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Life is but another name for action; and he who is without opportunity exists, but does not live.


Life is constantly weighing us in very sensitive scales. - LOWELL. Life is not so short but what there is always time for courtesy.-EMERSON.

Life means-learning to abhor the false and love the true.-ROBERT BROWNING.

Life without health is a burden, with health it is a joy and gladness.-LONGFELLOW.

Like the bee, we should make our industry our amusement.-GOLDSMITH.

Little words make or mar men.- -SOPHOCLES.

Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up if thou wilt ever dig.

-MARCUS AURELIUS. Lots of things that couldn't be done have been done. -CHAS. AUSTIN BATES.

Love has the power to give in a moment what toil can scarcely reach in an age.-GOETHE.

Love is the medicine of all moral evil.

world is to be cured of sin.—BEECHER.

By it the

Love itself is knowledge; here is the foundation of all true love, and consequently of all wisdom.


Love me, and tell me so sometimes.-GAIL HAMILTON. Make all you can; save all you can; give all you can. -JOHN WESLEY. like those he loves.-NEWELL D. HILLIS.

Man grows

Man must take his choice between ease and wealth; either may be his, but not both.


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"Man was made to grow, not stop." "Manhood and womanhood overtop position, wealth, vocations and titles, and are grander than any career.' Manners must adorn knowledge and smooth its way through the world.-LORD CHESTERFIELD. Man's best powers point him Godward.


Man's life is a progress, not a station.


Many a man and woman might double their influence and success by a kindly courtesy and a fine manner. -O. S. MARDEN. "Many a man lays down his life in trying to lay up money."

Many in this dim world of cares,

Have sat with angels unawares.


Many men owe the grandeur of their lives to their tremendous difficulties.-SPURGEON.

Matrimony-the high sea for which no compass has yet been invented.—HEINE.

"Maybe you don't have to be a fool."

Measure not men by Sundays, without regarding what they do all the week after.-FULLER.

Measures, not men, have always been my mark.


Men are born with two eyes, but with one tongue, in order that they may see twice as much as they say.


Men are but children of a larger growth.-DRyden. Men are nothing until they are excited.-MONTAIGNE. Men are usually tempted by the devil, but an idle man positively tempts the devil.-Spanish Proverb.

Men, like peaches and pears, grow sweet a little while before they begin to decay.-HOLMES.

Men must know that in the theater of human life it remaineth only to God and the angels to be lookers-on. -LORD BACON.

Men often make up in wrath what they lack in reason. -ALGER.

Method is the hinge of business and there is no method without order and punctuality.-HANNAH MOORE.

Mine honor is my life; both grow in one; take honor from me and my life is done.-SHAKESPEARE. "Mix brains with your enthusiasm."

Moderation is the silken string running through the pearl chain of all virtues.-BISHOP HALE.

Modesty is to merit, as shades to figures in a picture, giving it strength and beauty.-Bruyere.

Modesty seldom resides in a breast that is not enriched with nobler virtues.-GOLDSMITH.

"Money makes th' mare go, an' more money keeps th' automobile in repair."

"Money, talent, rank-these are keys that turn some locks; but kindness or a sympathetic manner is a masterkey that can open all."

Morality is good, and is accepted of God, as far as it goes; but the difficulty is, it does not go far enough. -BEECHER.

More helpful than all wisdom is one draught of simple pity that will not forsake us.-GEORGE ELIOT.

Much talent is often lost for want of a little courage. -SIDNEY SMITH.

Music is a fair and glorious gift of God. I would not for the world renounce my humble share in music.


My liveliest delight was in having conquered myself.


Mystery dignifies danger, as a fog the sun.


Nature is best conquered by obeying her.


Nature is no spendthrift, but takes the shortest way to her ends.-EMERSON.

Nature repairs her ravages-repairs them with her sunshine and with hum and labor.-GEORGE ELIOT. "Necessity is the priceless spur."

Never be afraid of what is good; the good is always the road to what is true.-HAMERTON.

Never be unemployed, never be triflingly employed, never while away time.-JOHN WESLEY.

Never suffer youth to be an excuse for inadequacy, nor age and fame to be an excuse for indolence.


Next to acquiring good friends, the best acquisition

is that of good books.-COLTON.

Next to excellence is the appreciation of it.


Nicknames and whippings, when they are once laid on, no one has discovered how to take off.-LANDOR. "Nihil sine labore."

No artist work is so high, so noble, so grand, so enduring, so important for all time, as the making of the character of a child.-CHARLOTTE CUSHMAN.

No hope so bright but is the beginning of its own fulfilment.-EMERSON.

No longer let us be talking here, nor put off the work which God has trusted to our hands.-HOMER.

"No man can rise who slights his work."

No man is born into the world whose work is not born with him; there is always work, and tools to work withal, for those who will.-LowELL.

No man is inspired with the occasion. I never was. -WEBSTER.

No man knows-or very few men know-what benefit to get of his money.-CARLYLE.

No man's vote is lost which is cast for the right. -JOHN QUINCY ADAMS,

No one is useless in the world who lightens the burden

of it for anyone else.-CHARLES DICKENS.

No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown.-PENN.

No picture can be good which deceives by its imitation, for the very reason that nothing can be beautiful which is not true.-RUSKIN.

No pleasure is comparable to the standing upon the vantage-ground of truth.-BACON.

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