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FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT (Continued) Most Important Invention

(Continued) per cent or more on one business, with

and purchase other candy for resale. no tax on another business, less dis

On the sale of the candy it makes it criminatory than the turnover tax? Yet

must pay a tax, but need not on the sale again, under the proposed income tax of

of the candy it buys. The store may 15 per cent on corporations as a method

also sell jewelry partly to consumers of rough equalization with the normal

and partly to small retailers. It must tax and surtaxes on individuals, an en

pay a tax on the jewelry it sells to conterprise conducted by an individual

sumers, but not on the jewelry it sells might be taxed as low as 4 per cent,

to retailers. In the case of its soda while a corporation in the same busi

(Patent Pending)

fountain the store pays no tax, but must ness with the same small income would

collect a tax from its customers. Many pay 15 per cent, and an enterprise con


other things it sells are not taxed at all. ducted by another individual might pay

In making tax reports the bookkeeping as high as 73 per cent (or whatever the

department of the store must be careful rates may be reduced to), while a cor

to discriminate between taxed and unporation in the same business with the


taxed articles, and taxed and untaxed same income would still pay 15 per cent.

sales of taxable articles, and must acThe turnover tax, being imposed at Does Away with DISFIGURED OFFICE DESK TOPS

count for the tax collected by the store

eliminates the use of plate glass and blotters the same low rate on all businesses, is

on articles taxed directly to the con

Feels like kid. Attractive in appearance. Restful fundamentally equal; accidentally it

sumer. Sample Section, showing construction and full particulars, mailed FREE may sometimes result in slight inThe GUNN FURNITURE CO.

On the other hand, in the case of a equality. The specific sales taxes and

turnover tax, the store would merely the proposed corporation tax of 15 per


pay one per cent of its gross sales for cent are fundamentally unequal; acci. "Thirty years .builders of Desks"

the month or quarter. Besides having dentally they may in rare instances re

no complicated computations to make, sult in approximate equality.

NEW YORK BRANCH, No. 11 E. 36th Street. its returns would be most simple. The So far the comparative equality of the

monthly or quarterly return would contaxes has been considered in relatio: to SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES sist of a memorandum showing the the manufacturer or merchant. The (For other school advertisements see page 629) gross sales for the period and the tax consumer is even more important, be


of one per cent thereon, and the yearly cause there are more of him.

As he Putnam Hall Crllege Preparatory return would be little more than a summust willy-nilly bear the burden of Two-year course for high school graduates with type

mary of the periodical returns. In fact, something like $1,750,000,000 of con- writing and stenography. Music, art, domestic science. All it would be possible to combine the

out-of-door sports. Supervised gymnastics. Military drill. sumption taxes, is the burden less gall- Sleeping porches. Address ELLEN C. BARTLETT, A.B., Prin., annual turnover tax return with the

Box 809, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ing in the form of specific sales taxes or

income tax return, for the latter starts in the form of a turnover tax on com


out with the same figure which would modities? Bureau of Personnel Administration

be the sole basis of the turnover taxAlthough the self-respect of the coun- Founded to further human relations in industry. Educa

that is to say, gross sales. tional Division-One Year Co-operative Course, Eight Weeks try cannot long endure if any portion Intensive Course. Evening Courses, Labor Analysis Di

Although the annual budget of the of the people, whether rich or poor, is to vision. Placement Division. Teachers' Sumer Course. Government must be brought consider

17 West 47th St., New York City. escape its just share of taxation, let us

ably below $4,000,000,000, yet it is usemeet the demagogue on his own ground


less to blink the fact that substantial and concede that the less the poor and Gardening. Farming and Poultry Husbandry, the new profession

Federal taxation has come to stay. In the more the rich have to pay, the more

nated in beautiful open country, 18 miles from Philadelphia.

the income tax, properly revised, we meritorious is the tax. The specific Two year Diploma Course entrance Sept. 13, 1921, and Jan. have a fairly sound and scientific tax.

17, 1922. Thorough training in theory and practice. Uusales taxes are supposed to be levied on usual positions obtainable upon graduation. August Course as taxes go, theoretically, at least, levied luxuries and semi-luxuries, and there in Gardening. Circulars. Elizabeth Leighton Lee, Director:

on wealth. But the income tax defeats fore they fall chiefly on the rich. The

its purpose when the rates are set too only trouble with this conclusion is that

high and at best its yield is too fluctuatit is wrong. Jewelry and fur articles

ing to warrant sole reliance upon it. It would probably be regarded as heading

Box 261, Bethlehem, Pa.

needs a complementary tax imposed on

Prepares girls for college or for life. Special twothe list of luxuries, yet it is not the oc

year finishing, course for High School graduates.

another basis. Such a tax is the turncasional spectacular millionaire who

Music, Art, Household Arts and Sciences. Arts
and Crafts, Expression and Secretarial work.

over tax, more stable in yield because loads his women with jewels and sables High healthful location New gymnasium and tiled levied on consumption, which is another

on the slope of the Lehigh swimming pool. Teunis, who pays the bulk of these taxes, but

Mountains. Near New basketball, skating, rid

name for expenditures. , rather the thousands of working people

York and Philadelphia. ing, etc. Aesthetic and
Bishop Ethelbert

Revise the income tax; repeal the ex

Folk Dancing. Address who save for a diamond or a fur article


Claude N. Wyant,

cess profits tax, the estate tax, the capifor their wives and daughters.



tal stock tax, and the whole mess of course when it comes to chewing-gum,

miscellaneous occupation and sales taxes candy, pipes, and soda water, for exam

which now confuse and confound: reple, there is no room for argume: i. The ! TRAINING SCHOOLS FOR NURSES

place them by a uniform turnover tax. truth is that the poor man pays an out. St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

Such a platform provides a foundation rageously large proportion of his income

School for Nurses

for a symmetrical structure of taxation. in specific sales taxes unless he has no

The war shacks served their temporary fun at all, while the rich man pays the

Registered in New York State, offers a 2x years' course-

purpose, but it is time to be done with same or a little larger amount in dollars as general training to refined, educated women. Require. them. Let us build for the future.

ments one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the and cents on taxable articles and spends

Directress of Nurser, Yonkere, New York. a disproportionate part of his income on non-taxable things, such as furniture Yonkers Homeopathic Hospital Are You An Investor ? and expensive food.

and Maternity

During the past year the Financial Editor of The On the other hand, with a uniform


Outlook has helped hundreds of Outlook readers turnover tax the man who spends $100,Registered School-?X years' course in general purging, with

to solve intelligently their particular investment special training at Bellevue Hospital, for young women of problems. Perhaps yon are contemplating a shifting 000 pays one hundred times as much tax good standing who have had 1 year of High School or its equivalent. Address SUPERINTENDENT OF NURSES.

of your present holdings or have fresh funds to as the man who spends $1,000.

invest. In either case we shall be glad to give you Simplicity furnishes the third test. United Hospital Training School for Nurses may be interested. A nominal charge of one dollar

specific information on any securities in which you Consider the specific sales taxes in rela


per inquiry will be made for this special service Offers a 24 years' courge: 8 hour day. affiliation with Mt. tion to a department store, for example. Sinai Hospital, New York City Scholarship for Teachers The Outlook Financial Department The store may make some of its candy

new . Address Superintendent of Training School, Port Chester, N. Y. The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave., N. Y..



BY THE WAY ENRY H. CURRAN, the Fusion candi.

date for Mayor of New York City, worked his way through Yale, according to the New York "Evening Post." He waited on table, and also received $4 a month for going to a certain house on Hillhouse Avenue every evening at six o'clock, where it was his task to carry an invalid woman upstairs. Besides the $4, she gave him a red apple and a religious tract every night, thirty times a month, for about eight months in the year. “Is it any wonder," asks the "Post," "that he appears serious!"

The Most Beautiful Complexion

"No, I don't want the job. I know nothing about music," said the incorrigibly lazy one, according to the Louisville "Courier-Journal." “But all you have to do is to jangle this cow-bell." "But suppose I come in at the wrong place?" "You can't do that in jazz."

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The competition of the automobile with small railways is illustrated by the statement that two short branch lines in New England have been abandoned by their owners. One of these, the Franconia Railway, it is said, averaged only two passengers per train last year, and another, the Jefferson, only three. Both roads are in the White Mountains.


A newspaper despatch says that the Harvard Glee Club, which has been touring Europe, received an especially enthusiastic welcome in Geneva because the papers of that city had apparently been in doubt as to what the word "Glee" meant, and on looking it up in an English dictionary found the definition "gayety, merriment, delight." They therefore assumed that the Club had been sent to downhearted Europe to restore its gayety, and welcomed it as having that mission. Perhaps they were more than half right.

(Derivative Compound) -first thing in the morning-helps greatly in attaining and maintaining the matchless complexion of health.

A little ENO, in water, makes a sparkling, pleasant health drink which sweetens the stomach, aids digestion and invigorates circulation. A larger amount gives the entire intestinal tract a thorough cleansing. For more than half a century, ESO has been bring

ing happy health to men, women and children in every country in the world.

Prepared only by

J.C. ENO, Ltd., London, S.E., England FRUIT SALT

Sales Agents : Harold F. Ritchie & Co., Inc.

New York-Toronto-Sydney

At all druggists,

$1.25 a large bottle

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I saw a pot which was discovered when a drain in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland, was being dug. It contained about 1,500 coins, and the chief of police secured them without delay on instructions from the Queen's Remembrancer. In the end they were nearly all distributed among museums. I know where to go for a full list of them, and I now have some of them sent to me since I crossed the Atlantic."

awarded to Richard Crozier, of the Boston "Post,” for his work in exposing Ponzi, the financial “wizard" who last year duped many guileless New Englanders with his schemes for making impossible profits out of foreign exchange and in other ways.

“We have no use in this country for such


as King's Remembrancer,” a correspondent says apropos of a recent paragraph in this column, "and yet he may be valuable in the older country which has the law of Treasure Trove. When valuables of silver or gold are found there, the finder gets at once the bullion value, while the additional value which accrues from archæological or other interests is taken charge of by the King's Remembrancer on behalf of the public. More than thirty years ago

Approximately $4,000,000, according to the "Writer," will be available soon for the construction and maintenance of the James Gordon Bennett Memorial Home for Journalists, provided for in the will of James Gordon Bennett. Where to home will be located has not yet determined.

For "the most distinguished and meri. torious public service rendered by a newspaper man in the United States in 1920” the Pulitzer gold medal has been


Travel With Us To

Hotel Hargrave



Tours and Travel Hotels and Resorts

Real Estate


Teachers and Governesses MASSACHUSETTS


WANTED-Experienced young Protestant 8850 Secures Lake-view

teacher for girl 7 Country. Salary fifty dolMARBLEHEAD, MASS. Buick automobile, horse, cero cow, vehicles,

lars a month. Good reference: send plato

, Independent travel to the West and Eastern and Ca

implements, 80 , villageorchard,

Box 15, Fairville, Chester Co., Pa. nadian points. Itineraries submitted. Inclusive price.

wood; 7-room house, 50-ft. barn. All $1,850,

TEACHERS, third and fourth grades, also The Leslie THE TEMPLE TOURS

only $850 down. Page 62, Free Catalog, Strout

domestic art. Fine experience in day acco1 65 A Franklin St.

for colored girls; white faculty. Traveling · · BOSTON A quiet, cosy little house by the sea. Pri- Farm Agency, 150 BM Nassau St., N. Y. City.

paid to Montgomery, Alabama. Address vate baths. Descriptive booklet.

1. Margaret Beard, 916 Ontario St., lak .

Park, 111.

School For Sale
Fine location. Running water in bedrooms
Pleasant forest walks and country drives.
Cream, fruit, eggs, chickens. $15-$25 a week.


and young women with overflow enrollinent. Beautiful loca

Business Situations NEW YORK CITY tion. Unusual opportunity. 5,839, Outlook. WANTED)-Resident secretarial position.

Private school preferred. New York City or BOARD AND ROOMS

vicinity. Smith College graduate. Experienced secretary. Good salary expected. Bei

erences. 265, Outlook. EGYPT

TWO gentlewomen, professional, best con-

pections, limited income, desires home and

YOUNG writer,

magazine experieniny board with refined family in or near New ITALY

widely traveled, mechanical, business, and PALESTINE

York. References exchanged. 292, Outlook.

legal education, wants regular literary or Went 720 St., through

editorial work, or highest class secretariai THE MEDITERRANEAN

to 71st St., New York

position in New York. 276, Outlook.

WANTED_Workamong books, whole or ROUND THE WORLD 300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely

COOKING for PROFIT. Earn bandsome part time, by young woman with college fireproof. One block to 720 St. en- income; home cooked food, catering, tea training. 'Typewriting if required.

trance of Central Park. Comfort and Small groups, scholarly leader

room, etc. Correspondence course. Am.

refinement combined with moderate
School Home Economics, Chicago.

SECRETARY-College graduate, six years' ship and interesting itineraries.

rates. Send for illustrated booklet J. FOR sale or rent, well-equipped tea house experience, exceptional recommendation,

in suburb of New York City. Good refer- Bookkeeper, hostess, shopper. 285, Outlook Write for further details to

ences demanded. 277, Outlook.


TO take young girl for trip abroad during

fall or winter or to go with older wouan. 15 Boyd St., Newton, Mass.

WANTED-Competent teachers for public

Highest references as to fitness, personality, (Near 5th Avenue) and private schools. Calls coming every day.

and education. Languages. 228, Outlook. Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, 40 West 45th Street

ATTENDANT to irresponsible girl or WEST OF 'FRISCO

Albany, N. Y.

man (Protestant). Will travel or live with NEW YORK DIETITIANS, superintendents, cafeteria

family of patient. 271, Outlook. A superb Around the World Tour

managers, governesses, matrons. honse

REFINED young woman as companion to Sept., 1921-Apr., _1922. $5,215. Directly in the fashionable club and shop- keepers, social workers, and secretaries.

lady. Efficient, cheerful, well


ping section. Within five minutes' walk to Miss Richards. Providence, East Side Box 5. perienced private secretary. Will travel

all principal theaters.

Boston, Man. 65 A Franklin St. A high-class hotel

References. 280, Outlook.
patronized by those desiring the best accom-

CALIFORNIA.- We can place in California
modations at moderate cost.
and Arizona college graduates with post-

NURSR-companion, graduate, experienced.
Rates and map gladly sent upon request.

graduate study and seventeen months' teach- educated, resourceful, linguist, secretary,

ing experience, from the East, after this date able to relieve lady of household cares. Traveltery of the Orient lures visitors JOHN P. TOLSON, Prop. in fair quantity. Boynton Teachers' Agency,

ing or country preferred. References exfrom all over the world to

Brockmau Bldg., Los Angeles.

changed. 287, Outlook. HOTEL JUDSON 53 Washing. PLACEMENT BUREAU for employer and

SOCIAL guide, chaperon, or companion. ton Square employee: housekeepers, matrons, dietitians,

Protestant woman. Good' traveler adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms secretaries, governesses, mother's helpers,

Outlook. with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day, attendants. 51 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, YOUNG lady desires position, travelin: including meals. Special rates for two weeks Mass.

companion. 298, Outlook. The quaintest and most interesting of all or more. Location very central. Convenient TEACHER WANTED for emergency vato all olevated and street car lines.

Teachers and Governesses countries. Come while the old age customs

cancies-public and private schools, colleges, prevail. Write, mentioning "Outlook" to

and universities--all over the country. Ernest

EXPERIENCED English mistress seeks

post. Mathematics, English, French. JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION

Olp, Steger Building, Chicago.
Health Resorts

Care Traffic Dept.


YOUNG woman, refined family, Smith Col HOME

lego graduate, experienced teacher, desires TOKYO

residence for coming year in congenial ranch

HONEY. Delicious new clover honey direct home, Arizona or New Mexico preferred. for full inforination

from producer. Guaranteed pure and clean. Will tutor. 291, Outlook. Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,

10 pounds $1.90, 5 pounds $1.05, postage $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

prepaid Zones 1, 2, 3. Herbert A. McCallum,

FRENCH governess, experienced, English, Great Barrington, Mass.

music, best references, wants position. West

or traveling. 273, Outlook. Europe-Lady, experienced traveler, long resi;

SUCCESSFUL experienced educator deut Paris, will chaperon 4 young ladies, 3


wishes change of location. Position as direcmonths Paris, 3 months general travel. Sailing

tor of education in city church or teacher of October. References exchanged.5,841, Outlook.

FROM the standpoint of either economy history in boys' school or college preferred.

or quality our printed stationery for personal Best of references. Correspondence solicited, 1921

use can't be touched by your home printer 279, Outlook.
or stationer. Free samples. Lewis, 284 Second
Ave., Troy, N. Y.

YOUNG man, experienced in child caring Parties enrolling pow. Moderate

institution, settlement work, case work, and prices. Most interesting routes. Sanford Hall, est. 1841

teaching, desires executive position in home Great success 1920. Private Hospital


for boys. Best references. 278, Outlook.

TEACHER - GOVERNESS, experienced. TEMPLE TOURS 05-A Franklin St.,

Professional situations
For Mental and Nervous Diseases

desires position in school or family. Excel

lent for backward children. References. 294. SECRETARY and office nurse for physi- Outlook. Comfortable, bomelike gurround- cian. Should know typing, some stenography, Hotels and Resorts

TUTOR, attractive personality, unusual ings; modern methods of treatment; and have some kuowledge of medical and

success with backward pupils. Resident or competent nurses. 15 acres of lawn, surgical terms. 283, Outlook.

otherwise. Golf, tennis, riding. Traveled. CANADA park, flower and vegetable gardens.

Business Situations

295, Outlook Food the best. Write for booklet.

BIG money and fast sales. Every owner THE SIGN OF THE

buys gold initials for his auto. You charge

MISCELLANEOUS Sanford Hall Flushing Now York $1.50, make $1.35. Ten orders daily easy. Write

for particulars and free samples. American BOY8 wanted. 500 boys wanted to sell The TROUT AND THE FLY

Monogram Co., Dept. 167, East Orange, N.J. Outlook each week. No investment necessary.

SECRETARY for school. Good stenog-
LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick

Write for selling plan, Carrier Department, In the heart of the Laurentian Mountains. A Select

rapher and typist, who can also teach type

The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Are. Lodge ruu by university men. 75 miles from

Doylestowa, Pa.lan institution devoted to
People to Get Well
writing. Residential position. 275, Outlook.

New York City.
Montreal, on privately owned forest land.

the personal study and specialized tient- WANTED - Young woman of education Finest lake and mountain scenery. Altitude

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will ment of the invalid. Massage, Klectricity,

and refinement for permanent office position 1,600 ft. Excellent trout fishing and shooting.

send things on approval. No sainples. ReferHydrotherapy. High grade cuisine. References exchanged.

Apply for circular to at Heathcote Inn, Scarsdale, New York. Tel. euces. 309 West 99th St.

Scarsdale 600.
Capacity, 12 men. Opened July 15 and closes

TO young women desiring training in the September 15. Apply to PAUL A. LEIGHTON,

(Inte of The Walter Sanitarium)
Companions and Domestic Helpers

care of obstetrical patients a very thorough Lac Superieur, Terrebonne County, P. Q., Can.

nurses' aid course of six months is offered by

WANTED, by September 1. thoroughly the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New The Bethesda White Plains, reliable and experienced infants' nurse, to CONNECTICUT

York. Monthly allowance and full mainte care for baby six weeks old. Permanent posi. nance is furnished. For further information A private sanitarium for invalide and aged tion if mutually satisfactory. Residence address Directress of Nurses. who care. Ideal surroundingsAddress

Rochester, N. Y. Best references required. SWISS lady, long engaged in education,

264, Outlook. NEW MILFORD, Litchfield Co., Conn.

will chaperon few young ladies in her home

NURSERY governess wanted for three to learn French. Healthful climate. BeatIn the foothills of the Berkshires. Open all

little girls, aged one, two, and three years. tiful scenery. Lessons in art and all modern the year. An ideal place for your summer's

Real Estate

Mother expects to share all responsibilities languages can be had in the city. For terine rest. 2 hours from New York. Write for

and care of children. Please write, stating age address Mle. M. Prelaz, 64 Ave. de Rumine, booklet. Mrs. J. E. CASTLE, Proprietor.

and experience. Address Mrs. George M. Lausanne, Switzerland. NEW JERSEY

Laughlín, 6821 Edgerton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. CONSCIENTIOUS mother (former teacher)

MOTHER'S helper of refinement and edu-

will give exceptional care to child in her

cation to assist in care of children, two girls, country home (New Jersey). Indorsed by Ogunquit, Me. - Board in Country Most Attractive Modern House agen ten and seven, baby aged one, in com prominent physician. Tutoring if desired

home in

$15-$20 weekly. 297, Outlook.
near rocks and surf. Very quiet. Home cook- Built for home; center hall; large living- ences required. 284, Outlook.
ing. Terins $25-$40. Mra. DANIEL W. PERKINS. room and dining-room with fireplaces ;

REFINED woman as waitress. Large
kitchen, pantry; Hive bedrooms, bathroom,

, , attic, oak floors, hot water heat.

family. Others einployed. No servants. SIPYOUR WANTS in every line of house MASSACHUSETTS

ple country place. Mrs. Stanley Bright, studio, garage, shade, fruit, and many other

ness, or personal service-domestic workers Reading, Pa.

teachers nurses, business or professional If You Are Tired or Need a Change desirable features. Write Room 1917, 3 Madison Ave., New York, or Tel. Cliffside 69.

Teachers and Governesses

assistants, etc., etc. --whether you require you cannot find a more comfortable place in

help or are seeking a situation, may be alled

TEACHERS WANTED for Bishop College, through a little announcement in the classiNew England than


an American Baptist Home Mission Society fied columns of The Outlook. If you have school for Negroes. Positions open: Eng. some article to sell or exchange, these columns lish, mathematics, biology, librarian, sewing, may prove of real value to you as they have

theology. Salaries $900 and $1.00. Living to many others. Bend for descriptive circular GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS water, inside toilet. Moderate rent for Sept. expenses for single teachers $3.50 per week. and order blank AND FILL YOUR WANTS. utfords all the comforta of home without and Oct. Fine location. Supplies convenient. Address C. H. Maxson, President, Marshall, Address Department of Classified Advertis extravagance. Jersey milk and cream. A. WARD. Jay, N. Y. Texas.

ing, The Outlook, 381 Pourth. Ave., Neu York



The Wayside Innere Merend Alice Gates Bugbee, M.B. Tel. 241.


Day Keeps Me Fit

By Walter Camp Famous Yale Coach's “Daily Dozen" Exercises

Now on Phonograph Records


cise at all. You can not do that. Do not go to a gymnasium. That tires you to death. That is old-fashioned. We do not have to do that any more. A man or woman can keep himself or herself fit with

of caged animals. They know how to keep themselves fit-and they do it, too.

How? Simply by constantly stretching and turning and twisting the trunk or body muscles ! When Mr. Camp discovered that men and women can imitate the caged animal with enor

mous profit to their health, he devised the “ Daily Dozen” to provide this in. dispensable exercise-the only exercise people really need to keep in proper condition.

Many people have written to Mr. Camp. telling him of the benefits they have received. Here is part of one letter:

"For four years I was a nery. ous wreck, with Collitis, rapid pulse, etc. After spending large sums on physicians, X-rays, etc., I found out about your exercises. Within ten days after first using them, I was able to go to Boston and take up my law business and have been at it ever since. Other systems of exercise have bored me so I couldn't continue them, but yours I can't stop. Thanking you again for setting me on my feet, I am very truly yours,

* PRESCOTT F. HALL.” Walter Camp's improved system of health-building now includes the entire ** Daily Dozen" exercises, set to specially selected music, on large 10-inch double-disc phonograph records ; twelve handsome charts, printed in two colors, with over 60 actual photographs illustrating each movement of each exercise ; and a little book by Walter Camp explaining the new principles of his famous system.

Any man or woman who exercises with this system regularly, even if it is

only six or seven minutes a day, will feel better and look better, and have more endur. ance and pep" than they have had since they were in their 'teens-and they will find those few minutes the best fun of their day.

WALTER CAMP. Originator of the Famous “Daily Dozen" System.

NE night during the war I was

sitting, in the smoking compartment of a l'ullman sleeping-car when a

man came in and said, "Mr. Camp?" I told him I was, and he continued, Well, there is a man in the car here who is in very bad shape, and we wondered if you could not do something for him."

" What is the matter?” I asked.

" This fellow is running up and down the aisle in his pajamas," the man said, "trying to get them to stop

the train to let him get some dope because he hasn't slept for four nights."

I went back in the car and found a man about 38 years old, white as a sheet, with a pulse of 110, and twitching all over. I learned that he had been managing a munitions plant and had broken down under the work because he had transgressed all the laws. of nature, and given up all exercise, and had been working day and night.

* For God's sake," he said to me, “ can't you put me to sleep? If somebody can only put me to sleep!” Ile was standing all bent over.

* Don't stand that way, stand this way!" I said, and I straightened him up and started putting him through a few exercises to stretch his body muscles. Pretty soon the color gradually began to come back into his face, and the i twitching stopped. Then I said to him, “I I am going to put you through the whole set of ‘Daily Dozen' exercises once. Then I : am going to send you back to your berth."

So I did that and didn't hear any more from him, but the next morning he came to me in the dining car and said:

You don't leave this train until you've taught me those exercises. I slept last night for the first time in five nights."

I taught him the “ Daily Dozen" and two months later I got a letter from him, saying:

* My dear good Samaritan, I am back i on the job all right again, and I am teaching everybody those exercises."

The Daily Dozen" was originally devised as a setting-up drill for picked young inen--the boys who were in training during the war. But its greatest value is for those men and women who are hemmed in between four walls most of the time and are beginning to realize that their bodies aren't as fit as their minds.

I applied it to middle-aged men, and men past middle age too, during the war-including members of the cabinet in Washington--who simply bad to do much more work than they were used to doing, without breaking down. In the “ Daily Dozen " I soon found I had something that would actually increase their reserve power. They grew progressively more fit as we went along.

People think that they can take an orgy of exercise and make up for a long period of neglect when they do not take any exer

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Sample Record FREE


six or seven minutes a day. There is no reason why a man at 30 or 60 or 70 should not be supple; and if he is supple, then he grows old very slowlybut the place where he must look after himself is in his body muscle8.-WALTER CAMP.

Mr. Camp is famous as a great Yale foot. ball coach, trainer, and athletic authority, but few people know that he is also a successful business man, being president of the New Haven Clock Company. Although sixty years old he is stronger and more supple than most younger men, and he uses bis own “ Daily

exercises regularly in order to remain so.

Since the war, the “ Daily Dozen " has been making busy men and women fit and keeping them so—and the exercises are now proving more efficient than ever—due to a great improvement in the system. This is it :

With Mr. Camp's permission all the twelve exercises have been set to music-on phonograph records that can be played on any disc machine.

In addition, à chart is furnished for each exercise-showing by actual photographs the exact movements to make for every one of the “ commands "—wbich are given by a voice speaking on the record. So now you can make your phonograph keep you fit.

With these records and charts a man or woman can keep himself or herself fit with only a few minutes' exercise a day-- and it is so much fun that some of the “ Daily Dozen fans go through the whole twelve exercises to the spirited music tucice every morning—just as a matter of sheer enjoyment.

Mr. Camp says that the place where we must look after ourselves is in the body or trunk muscles.

This is so because we are all in reality “ caged animals." When a man stops hunting and fishing for his food and earns it sitting at a desk he becomes a captive animaljust as much as a lion or a tiger in the Zoo Sand his trunk muscles deteriorate because they cease to be used. Then comes constipation, and other troubles which sacage men never have.

The remedy is to imitate the “ exercises "

You can see for yourself what Walter Camp's New Way to Exercise will do for you-without a dollar of expense.

We will send you, entirely free, a sample phonograph record carrying two of the “ Daily Dozen " exercises, set to music, with a splendid voice giving the commands for each movement, In addition you will receive a free chart sbowing the two exercises and giving simple but. complete directions for doing them.

If you are a business or professional man or woman you need a body that keeps step with your brain, and you certainly will want to try out this system of exercises that has proved the most efficient ever devised, Get this free “ Health Builder" record, put it on a phonograph, and try it out. There is no obligationthe record is yours to keep. You need not return it. Just enclose a quarter (or 2.5 cents in stamps) with the coupon, to cover postage, packing, etc. Send the coupon-today- now.

Health Builders Dept. 68, 334 Fifth Ave., New York City

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The Pratt Teachers Agency | Personnel Administration

as a Profession

70 Fifth Avenue, New York Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools. Advises parents about schools. Wm. 0, Pratt, Mgr.

A course of forty lessons in the history, form,
structure, and writing of the Short-Story taught by
Dr. J. Berg Esenwein, for years Editor of Lippincott's

150-page catalogue free. Please address


Springfield, Xaste

For men and women seeking practical training for the higher executive positions in this field, we offer An Eight Weeks' Intensive Course, October 17-December 9, 1921. Lecture conferences, visits to plants, field work, etc. Subjects include every important phase of employment technique and industrial relations. Also An Evening Lecture-Conference Course, October 6, 1921-May 26, 1922. Thirty meetings led by twenty-five of the foremost specialists in the principles and practice of personnel administration, Thursdays only, 6 P.M. to 7.30 P.M. BUREAU OF PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION, H. C. Metcalf, Director, 17 W. 47th St., Bryant 5790, New York. Catalog on request.

Maple Syrup and Sugar

A King of Courage...

673 Russian Relief in Sight.

673 Greece and Turkey..

673 Mademoiselle Lenglen...

674 Give it a Chinaman's Chance... 674 Know You of This Taxation ?

673 Cartoons of the Week Shall We Have a Merchant Marine ? 676 Plattsburg Again

676 A Great Newspaper.

677 Home Brew....

677 Henry Ford as a Railway Man.. 678 Ireland's Future...

678 Knoll Papers : Two Prayers.... 679

By Lyman Abbott
The Arms Conference at Washington :
A Poll of the Press....

679 The Boiling-Pot of Italy..

681 Special Correspondence by Elbert Baldwin The Rising Tide of Probibition Law Violators.....

... 682 By Garrard Harris The Airplane Smugglers.

... 685 By Laurence La Tourette Driggs Employee Representation : Success or Failure?...

689 By Sherman Rogers Man and Other Animal Power in Europe

693 By W. C. Gregg The Sisters (Poem).

697 By Louise Ayres Garnett The Pageant at Plymouth.

697 By Hermann Hagedorn A Gond Wedding in India....

700 Pictures from an Outlook Reader The Book Table : The Fourfold Career of Whitelaw Reid..

701 By Lyman Abbott The New Books.....

701 The Pennsylvania Railroad and Mr. Rogers's Article.

704 By the Way.....



Absolutely Pure

GEORGE PORTER Highland Farm, Alstead, New Hampshire

St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

School for Nurses

YONKERS, NEW YORK Registered in New York State, offers a 27 years' courseas general training to refined, educated women. Requireinents one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.


(The "City Four-Square")
A beautiful Sacred song for Church or Home

50c per copy postpaid The Biglow & Main Co., 156 5th Ave., N. Y.

Fifth Printing e


BY SUBSCRIPTION $5.00 A YEAR. Single copies

15 cents each. For foreigu subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $6.56.

Address all communications to THE OUTLOOK COMPANY 381 Fourth Avenue

New York City


“Oh, but the gods are kind to inspire persons like Rafael Sabatini to turn out, every once in a while, a glorious yarn, like 'Scaramouche'-a story of romance and adventure of sufficiently stirring qualities to turn the clock backwards to those dream-laden days when first made the acquaintance of d'Artagnan . By all means make the acquaintance of Scaramouche, and if this impudent, cynical, witty, resourceful, undaunted and stupendously attractive young fellow doesn't capture your heart in three chapters, you are referred to the Encyclopaedia Britannica for your summer reading."-Detroit Saturday Night.

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Outlook, printed separately for binding, will be furnished gratis, on application, to any reader who desires them for this purpose.

$2.00 at all Booksellers

4 Park Street,


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