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No change of times shall ever shock

For thou hast always been my rock, 2 Thou my deliv'rer art, my God, Thou art my shield from foes abroad, 3 To thee I will address my pray'r, So shall I, by thy watchful care, 4, 5 By floods of wicked men distress'd, With dire infernal pangs oppress'd, 6 To heav'n I made my mournful pray'r, Who graciously inclin'd his ear,

my firm affection, Lord, to thee;
a fortress and defence to me.
my trust is in thy mighty pow'r:
at home my safeguard and my tow'r.
to whom all praise we justly owe;
be guarded from my treach'rous foe.
with seas of sorrow compass'd round;
in death's unwieldy fetters bound.
to God address'd my humble moan;
and heard me from his lofty throne.

The Second Part.

the conscious earth was struck with fear;
nor could his dreadful fury bear.
ensigns of wrath before him came;
that coals were kindled at its flame.
whilst heav'n bow'd down its awful head,
was like a sable carpet spread.
which active troops of angels drew,
with most amazing swiftness flew.
with thickest shades his face to veil ;
and fell in show'rs of fire and hail.
God's angry voice did loudly roar,
and flakes of fire, was cover'd o'er.
which made his scatter'd foes retreat;
and quickly finish'd their defeat.
the world's foundations naked lay;
which fiercely rag'd that dreadful day.

7 When God arose my part to take,
The hills did at his presence shake,
8 Thick clouds of smoke dispers'd abroad,
Devouring fire around him glow'd,
9 He left the beauteous realms of light,
Beneath his feet substantial night
10 The chariot of the King of kings,
On a strong tempest's rapid wings,
11,12 Black wat'ry mists and clouds conspir'd
But at his brightness soon retir'd,
13 Thro'heav'n's wide arch a thund'ring peal
While earth's sad face with heaps of hail,
14 His sharpen'd arrows round he threw,
Like darts his nimble lightnings flew,
15 The deep its secret stores disclos'd,
By his avenging wrath expos'd,

[blocks in formation]

25,26 Thou suit'st, O Lord, thy righteous ways to various paths of human kind;

They, who for mercy merit praise,

Thou to the just shalt justice show,

Such as perversely choose to go,

with thee shall wondrous mercy find.
the pure thy purity shall see;
shall meet with due returns from thee.

27, 28 That he the humble soul will save, and crush the haughty's boasted might,

In me the Lord an instance gave,
29 On his firm succour I relied,
Nor fear'd, whilst he was on my side,
30 For God's designs shall still succeed;
He's a strong shield to all that need,
31 Who then deserves to be ador'd,
Or who, except the mighty Lord,

The Fifth
32, 33 'Tis God that girds my armour on,
Through him my feet can swiftly run,
34 Lessons of war from him I take,
Strong bows of steel with ease I break,
35 The buckler of his saving health
His hand sustains me still, my wealth
36 My goings he enlarg'd abroad,
And, when in slipp'ry ways I trod,

whose darkness he has turn'd to light.
and did o'er num'rous foes prevail;
the best defended walls to scale.
his word will bear the utmost test:
and on his sure protection rest.
but God, on whom my hopes depend?
can with resistless pow'r defend?

and all my just designs fulfils;
and nimbly climb the steepest hills.
and manly weapons learn to wield;
forc'd by my stronger arms to yield.
protects me from assaulting foes;
and greatness from his bounty flows.
till then to narrow paths contin'd;
the method of my steps design'd.

37 Through him I num'rous hosts defeat, Nor from my fierce pursuit retreat, 38 Cover'd with wounds, in vain they try Spite of their boasted strength they lie 39 God, when fresh armies take the field, He makes my strong opposers yield,

and flying squadrons captive take; till I a final conquest make. their vanquish'd heads again to rear; beneath my feet, and grovel there. recruits my strength, my courage warms; subdu'd by my prevailing arms.

40 Through him the necks of prostrate foes my conquering feet in triumph press; Aided by him, I root out those

41 With loud complaints all friends they
At length to God for help they cried,
42 Like flying dust which winds pursue,
Their slaughter'd bodies forth I threw, like

who hate and envy my success. tried, but none was able to defend;

but God would no assistance lend. their broken troops I scatter'd round, loathsome dirt that ciogs the ground.

The Sixth Part.

43 Our factious tribes, at strife till now, The heathen to my sceptre bow, 44 Remotest realms their homage send, Strangers for my commands attend, 45 All to my summons tamely yield, For stronger holds they quit the field, 46 Let the eternal Lord be prais'd, O'er highest heav'ns his Name be rais'd, 47 'Tis God that still supports my right, 'Tis he that with resistless might 48 My universal safeguard he, He made me great, and set me free 49 Therefore to celebrate his fame And nations, strangers to his Name, 50 God to his king deliv'rance sends, His mercy evermore extends

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7 God's perfect law converts the soul, With sacred wisdom his sure word 8 The statutes of the Lord are just, His pure commands, in search of truth, 9 His perfect worship here is fix'd, His equal laws are in the scales 10 Of more esteem than golden mines, More sweet than honey, or the drops 11 My trusty counsellors they are, Divine rewards attend on those 12 But what frail man observes how oft O cleanse me from my secret faults, 13 Let no presumptuous sin, O Lord, That, by thy grace preserv'd, I may 11 So shall my pray'r and praises be And I secure on thy defence,

[blocks in formation]

by God's appointment me obey; and foreign nations own my sway. when my successful name they hear; charm'd with respect, or aw'd by fear. or soon in battle are dismay'd; and still in strongest holds afraid. the rock on whose defence I rest; who me with his salvation blest. his just revenge my foes pursues; fierce nations to my yoke subdues. from whom my lasting honours flow; from my remorseless bloody foe.

my grateful voice to heav'n I'll raise;
shall thus be taught to sing his praise:
shews his anointed signal grace;
to David and his promis'd race.

which that alone can fill;
their great Creator's skill.
fresh beams of knowledge brings;
divine instruction springs.
or region is confin'd;
alike by all mankind.
through earth's extent display;
does round the world convey.
has such a cheerful face;
to run his glorious race.
his restless course he goes;
and vital warmth bestows.

reclaims from false desires;
the ignorant inspires.
and bring sincere delight;
assist the feeblest sight.
on sure foundations laid;
of truth and justice weigh'd.
or gold refin'd with skill;
that from the comb distil.
and friendly warnings give;
who by thy precepts live.
he does from virtue fall?
thou God that know'st them all.
dominion have o'er me;
the great transgression flee.
with thy acceptance blest;
my strength and saviour, rest.

and hear thee in distress;
and grant thy arms success.
and strength from Sion give;
thy sacrifice receive.

[blocks in formation]

13 Thus, Lord, thy wondrous strength disclose, and thus exalt thy fame; Whilst we glad songs of praise compose



Y God, my God, why leav'st thou me
O why so far from me remov'd,

2 All day, but all the day unheard,
With cries implore relief all night,
3 Yet thou art still the righteous Judge
And therefore Israel's praises are
4, 5 On thee our ancestors relied,
With pious confidence they pray'd,
6 But I am treated like a worm,
Not only by the great revil'd,
7 With laughter all the gazing crowd
They shoot the lip, they shake the head,
8 In God he trusted, boasting oft
Let God come down to save lim now,

to thy almighty Naine.

when I with anguish faint?
and from my loud complaint?
to thee do I complain;
but cry all night in vain.
of innocence oppress'd;
of right to thee address'd.
and thy deliv'rance found;
and with success were crown'd.

like none of human birth;
but made the rabble's mirth.
my agonies survey;
and thus deriding say:

that he was Heav'n's delight:
and own his favourite.

The Second Part.

9 Thou mad'st my teeming mother's womb a living offspring bear;
When but a suckling at the breast
10 Thou, guardian-like, didst shield from
And since hast been my God and guide
11 Withdraw not then so far from me,
O send me help! thy help, on which
12 High-pamper'd bulls, a frowning herd,
With strength proportion'd to their rage,

I was thy early care.
wrongs my helpless infant days;
through life's bewilder'd ways.
when trouble is so nigh;
I only can rely.
from Basan's forest met,

have me around beset.

13 They gape on me, and ev'ry mouth The desert lion's savage roar

a yawning grave appears;
less dreadful is than their's.

The Third Part.

14 My blood like water's spill'd, my joints
My heart dissolves within my breast,
15 My strength like potter's earth is parch'd,
And to the silent shades of death

16 Like blood-hounds, to surround me, they
They pierc'd my inoffensive hands,
17 My body's rack'd, till all my bones
Yet such a spectacle of woe

18 As spoil, my garments they divide,
19 Therefore approach, O Lord, my strength,
20 From their sharp sword protect thou me,
Nor let my darling in the pow'r
21 To save me from the lion's jaws
As once from goring unicorns
22 Then to my brethren I'll declare
In presence of assembled saints
23 Ye worshippers of Jacob's God,
O praise the Lord, and to your praise
24 He ne'er disdain'd on low distress
Nor turn'd from poverty his face,

are rack'd and out of frame;
like wax before the flame.
my tongue cleaves to my jaws;
my fainting soul withdraws.
in pack'd assemblies meet;
they pierc'd my harmless feet.
distinctly may be told:
as pastime they behold.
lots for my vesture cast:
and to my succour haste.
of all but life bereft;
of cruel dogs be left.
thy present succour send;
thou didst my life defend.
the triumphs of thy Name;
thy glory thus proclaim:
all you of Israel's line,
sincere obedience join.
to cast a gracious eye;
but hears its humble cry.

The Fourth Part.

25 Thus in thy sacred courts will I
In presence of thy saints perform
26 The meek companions of my grief
And all that seek the Lord shall be
27 Then shall the glad converted world
And scatter'd nations of the earth
28 'Tis his supreme prerogative
'Tis just that he should rule the world,
29 The rich, who are with plenty fed,
The sons of want, by him relier'd,
With humble worship to his throne
That pow'r, which first their beings gave,
30, 31 Then shall a chosen spotless race,
To their admiring heirs his truth


HE himself, mighty Lord,

my cheerful thanks express;
the vows of my distress.
shall find my table spread;
with joys immortal fed.
to God their homage pay;
one sovereign Lord obey.
o'er subject kings to reign;
who does the world sustain.
his bounty must confess;
their gen'rous patron bless.
they all for aid resort;
can only them support.
devoted to his Name,
and glorious acts proclaim.
vouchsafes to


Tord pherd, by whose constant care my wants are all supplied.

2 In tender grass he makes me feed,
Then leads me to cool shades, and where
3 He does my wand'ring soul reclaim,
Instruct with humble zeal to walk
4 I pass the gloomy vale of death,
For there his aiding rod and staff

5 In presence of my spiteful foes
He crowns my cup with cheerful wine,
6 Since God does thus his wondrous love
That life to him I will devote,


THIS spacious earth is all the Lord's,

The world, and they that dwell therein, 2 He fram'd and fix'd it on the seas, Upon inconstant floods has made

3 But for himself this Lord of all

O who shall to that sacred hill

and gently there repose;
refreshing water flows.
and, to his endless praise,
in his most righteous ways.
from fear and danger free;
defend and comfort me.
he does my table spread,
with oil anoints my head.
through all my life extend,
and in his temple spend.

the Lord's her fulness is;
by sov'reign right are his.
and his Almighty hand
the stable fabrick stand.
one chosen seat design'd;
desir'd admittance hind?

4 The man whose hands and heart are pure, whose thoughts from pride are free; Who honest poverty prefers

5 This, this is he, on whom the Lord Whom God his saviour shall vouchsafe 6 Such is the race of saints, by whom And such the proselytes that seek

to gainful perjury.

shall show'r his blessings down,
with righteousness to crown.
the sacred courts are trod;
the face of Jacob's God.

7 Erect your heads, eternal gates, The King of glory; see, he comes 8 Who is this King of glory? who? In battle mighty, o'er his foes

9 Erect your heads, ye gates, unfold The King of glory; see, he comes 10 Who is this King of glory? who? Of glory he alone is King,

God, in whom I trust,

unfold, to entertain

with his celestial train. the Lord for strength renown'd; eternal victor crown'd. in state to entertain with all his shining train. The Lord of hosts renown'd; who is with glory crown'd.


Toodet me not be put to shame,

3 Those who on thee rely, Be that the shameful lot of such 4,5 To me thy truth impart, For thou art he that brings me help, 6 Thy mercies and thy love, And graciously continue still, 7 Let all my youthful crimes And, for thy wondrous goodness' sake, 8 His mercy and his truth In bringing wand'ring sinners home, 9 He those in justice guides And in his sacred paths shall lead 10 Through all the ways of God To such as with religious hearts

I lift my heart and voice;
nor let my foes rejoice.
let no disgrace attend;
as wilfully offend.

and lead me in thy way;
on thee I wait all day.
O Lord, recall to mind;
as thou wert ever, kind.
be blotted out by thee;
in mercy think on me.
the righteous Lord displays,
and teaching them his ways.
who his direction seek;
the humble and the meek.
both truth and mercy shine,
to his blest will incline.

The Second Part.

11 Since mercy is the grace Forgive my heinous sin, O Lord, 12 Whoe'er with humble fear Shall find the Lord a faithful guide 13 His quiet soul with peace And by his num'rous race the land 14 For God to all his saints And does his gracious cov'nant write 15 To him I lift my eyes, Who breaks the strong and treach'rous 16 O turn, and all my griefs, For I am compass'd round with woes, 17 The sorrows of my heart

O from this dark and dismal state 18 Do thou with tender eyes Acquit me, Lord, and from my guilt 19 Consider, Lord, my foes,

What lawless force and rage they use, 20 Protect and set my soul Nor let me be asham'd, who place 21 Let all my righteous acts Because my firm and constant hope 22 To Israel's chosen race And in the midst of all their wants

that most exalts thy fame, and so advance thy Name. to God his duty pays, in all his righteous ways. shall be for ever blest, successively possest. his secret will imparts, in their obedient hearts. and wait his timely aid, snare, which for my feet was laid. in mercy, Lord, redress; and plunged in deep distress. to mighty sums increase; my troubled soul release. my sad affliction see; entirely set me free.


JUDGE me, O Lord, for 1 the paths

Jcannot fail, who all my trust
2,3 Search thou my heart, whose innocence
For I have kept thy grace in view,
4 I never for companions took
No hypocrite, with all his arts,
5 I hate the busy plotting crew,
And shun their wicked company,

6 I'll wash my hands in innocence,
That when thy altar I approach,

how vast their numbers grow; what boundless hate they show. from their fierce malice free; my steadfast trust in thee. to full perfection rise, on thee alone relies. continue ever kind; let them thy succour find. XXVI.

of righteousness have trod; repose on thee, my God. will shine the more 'tis tried; and made thy truth my guide. the idle or profane; could e'er my friendship gain. who make distracted times;

as I avoid their crimes.

and bring a heart so pure, my welcome shall secure.

7,8 My thanks I'll publish there, and tell how thy renown excels;

That seat affords me most delight,

9 Pass not on me the sinners' doom,

10 Who others' rights, by secret bribes,

in which thy honour dwells. who murder make their trade; or open force invade.

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