the President to succeed Menocal and to sino, a palatial structure whose white most advanced of the South American serve until the result of new general towers rise high above the lovely garden nations the chief resentment against the elections should be proclaimed. Our at its base and are seen long before the Monroe Doctrine has arisen because it Government was unwilling to consider traveler reaches the town. The gaming seemed to them to imply a feeling of this proposition. According to the in the Casino is allowed under a conpatronage on the part of the United Crowder report, it would be a "depart. cession granted by the predecessor of States. Certainly there was nothing ure from the procedure provided by the the present Prince of Monaco and has patronizing in President Harding's ad- Cuban Constitution and the Electoral still a considerable period to run. dress—merely a frank recognition of the Code and would create a precedent The society sought by the present obvious fact that the United States is which would menace the orderly devel- Prince is a far remove from the gambling by force of circumstance physically the opment of the stable government in men and women at Monte Carlo. Albert most powerful nation in the Western Cuba contemplated in the treaty obliga. Honoré Charles, Prince of Monaco, is a Hemisphere. A recognition of this fact tions of the Government of the United scientist and benefactor. Oceanography is no more a claim of intellectual States to the Republic of Cuba.” In- is the branch of science to which he has superiority than is a recognition of the stead of this course, the more natural dedicated his life. Few men .have done fact that the Andes are higher than the course was taken of having partial elec- more work in a single field of science Appalachians.

than has he in exploring the ocean Reports from South America indicate

depths. In his deep-sea dredging he has that at present the people of Argentina,

accumulated a vast store of material and Brazil, and Chile are, so far as the

his investigations have raised problems United States is concerned, chiefly in

of great interest and importance, apterested in the relationship between our

parently involving natural laws of which country and Santo Domingo. A clarifi

we are as yet in ignorance. cation of this situation will perhaps

As a benefactor the Prince has erected have greater effect on our South Amer

two monuments. One is the Oceanoican relations than a reinterpretation of

graphic Museum, at Monaco. It stands the Monroe Doctrine or the payment of

on the rock of Monaco proper, projecting a dole to Colombia.

into the sea. A striking building in

itself, it is also in striking contrast THE PRESIDENT OF CUBA

with the other and better known build

ing at Monte Carlo hard by. Its locaUR Government has recognized the

tion is perfect for its work; the lower

three stories are below the cliff's sumPresident of Cuba.

mit; they contain a great aquarium, The Platt Amendment of 1901 states:

large and small laboratories, and a hall The Government of Cuba consents

for the preparation of the skins and that the United States may exercise the right to intervene for the preser

skeletons of fishes. The other part of vation of Cuban independence, the

the Museum, two stories high, is above maintenance of a Government ade

the cliff's. summit. The Prince's other quate for the protection of life, prop

monument is at Paris. Seeing the need erty, and individual liberty, and for discharging the obligations with re

for a branch of his Monaco Museum in spect to Cuba imposed by the Treaty

some great city where exhibits, lectures, of Paris on the United States, now Paul Thompson

and scientific courses might reach a to be assumed and undertaken by the

larger number of people than at Monaco, Government of Cuba.

he erected an Oceanographic Institute This section of the Platt Amendment tions in the districts where the Cuban

in the Latin Quarter, close to the Sorwas incorporated textually into the courts had decreed the annulment of the

bonne, and thus in the student district. Treaty of 1904 between the United States previous elections. The radicals, or and Cuba.

The building is one of the sights of Paris. Liberal party, however, withdrew from Twice in the past the American Gov

No wonder, then, that scientific societhem, alleging conditions of intimidaernment has intervened in Cuba, and it tion and violence. But the Crowder re. ties abroad have delighted to honor this is not desirous of intervening again. port says:

scientist and benefactor and that in this

"All necessary safeguards The Cuban elections were held last No. and guaranties had been provided."

country our National Academy of Scivember, but it was not known during

ences is about to confer on him its

The final result of the elections em Agassiz gold medal, a work of art in the winter who would assume office when phatically signifies the victory of Zayas. itself, for it was designed by that emiPresident Menocal's term expires on May Our Government urges the Cuban people 20. On the face of the returns, Zayas, to accept this decision. In particular it

nent medalist, Theodore Spicer-Simson.

The Prince has now come to this counthe candidate of a coalition known as the urges that "no attempt should be made

try for the ceremony. He speaks Eng. Liga Coalition, was elected. Enough by the members of the minority in the lish fluently. The results of his investivotes, however, were missing or found

Cuban Congress to impede the orderly fraudulent to furnish a possibility of procedure provided by the Constitution gations have been published in Frenchthrowing the victory to his opponent, and the laws by preventing the Congress

some thirty or forty large, well-illus

trated folio volumes. José Miguel Gomez, the Liberal-Radical

from proclaiming the successful candicandidate. President Wilson sent Ma

date President of Cuba.” jor-General Enoch Crowder to Cuba to

EDUCATION "BY THE PEOPLE” confer with President 'Menocal as to the A PRINCELY SCIENTIST

He late Dr. Henry M. Leipziger, for

"I a quarter of a century supervisor best means for remedying the situation. DISTINGUISHED visitor to this coun. The Radicals of the Liberal party, whose try is the Prince of Monaco.

of lectures under the New York Board candidate was Gomez, had proposed that A chief feature of Monte Carlo, in of Education, used to style the courses the Cuban Congress elect a Provisional the Principality of Monaco, is its Ca- of popular lectures which he made




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