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51,200 Words

Containing also Rules for Spelling, Pune.
tuation, Use of Capitals, etc. Tables
of Weights and Measures, Par-
liamentary Law, Postal In-
formation, Revenue Law
of 1898, National Bank.
ruptcy Law, Point-
ers in Proof.
reading, etc.




KC Proy


Dec. 10, 1940

Copyright, 19UC, by THOMPSON & THOMAS



This book has been carefully and con. scientiously edited, using the work of the great Noah Webster as a basis, and corforming as far as possible with the views of such eminent philologists and ortho. epists as Worcester, Whitney, Cobbett and Ayres.

It contains CLEAR and CONCISE DEFINITIONS, CORRECT ACCENTUATION, and FULL MARKINGS of all difficult words, according to the highest authorities.

It contains many new words lately coined and not found in any dictionary heretofore published; also a larger percentage of root words than any other book of its kind.

It carefully preserves and distinguishes that troublesome class of words, alike in spelling but different in meaning and pronunciation, and pays special attention to the foreign words which have lately been brought into common use in the English language.

It is a safe and consistent guide to proper speech and correct writing, two things all men, women and children should strive to attain.



Accede Aam, a measure.

aboli'tionist, one who abăck', backward.

[ble. favors abolition. ab'acủs, a counting ta- abom'inable, detestable. abaft', toward the stern. abom'ināte, to abhor. abăn'don, to forsake. aborig'inal, primitive. abāse', to humble.

aborig'inēs, earliest inabăsh', to confuse.

habitants. abāte', to lessen.

abor'tion, miscarriage. abăt'er, that which abor'tive, unsuccessful. abates.

abound', in great plenty. ăb'atis, an intrenchment abrāde', to rub ofi. abā'tor, one who abates abra'sion, a rubbing off. abattoir', slaughter-abréast', side by side. house.

abridge', to shorten. abb, yarn for the warp. abridg'ment, epitome. ab'ba, syriac word. abroad', at large. ab'bess, governess olab'rogāte, to repeal. nuns.

abrupt', rugged, sudden. ab'bey, a convent. ab'scēss, a tumor filled ab'bot, chief of an abbey

with pus. abbrē' viāte, to abridge. abscind", to cut off. ab'dicāte, resign office. abscis'sion, act of cutabdo'nen, the belly.

ting off. abdom'inal, relating to abscond', steal away. the abdomen.

ab'sence, being

away abdūce', to draw from. absent', to keep away. abdůct', to kidnap.

ab'sent, not present. abdůc'tor, kidnapper. absentēē', an absent one aberra'tion, deviating. ab'sĩnth, wormwood. abět', to encourage. ab'solūte, unconditional. abět'ter, one who abets. absolū'tion, pardon. abět'tor, an accomplice. absolve', to free from. abey'ance, suspense. absorb', swallow up. abhor', to detest.

abstāin', to keep from. abhor'rence, detestation. abstēm'ious, temperate. abhor'rer, one who ab-absterge', wipe clean. hors.

ab'stiněnce, fasting. abide', to dwell.

ab'stract, concise abridge ab'igail, ladysmaid.

ment. abil'ity, capacity, power. abstrăct', to take from. ab'jěct, mean, base. abstruse', obscure. abjurā'tion, renunciation absürd', unreasonable. abjūre', deny upon oath. abūn'dance, plenty. ab'lative, that takes abūse', ill treat. away.

abūse', unjust censure. ab'lepsy, blindness. abắt', to end at. ablu'tion, cleansing. abyss', a deep gulf. abnega'tion, denial. acă'cia, a shrub. abnor'mal, irregular. acadèm'ic, of academy. aboard', on board.

acăd'emy, higher school. abode', habitation. acăn'thus, prickly plant zbổl'ish, to annul. accēde', comply with.

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