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First Metre.

OME, Holy Ghoft; Creator, come,

the fouls of

Me hall Ghird Gratarts with life; infpire them new with life divine.

Thou art the Comforter, the gift
The everlasting spring of joy,
Thy gifts are manifold; thou writ'st
The promise of the Father, thou
Enlighten our dark fouls, till they
And (fince we are by nature frail)
Drive far from us the mortal foe,
That, with thy light and guidance bleft,
Teach us the Father to confefs,
And, with the Father and the Son,
With thee, O Father, therefore may
And facred Comforter, one God,


COME, Holy Ghoft; Creator, come,

of God moft high; the fire of love,
and holy unction from above.
God's laws in ev'ry faithful heart;
doft heavenly eloquence impart.
thy love, thy heav'nly love embrace;
aflift us with thy faving grace.

and grant us to have peace within;
we may escape the fñares of fin.
and Son, who from the grave reviv'd;
thee, Holy Ghoft, from both deriv'd.
the Son, who was from death restor❜d,
to endless ages be ador'd!


Till ev'ry heart which thou haft made
Thou art the Comforter, the gift
The everlasting spring of joy,
Thy gifts are manifold, thou writ'ft
The promise of the Father, thou
Enlighten our dark fouls, till they
Affift our minds, by nature frail,
Drive far from us the mortal foe,
That, by thy guidance blefs'd, we may
Teach us the Father to confefs,
And, with them both, thee, Holy Ghoft,
With thee, O Father, therefore, may
And facred Comforter, one God,
As in all ages heretofore

As now it is, and shall be fo

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infpire the fouls of thine;
is fill'd with grace divine.
of God, and fire of love;
and unction from above.
God's laws in each true heart;
doft heav'nly fpeech impart.
thy facred love embrace;
with thy celeftial grace.
and give us peace within;
efcape the fnares of fin.
and Son, from death reviv'd;
who art from both deriv'd.
the Son, from death reftor'd,
devoutly be ador'd:

has conftantly been done,
when time his courfe has run.


The First Part.

God, we praise thee, and confefs
And everlasting Father art,

To thee all Angels cry aloud;
Both Cherubim and Seraphim,
O holy, holy, holy Lord,

The world is with the glory fill'd
Th' Apoftles' glorious company,
With all the Martyrs' noble hoit,
The holy Church throughout the world,
That thou eternal Father art,
Thy honour'd, true, and only Son,
Of never-ceafing joy: O Chrift,
The Father's everlafting Son,
To fave mankind, and didft not then
And, having overcome the fting
The gates of heav'n to all, who firm

that thou the only Lord
by all the earth ador'd.
to thee the powers on high,
continually do cry,

whom heav'nly hotts obey;
of thy majestic ray.

and Prophets crown'd with light,
thy conftant praise recite.

O Lord, confeffes thee;
of boundless majefty.
and Holy Ghost the spring
of glory thou art King.
thou from on high didft come
difdain the Virgin's womb.
of death, thou open'dit wide
in thy belief abide.

The Second Part.

Crown'd with the Father's glory, thou
Whence thou fhalt come to be our Judge,
O therefore fave thy fervants, Lord,
Nor let the purchase of thy blood,
We magnify thee day by day,
Vouchsafe to keep us, Lord, this day
Have mercy, mercy on us, Lord,
According as for mercy we
In thee I have repos'd my truft,
Preferve me then from ruin here,
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft,
Be glory; as it was, is now,

at God's right hand doft fit
to fentence or acquit.
whofe fouls fo dearly coft;
thy precious blood, be loft.
and ever worship thee:
from fin and danger free.
to us thy grace extend;
on thee alone depend!
and ever thall do fo;
and from eternal woe.
the God whom we adore,
and fhall be evermore.


Morning Service.

[IGH let us fwell our tuneful notes,

and join th' angelic throng,

H'Gor angels fofuch love have known, t' awake a cheerful fong.

Good-will to finful men is fhown,
For, lo! th'incarnate Saviour comes
Juftice and grace, with sweet accord,
Let heav'n and earth in concert join,
Glory to God in highest ftrains,
His glory by our lips proclaim'd,

and peace on earth is given;
with messages from heaven.
his rifing beams adorn;
to us a Child is born.
in highest worlds be paid;
and by our lives display'd.

When shall we reach thofe blissful realms where Chrift exalted reigns?

And learn of the celeftial choir

their own immortal strains?

Evening Service.

HARK, the herald angels fing,

Peace on earth, and mercy mild,

Joyful all ye nations rife,
With th' angelic hoft proclaim,

Glory to the new-born King,
God and finners reconcil'd:
join the triumph of the skies,
Chrift is born in Bethlehem.

Hark, the herald angels fing, Glory to the new-born King.

Chrift by higheft heav'n ador'd,
Late in time behold him come,
Veil'd in flesh the Godhead he,
Pleas'd as man with man appear,

Hark, the herald, &c.
Hail the heav'n-born Prince of Peace!
Light and life to all he brings,
Mild he lays his glory by,
Born to raise the fons of earth,

Hark, the herald, &c.

Chrift the everlafting Lord, offspring of a virgin's womb: hail th' incarnate Deity: Jefus our Immanuel here.

hail the Sun of righteousness! ris'n with healing in his wings: born that man no more may die : born to give them fecond birth.


Firft Hymn.

SINCE Chrift, our paffover, is flain

Let all with thankful hearts agree
Not with the leaven, as of old,
But with unfeign'd fincerity,
Chrift, being rais'd by pow'r divine,
Shall die no more; death fhall on him
For that he died, 'twas for our fins
But that he lives, he lives to God
So count yourselves as dead to fin,
And made henceforth alive to God,
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft,
Be glory; as it was, is now,

a facrifice for all;
to keep the festival:
of fin and malice fed;
and truth's unleaven❜d bread.
and refcu'd from the grave,
no more dominion have.
he once vouchsaf'd to die;
for all eternity.

but graciously reftor'd,
through Jefus Chrift our Lord.
the God whom we adore,
and thall be evermore.

Second Hymn.


HRIST from the dead is rais'd, and made the firftfruits of the tomb ;

For as by man came death, by man
For as in Adam all mankind

So by the righteousness of Chrift
If then ye rifen are with Chrift,
The things that are above, where Chrift
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft,
And fuff'ring faints on earth adore,
As now it is, and fo thall laft,

did refurrection come.
did guilt and death derive,
fhall all be made alive.
feek only how to get

at God's right hand doth fit.
the God whom heav'n's triumphant hoft,
be glory; as in ages paft,
when time itself fhall be no more.

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Or, The SONG of Zacharias, Luke i. 68.

OW blefs'd be Ifrael's Lord and God,

N Has vifited his people's grief,

And rais'd in faithful David's houfe
E'er fince the world itself began,
To fave us from our fpiteful foes,
Which he to Abr'am heretofore,
That we, from fear and danger freed,
And all our days, as in his fight,
And thou, O Child, fhalt then be call'd
His meffage, and before his face
To give them light, who now in shades
And in the way that leads to peace

whofe mercy at our need
and them from bondage freed;
falvation, which of old,
his prophets had foretold.
and keep his oath in mind,
and to our fathers fign'd;
his temple may frequent;
in holy life be spent.

God's prophet, to declare
his paffage to prepare:
of night and death abide;
our footsteps fafely guide.


Or, The SONG of the Blessed Virgin, Luke i. 46.

Y foul and fpirit, fill'd with joy,

my God and Saviour praise,

M whole goodnets did from poor eftate his humble handmaid raife.

Me blefs'd of God, the God of pow'r,
Whose Name is holy, and whofe love
The proud, and all their vain defigns,
He caft the mighty from their feat,
The hungry with good things were fill'd,
He fent his fervant Ifr'el help,
Which to our fathers heretofore
To Abr'am and his chofen feed
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft,
Be glory; as it was, is now,

all ages fhall confefs;

his faints fhall ever bless.

he quickly did confound;
the meek and humble crown'd.
the rich with hunger pin'd;
and call'd his love to mind;
by oath he did infure,
for ever to endure.
the God whom we adore,
and fhall be evermore.

Or, The SONG of Simeon, Luke ii. 29.

LORD, let thy fervant now depart
Since my expecting eyes have been
Which till this time thy favour'd faints
Long fince prepar'd, but now fet forth
A light to fhew the heathen world
But, O! the light and glory both
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft,
Be glory; as it was, is now,

I Steadfastly believe in God,


into thy promis'd reft,
with thy falvation bleft:
and prophets only knew ;
in all the people's view.
the way to faving grace;
of Ifrael's chofen race.
the God whom we adore,
and fhall be evermore.


Who made this lower world, and all
And I believe in Jefus Chrift,
Th' Almighty Father's only Son,
Conceiv'd by th' Holy Ghoft, and of
By Pontius Pilate doom'd to bear
Was crucify'd, and for a time,
Defcended into hell; and rofe
Afcended up to heav'n; and there
From whence he thall return to judge.
I likewife firmly do believe,
The holy univerfal Church,
Forgiveness of repented fins,
The refurrection of the dead,
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft,
Be glory; as it was, is now,

the Father of all might;
the glorious worlds of light.
the everlafting Word;
and our moft gracious Lord.
the Virgin Mary born;
moft bitter pains and fcorn;
both dead and bury'd lay;
to life on the third day;
at God's right hand is plac'd;
the quick and dead at lant.
O Holy Ghoft, in thee;
and faints' community.
(through Chrift, our facrifice,)
and life that never dies.
the God whom we adore,
and fhall be evermore.


UR Father, who in heav'n art,

First Metre.

be in

Thy kingdom come away we fulfil, who dwell on earth, thy heav'nly will

With equal cheerfulness and love,

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as faints and angels do above.

us into no temptation lead:
from fin, and ev'ry thing that's ill ;
and glory are for evermore.

the God whom all the facred hoft
all glory be; as heretofore
to ages of eternity.

Second Metre.

UR art,

all hallow'd be

Father, who in heavy will be done throughout his earthly frame,

As cheerfully as 'tis by thofe
Lord, let thy bounty day by day
As we forgive our enemies,
Into temptation lead us not,
For kingdom, pow'r, and glory, all
Thine from eternity they were,

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who dwell with thee on high;
our daily food supply.
thy pardon, Lord, we crave;
but us from evil fave.
belong, O Lord, to thee;
and thine fhall ever be.


Lord, turn not thy face from me,
Lamenting all: my finful life
A gate which opens wide to those
Shut not that gate against me, Lord,
And call me not to ftrict account,
For then my guilty confcience knows
I need not to confefs my life
What I have been, and what I am;
The circumftances of my crimes,
Thou know't them all; and more, much
Therefore, with tears, I come to beg
For pardon, like a child that dreads
So come I to thy mercy-gate,
Imploring pardon for my fin,
O Lord, I need not to repeat
Thou know'ft, O Lord, before I ask,
Mercy, good Lord, mercy I afk,
For mercy, Lord, is all my fuit;
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft,
Be glory; as it was, is now,

who lie in woeful ftate, before thy mercy-gate; that do lament their fin: but let me enter in. how I have fojourn'd here; how vile I fhall appear. to thee, who beft can tell I know thou know'ft it well. their number and their kind, more than I can call to mind: of my offended God, his angry parent's rod. where mercy doth abound, to heal my deadly wound. the comfort I would have: the blefling I do crave. this is the total fum; Lord, let thy mercy come ! the God whom we adore, and shall be evermore.

SONG OF THE ANGELS, At the Nativity of our Blessed THILE thepherds watch'd their flocks by The angel of the Lord came down, "Fear not," faid he, (for mighty dread "Glad tidings of great joy I bring "To you, in David's town, this day "The Saviour, who is Chrift the Lord;--"The heav'nly Babe you there fhall find "All meanly wrapt in fwathing-bands, Thus fpake the Seraph, and forthwith Of angels, praifing God, and thus "All glory be to God on high,

Saviour, Luke ii. 8---15,
night, all feated on the ground,
and glory fhone around.
had feiz'd their troubled mind,)
to you and all mankind
is born of David's line,
and this fhall be the fign:
to human view display'd,
and in a manger laid."
appear'd a fhining throng
addrefs'd their joyful fong:
and to the earth be peace;

"Good-will henceforth from Heav'n to men begin, and never cease."



Out of the Revelation of St. John.
art worthy to receive;

honour, and wealth to gain,
a facrifice was flain.

HOU, God, all glory, honour, pow'r,
And worthy is the Lamb, all pow'r,
Glory and itrength; who for our fins
All worthy thou, who haft redeem'd
From ev'ry nation, ev'ry coaft,
Bleffing and honour, glory, pow'r,
To him that fits upon the throne,

and ranfom'd us to God,
by thy most precious blood.
by all in earth and heav'n,
and to the Lamb be giv'n.

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