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As a special introductory offer to those who are occasional readers, but not regular subscribers to The Outlook, we will send you the next ten issues for $1.

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This special introductory rate means a saving of 3343 per cent from the regular news-stand price of 15 cents per copy. It enables you with but little outlay to become acquainted with The Outlook, which one reader describes as “a welcome ambassador from everywhere."

“In many ways you are like Benjamin Franklin," writes another, “nourishing us as he nourished his fellow-men. You show the same universal sympathy for common men and the same entire faith in them. You have the same poise, simplicity, practicality, and fundamental Americanism, and the same zeal to serve."


“To be a constant reader of The Outlook means more to me than a college degree ; it is a distinction and education in itself," writes another.

“ The editorial opinions have the weight of a jury's decision," declares still another reader.

Readers of The Outlook usually feel lost without it. It has one of the highest records as to yearly subscription renewals of any American periodical of general character.

A CHANCE TO WIN $50 Three prize letter contests have recently been conducted, and two more are shortly to be announced.

A first prize of $50, a second prize of $30, and a third prize of $20 will be paid to winners of each of the remaining contests, and numerous letters, not winning prizes, will receive cash pay. ment.

Why not watch for these prize contest nouncements and compete for the money? Any one can enter.



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THE OUTLOOK, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York

I enclose $1 for which please send me the next ten (10) numbers of The Outlook.



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Cypress Pocket Library


11 Winter Comes" is not only a thrilling tale, it is an important work aart It has e mel und Molly constructed plot; the hero is unfor. Gottable, and even the minor char noters are impreundvely buman; it abounds in humor and wit, the laughter of fun and the laughter of


I do not know when I have had more continuous enjoyment in Deading a new book.

" It Winter Comes is one of the best books of our times Its author is a creative artist and a puttua forde.


in "The New York Times"

(13 volumes43 subjects of economic interest to "home-hopers," home-vuilders, and home-owners. " The one you want, the one you get.FREE on request. Full list is in Volume 1 together with U.S. Govit Report on the wood eternal." Il’rite today for it.)

$2.00 wherever books are sold LITTLE, BROWN & COMPANY

Publishers, Boston

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Everybody likes to build, but nobody likes “ repair jobs.”

Repair jobs inevitably represent an additional investment without any, addition to value.

That point is worth digesting.
When you build, whatever you build, you like to build " for keeps."

Some people change their minds about styles, in building the same as in wearables; our tastes develop and result in changes in our wants; but nobody changes his or her mind as to wishing to get the greatest possible endurance, or wear, out of the things they buy, and especially is this true of building investments.

Yet, singularly enough, as many people know so little about woods and their relative values and special utilities ; so many people think that “lumber is lumber” and never attempt to specify the KIND of wood they wish used; so many people believe that repair bills are " necessary evils,” that we believe we shall be able to render a real public service by continuing the publication of THE CYPRESS POCKET LIBRARY, convenient in size, authoritative in character, of probable value as a technical guide, and careful and scrupulous in its every statement or inference.

We have not, and do not, by any means, recommend the use of Cypress without discrimination ; Cypress is not the best wood for every use; but where it IS appropriate it is so emphatically and demonstrably) the one best wood that the many should know about it instead of the comparatively few who formerly profited by their special knowledge.

WRITE FOR VOLUME I, with full text of U. S. Government Report on Cypress, and containing complete list of all the +3 volumes in the library. Then write us for the volumes that will best serve you.

It may be of interest that many of the volumes of The Cypress Pocket Library have become established as standard works of reference-text books -in a number of eminent educational institutions and Government Departments. This is a gratifying tribute to the broad and helpful spirit in which these booklets have been produced, and more than justifies the theories behind the original pioneer idea of such a Library for Lumber USERS.


“RHYMING GEOGRAPHY," a subscriber A

writes in answer to an inquiry in our issue of August 10, was published about the year 1814 by Victorianus Clark, of Cornwall, Connecticut; it dealt only with the United States. Another rhyming geography was by George Waters, and was published in 1852. Here is a sample of its "poetry:" In New York State, where Hudson

meets the brine, New York and Brooklyn in their

trade combine. On the same side West Point and

Newburg stay; Poughkeepsie, Hudson, Troy, and Al

bany. Schenectady, with Utica and Rome, l'pon the Erie Channel find a home.

“Dentists," says the “Service Magazine," "generally agree that an ingrowing toe-nail is one thing that cannot be cured by extracting all your teeth."

Curious advertisements sometimes appear in Irish local papers. An example:

Take Notice.--Any person or persons found taking or gathering Crabs on any of the Lands of which I am Caretaker, will be prosecuted, as I have found Stolen Potatoes in the Bags containing Crabs. (Signed)

Michael ('on roy. Crabs in this case appears to mean crabapples. Evidently it has been the custom on large estates to allow this comparatively worthless fruit to be carried off without hindrance, but the privilege seems to have been abused.


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Travel With Us To


WANTED-Competent teachers for public HE beauty, fascination, and mys

Companions and Domestic Helpers HOTEL PURITAN and private schools. Calls coming every day.

AMERICAN woman desires position as tery of the Orient lures visitors

Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, corapanion, companion-nurse, or would chape Commonwealth Ave. Boston

Albany, N. Y.

THE DISTINCTIVE BOSTON HOUSE m all over the world to

ron. Willing to take nervous or tubercular Globe Trotters call the Puritan one of DIETITIANS, superintendents, cafeteria

patient. Traveled, etficient, adaptable. qnalithe most homelike hotels in the world. managers,

muatrons, governesses,

houseYour inquiries gladly answered

fied. References exchanged. 4, Outlook. 61-Costello Mar and our booklet mailed

keepers, social workers, and secretaries.
Miss Richards, Providence, East Side Box 5. MAN nurse, and gentleman's companion,
CALIFORNIA.-We can place in California

who for years has had successful experience

in handling and caring for mental casea quaintest and most interesting of all If You Are Tired or Need a Change and Arizona college graduates with post

and nervous disorders, desires engagement. ntries. Come while the old age customs

graduate study and seventeen months' teachyou cannot find a more comfortable place in

Highest references from Los Angeles Chi vail. Write, mentioning "Outlook" to

ing experience, from the East, after this date New England than

cago, New York. Can also receive patients

in íair quantity. Boynton Teachers' Agency, JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION

Brockman Bldg.,

in his Chicago or Los Angeles home. Prices Care Traffic Dept.

adapted to conditions. Address H. H.,

Outlook Company, 122 South Michigan Ave. IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS

employee: housekeepers, matrons, dietitians,

Chicago, Ils.

secretaries, governesses, mother's helpers,
It affords all the comforts of home without

EXPERIENCED dietitian, housekeeper

attendants. 51 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, for full information


desires position where careful buying, well mes for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,

TEACHERS WANTED for emergency va

planned menus, and good management are -6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

cancies--public and private schools, colleges,

appreciated. Select boarding house, school, and universities-all over the country. Walter

or sanitarium considered. References exAguew, 1254 Amsterdam Ave., New York,

changed. 306, Outlook. The Leslie

WANTED-Teachers all subjects. Good WOMAN of refinement with executive A quiet, cosy little house by the sea. Pri

vacancies in schools and colleges. Interna- ability, qualified for housekeeper-hostess in

tional Musical and Educational Agency, Carvate baths. Descriptive booklet.

fraternity, club,

boarding school directress or Independent travel to the West and Eastern and Ca

negie Hall, N. Y.

chaperon in hotel for school girls traveling madian points. Itineraries submitted. Inclusive price. ock Ridge Hall, Wellesley Hills, Mass.

unacconipanied. Box 904, Chautauqua, N.Y. THE TEMPLE TOURS . in . FOR THE HOME

LADY-Useful companion, active, practi65 A Franklin St. - - BOSTON Pleasant forest walks and country drives.

cal, desires position wíth pleasant surroundCream, fruit, eggs, chickens. $15-$25 a week. HONEY. Delicious new clover honey direct ings. 333, Outlook.

from producer. Guaranteed pure and clean. EPISCOPAL clergyman's daughter, NEW YORK 10 pounds $1.90,5 pounds $1.05, postage

studying music in New York City, desires prepaid Zones 1, 2, 3. Herbert A. McCallum,

home in refined family in exchange for par Great Barrington, Mass. MOUNT PLEASANT HOUSE

tial time as companion, secretary, or nurse

maid; Oct. 1. 331, Outlook. ORIENT, LONG ISLAND


WANTED, by Protestant American lady Best location on the island. Famous for

of experience, position as attendant cour good food and cleanliness.

MASTERPIECES of piano music. Largest
Water sports.

panion to elderly lady or semi-invalid. Refer.
collection of standard (classic, modern, and
Special rates after Labor
Day. Illustrated

ences. 316, Outlook.
operatic) compositions. Albert Wier, editor.
booklet. EUGENE J. MCDONNELL, Prop.

536 pages. Postpaid, $2.00. Altbayer, Fort ATTENDANT to irresponsible girl or wo EGYPT

mair (Protestant). Will travel or live with NEW YORK CITY GREECE

Lee, N. J.

family of patient. 271, Outlook. PALESTINE ITALY


SOCIAL guide, chaperon, or companion.

Protestant woman. Good traveler.

YOUR own stationer charges $2 or more THE MEDITERRANEAN

for as much paper as you buy from us at $1.50.


We print your name and address on each LADY of education and refinement, ecoROUND THE WORLD

sheet and envelope for nothing. Fine quality. omical housekeeper, wishes full charge in

Samples on request. Lewis, 284 Second Ave., simple home of elderly people; or supervise
West 72d St., through
Troy, N. Y.

motherless household. Experienced, syrup Small groups, scholarly leader- to 71st St., New York

thetic. Country preferred. Highest refership and interesting itineraries.

ences. 299, Outlook.

300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely
fireproof. One block to 720 St. en-

COMPANION to lady or elderly couple de Write for further details to

Professional Situations

siring excellent care, supervision. Woman of trance of Central Park. Comfort and refinement combined with moderate

SECRETARY and office nurse for physi-experience, companionable, kind, thoroughly BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL

rates. Send for illustrated booklet J.

cian. Should know typing, some stenography, trustworthy. Fine breeding and education.

and have some knowledge of medical and $15 to $18. References. 302, Outlook. 15 Boyd St., Newton, Mass.

surgical terms. 283, Outlook.

GRADUATE registered nurse desires posiCompanions and Domestic Helpers tion as nurse or companion to patient going HOTEL JUDSON 63 Washing

to California this fall. Will go free of charge ton Square WANTED, by September 1, thoroughly

for expenses. References upon application, adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms reliable and experienced infants' nurse, to Box 33, Leeds, Mass.

with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day, care for baby six weeks old. Permanent posiThet


tion if mutually satisfactory. including meals. Special rates for two weeks 31 TOURS & CRUISES

BRIGHT orphan boy, 14, anxious to work Troud or more. Location very central. Convenient Rochester, N. Y. Best references required.

way through Eastern boarding school, or me to all elevated and street car lines. 264, Outlook.

companion to invalid boy. Al references,

E. B., 294 North Seventh St., Newark, N. J.

NURSERY governess wanted for three Tours of Luxury

little girls, aged one, two, and three years. YOUNG English woman as companionMother expects to share all responsibilities secretary, or governess offering French,

and care of children. Please write, stating age stenography, and painting. Would travel “INTERPINES” and experience. Address Mrs. George M. 310, Outlook.

Laughlin, 6821 Edgerton Ave.,

Pittsburgh, Pa. REFINED Belgian lady wants position
Beautiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Over

MOTHER'S helper wanted about October housekeeper or lady's companion. Lest rel. 26 years of successful work. Thorough, re- 1. Fifteen minutes from New York. Write,

erences. 318, Outlook. liable, dependable and ethical. Every com. stating age, references, and salary desired!

COMPANION-Trustworthy experiences; tort and convenience. Accommodations of 312, Outlook.

willing light assistance where help is kept. superior quality. Disorder of the nervous sys

MOTHER'S helper, woman under 40,
Unusually comprehensive
tem a specialty. Fred. W. Beward, Sr., M.D.,

309, Outlook.

cheerful, capable, girls 4, 6, mending, assist
Five to nine months long
Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, N.Y.
housework in home of literary woman. Only

REGISTERED nurse, experienced traveler,
Sailing each month from

would like to communicate with person der

person of settled plans, satisfied with imSeptember to January

proved country living (Long Island) need

siring nurse as traveling companion. 331,
LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick
reply. I need a right hand,"give best treat-

People to Get Well
Doylestown, Pa. Jan institution devoted to

ment, chance extra

pay. Send photo, experi- COMPANION, nurse, housekeeper. South SOUTH AMERICA

ence. 319, Outlook.

ern woman, not trained nurse, wishes to care the personal study and specialized treat

WANTED, September 1, young woman to for gentleman or lady; one who is exquisitely Autumn Tour, October 29

inent of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, do plain cooking and daily light washing and particular. Good traveler. Happy. Good Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to

ironing, family of two adults, three children. salary expected. Al references. 307, Outlook ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D.

Regular wash woman kept. American Prot

(late of The Walter Bauitarium). Arabian Nights Africa

Teachers and Governesses estant preferred. Good home in Philadelphia.

Salary $45 month. References required. 323, WANTED-Position to teach and care for Japan-China


exceptional children by young woman with

LADY ag working housekeeper, by middle-
The Bethesda White Plains,

years of experience in Sanatorium School Europe

A private sanitarium for invalide and aged aged couple, Northerners, college graduates, Apply Miss Oak, 7 Adams Road, Schenectady,

who need care. Ideal surroundings. Address Send for Booklet desired

N. Y. on apple farm in Virginia Blue Ridge. Posifor terms Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D. Tel. 241. tion of equality, not menial. No heavy work; ENGLISH gentlewoman desires position in

References ex

running water in house. RAYMOND & WHITCOMB CO.

South or California. Music (piano harmony, changed. 321, Outlook.

violin), French, usual English subjects. Megi Apartments 22 Beacon St., Boston

est references. Ten years' experience in thu MOTHER'S helper for New York. Refined person under 40 for school girl 13. Must help country. 325, Outlook.

light housework, sewing. References. 329, YOUNG woman, refined family, Smith Co To Sublet, Furnished 4-ROOM


lege graduate, experienced teacher, deste APARTMENT with southern exposure

MOTHER'S helper or nursery governess, residence for coming year in congenial ranch in East Orange, N.J. 2 blocks from train Protestant, refined, educated, age 30-40 years, home, Arizona or New Mexico preferred.

and trolley. From October 1 for 6 months for two children, ages four and six years, Will tutor. 291, Outlook. Parties enrolling now. Moderate or longer. References exchanged. Address Summit, N. J. Situation permanent. Highest GOVERNESS, 35, sensible, adjnstable, do prices. Most interesting routes. John Adams, 63 Harvard Ave., Brookline, Mass. references essential. Salary $80. 328, Outlook. sires entire mental and physical cared Great success 1920.

Teachers and Governesses

children. Experienced teacher; correctie

gymnastics; home nursing. Prefers travel TEMPLE TOURS 65-A Franklin St.,

TEACHER-GOVERNESS for small group
Real Estate

but would consider housekeeper-goverum Boston, Mass.

of nervous and backward children. Private position or supervising group of childre

school. 70 Prospect St., Port Chester, N. Y. Highest references. Liberal salary expected Hotels and Resorts NEW YORK

Governess, care Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Linvilk



Business Situations
water, inside toilet. Moderate rent for Sept.

SOCIAL WORKERS – Two experienced

BOYS wanted. 500 boys wanted to sell the

young women, several years' experience, SEPTEMBER IN THE BERKSHIRES Jersey milk and cream. A. WARD, Jay, N. Y.

desire permanent position together. 303,

Outlook each week. No investment necessary.

Write for selling plan, Carrier Department,

Outlook. Spend a week or longer in the Berkshire

School For Sale Hills during cool September days. Many

The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave. TEACHER of English leaving profession

New York City.

desires clerical position in or near Boston or picturesque drives and auto tours amid the

MISS Guthman, New York shopper. gorgeous coloring of Autumn Hills.

to travel. October 1. 308, Outlook. Golf

FOR SALE A school for girls course overlooking lakes and hills; tennis ;

send things on approval. No samples. ksler YOUNG college man, married, desires

and young women boating, bathing, and fishing in crystal clear with overflow enrollment. Beautiful loca- permanent position in first-class hotel with

ences. 309 West 99th St. Lake Wononscopomuc; delicious table, home

CONSCIENTIOUS mother (former teacher good chance for advancement. Some experition. Unusual opportunity. 5,839, Outlook. grown vegetables only 100 miles from New

ence. Excellent references. 317, Outlook. will give exceptional care to child in her York, charmingly located between two lakes. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES

WANTED-Position as registrar, executive

country home (New Jersey). Iudorsed by Illustrated booklet on request.

or secretarial work, wo years' experience

proininent physician. Tritoring it desired Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, Connecticut COOKING for PROFIT. Earn handsome with background of teaching. In touch with

$15-$20 weekly. 297, Outlook. income; home cooked food, catering, tea social work. References. 322, Outlook.

ARTISTIC typewriting for author. D1 room, etc. Correspondence course. Ain. CAPABLE business woman desires position

School Home Econoinics, Chicago.

as secretary or assistant to executive. Quali- INVALID or nervous patient cared for la SANITARIUM FOR SALE near New fications are thorough business training plus physician's suburban home. Wile professional

York. Now full to capacity; very profitable. nickerbocker New Smyrna,

nurse. 313, Outlook.

some merchandising, welfare and advertising Florida Ideal climate and surroundings. Liberal agency experience, specialist in corporation M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency ring ajartments 150 to $304) for sea- terms. G. B. Studley, 152 Broadway, New law. income tax law, and stock transfer work. established 1895. No charge; prompt dellvers boating, goll Emilie Robertson. York.

Salary $75. 357, Outlook.

44 West 22. St., New York.

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of the

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copy of Mr.

the most-quoted weekly journal in America
This offer applies only to new subscriptions sent to us direct. If you are
already a subscriber to The Outlook, you may avail yourself of this
offer by sending us a new yearly subscription to The Outlook for a
friend plus 50 cents ($5.50 altogether). If you wish, The Outlook

then will be sent to your friend's address and the book to yours.

An Unequaled Money-Saving Offer The regular yearly subscription of The Outlook Company, says of rate of The Outlook is $5. For the Mr. Lansing's book :

“Quiet, small sum of 50 cents in addition calm, dispassionate, fair-minded, we will send with every new


and even self-critical, speaking scription, carriage prepaid by us, as he would speak in the Su

preme Court, Lansing's famous

Mr. Lansing has book.

portrayed the perIt is identically

son and character the same finely

of Mr. Wilson in illustrated, clothi

a way that might bound, 328-page

command the advolume that retails


of a at book-shops for

Henry James $3.

among novelists or It contains not

a Sargent among only the first com

portrait painters. plete inside story

What makes Ve. of the Peace Con

lasquez one of the ference, but it gives

greatest portrait the most vivid and

painters of all illuminating char

times is his simple acter portrait of

truthfulness, his former President

depiction both of Wilson that has

the charms and the ever been written.

defects of his subFormer Secretary of State The publication

ject; and his modof this book has been bailed as an eration in the use of color, which, event of world-wide importance. It while often vivid, is never lurid. It is unquestionably the big book of

is qualities similar to these which the year. Historians will consult it make Mr. Lansing's portrait of as a source book.

Wilson more impressive the more
Lawrence F. Abbott, President it is considered.”

Fill in and mail coupon to-day with only $5.50 and
you will receive the Lansing book at once, and The
Outlook will be sent for one year to the new subscriber.



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