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I have a second-hand automobile for sale. It is in splendid condition. I have just replenished it with new tires. I will also throw in the old ones.

My auto has a new engine. I found that the old one wouldn't work, so I had a new one put in. Also I have had a new carbureter, new chain, new flywheel and new shaft. The machine has just been painted.

When I first got this machine it would go at the rate of forty miles an hour for half a mile, and then lie down and go to sleep for the rest of the day. Now it goes about ten miles an hour on a dog trot, but it gets there.

I will not tell the name of the machine for fear of

scaring away a possible customer. But I will say this: That no part of the original machine is with me, every part having long since been replaced.

I would like some one to become interested in my machine. Demonstrations given at any hour of the day or night. I made it myself and know whereof I speak. I will guarantee it for one week.

This auto cost me originally $650. Since then I have spent $2,000 on it. I will gladly sell it for thirty cents.-From Life.

How Runs on Banks are Hindered

Some amusing anecdotes are told of the devices resorted to by bankers to gain time and inspire confidence. On one memorable occasion the excited depositors, much to their indignation, were only able to enter the bank one by one, except at the cost of spoiled coats, as the cute manager had caused the door posts to be freshly painted. Another bank prevented a crisis in its affairs by exhibiting in the window large tubs apparently brimful of sovereigns. These tubs, however, were simply upside down and a small quantity of gold only piled up on the bottoms. But the most ingenious doge of all was successfully carried out in Buenos Ayres. There was a run on a large bank, and for several days subscribers besieged the premises, withdrawing money and placing it in another bank on the opposite side of the road. It happened, however, that these two institutions had a private understanding, and as fast as the "safe" bank received the deposits they were returned to the "unsafe" one by an underground passage, with the result that every one marvelled at its continued ability to meet its demands.-The American Banker.

Truly French

There is a pleasant aside in Mr. Marion Crawford's novel, Fair Margaret, now running as a serial in Munsey's Magazine. Mr. Crawford drops the thread of his story to indulge in a bit of literary criticism. French writers, he declares, are convinced there can never be any literature equal to the French, except Edgar Allan Poe's. Yet they are agreeable and polite, and endeavour to treat all writers in the English language with courtesy and consideration. They praise English authors sometimes, but generally compare them with other English authors, not with the French. The highest eulogy they can bestow on any. thing an Anglo-Saxon does is to say: "It is truly French." Says Mr. Crawford: "With all our vanity, should we ever expect to please a French writer by telling him that his work was truly English?"

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Please mention THE BOOKMAN in writing to advertisers.

"The Leading Fire Insurance Company of America."




On the 31st day of December, 1904

Cash Capital,

Reserve, Re-Insurance (Fire), .
Reserve, Re-Insurance (Inland),
Reserve, Unpaid Losses (Fire),

Reserve, Unpaid Losses (Inland),

Other Claims,

Net Surplus,


Total Assets,


Surplus as to Policy-Holders, $10,446,851.09


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WM. B. CLARK, President
W. H. KING, Secretary

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Assistant Secretaries






Agents in all the Principal Cities,


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Towns and Villages of the
United States and Canada.

Please mention THE BOOKMAN in writing to advertisers.

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Special Mattresses

Annual Clearance Sale of Surplus Stock

OUR surplus of especially fine French Edge Ostermoor Mattresses of extra thickness, extra

weight, and exceptional softness, in the highest grade coverings, regular price being $30.00, will be closed out regardless of cost, to make room for regular stock, at the extremely low price of $18.50 each.

These mattresses are the very softest we can make, and are in every way fully as desirable and as great, if not greater bargains than the Special Mattresses we sold last year and the year previous at the same price. If you were fortunate enough to secure one of the same, you will fully appreciate the present sale.

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The mattresses are all full double-bed size, 4 feet 6 inches wide, 6 feet 4 inches long, in two parts, with round corners, five-inch inseamed borders, and French Rolled Edges, exactly like illustration.

The filling is especially selected Ostermoor sheets, all hand-laid, and closed within ticking entirely by hand sewing. Mattresses weigh 60 lbs. each, 15 lbs. more than regular, and are far softer and much more luxuriously comfortable than regular.

The coverings are of extra fine quality, beautiful Mercerized French Art Twills-pink, blue or yellow, both plain and figured, or high-grade, dust-proof Satin Finish Ticking, striped in linen effect; also the good oldfashioned, blue and white stripe Herring-bone Ticking.

Mattresses are built in the daintiest possible manner by our most expert specialists. They represent. in the very highest degree, the celebrated OSTERMOOR merit of Excellence and are a rare bargain both in price and quality.

Price, $18.50 Each

We pay Transportation Charges anywhere in the United States.

Offered only while they last; first come, first served. The supply is limited.
Terms of sale: Cash in advance; none sent C. O. D.
Order direct of us or through your Ostermoor dealer.

Note:-Ostermoor Mattresses. regular stock, same size, two parts, cost $15.50 each. They have four-inch border, weigh 45 lbs., and are covered with A. C. A. Ticking. These French Mattresses cost $30.00 each, finish fully two inches thicker, weigh 15 lbs. more, have round corners-soft Rolled Edges-close diamond tuftsand beautiful high-grade fine quality coverings, and are much softer and far more resilient. Even if you do not wish a mattress now you should know all about the "Ostermoor" and its superiority to hair in health, comfort and economy. Send your name on a postal for our free descriptive book, "The Test of Time, a veritable work of art, 136 pages in two colors, profusely illustrated; it's well worth while.





Canadian Agency: The Ideal Bedding Company, Ltd., Montreal

When ordering, please state first, second and even third choice of color of covering, in case all you like are already sold, as there will be no time for correspondence.

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