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Revelation, Chap. xix.

LL ye who faithful fervants are

of our Almighty King,

A Both high and low, and small and great, his praile devoutly fing!

Let us rejoice and render thanks
Rejoice, rejoice! for now is cume
His bride herself has ready made,
Which is her faints' integrity,
O therefore blefs'd is every one,
And holy supper of the Lamb,

to his most holy Name;
the marriage of the Lamb.
how pure and white her drefs!
and fpotless holiness.
who to the marriage feast,
is made a welcome guest!


The Thanksgiving in the Church Communion Service.

Twebles, we praffe, we worship thee,
God glory, peace on earth,
And thanks for thy great glory give,
O Lord! God! heav'nly King! the God
And thou, begotten Son of God,
O Jefu Chrift! God, Lamb of God,
Have mercy, thou that tak'ft the fins
Have mercy, Saviour of mankind,
O thou, who fitt'ft at God's right hand,
Have mercy on us, Thou, O Chrift,
Thou, Lord,--who with the Holy Ghoft,
In glory of the Father art


God, our benefactor, bring Toomall for an Almighty King, Glory to Thee, blefs'd Three in One, As was, and is, and shall be done,

and glorify thee still.

to all mankind good-will;

that fills our fouls with light;
and Father of all might.
before all time begun;
the Father's only Son!
of all the world away!
and hear us when we pray!
upon the Father's throne,
who art the Holy One!
whom earth and heav'n adore,
moft high for evermore.


the tribute of your praife;
but all that we can raife.
the God whom we adore ;
when time shall be no more.

PRAISE God, from whom all bleffings flow; praife him, all creatures here below;

Praise him above, ye heav'nly hoft, praife Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft.

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God is our refuge in diftrefs

Give ear, thou Judge of all the earth
God in the great affembly ftands
God's temple crowns the holy mount
meny, H

How bleft is he who ne'er consents



Pfalm Lord, hear the voice of my complaint 5 Lord, who's the happy man that may 15+ 73 Let all the lift'ning world attend 42 Let all the juft to God with joy 33-4






Lord, fave me for thy glorious Name 54 Lord, hear my cry, regard my pray'r 61 Lord, hear the voice of my complaint 64 Let all the lands, with fhouts of joy 66 Let God, the God of battle, rife Lord, let thy juft decrees the king 31 Lord, thou hast granted to thy land 85 56 Lord, not to us, we claim no fhare 115 59 Let David, Lord, a conftant place 132 Lord, hear my pray'r, and to my cry 1434





65 My God, my God, why leav't thoume 22 129 My crafty foe, with flatt'ring art 130 My foul for help on God relies 144 My foul, infpir'd with facred love My foul with grateful thoughts


103 16

No change of times thall ever shock 184

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O Lord, thou art my righteous judge 4
0 Lord my God, fince I have plac'd
O thou, to whom all creatures bow
O Lord, my rock, to thee I cry



How num'rous, Lord, of late are grown
How long wilt thou forget me, Lord
He's blefs'd, whofe fins have pardon
Happy the man, whose tender care
Have mercy, Lord, on me
Hear, O my people; to my law
Hold not thy peace, O Lord our God
He that has God his guardian made
How good and pleasant muft it be
How Bleft are they who always keep
Had not the Lord, may Ifrael fay
How vaft muft their advantage be

Judge me, O Lord, for I the paths
I'll celebrate thy praises, Lord
I waited meekly for the Lord
Juft Judge of heav'n, against my foes
In vain, O man of lawless might
In thee I put my fteadfast truft
In Judah the Almighty's known
Jehovah reigns, let all the earth
Jehovah reigns, let therefore all
In deep diftrefs I oft have cried




47 60 63


80 84


30 all ye people, clap your hands O Lord, our fathers oft have told 130 God, who haft our troops 320 God, my gracious God, to thee 40 Lord, to my relief draw near O Ifrael's fhepherd, Jofeph's guide 83. O God of hofts, the mighty Lord 90 God, to whom revenge belongs O Lord, the faviour and defence 119 Of mercy's never-failing fpring O come, loud anthems let us fing 124 O render thanks, and blefs the Lord 105 133 O render thanks to God above O God, my heart is fully bent 26 O God, whofe former mercies 30

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Protect me from my cruel foes 16 To God I cried, who to my help 77
Praife ye the Lord; our God.111 To God, our never-failing ftrength 81+
Preserve me, Lord, from crafty foes 140 To my complaint, O Lord my God 86
To thee, my God and Saviour, I 88
Thy mercies, Lord, fhall be my fong 89+
To God your grateful voices raife 107
That man is bleft, who ftands in awe 112
The Lord unto my Lord thus fpake 110+
To Sion's hill I lift my eyes

Refolv'd to watch o'er all my ways





Since I have plac'd my truft in God II
Since godly men decay, O Lord
Sure wicked fools muft needs
Speak, O ye judges of the earth
Save me, O God, from waves that roll 69
Sing to the Lord a new-made fong
Sing to the Lord a new-made fong






Thy dreadful anger, Lord, reftrain
To celebrate thy praife, O Lord
Thy presence why withdraw'st thou 10
To my juft plea and fad complaint 17
The heav'ns declare thy glory, Lord 19
The Lord to thy request attend 20
The King, O Lord, with fongs of praife21
The Lord himfelf, the mighty Lord 23
This fpacious earth is all the Lord's 24
To God, in whom I truft
Thro' all the changing scenes of life 34
Tho' wicked men grow rich or great 3
Thy chaft'ning wrath, O Lord 38
The Lord, the only God, is great 48
The Lord hath fpoke,the mighty God so
The wicked fools must fure fuppofe 53
Thy mercy, Lord, to me extend 57
To blefs thy chofen race

To thee, O God, we render praife

121 The man is bleft who fears the Lord 128Thou, Lord, by ftricteft fearch.130 To God the mighty Lord 136 To thee, O Lord, my cries afcend 141 To God, with mournful voice Thee I'll extol, my God and King w

142 145+

With reftlefs and ungovern'd rage 2
Whom thould I fear, lince God to me 27
While I the king's loud praise 45
Why haft thou caft us off, O God 74
With glory clad, with ftrengtharray'd934
With one confent let all the earth 100+
When I pour out my foul in prayer 102
When Ifrael, by th' Almighty led 114
With cheerful notes let all the earth 117
Who place on Sion's God their truft 125-4
When Sion's God her fons recall'd 126
We build with fruitlefs coit, unless 127
When we, our wearied limbs to reft 137
With my whole heart, my God



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VENI CREATOR,-Firft and Second Metre.

TE DEUM LAUDAMUS,-Firft and Second Part.

CHRISTMAS DAY,-Morning and Evening Service.

EASTER DAY,-Firft and Second Hymns.

HYMN for the Sacrament.

HYMN for the Morning.




LORD'S PRAYER,-Firft Metre with GLORIA PATRI,and Second Metre.





Directions about the Tunes and Measures.

ALL Pfalms of this Version in trd Lines on

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that is, where the first and third Lines of the fingle Stanza confift of eight Syllables each, the fecond and fourth Lines of fix Syllables each, may be fung to any of the moft ufual Tunes, namely, York Tune, Windfor Tune, St. David's, Litchfield, Canterbury, Martyr's, St. Mary's alias Hackney, St. Anne's Tune, &c.

As the Old 25th Pfaim, may be fung the New 25, 31, 51, 67, 130, 142.
As the Old 113, the 37, 46, 50, 63, 76, 91, 110, 113, 120.

As the Old 148, the 136, 148.

As the Old 104, the 149.

The Pfalms in this Verfion of four Lines in a fingle Stanza, and eight Syllables in each Line, (if Pfalms of praise or cheerfulness) may properly be fung as the Old 100th Pfalm, or to the Tune of the Old 125th Pfalm, Second Metre.

The Penitential or Mournful Pfalms, in the fame Measure, may be fung as the Old 51ft Pfalm.


Astore the Lord, in there our prayers and Supplications; and grant that thofe things which we ask faithfully, we may obtain effectually, through Jefus Chrift our Lord.


HANKS be to thy holy Name, moft gracious God, for this opportunity

Tof attending thy publick Service; and grant, O Lord, that neither our

Inattention or want of Devotion may render our imperfect Petitions unac ceptable in thy fight, through Jefus Christ our Lord.

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The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council.

UPON the humble Petition of NICHOLAS BRADY, and NAHUM TATE, this Day read at the Board, setting forth, that the Petitioners have, with their utmost Care and Industry, completed A New Version of the Psalms of David, in English Metre, fitted for the publick Use; and humbly praying his Majesty's Royal Allowance, that the said Version may be used in such Congregations as shall think fit to receive it:

His Majesty, taking the same into his Royal Consideration, is pleased to order in Council, That the said New Version of the Psalms, in English Metre, be, and the same is hereby allowed and permitted to be used in all such Churches, Chapels, and Congregations, as shall think fit to receive the same.


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