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covery is made effectual: and blessed be his most holy and excellent name, that he still waiteth, without money and without price, to heal all diseased souls that come to him for a cure: and seeing there is yet balm in Gilead, and a physician there, Jer. viii. 22., may I and every one apply to him for the recovery of the health of our souls.


use only, but also for the pleasure of his reasonable créature man.

But Oh! how unthankful is man for all the bounties of creation! instead of using such for the glory of the Creator, they are too often prostituted to serve his own pride and vanity.

Pliny and other naturalists say, that the fruit of the sycamore mentioned in scripture does not ripen till after it has been rubbed with an iron comb; and Jerom, on Amos, says, it cannot be eaten till after this be done, it is so bitter. So man will never ripen in the fruits of gratitude till once he hath been rubbed with the convincing iron comb of the law, and so made to see and feel how ill deserving of any mercy, and hell deserving he is; nor will his fruits of thankfulness be acceptable and well-pleasing to God, till he be converted from nature to grace, and even only then either, in, and through Christ Jesus.

The Lord's bounty and goodness is manifested much in the works of creation, more in the works of providence, but most of all

in the astonishing work of redemption. “ Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not si all his benefits," was the language of that royal contemplator of God's works, Psal. ciii. 2. and Psal. lxxvii. 12.; and shall it not be my language? Yes, O my soul, bless the Lord, and forget not all his benefits ; forget not that he made thee out of nothing a reasonable creature at the first, after his own image, Gen. i. 27. and formed for thee, out of the dust of the earth, an erect and convenient body; for the handsomeness of its shape, beauty of its form, and dignity of its countenance, far surpassing the other creatures on earth, over all which thou wast made lord : and that he placed thee not in the house of the world till once he had furnished it with all things necessary, convenient, and comfortable, for thy accommodation: that thou wast then made perfectly holy and happy : forget not also that he not only formed thee in the womb a complete man in miniature, but preserved thee there, and in due time opened it and brought thee out safely ; nourished thee on the breast, and guarded thee from numberless accidents to which thy heedless steps in childhood exposed thee; guided thee safely up the slip

pery paths of youth to the summit of manhood; when wounded, pained, and sick, hath often healed thee, and restored thy health, supplied thy returning wants, and relieved thee out of many straits, and constantly preserveth thy being : But, above all, forget not, that when in Adam thou hadst fallen by thine iniquity, and destroyed thyself, rebelled against God, consequently lost his image, and thy holy and happy estate, and wast become a slave to the devil, vile and miserable, obnoxious to the wrath of God, and his eternal displeasure: that then, even then, astonishing to think! the Three-one God manifested the plan devised from all everlasting for thy recovery, even the ever-wonderful plan of salvation by Christ Jesus.

Forget not, to the remotest ages of eternity, that the Most High God, against whom thou hadst rebelled, and whom thou didst dishonour, not by thy original transgression only, but also by thy highly aggravated actual iniquities, sent his own Son, who was, and is God, equal with himself, into the world, to take thy nature upon him, to work out a righteousness, and to bear all that infinite wrath, or equivalent to it, which thyo sins justly incurred, in thy room and stead ; that thou mightest be set free from the curse of the broken law, and mightest again enjoy the favour of God, and be eternally happy.

Forget not that he willingly came on this errand, and hath fully paid thy ransom : believe this, and rest wholly on him for salvation, and thou shalt not to eternity forget this ever amazing and astonishing benefit which he hath conferred upon thee.

There grow a few beautiful limes, the blossoms of which perfume the air, and invite the bees to an ample store of sweets, from which now they go richly loaden to their cells.

The shade of them is also truly delightful.--Like these trees should all those who profess the Christian name be; still perfuming the Church, and that part of the world where they live, with the sweet savour of a meek, holy life and conversation, that thereby they may attract others to partake of their sweets; and that none máy go away who come into their society, without

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