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of God; and now prepare thyself to see another Sight.


ADAM look'd, and saw a spacious Plain, upon which there were Tents (1) of different Size and Colours; By some there were Cattle grazing; from 0thers might be heard the melodious Sound of Instruments; the Harp, and Organ; and he was seen, who mov'd their Stops and Chords, his nimble Fingers going through all Proportions, low and high, correfponded in all the Parts. In another Part stood One, (m) labouring at a Forge, who had melted two maffy Pieces of Iron and Brass, (whether found where accidental Fire had destroy'd the Woods, upon some Mountain or Valley, down to the Veins of the Earth; thence flowing hot to fome Cave's Mouth: Or whether wash'd by Streams from under Ground) he drained the liquid Ore into Molds fitly prepar'd; from which he first form'd the Tools he was to work with; and then what else might be wrought or cast in Metal. After these, on the hither Side of the Plain, a different Sort of People descended from the high neighbouring Hills, which was their Habitation: By their Appearance they seem'd just Men, and the whole Purpose of their Study to worship God rightly, and to know his Works, which are not hidden; nor to know those Things laft, which might preserve


(1) Tents; Fr. from the Lat. i. e. Holding or containing; because therein Men and their because there in Menonnaning Houshold-Stuff were contained: Or from Nata, Heb. i. e. Stret. ched out; because they were moveable Habitations, extended upon the Ground. A military Term. Tabernacles, Booths, or Pavilions, with Coverings made of Canvas, to shelter Men from the Injuries of the Air;

for Soldiers, when they are in the Field; then four or five of them lie in one Tent, &c. In the first Ages of the World Men liv'd in Tents only ; and so they do to this Day in many Parts of Afsa and Africa ; bus through Europe they are only used for Soldiers.

(m) One: i. e. Tubal-Cain, the firft Matter of Smiths, Ger. 4. 22.

Freedom and Peace to Men: They had not walk'd long upon the Plain, when behold a Company of fair Women issued forth from the Tents, wantonly and gayly dress’d, and adorn’d with Jewels; they sung soft amorous Songs to Inftruments of Musick, and came on, dancing: The Men, though they were grave, ey'd them as they pass’d, and let their Eyes rove without Restraint; 'till drawn by strong Passion and Inclination, they began to like them, and each chose her he lik’d: And now they began to talk of Love, and let the Day pass on in nothing else; then grown warm, they light the nuptial Torch, and invoke HYMEN, then first invok'd, to give a Sanction to Marriage Rites: All the Tents resound with Festival and Musick. Such happy Interview and Intercourse, the fair Consequence of Love and Youth not loft, Songs, Garlands, Flowers, and charming Symphonies touch'd the Heart of ADAM with Pleasure, who was soon inclin'd to admit of Delight; (which is indeed too much the Bent of Nature!) and he thus express’d it:

BLEST Angel! and one of the chief of Heaven! true Opener of my Eyes! this Vision seems much better than those two pass'd, and foretells more Hope of peaceful Days: Those were full of Hate and DEATH, or Pains and Diseases much worse; here NATURE seems to have all her Ends answer'd:

To whom MICHAEL spoke in this Manner: Never judge of what is best by Pleasure, though it may feem conformable to NATURE; seeing thou art created to a nobler End, holy and pure, and in Conformity with God! Those Tents thou sawest, which appear'd so pleasant, they were the Tents of Wickedness; in which his Race shall dwell, who slew his Brother; they appear studious of Arts, that polish and adorn Life; and are Inventors of rare and curious

Things; Things; unmindful of their MAKER; though his Spirit taught them, but they acknowledge none of his Gifts: Yet they shall beget a beauteous Offspring; for that fair female Troop thou fawest there, they that seem'd like Goddefles, so blyth, so smooth, and gay; are yet destitute of all Good, wherein consists the domestick Honour and chief Praise of a Woman; but these are bred up only and accomplish'd to the Taste of sinful Desire, and learn to dance, and dress, and lifp, and glance with their Eyes. That sober Race of Men (whose religious Lives make them be call'd the Sons of GOD) shall ignobly yield up all their Virtue, and all their Fame, to the Arts and Smiles of these fair Atheists; and now fwim in Joy and laugh, though Judgment is near at Hand, and all their Laughing to be turn'd into Tears!

To whom ADAM made Answer; convinc'd of the Falseness of his Joy on the Sight of Pleasure: 0 what a Pity and Shame! that they who live good Lives, and begin so well, should turn aside to tread indirect Paths, or faint by the Way! But still I see the Tenor of Man's Misery holds on the same, and is to begin from WOMAN.

It begins, said the Angel, from the effeminate Slackness of Man, who by Wisdom, and the fuperior Gifts he hath receiv’d, should hold his Place bete ter: But now prepare thyself for another Sight.

ADAM look'd, and saw a wide Territory spread before him; Towns, and large Countries between them; Cities with lofty Gates and Towers, full of Inhabitants arm'd and gather'd together, with fierce Faces threatening War: They were great Giants, and fit for bold Enterprizes; Part wielded their Arms, and Part curb’d the War-horses; for there was both Horse and Foot, in a good Rank and Order of Bar


tle: One Way a select Band drove a Herd of fair Cattle from foraging in a fat Meadow Ground, or else a Flock of Sheep and Lambs over the Plain; which they had taken as their Booty: The Shepherds scarcely can escape with their Lives; but when Aed they call Assistance, which makes a bloody Fray. The Squadrons join in Battle; and now where the Cattle lately graz'd, the bloody and deserted Field lies scatter'd with Carcasses and Arms. Others encamp'd lay Siege to a strong City, assaulting it by Battery, Scaling, and Mining: Others defend it from the Walls with Darts, Javelins, Stones, and fulphurous Fire Slaughter and War raging on every Side. In the other Part, the Heralds call to Council at the Gates of the City; and presently assemble grey-headed and grave Men mix'd with Warriors; and they make Harangues: But Faction soon makes Opposition; 'till at last one ENOCH (1) rising up, of middle Age, distinguish'd from the rest by his wife Deportment, spoke much of Right and Wrong, of Justice, Religion, Truth, Peace, and Judgment from above; both young and old exploded him, and had laid violent Hands upon him, had not a Cloud descended, and amidst the Throng snatch'd him thence unseen: So Violence and Oppression, and Sword-law procee: ded through all the Plain, and there was no Refuge to be found. ADAM was all in Tears to see it, and full of fad Lamentation said thus to his Guide:

O! WHAT are these? These are Death's Minifters, not MEN! who thus inhumanly deal DEATH to Men, and ten-thousand-fold multiply the Sin of


(n) Enoch, or Hanoch ; Heb. i. 'e. Dedicated. The Son of Jared, and the seventh Patriarch from Adam, børn A. M. 622. He liv'd 365 Years in the mid. dle Age of the World, between

the Creation to the Flood ; and the middle Age of Men in those Days; and was translated into Paradise, without tafting of Death and Mortality.

him who New his Brother; for of whom do they make such general Slaughter, but of their Brethren; MEN of Men? But who was that just Man, whom, had not Heaven rescued him, had been loft in and for his Righteousness?

To whom MICHAEL replied thus: These are the Product of those ill-mated Marriages which thou fawest, where the Good are match'd with the Bad; who of themselves abhor to join; and being imprudently mix'd, produce prodigious Births of Body or Mind. Such these Giants shall be; Men of exceeding high Renown; for in those Days, Power only shall be admir'd, and call’d Valour and heroick Virtue: It shall be held the highest Pitch of human Glory to overcome in Battle, and fubdue Nations, and bring home Spoils with infinite Manslaughter; and this done only for the Glory of Triumph, to be stil'd great Conquerors and Patrons of MANKIND, and be called Gods and Sons of Gods; when they much more properly might be called Destroyers and the Plagues of MEN. Thus Fame and Renown shall be atchiev'd upon Earth; and that which most deserves Fame, shall be hid in Silence. But he, the seventh from thee, whom thou beheld'st the only righteous one in a perverse World; and therefore hated, therefore so surrounded with Foes, for daring singly to be just, and utter disagreeable Truth, " That God as would come to judge them with his Saints.” Him, the most High did, as thou sawest, take up to Heaven; for he was carried suddenly away, to walk with GOD, high in Salvation and the Regions of Bliss, being exempted from DEATH; to shew thee what Reward attends the Good, and to the Evil what Punishment; which now cast thy Eyes forward, and thou shalt soon fee:

ADAM look'd, and he saw the Appearance of Things quite chang'd: The Trumpets, that sounded


more prope MEN. Thund that whiche, the sevent

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