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Why Some People Are Never At Ease Among Strangers

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P They are calm, well-poised.

EOPLE of culture can be recognized at once.

They have a certain dignity about them, a certain calm assurance which makes people respect them. It is because they know exactly what to do and say on every occasion that they are able to mingle with the most highly cultivated people and yet be entirely at ease.

But there are some people who are never at ease among strangers. Because they do not know the right thing to do at the right time, they are awkward, self-conscious. They are afraid to accept invitations because they do not know what to wear, how to acknowledge introductions, how to make people like them. They are timid in the presence of celebrated people because they do not know when to rise and when to remain seated, when to speak and when to remain silent, when to offer one's chair and when not to. They are always uncomfortable and embarrassed when they are in the company of cultured men and women.

It is only by knowing definitely, without the slightest doubt, what to do, say, write and wear on all occasions, under all conditions, that one is able to be dignified, charming and well-poised at all times.

How Etiquette Gives Charm and Poise Etiquette means good manners. It means knowing what to do at the right time, what to say at the right time. It consists of certain important little laws of good conduct that have been adopted by the best circles in Europe and America and which serve as a barrier to keep the uncultured and ill-bred out of •the circles where they would be uncomfortable and embarrassed.

People with good manners, therefore, are people whose poise and dignity impress you immediately with a certain awe, a certain respect.

Many embarrassing blunders can be made in the public

restaurant. Should the young lady in the picture pick Etiquette makes them graceful, confident. It enables them to mingle

up the forkor leave it for the waiter to attend to? Or with the most cultured people and be perfectly at ease. It takes away

should one of the men pick it up! their self-consciousness, there timidity. By knowing what is expected of them, what is the correct thing to do and say they become calm, dignified and well

man enter first or the woman? May a man With the Book of Etiquette to refer to, poised - and they are welcomed and admired

leave a woman alone during intermission ? there can be no mistakes, no embarrassment. in the highest circles of business and society.

There is nothing that so quickly reveals One knows exactly what is correct and what Here's the Way People Judge Us one's true station and breeding than awk. is incorrect. And by knowing so definitely

ward, poor manners at the table. Should the that one is perfect in the art of etiquette, a Let us pretend that we are in the draw- knife be held in the left band or the right? confident poise is developed which enables one ing room and the hostess is serving tea.

Should olives be eaten with the finger or with to appear in the most elaborate drawing room,

a fork? How is lettuce eaten ? What is the If we know whaestions of conduct confront us.

among the most brilliant and highly cultured to do we are happy, at ease. correct and cultured way to eat corn on the people, without feeling the least bit ill at But if we do not know the correct and cul- cob? Are the finger-tips of both hands placed ease. tured thing to do, we are ill at ease.

We into the finger-bowl at once, or just one at a know we are betraying ourselves. We know time?

5-Day Free Examination Offerthat those who are with us can tell immedi- When a man walks in the street with two

Send No Money ately, simply by watching us and talking to women does he walk between them or next us. if we are not cultured. to the curb? Who enters the street car first,

To enable everyone, everywhere, to examine the

famous Boo! For instance, one

of Etiquette without obligation, we must

the man or the woman? When

make this special offer to send the complete twoknow how to eat cake cor

does a man tip his hat? On

volume set free for 5 days to anyone requesting it. rectly. Should it be taken up

what occasions is it considered Entirely free no money in advance. All that is in the fingers of eaten with a

bad form for him to pay a necessary is your name and address on the coupon fork? Should the napkir be

Do You Know

woman's fare? May a man on below, and the Book of Etiquette will be sent to entirely unfolded or should the

any occasion hold a woman's how to introduce men

you at once at our expense. You have the privi. center crease be allowed to re

arm when they are walking to- lege of examining it, reading it, and deciding for main? May lump sugar be

and women correctly?

yourself whether or not you want to keep it. taken up with the fingers ? how to word invitations,

Sepel for the Book of Etiqnette tolay. Read

Some people learn all about There are other problems, announcements, ac

some of the interesting chapters. Surprise your too many

etiquette and correct conduct of them. Should knowledgements?

friends and acquaintances with your knowledge of

by associating with cultured the man rise when he accepts how to register at

what to do, say, write and wear on all occasions.

people and learning what to do a cup of tea from the hostess? hotel?

And when you have been fully convinced that eti

and say at the expense of Should be thank her? Who how to take leave of the

quette widens your circle of friends, makes you

many embarrassing blunders. should be served first? What

admired and respected, increases your knowledge hostess after an en

most people

are now of society and its requirements, gives you poise. should the guest do with the tertainment?

learning quickly and easily self-confidence and charm-keep the set and send cup when he or she has fin.

how to plan home and through the famous Book of us $3.50 in full payment. But if you are not ut. ished the tea? Is it good form church weddings?

Etiquette-a splendid, careful- terly delighted after the 5-day free trial, simply to accept a second cup? What how to use table silver

ly compiled, authentic guide return the books and you won't be out a cent. is the secret of creating con

in the proper way?

towards correct manners on all versation and making people

The Book of Etiquette is published in handsome occasions.

cloth binding decorated in gold. Send for your set find you pleasant and agreehow to do at all times,

today. Just the coupon.

remember—no money. able?

under all conditions, The Book of Etiquelte But get your coupon off NOW. Nelson Doubleday, It is so easy to commit emthe cultured, correct

Inc., Dept. 48, Oyster Bay, N. Y. thing?

The Book of Etiquette makes barrassing, blunders, so easy to do what is wrong.

it possible for you to do, say, But eti

write and wear what is abso- Nelson Doubleday, Inc., Dept. 48, Oyster Bay, quette tells us just what is ex

lutely correct and in accord

New York, pected of us and guards us

with the best form on every

“ Without money in advance, or obligation on from all humiliation and discomfort. occasion-whether you are to be bridesmaid

my part, send me the Two Volume set of the Book at a wedding or usher at a friend's private

of Etiquette. Etiquette in Public

Within 5 days I will either return Here are some questions which will help theatre party. It covers everyday etiquette in

the books or send you $3.50 in full payment. It is

understood that I am not obliged to keep the books you find out just how much you know about all its phases. There are chapters on the eti

if I am not delighted with them. the etiquette that must be observed among

Name strangers. See how many of them you can are interesting chapters on correspondence,



quette of engagements, weddings, dances,
parties and all social entertainments. There

(Please write plainly)
When a man and woman enter the theatre
invitations, calls and calling cards. New

Address together, wbo walks first down the aisle? chapters on the etiquette in foreign countries 0 " Check this square if you

these books have been added, and there are many helpful When the usher points out the seats, does the

with the beautiful full leather binding at $5.00, hints to the man or woman who travels.

with 5 days' examination privilege."


Today many businesses are looking for some spectacular sales or advertising "life-saver"some magic wand that will make orders flow in.

Thoroughness is extraordinary if not spectacular. It is the one magnet that always has and always will get orders. It

It out-distances most competition. It builds sales in the way that sound and conservative businesses have been built. In the long run it always pays. Thoroughness distinguishes all the sales and advertising work we are made responsible for. By thoroughness we mean: 1 Putting experienced principals on your sales-ad

6. vertising problem-and keeping them there.

Putting the best accepted methods into the selec

tion and development of salesmen, dealers and 2 Getting outside information from your market sales methods-into the choice and use of adver

tising mediums and matter.
inside information.
Mapping product 7.

Deciding and putting on paper those
3 concentrating sales and advertising preure there.


basic policies that govern sales.
4 Organizing so that the essential market facts will

8 Encouraging the concern to think years ahead

and to foreplan all the essentialo for steady 5 Applying control and strategy to maintain the unified action of all your selling forces, always

growth along chosen lines, regardless of temporary governed by the latest market facts,

ups and downs in business. Some twenty-five nationally known corporations are now using our service, partially or completely. For one, thoroughness in checking lists saved $1600 — for another, thoroughness helped to uncover a new market and a $750,000 prospect in it -- for a third, thoroughness secured an inventory of the requirements of many prospects, from one of whom the initial order was $21,000.


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AUGUST 31, 1921



the American Relief Administration and the world—for of all peoples in large ING PETER of Serbia died in Bel. the Soviet Government under which re- countries to-day the Russians, in our grade on August 16 at the age of

lief from America is to reach the famine opinion, are the least free. seventy-eight. He was seventy-one

victims of Russia. This document was Recent reports from Russia confirm when in 1914 Austria sent its humiliating signed by Maxim Litvinoff for the all that has been said about the distress ultimatum to Serbia and set its armies

Soviets and Mr. Walter L. Brown on and suffering in the Volga region, now in motion to threaten that Balkan king- behalf of Mr. Hoover. Under its terms said to be like a desert. The director dom's independent existence. King full authority and power to act without of the Russian Red Cross, Dr. Georges Peter had every excuse for remaining at restraint or delays are given the Ameri. Lodygensky, lately reached Paris. He home—his age, illness (he was deaf and

can Committee. There is every prospect fears that at least seven million people partly sightless), the fact that he had

must perish in the Volga. The great temporarily abdicated. But he was not

difficulty is in reaching these people that kind of a king; he resumed his

with relief, for transportation has comthrone, went to the front, urged his

pletely broken down. Meanwhile, Dr. army into fierce action, fired the country

Lodygensky says, we have the pitiful with resolution. At one critical junc

and horrible spectacle in this area of "a ture in 1914 he went into the front

great migrating mass, fleeing like a lost trenches and took part in the counter

man in the woods, in circles, pursued by attack which rewon Belgrade to Serbia,

the inevitable attendants of famineto be held until Mackensen's invasion

scurvy, typhus, and cholera-destroying the next year crushed resistance. To

everything and leaving behind a trail of his high spirit and inspiration of others

corpses which they do not even attempt was largely due the splendid resistance

to bury." made by Serbia to Austrian aggression.

Apart from the special Volga district, The horror of the assassination of

Russia, according to Dr. Lodygensky, is Peter's predecessor, Alexander, and his

partially paralyzed, and this, too, largely queen left a dark shadow on Peter's

because of wretched transportation conthrone. The slaughter of the two royal

ditions, so that the country is overrun personages, the Prime Minister, and sev.

with homeless and hopeless refugees. eral others was the work of a group of

Ultimately, although Dr. Lodygensky army officers. No evidence was adduced

was very careful not to criticise directly of knowledge of the plot by Peter. The

the Soviet régime which he has been fact that he quickly accepted the throne

representing on the Red Cross, it is and that he was supported by the ene

clear from what he says that the trouble mies of Alexander caused his rule to be

is lack of any reorganization of Russia's looked at askance by some of the

shattered economic system. In other Powers-Great Britain did not recognize

words, an insane theory of government the new Serbian government for years.

has broken down precisely where intelIt should be remembered that the ex

ligent minds would expect it to break citement that led to the assassination

down. was not merely, as many suppose, rivalry between the Obrenovitch dynasty

GREECE AND TURKEY represented by Alexander and the

\he war now going on between Greece Karageorgevitchs, of whom Peter was

and Turkey finds its inception thouthe leader. The cause was deeper;

sands of years back. It is the seemingly Alexander supported Austria, and even

eternal conflict between Mohammedan (C) International in 1903, when the killing took place,

and Christian.

KING PETER OF SERBIA Serbians knew that Austria meant to ab

At the close of the World War the sorb their country. Peter stood also for that the work will be carried on vigor- success of Venizelos was so pronounced the constitution that Alexander had sus- ously and with all possible administra- that the Paris Peace Commissioners aspended by royal decree.

tive economy, as has been the case with signed to Greece not only the indisputaThere was something picturesque and everything in which Mr. Hoover has bly Greek area about Smyrna in Asia almost feudal about Peter's career and taken the lead.

Minor, but also Thrace and a large porperson. He fought as a young man in It was natural that the representative tion of Macedonia. Unfortunately, the the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. He of the Soviet Government should take unstable Greeks overthrew Venizelos aided Herzegovina's revolt a few years the opportunity to make a plea for a and reinstated Constantine. The Powers, later. In camp, in battle, and in exile, better understanding between the Rus- which were about to impose a treaty upon he was for half a century. a striking, sian and the American peoples. The Turkey confirming the Greek territorial audacious figure.

suspicion and lack of confidence to accessions, withdrew their financial sup.

which he referred, however, are not be port from Greece, and, indeed, even their RUSSIAN RELIEF IN SIGHT

tween the peoples of the two countries, moral support to the extent of inviting T is gratifying to learn through but between the arbitrary and tyran- delegates of Turks to visit London to

nical men now held in power by sheer confer concerning a readaptation of 11 agreement has been concluded between force in Russia and the free peoples of Treaty. One delegation represent

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I"despatches from tiga lehet a definite


greatest woman tennis player that ever lived. Indeed, the game she played under adverse conditions was in its grace, accuracy, and skill probably sufficient to have beaten almost any other woman than Mrs. Mallory, whom the French girl kept forcing from side to side in deep back court play in an extraordinary fashion. But the endurance, muscular power, and determination exhibited by Mrs. Mallory, who is a Norwegian by birth, on this historic occasion, was worthy of the football field. That is why we call tennis a major sport.

Mrs. Mallory has since completed the tournament by winning the American championship for the sixth time, beat. ing some of the greatest American women players, such as Mrs. Bundy (Miss Sutton) and Miss Mary Browne. As tennis players Mrs. Mallory and Mademoiselle Lenglen are without doubt in a class by themselves. There seems now to be a possibility that a personal match will be arranged between these two players before the French girl returns to her home. We hope such a contest will take place. While Mrs. Mallory is an American by adoption and mar. riage, she is a Norwegian by birth. Students of ethnology as well as of athletics will be glad to see such a personal contest. It would throw light on the question whether the muscular

strength of the northern races or the Wide World Photos

nervous grace and finish of the southern MLLE. SUZANNE LENGLEN AND MRS. MOLLA BJURSTEDT MALLORY

races are the most effective in physical The photograph shows the victor, Mrs. Mallory, and Mlle. Lenglen, the vanquisheo,

prowess. There is a moral as well as a before the game

physical power of endurance. Mlle. legitimate Government at Constanti. preme Council should have been con

Lenglen failed to display this quality in nople, and the other the rebel or Turk sidering not only the problem of Upper

her first contest with Mrs. Mallory. We ish "Nationalist" Government under Silesia, but also the problem of Asia

hope she will have and seize the opporMustapha Kemal, whose capital had Minor.

tunity to retrieve herself in respect of been established at Angora in Asia

this quality of sportsmanship so remark. Minor. At the same time the Powers MADEMOISELLE LENGLEN

ably displayed by her countryman Car. let it be known that any success at arms VENNIS is rapidly becoming a major pentier. which the Greeks might achieve against sport, if it has not already become the Turks would not be disputed.

This must be the conclusion of all

GIVE IT A CHINAMAN'S CHANCE Accordingly, Constantine made ready. observers who saw Mrs. Molla Bjurstedt HE thing has never had what I His first campaign was unsuccessful, be. Mallory defeat the distinguished young cause, after having captured strategic French player, Mademoiselle Lenglen, at So said Mr. Lasker, head of the United points along the Bagdad Railway, which the West Side Tennis Club, Forest Hills, States Shipping Board, the other day bisects Asia Minor, he was obliged to re. Long Island, two weeks ago. To be sure, concerning it. "It is a sick patient," he tire. His second campaign has been the test in which these two great tennis also averred. It certainly is. much more successful; he has recap- players competed in the tournament for At the close of 1916 there was a feartured these points, and has held them. the woman's championship of America ful dearth of ships. Fantastic prices As to his farther advance, however, into was not completed, for Mademoiselle were paid for new tonnage. To crown the mountains which separate him from Lenglen, after having been beaten in the all, there was already a German threat Angora, he is not only a great distance first set and in two games of the second, of ruthless sur naine campaigns. from his source of supplies, but is also abandoned the contest in a fashion Accordingly the United States Shipfacing the certainty of guerrilla war- which was somewhat theatrical and ping Board was formed to build boats. fare, a kind in which the Turkish Na- must have been for her somewhat tragic. It has done at. it now controls nearly tionalists excel.

She had arrived from France only two seventeen h:ndred. Its accomplishment As reported, the Turks have now days before and had a slight bronchial in the number of ships constructed, tongained the support of the Arabs of the cough as a result of an attack of nage secured, and the time in which this Kingdom of Hedjaz, and this may bronchitis from which she was recover- was all done constitutes a most notable amount to something material as well as ing. It was perhaps too much, under achievement in shipbuilding. moral.

these circumstances, to expect her to But the Board has paid dear. Its I'nder these circumstances, it is not play the game which has led Furopean (perations have cost the taxpayer about other surprising that the Paris Su. and English experts to regard her as the $3,500,000,000, a greater sum than any

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