The Typography of Advertisements

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Inland printer Company, 1911 - 124 pages

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Page 13 - If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mousetrap than his neighbor, though he builds his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door.
Page 129 - In addition to these it contains 330 marginal sketches, none of which have ever been published, showing parts of the body in various positions and actions. Altogether it is the most complete illustrated work on the subject now extant. To the student and the working artist, as well as to the general public which may use such a book for reference, the publication of'Mr.
Page 128 - TD the student and the working artist, as well as to the general public which may use such a book for reference, the publication of Mr. Vanderpoel's life-work is of the utmost importance. Mechanically the book is a beautiful one, finely printed on heavy paper, solidly bound in an artistic manner, and designed to be as convenient for reference as possible. PRICE, $2.00 THE INLAND PRINTER COMPANY 120-130 Sherman Street, Chicago, 111.
Page 7 - Typography of advertisements. 1911. Inland Printer Co. "To select the most readable and satisfactory type-faces, and to arrange them in such manner that the eye is involuntarily led, by reason of the design as well as the wording, through the advertisement, is the end to be desired in the composition of advertisements, and it is to indicate the application of the principles governing these points of design that this work is undertaken.
Page 46 - Skin, expels all impurities, and ensures a healthy, natural complexion. A boon to those engaged in outdoor sports or indoor duties. For mother and baby nothing can take its place. It renews the skin when chafed at the seaside; in the country it protects your complexion from sunburn, prickly heat and bites. Pomeroy Skin Food Keeps a Woman's Face Her Charm THE TOILET BALM FOR SUMMER DAYS AND NIGHTS Sold by All Chemists: Is.
Page 7 - It is from the design, rather than the wording, that the first impressions are gained.
Page 69 - When we look at this advertisement, the eye perceives the border as individual spots, each spot exercising a certain amount of attraction, and the unconscious attempt to look at all of them results in a confusion from which one seeks relief in the plainer borders.
Page 20 - The copy has much to do with the general effect. Too many display features make a good advertisement impossible in spite of the best efforts of the designer.
Page 50 - We are all aware of the fact that some types are easier to read than others...
Page 55 - When you call for playing cards, just uk them to bring you the kind with the Bank Note backs. It is a aure way to get the full measure of satisfaction from your play.

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