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so loud in the Battle, ceas'd; all was now turn'd to Game and Jollity, to Luxury, Riot, Feast, and Dance, marrying or prostituting, just as it happened ; committing Adultery, or even Rapes, where any Degree of Beauty allur'd them: To these Vices they added Drunkenness; and contentious Broils. At length there came a reverend Sire among them, and declar'd great Dislike of their wicked Actions; testifying against their Ways; he often frequented their Affemblies; going wheresoever they met; whether at Triumphs or Festivals, and preach'd to them Conversion and Repentance; as, to Souls that were in Bondage to Sin, and under imminent Judgment; but it was all in vain: Which when he saw, he left off contending, and remov'd his Tents far off from theirs: Then hewing tall Trees on the Mountains; he began to build a Vestel of large Bulk, measur'd by Cubits, Length, Breadth, and Height; smear'd round with Pitch; and in the Side he contriv'd a Door, and laid in a large Store of Provision; both for Man and Beast: When behold a strange Wonder! there came every Beast, and Bird, and little Infect, by Sevens and Pairs, and enter'd in, as taught their Order; last the reverend Sire and his Wife, and his three Sons with their Wives enter'd in also; and God shut them in. Mean while the South-Wind arose, and blowing fiercely, drove together all the Clouds from under Heaven; the Hills Tent up to fill them Vapours and moist Exhalations: And now the thicken'd Sky was all overcast; the impetuous Rain rush'd down, and it continued raining 'till the Earth was seen no more : The floating Ark (0) fwam upon the Water, and seDd


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(0) The Ark of Noah. It took the Hint of Navigation. was the first Ship in the World ; It was made of Cedar or CyGod gave the Form and Mea- prus, which hath a bitter Sap in sures, and Noah was che Master. it, therefore no Worms touch it, Builder of it ; and from i: Men and it doch not rot ; for this ve.

curely floated over the Waves: All other Dwellings the Flood overwhelm'd, and with them rowl'd all their Pomp deep under the Water, one Wave following upon another: The Sea was without Shore, and the Palaces, where Luxury reign'd lately, became the Habitation of Sea-Monsters; all that was left of MANKIND, lately fo numerous, embark'd in one fmall Bottom. How then, ADAM, didst thou grieve, ta behold the End of all thy Offpring, and so fad an universal Dispeopling of the World! another Flood of Tears and Sorrow drown'd thee alfo, and funk thee like thy Sons; 'till gently rais'd up by the Angel, thou at last stood'st upon thy Feet, though comfortless; as when a Father mourns for his Children, which are destroy'd all at once in his Sight. He had scarce Power to utter to the Angel this Complaint:

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sy End, that it might be a last- crifices, went into the Ark by ing Monument to future Gene- Sevens ; that Noah might have rations, both of their Sin, Pu. wherewith to atone the Deity for nishment, and miraculous Deli. his miraculous Deliverance, verance. Josephus and Epipha. which he did, Gen.8 20.

66 And nius affirm, that the Remains of Noah builded an Altar unto it were to be seen in their Times, • the Lord, and took of every and that was about 3000 Years “ clean Beast, and of every after the Building of it. In it « clean Fowl, and offered Noah continued a whole Year “ Burnt-offerings on the Altar.” and 11 Days. " In the fix Of the unclean Sort there were “ hundredth Year of Noah's only two, the Male and the fe“ Life, in the second Month, male, to preserve and propagate “ the seventeenth D.y of the every Species afterwards : For “ Month, the same Day were he made no Use of the Flesh of o all the Fountains of the great

any of these; that was not " Deep broken up, and the granted 'till the Flood was over, ... Windows of Heaven were 0.

Gen. 9. 3, 4.

Every moving " pened. And the Rain was

Thing that liveth'fhall be upon the Earth forty Days • Meat for you ; even as the “ and forty Nights. And in green Herb have I given you "..the second Month, on the “all Things : But Flesh with • seven and ewentieth Day of " the Life thercof, which is the " the Month, was the Earth “ Blood thereof, shall you nos ...dried.” The clean Beifts, or " eat." those that were appomied for Sa

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WHAT Visions of Ill do I foresee! How much better had it been for me, to have liv’d ignorant of what was to happen hereafter! So I had born only my own Part of Evil, that of each Day being sufficient for the Day; now all those that were distributed and divided, to be the Burthen of many Ages, by my Fore-knowledge light at once upon me; gaining an untimely Birth to torment me, before their Being, with the Thoughts that they must be. Henceforward, let no MAN desire to be foretold what shall befall him or his Children; for he may be assur'd before-hand, that it will be Evil; which his Fore-knowing can in no wife prevent; and as for the future Evil, he shall feel it; not only actually, but full as much in Apprehension; how grievous is that to bear! But that Care is past now; there are no Men to give Warning to; those few who have escap'd Famine and Ana guish; will at last be lost, wandering upon the barren Waters. I had conceiv'd Hope, that when Violence and War would have ceas'd upon Earth; that then all would have gone well; that Peace would have crowned the Race of Man with Length of happy Days But I find, that I was greatly deceiv'd! for now I perceive that Peace corrupts as much as War wastes. Unfold to me, thou who art a Guide from Heaven! how comes it, that thefe Things are so? And tell me, whether the Race of MANKIND will end here?

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To whom MICHAEL made Answer thus: Those, whom thou saweft last in Triumph and luxurious Wealth, are they who will first be seen in Acts of eminent Valour and great Exploits, but will be destitute of true Virtue; who having spilt much Blood, and made a greast Devastation in fubduing Nations, and having thereby obtain’d in the World Fame, high Titles, and rich Prey ; shall change the Courte of their Lives to Pleasure, Eale, Surfeit, and Luit; Dd 2


'till Wantonness and Pride, even in Time of Peace, and among Friends, shall cause Strife, and hostile Deeds. Those also, who are conquer'd, and enslav’d by War, shall with their Freedom lose all their Virtue, and all Fear of God; from whom (as they had but a pretended Piety) they found no Affistance in the sharp Contest of Battle against Invaders; therefore grown cool in their. Zeal, they shall thenceforward practice how to live secure, either in a worldly or difTolute Manner, upon what their Lords and Conquerors shall leave them to enjoy: (for the Earth shall bear much more than enough, for the Trial of Temperance) So, all shall turn degenerate, all shall be deprav'd, and Justice, Temperance, Truth, and Faith be forgot; excepting No AH, (P) who shall be the only Son of Light in that dark Age; he will be good against all bad Example, against all Allurements, Customs, and an offended World: Not standing in Fear of Reproach, Scorn, or Violence, he shall admonish them of their Ways, and set before them the Paths of Righteousness, Thewing how much more safe they are, and full of Peace; threatening Wrath to come, if they should remain impenitent; and for this teaching he shall be derided by them. But the only just Man alive, being observ'd by God, shall by his Command build a wondrous Ark, (as thou hast beheld) to fave himself and his Household, from a World devoted to universal Ruin. No sooner shall he, with those of MANKIND, and all living Creatures selected to preserve the Kind, be lodg’d in the Ark, and shut in faft; but all the Cataracts of Heaven shall


(0) Noab, or Noach; Heb. concile God to Man. Noe i. e. A Reft. Names were given (whom the Tatars call Nui) was Men in those Days, by divine born A. M. 1056, and lived Inspiration : His Nanie was a 950 Years. Noah is the Ogy. Prophecy of Lamech's, that that

ges, Deucalion, and Saturn of Child should give Reft and Com- the Heathens. fort to the new World, and re.

be set open, and pour Rain Day and Night upon the Earth; all the Fountains of the Deep shall be broke up, and heave the Ocean beyond all its former Bounds; 'till an Inundation rise above the highest Hills. Then this Mount of Paradise, by the Power of the Waves shall be mov'd out of its Place, by the Violence of the raging Flood, with all its Verdures spoild, and all its Trees adrift down the great River to the main Ocean; and there take Root, and be a bare and salt Inand, be the Haunt of Fish, aud be fill'd with the Noise of Water-Fowls; to teach thee, that GOD attributes no Holiness to Place, if none be brought thither by MEN, who frequent or dwell in it. And now behold what there is further to come to pass.


ADAM look'd and saw the Ark floating to and fro upon the Flood, which was now abated; for the Clouds were fed away, driven by a keen NorthWind, that blowing hard and dry, began to lessen the Bulk of the Waters, and the clear Sun shone hot upon the wide watery Deluge, (9) and drew up confiderably from the Waves; which made their Flowing shrink, and they ebb’d softly towards the Deep; whose Sluices were now stopp'd, and the Windows of Heaven shut also. The Ark now floats no longer, but seems on Ground, fix'd fast on the Top of some high Mountain :(r) Now the Tops of the Hills began

Dd 3


(9) Deluge ; Lat. i. e. Wafl. laid all Attica under Water, A. ing or sweeping away; an Inun. M. 2185, or 2208, 1020 Years dation or Overflowing of the before the firit Olympiad, and Earth with Water. There have in the Days of Jacob. The 3d been several Deluges in different was that of Deucalion, about 15 Countries : This was the first, an Years before the Children of If. universal one, and the most fa- rael departed out of Egypt. mous in History : It was in the There was a violent one at Pe 6ooth Year of Noah, A. M. kin, A. D. 1688. 1656. The second was that of (r) Mountain. This is call'd Ogyges King of Thebes, which Ararat in Armenia, Gen. 8. 4.


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