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and dangerous voyage from Ohio to the Pacific coast, in company with two young friends and a guide. Deerfoot in the Forest. By Edward S. Ellis.

The first volume to be issued in the "New Deerfoot" series. The book is based on facts in history which occurred during the Lewis and Clarke Expeditions. The rescue of two boys from the Indians by Deerfoot, a Christianised savage, and their adventurous journey home is the plot of the story. J. Steeple Davis has illustrated the book. Russia. Two volumes. By, Théophile Gautier.

The prominence which Russia occupies in the current events gives timeliness to this work. The history of this country, her artistic works, her great men, her experiences in previous wars and her recent conflict with the Japanese are described by M. Gautier and by "other distinguished French travellers and writers of note." The translation from the French has been made by Florence MacIntyre Tyson, who has added a chapter upon the struggle for supremacy in the Orient. Fifty photogravures illustrate the volumes. The typography of the work deserves special mention.

The United States a Christian Nation. By David J. Brewer.

Three lectures-The United States a Christian Nation, Our Duty as Citizens, The Promise and the Possibility of the Future-delivered to the students of Haverford College.


The Saalfield Publishing Company:

Frances and the Irrepressibles at Buena Vista Farm. By Frances Trego Montgomery.

The many amusements of a party of children, seven boys and seven girls, at a farmhouse one summer are told in such a way as to interest half-grown children. The half-tone illustrations are numerous and deserve special mention. A Chronicle of Christmas. By Jeannette Grace Watson.

Some of the old-time customs, with explanations of various Christmas legends and their origin, are issued in holiday attire. There are also several appropriate poems.

Sweeter Still Than This. By Adah Louise Sutton.

Thirteen love poems issued for the holidays. There are tinted marginal decorations, ornaments and several fullpage half-tones.

Ole Ann. By Jeannette Grace Watson.

Ten stories of negro life in the South at the time when the people were obliged to depend upon themselves for a living. The first story gives the book its title, others are: Monon, Polly, After Freedom Came, Pauliny, From the Kingdom o' Calloway, etc. The volume is illustrated.


The Cuyahoga Telephone Company:
Telephone Investments and Others. By
Frederick S. Dickson.

In this pamphlet the author compares the telephone with various other forms of investment offered to the American public.


George William Browning:

A Southern Flight. By Frank Dempster Sherman and Clinton Scollard.

This collection of about forty lyrics on Southern themes takes its title from the initial poem.


Bobbs-Merrill Company:

Everyday Etiquette. By Marion Harland.

The title of this book is self-explanatory. It deals with cards, calls, correspondence, weddings, débuts, neighbours and allowances; and gives advice concerning etiquette at home, in public, in sport, for girls, of church, etc. Choosing a Career. By Orison Swett Marden.

The first part of this work deals with the things to be considered relative to the choosing of one's life work. Some of the chapters discuss the influence upon a career of parents and environments, others are upon such subjects as Stumbling into an Occupation, Health in Its Relation to Vocation, Belittling Occupations, A Career which Leads to Aspiration, etc. The second part gives suggestions as to possible careers. These apply to both men and women and include almost every line of work.

Radiant Motherhood. By Margaret E. Sangster.

"A friendly message to mothers, to those who believe in the life simple and the life beautiful, to those who think this is a good world to live in, and would fain bring up their children to adorn it." The scope of the book may be seen from the following selection of chapter-titles: The Maternal Attitude,

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Good Things and Graces. By Isabel Goodhue.

Such well-known persons as Alexander, Brutus, Diogenes, Omar, Villon, Xantippe, Zenobia, etc., are humorously portrayed in this volume, which is designed to amuse.

This little booklet contains thirty ethical recipes for delicacies and for the "plain foods" of life. A glance at the index shows some of these things to be Game Pie, Johnny Cake, Gold Cake, Lady Fingers, Summer Salad, Angel's Food, Irish Stew, etc. An idea of the general character of the book may be had from the following recipe of Lady Fingers: "Composed of equal parts of gracious kindnesses, dainty appearances, skilful achievements, soothing touches. The work is marginally decorated and presents an artistic appearance.

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Womanhood in Art. By Phebe Estelle Spalding.

An interpretation of a few of the bestknown ideal conceptions of womanhood in art. The subjects dealt with are Venus de Milo, Eve, Mona Lisa, Beatrice Cenci, Madonna of the Chair, and Sistine Madonna. Six full-page reproductions of these paintings illustrate the volume.

IOI Entrées. worth.

Compiled by May E. South

A book of entrée recipes. Oysters, fish, meat, vegetables, game, fowl, mushrooms, eggs, cheese and sweets are the classifications into which they are divided.

Teddy Sunbeam. By Charlotte Grace Sperry.

Nineteen little fables for little housekeepers. Teddy Sunbeam, who is an impersonation of the sun, figures prominently in each story. There are many characteristic illustrations in the book. The Menehunes. By Emily Foster Day.

The story of the Menehunes-a mysterious little people of the rocks in Hawaii-their adventures with the fisherman and how they built the canoe is told in this small volume. The illustrations are by Spencer Wright.

A Chorus of Leaves. By C. G. Blanden. A collection of short poems on various themes.

Admonitions. Compiled by Agness Greene Foster.

A small paper-covered brochure containing eleven Mosaics. Some of the titles are: Be True, Be Happy, Be Frank, Be Calm, Be Content, Don't Worry, etc.

A Child's Book of Abridged Wisdom. By Childe Harold.

A collection of epigrammatic verses amply provided with characteristic illustrations.


H. T. Newcomb:

For the Railroads. By H. T. Newcomb.

The object of this brochure is "to place before the people of the United States some of the principal facts and arguments which demonstrate the gains that result to all producers and consumers from the free action of commercial forces in shipping and transportation, and the losses that result from unwise statutory restrictions."


Elliott Stock:

The Art and Craft of the Author. By C. E. Heisch.

This volume contains practical hints upon literary work. It does not deal with the technicalities of English composition, but discusses from various standpoints the two needs of an author: something to say, and the skill to say it. T. Fisher Unwin:

Saints in Society.

By Margaret Bailie

The foreman in a London printinghouse, a man zealous in the reforming of society and religion, is the hero of this story; his wife, a selfish and slovenly woman, is the heroine. The rapid progress of his advancement eventually ends

in his ruin and death, while the struggle which his wife makes to advance with him results in a transformation for good no less complete.


The following is a list of the six most popular new books in order of demand, as sold between the 1st of October and the 1st of November.


I. The Gambler. Thurston. (Harper.) $1.50. 2. Nedra. McCutcheon. (Dodd, Mead & Co.) $1.50.


The Man of the Hour. Thanet. (Bobbs-
Merrill Co.) $1.50.


Rose o' the River. Wiggin.
Wiggin. (Houghton,
Mifflin & Co.) $1.25.

5. The House of Mirth. Wharton. (Scribner.) $1.50.

6. Starvecrow Farm. Weyman. (Longmans, Green & Co.) $1.50.

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I. The House of Mirth. Wharton. (Scribner.) $1.50.

2. The Gambler. Thurston. (Harper.) $1.50. 3. Perdita and Other Poems. Bayne. (Cole.) $1.25.


Nedra. McCutcheon. (Dodd, Mead & Co.) $1.50.


The Reckoning. Chambers. (Appleton.) $1.50.

6. Pole Baker. Harben. (Harper.) $1.50.


I. Nedra. McCutcheon. (Dodd, Mead & Co.) $1.50.


The Gambler. Thurston. (Harper.) $1.50. 3. The Man of the Hour. Thanet. (Bobbs

Merrill Co.) $1.50.

4. Rose o' the River. Wiggin. (Houghton, Mifflin & Co.) $1.25.

5. The House of Mirth.

ner.) $1.50.

6. The Social Secretary. Merrill Co.) $1.50.

Wharton. (Scrib

Phillips. (Bobbs

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1. The Gambler. Thurston. (Harper.) $1.50. 2. Nedra. McCutcheon. (Dodd, Mead & Co.) $1.50.

3. The Man of the Hour. Thanet. (BobbsMerrill Co.) $1.50.


Rose o' the River.
Mifflin & Co.) $1.25.

Wiggin. (Houghton,


At the Sign of the Jack o' Lantern. Reed. (Putnam.) $1.50.


My Friend the Chauffeur. Williamson. (McClure, Phillips & Co.) $1.50.



The Man of the Hour. Thanet. (Bobbs-
Merrill Co.) $1.50.


3. Rose o' the River. Wiggin. (Houghton, Mifflin & Co.) $1.25.

4. The Gambler. Thurston.

(Harper.) $1.50. 5. The Breath of the Gods. McCall. (Little, Brown & Co.) $1.50.

6. The Clansman. Dixon. (Doubleday, Page & Co.) $1.50.

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Nedra. McCutcheon. (Dodd, Mead & Co.) $1.50.

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1. The Gambler. Thurston. (Harper.) $1.50. 2. The Wizard's Daughter. Graham. (Houghton, Mifflin & Co.) $1.25.

3. Nedra. McCutcheon. (Dodd, Mead & Co.) $1.50. Citizen.

4. The Memoirs of an American
Herrick. (Macmillan.) $1.50.
5. My Friend the Chauffeur.


(McClure, Phillips & Co.) $1.50. 6. Arizona Sketches. Munk. (Grafton Press.) $2.00.

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1. Rose o' the River. Wiggin. (Houghton, Mifflin & Co.) $1.25.

2. The Gambler. Thurston. (Harper.) $1.50. 3. Nedra. McCutcheon. (Dodd, Mead & Co.) $1.50.


4. The House of Mirth. Wharton. ner.) $1.50.

5. My Friend the Chauffeur. Williamson. (McClure, Phillips & Co.) $1.50.

6. The Man of the Hour. Thanet. (BobbsMerrill Co.) $1.50.


1. The House of Mirth. Wharton. (Scribner.) $1.50.

2. The Gambler. Thurston. (Harper.) $1.50. 3. The Dark Lantern. Robins. (Macmillan.) $1.50.

4. Nedra. McCutcheon. (Dodd, Mead & Co.) $1.50.


The Sword of the Old Frontier. Parrish. (McClurg) $1.50.

6. My Friend the Chauffeur.


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