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Pag. 71


Concerning God's Permission,
The Difference between God's Government of

all Events, and Necesity and Fate, 76 That the Exercise of a particular Providence,

consists in the Government of all Events, 86

Chap. 4. CO Providence,



Oncerning the Sovereignty of

84 Concerning God's Absolute Power,

86 That true Absolute Power can do no wrong, explained at large,

87 The Unsearchable Wisdom of Providence, Infinite Wisdom can do no wrong, That the Wisdom of Providence must be as

unaccountable, as the.Wisdom of the Creation,

105 That tbe wisë Government of the World, re

quires secret and bidden Methods of Pro

vidence, That we are ignorant of a great many Things,

without the Knowledge of which, it is impossible to understand the

Reasons of Provi. dence,

126 In what Cafes the Unsearchable Wisdom of

God is a Reasonable Answer to the Difficulties of Providence,

141 Chap 5


HE Justice and Righteousness of Providence,

157 That the Justice of Providence does not coil

lift in hindring all Acts of Injustice and Violence,

158 God

6. ?



God ,

may do that very juftly, which Men cannot do without great Injustice, Pag. 159 What the Nature and Exercise of God's Justice requires,

162 What sets of Justice the present Government of this World requires,

168 The Account the Scripture gives us of God's Justice and Righteousness,

173 Chap. 6.

HE Holiness of Providence, What the Holiness of Government requires, ib. What the Holiness of God's Providence does not require of him,

192 God is not the Cause and Author of Sin, 200 The Divine Prescience does not destroy the Liberty of Human A&tions,

204 God decrees no Men's Sins,

208 Some Texts of Scripture confidered, which

seem to make God the Author of Sin, 210 Concerning God's hardening Pharaoh's Heart,

ibid. Some other Texts considered, which seem to cbarge God with the Sins of Men, 229 . 7.


244 Mistakes concerning the Nature of God's Goodness,

247 The Difference between Abfolute Goodness and

Justice, and the Goodnefs and Justice of

251 That God exercises all Axts of Goodness, which A State of Trial and Discipline will admit, 252




Concerning the Captivities and Dispersions of Ifrael, especially their Captivity in Babylon,

367 In what Sense' Christ came in the Fulness of Time,

374 The Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, 377 The Wisdom of. Providence in some more com

mon and ordinary Events, That God rewards or punishes Men in their Pofterity,

382 God's punishing Sin with Sin,

390 God's disappointing both our Hopes and Fears,

391 God's deferring the Deliverance of good Men,

and the Punishment of the Wicked, to the utmost Extremity,

392 Concerning sudden Changes and Revolutions, The wife Mixture of Mercy and Judgment, 395 HE Duties we owe to Provi

396 A particular Acknowledgment of Providence in all Events,

397 Submission to the Providential Will of God, 399 Concerning Submission to God under Afflictions and Sufferings,

400 Submission to the Will of God with respext to our several

States and Conditions of Life,407 Concerning Hope and Truft in the Divine Prós vidence,

420 Concerning the Duties of Prayer and Thanks giving,



Chap. 9. T'dence

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