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WHEN one thinks of the thousands who have succeeded without even a ghost of a chance, we in this glorious age of progress and success ought to feel ashamed. Young man, are you discouraged? Do you Do you think your lot is hard?-that times are not like they used to be, or that you have no chance? Let me urge you to stand erect in the strength of your own vigorous manhood, and resolve with all the power in your being that there will be one more light, one more guide-post, one more successful man; that, if someone has to fail, that someone shall not be you. There isn't an occupation or a profession in existence but what has been glorified by men who at first were no greater than you. I care not what your occupation may be, you can make such a start and follow that start with such a future and such a life that you will have immortalized your name and made for yourself a monument that will reach the sky.

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