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Some The Simple Life
Chapters: Education
HERETICS. 12mo, $1.50 net. Postage, II cts.

Mr. Chesterton sets forth the "Heresies" of Kipling, Yeats, Omar, Bernard Shaw, etc.

"Always entertaining."-N. Y. Evening Sun.
"Impossible to lay aside "-N. Y. Times Saturday Review.

Being the Adventures of Sir Francis Austen, G.C.B.,
Admiral of the Fleet, and Rear Admiral Charles Austen.

THE INTERNATIONAL STUDIO is the leading Illustrated Monthly
Magazine of Art. Color Plates Suitable for Framing. Over 130 Black
and White Illustrations Monthly. Articles by Foremost Writers.
Every Phase of Current Art Treated.

A Subscription to The International Studio is the best Christmas Present.
GREAT JAPAN. 8vo, $2.50 net. Postage, 17 cts. By ALFRED STEAD.

A Study of National Efficiency.

A foreword by LORD ROSEBERY, who coined the phrase "National Efficiency."
Humane War True Religious Freedom
Making Trade Internationalism The Moral Question

Quo Vadis? By GILBERT K. CHESTERTON. "Always original."—Chicago Tribune. 12mo, $1.50. Fifth Impression. By WILLIAM J. LOCKE. etc., $3.50 net. Postage, 16 cts. By J. H. and E. C. HUBBACK.

JANE AUSTEN, HER HOMES AND HER FRIENDS. 12mo, $1.50 net. Postage, 12 cts. By CONSTANCE HILL.

Illustrations by Eilen G. Hill. Portraits, etc.
MEMOIRS OF LADY FANSHAWE. In same series, Crown Library.

BEATRICE MARSHALL, Editor. THE POEMS OF WILLIAM WATSON. 2 vols., 12mo, $2.50 net. Postage, 20 cts. Edited by J. A. SPENDER. By LAURENCE HOPE.

Author's Collection of his Poems to Date.

LAST POEMS. 12mo, $1.50 net. Postage, 10 cts.

Posthumous Collection of New Poems by Author of "India's Love Lyrics," "Stars of the Desert." THE COLLECTED POEMS OF ERNEST DOWSON.

Illustrations and Cover Design by Aubrey Beardsley, and Portrait.


John Lane Company, N. Y.

The Bodley Head, 67 Fifth Ave.

12mo, $1.50 net. Postage, 10 cts. Memoir by ARTHUR SYMONS.

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The Evening Post


The Literary Pages of the Saturday Tssue

¶ Prompt and interesting reviews of new books by competent reviewers; monthly letters on literary affairs from London, by Andrew Lang; from Berlin, by His Excellency, Max von Brandt, formerly German Ambassador to China; and from Paris, by Stoddard Dewey; notices of forthcoming publications, etc.

¶ The Evening Post its various departments are conducted with ex

culture. ceptional ability, and it has for over a century been a leading advocate of courage, independence, and incorruptibility in public affairs.

Do you read it? If not, you ought to do so.
NEW YORK The Evening Post NEW YORK

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Purity and Pears'

The best of Pears' is purity; freedom from everything adulterant or injurious, and no free alkali-That is how Pears' refreshes and invigorates the skin, enabling it to be healthy and pure, creating that complexion which, like the snow, is matchless in purity.


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The Pianola Piano

A piano that will give you ten times more actual pleasure than any piano you have ever owned.

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When ready for hand-playing

Never has a piano been presented to the public which has met with such a remarkable and enthusiastic reception as the Pianola Piano. Its great success was to be expected, for it represents the logical development of the piano. It enables every one to obtain from a piano ALL the musical enjoyment the instrument is capable of. In the light of this important improvement in piano-construction, all previous pianos seem incomplete. Hence the Pianola Piano has become universally known as "The First Complete Piano."

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When ready for Pianola-playing

Pianos of all makes are being taken in exchange for the Pianola Piano. Grands and uprights in excellent condition and bearing the names of the highest grade manufacturers are every day being received in part payment. That people everywhere should part with instruments which they have hitherto valued highly is impressive evidence of the position that the Pianola Piano has attained among music-lovers. It is THE piano of the day.

If you have a piano from which you derive comparatively little musical enjoyment, why not exchange it for this new type of piano which will be a daily source of pleasure for every member of the family? Write for terms on which such exchange will be made. Ask for Pianola Piano Catalog. A

The Aeolian Company

Aeolian Hall, 362 Fifth Avenue, near 34th Street, New York 124 East Fourth Street, Cincinnati 114 Monument Place, Indianapolis

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