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Or thence, from the Flood of Niger, (t) to Mount Atlas, the Kingdoms of ALMANZOR ; (1) Fez, (x)



Christians, but those in the in. Duft: spread out or large: Os land Regions are Heathens. from Phaz or Paz, Heb. i. e.

(t) Niger, or Nigir; Lat. i. Fine Gold; because Gold aboun. e. Black, because it rans thro' ded thereabout. A large wide a Soil all covered over with Kingdom on the Weft of Bar. Duft, that is black and scorched bary, having the Mediterranean with the Sun. It is the greatest Sea on the North, the Atlantic River on that Side of Africa, ric Ocean on the West, the River sing out of a Lake of the fame Mulvia on the East, Mount At. Name in the Country of Medra, las and the River Ommirati on of Upper Ethiopia, divides Nic the South, which part it from gritia (Lat. i. e. The Land of Morocco. The Country is The Blacks) into two Parts, East mountainous and desart; but in and West, makes a Lake called fome Places it produces all ManBorno, passes by Congo, there it ner of Grain, Almonds, Figs, makes another Lake call's Guar. very large Grapes, Cattle, Leoda; and after a course of 750 pards, the best Horses in all German Miles Westward, falls Barbary, and the fierceft Lions into the Atlantic Ocean by fix in all Africa. It belongs to the great Streams, near Cape Verd. Emperor of Morocco, is divided It overflows its Banks, as the into seven Provinces, and is so Nile and many other Rivers do, called from Fez the capital City, for eight Days in the Month of which was so called from Pbuts Fune, and from the same natural or Phut, the Son of Ham: For Cause. The People of Nigritia there is the River Phthuth near are all Pagans.

a River of the fame Name, and (u) Almanfor, rather Al. another called Sebon. It is amanfór ; Arab. i.e. The Vietor ; bout 12 Miles round, and conas Seleucus King of Syria was tains many Gardens, Palaces, stiled Nicator, Gr. i. c. A Vic. Mosques, and about 300,000 tor. Jofepb Almanzor 1. was People ; of whom there are a. King of Morocco, who invaded bout 5coo Jews, and many rich Spain with 60,000 Horse, and Merchants. The chief Mosque 100,000 Foot, A. D. 1158. in Fez is a Mile and an half in He ufurped the Territories of Compass, the Roof is 150 the Spaniso Moors, who invited Yards long and 80 broad ; it him over, was beaten by the hath 30 large Gates, and above Chriflians, and sain with an 300 Cisterns to wash in. By 0. Arrow at the Siege of Santarex ther Writers this Country is cal. in Portugal.

led Lybia. : (a) Fez, rather Fess and Fej. fa; Arab. i. e. Sprinkled with

and Sus A, (y) Morocco and ALGIERS, (2) and TREMISEN: (a) From thence he saw EuROPE, and where ROME was to bear Dominion over the rest of the World. Perhaps he also saw in the Spirit, rich Me ICO; (6) the Seat of Mon


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() Sufá; from Sus, the prin- it, long before the Romans : The ċipal City, and a River of the Arabs call it Al-Jezeirat; the fame Name ; Arab. i. e. A Lil- Moors, Izeir ; the Turks, Je. ly. Another Kingdom of Mo- zair ; and the Europeans, Alger, rocco, containing Jeven Provin- Algiers, Algier, &c. It lies in ces, not well known as yet.' It a spacious Bay close by the Sea, bath Morocco on the North, the at the Bottom of a steep Hill. Kingdom of Tafilet on the East, The Mole was begun by Heyra. the Atlantic Ocean on the West, din Barbarossa, i. e. Red-Beard, and is not far from Mount At. a Pyrate, A. D. 1531. las.

(a) Tremifen, Tremizen, Tre() Algiers, Arab. i. e. The millen, properly Flemizen ; Arab. Mand; on account of a small The Arabs call it Marfa, i. c. Inland opposite to the Mole. A Port; and Al-kibir, i.e. The The largest Kingdom in Barba. Great; being the Portus magnus ry, about 6000 Miles from East of the Ancients; the fineft, fato Weft, and 250 from North to fest, and largest Harbour in all South, opon the Mediterraneatt Africa ; but now it is a poor Sea, over-againft Minorca, and Remnant of a vaft Kingdom. A 100 Miles from Sallee. It was Kingdom of Barbary, West of the Capital of AMauritania, in Algiers, about 300 Miles from the Days of King Juba, and Tremila, the capital City, has been subject to the Romans, which is very large, populous, Goths, Arabians, &c. The pre- and noble. It hath Fez on the fent Inhabitants are Moors, who West, Tunis on the East, and the settled there after their Expulsion Mediterranean Sea on the North. Out of Spain, A. D. 1492. It is The Romans called it Casarea now very rich, and the most noted Mauritania. Some say this Cl. Pirates in Africa abound there, ty was the Royal Seat of King The English burnt their Ships in Juba, and called Julia. This 1655 and 1670. The French bom. Kingdom is about 380 Miles barded their City in 1688. The long, but not above 25 Miles City is one of the finest, largest, broad. ftrongest, richest, and most po (6) Mexico ; American, i. e: pulous in all Africa: The City A Spring or Fountain, which ria is a League about. The Afri. ses out of a little Hill, called cans call it Muzgunna, from the Chapultepes, three Miles from Bene Muzgunna, i. e. The Sons the City, but convey'd in two of Muzgunna, who first founded Pipes upon Arches of Stone and

Brick :

TEZUME; (c) and Cusco, (d) in Peru, (e) the


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Brick: Or from Mexiti, the first Founder of it under Mexi their Captain, about A. D. 720: Or from Mexitili, their grand Idol. The first Name of it was Tenuchitan, i. e. A Fruit out of a Stone ; because it was first founded near a great Stone, and Tree bearing sweet Fruit, called Nuchtli ; and by the Spaniards, Tunas ; wherefore Mex. ico beareth for its Arms, a Tree springing out of a Stone. It standeth in the Middle of two Lakes, like Venice in the Adriatick Sea, and Mantua a fine City of Italy, in a Lake 5 Miles long; one is fresh, standing Water, and full of Fish; the other is saltish, bitter, ebbeth and Aoweth, but hath no Kind of Fish: One of them is 15 Miles long, and as much broad; the other is 45 Miles in Circuit: It was taken, plunder'd and burnt by the cruel Hernando Cortez, Aug. 13. A.D. 1521, in the 140th Year from the Foundation of the Royal Seat there ; who murder'd above 1,000,000 of miserable Souls. God punish'd them by this cruel Scourge, for their abominable Idolatry: For they had 2000 Gods, to whom they offer'd hu. man Sacrifices ; one Time 5000 : They sacrific’d 20,000 Men ayear ; so that in the great Temple, human Blood dash'd upon the Walls lay congeald above a Foot thick. This City giveth Name to the vast Kingdom of Mexico in North America, and to the whole Northern Continent of it, which is about 23,000

Miles round. It suffered much by an Inundation of the Lake, A. D. 1629, whereby 40,000 People perish'd, and by another in 1634. But now it is the richeft, nobleft, and moft popu. lous City in all North America, confifting of 70,000 Houses, befides ftately Churches, Courts of Judicature, Colleges, Palaces, &c. ** The People are of the Communion of the Church of Rome, the rest Pagans.

10) Montezume, Motezume, Molezuma, or Molencama ; American, i.e. A furly Prince; the 2d of that Name, and 9th King of Mexico; one of the mightielt Emperors upon Earth; he had 2000 tributary Kings ; his Topac, i. e. Palace, was most magnificent and immensely rich, his Attendance and Grandeur incre. dibly noble ; 'till Ferdinand Cortez with 9000 Spaniards, affifted with the People of Thascala, (4mer. i. e. A Land of Bread, or A Lady of Bread, from Tecal, i. e. a Lady, and Tefcal, i. e. a Cake or Bread) vanquish'd his Army, consisting of 350,000 Men, from A. D. 1518 to 1521, and have possess'd Mexico ever since.

(d) Cusco, or Cazco; Amer. A vast Country of South Ameri, ca, from the capital and Royal City of their Inge or Incas, i. e. Kings. The City stands in a Plain ainong Hills, in a fine Air, a pleasant and fruitful Land, and is as beautiful as any City in Exrope : The Walls were built of four-square Stone with wonder:


richer Seat of ATABALIPA; (f) and Guiana, (8)



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ful Art and Labour ; tho' they had not an Iron Tool, but grind. ed them upon others, and covered them with Plates of solid Gold and Silver. It was divi. ded into Hanan Cusco, i. e. the Higher Cusco; and Harin Cusco, i. e. the Lower Cusco ; and so vastly rich, that Francis Pizar. dus, who fack'd it, got such in.

i credible Treasures, that the 5th Part, which fell to the King of Spain, came to 400,000 Florins ; for all the Gold and Silver of Peru was carried thither ; but since then it is very much impaired in every Respect. It was ruined by an Earthquake, A. D.

(c) Peru or Perou; Amer. i. e. a Fisherman or Seaman; because the Spaniards asked one of the Natives the Name of the Country, who answered Perou, which signifies so much in their Language. All the South of America, from the Streights of Magellan to the Ifthmus of Da. rien or Panama, about 4000 Miles in Length, and 17,000 in Compass, is called Peru ; which is a large Peninsula, like Africa. Here, a particular Kingdom of it, the best of them all, and vastly rich in Gold, Silver, and Diamonds. This is bounded on the North with Terra Firma, on the East with the Country of the Amazons, and Rio de la Plata; on the South with Chili, and on the West with the South Sea; 1400 Miles in Length, and a.

bout 400 in Breadth. It was dilcovered by Columbus, A. D. 1496. By Alausa, by Vespucius; and conquered by Francis Pizarro, A. D. 1525. But fince that Time it is very much decay'd and ruinous.

(f) Atabalipa, or Atabaliba ; Amer. The last and one of the molt magnificent and peaceable Emperors of Peru. Francis Pin F Parrus, with 150 Foot and a few Horse, conquered him with 25,000 Men, and many Millions of miserable People ; but after the Prince had given him a House full of refined Gold and Silver, valued at 15 Millions, to save his Life, che cruel Villain strangled him, contrary to his Faith and Promise, A. D. 1533. The Seat of the Pe. ruvian Emperors had been at Cusco for 400 Years; therefore all these immense Riches were amassed therein ; so that the Royal Palace, the Temple of the Sun, the Walls and Houses were covered with Gold and Silver ; their Pots and other Utensils were of the same Metal; which Milton takes Notice of here.

(8) Guiana, Gujana, or Guaiana ; Amer. A large Coun. try of South America, under the Line, well watered, and the moft fruitful and beautiful Place in the World ; they have an everlasting Spring ; and count a Man dies young, if he does not

not yet plunder'd and enslav'd; whose great City the Sons of GERYON (b) call EL DORADO (3. But


live above 100 Years. It is the fair River : But the Euro. called so from the River Wia or peans called it and the Country Wiana ; and by our Sailors the so, at their first discovering of Nortb Cape; because it is the it ; because they saw many warmost remarkable Land on the like Women upon the Banks of North Coat of Peru. It is it, opposing their Landing and bounded on the North and East Conquest, resembling the antient with the Atlantic Ocean, on the Amazons B. IX. N. 1110; Sei South with the River of the A. a Survey of it, performed at the mazons, and on the West with Order of the King of Spain, by the River Oroonaka : It is about M. Christ. d'Acugna, translated 400 Miles in Length, and 150 into English, 1699. in Breadth. The Inhabitants (h) Geryon ; Gr. i, e. a Braware still Cannibals, Lat. i. e. ler. A King of Catalonia in Men-Eaters, like Dogs, and ve- Spain, who founded Granada, rý savage Pagans. It was disco. a City of Catalonia, and called vered A. D. 1541, by the Spa. it by his own Name. The Po niards. When Milton wrote ets say he had three Bodies, i. e. this, the Country had not been he was a gigantick Tyrant, and robbed and enslaved by them, King of three Kingdoms, vir. as others of Mexico and Peru Majorca, Minorca, and Ebufa; had been ; but now it is inhabić though he was rather a King of ted by the English, French, - Epirus, as the learned Bochart Dutch, and other Europeans. proves; but Hercules flew him The River Amazone is certainly for his Cruelty. “By Geryon's the greatest, richest, and most Sons Milton means the Spanifertile River upon the face of ards. the Earth ; (if we may except (i) El Dorado, or Elderado, Rio de la Plata, which is navi. The golden City ; from Eldora. gable for the greatest Ships, a dor, i. e. a Gilder; Sp. 'from bove 200 Leagues, and fixty the Lat. Aurum, Gold; as Baby. Leagues wide at the Mouth.) lon is called the Golden City, beIt is about 1276, some say 1800 cause of the vast Treasure there. Spanish Leagues, i. e. about in, fa. 14. 4. Manoa or -5408 English Miles in Length. Manhoa, che capital and Royal It runs from the Welt of Peru, City of Guiana : The greatest to the Eastern Ocean, 84 Leagues of South America, and perhaps broad at the Mouth, and is re- on Earth; for Diego Ordas, one plenith'd with 1000 other Rivers of Cortez's Companions, enter'd thro’ its Course, washing many it' at Noon and travelld til · rich Countries. The old Name Night, before he came to the

of it was Pajan quiris, i. e. The King's Palace ; and there he saw great River; and Hohio, i, e. so much Gold in Coin, Matt,

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