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By starting work at once you can still earn this $75 Columbia Motobike between now and the opening of school.

Any one who sends us 35 new yearly subscriptions to The Outlook will receive, absolutely free, his or her choice of three of the best Columbia models madethe Columbia Motobike, the Columbia Superb Roadster, or the Girls' Roadster.

The bicycle will be promptly delivered to you, delivery charges prepaid by us, after you have secured 35 subscriptions. If you fail to secure the required number of subscriptions, your work will not have been wasted; we will send you for each subscription


secured a due bill worth $1.50 which can be used in stead of cash in part payment on any Columbia bicycle This famous bicycle is easy running, light in weight

, dependably built, highly perfected mechanically. I is good for year after year of riding. Once you ont this companionable wheel you will be thankful the you decided to earn it in.this easy way. If you prefer, you may select the Columbia Súperb Roadster or the Girls' Roadster, instead of the Motobike model.

Send us to-day a post-card telling us that you would like to secure a Columbia bicycle and we will

send you complete instructions, subscription blanks THE OUTLOOK COMPANY, 381 FOURTH AVENUE, NEW YORK

sample copies of The Outlook, and other materia



UTLOOK. August 24, 1921. Volume 128, Number 17. Published weekly by the Outlook Company at 381 Fourth Avenue, New York, NY. Subscription price &


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