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your soul. Don't think of success as some great prize within the reach of a chosen few. You have it now within your grasp. Every time you do a thing right and finish it, you are successful, and each right action brings you nearer success on a larger scale. Every time you do a wrong thing, you are a failure, and it makes it easier for you to fail again, unless you take advantage of the experience gained by that failure. Doing a thing wrong once is no crime, but it is seldom necessary to make the same mistake twice.

Would you know whether or not you can succeed? Look around. If others are succeeding in that particular business, then you can. If it is a profitable thing to do and a thing you want to do, don't say that you cannot, and don't listen to any of the "it can't be done" croakers.

The reader of this article can do anything that has been done if he wants to badly enough. You have within you the ingredients of success; it rests with you to bring them out. First, is the enterprise worth your energy? If it is, and you have decided that that is what you want to do, you can do it, and it won't be half so hard

as it seems. As your knowledge of the business increases, the obstacles will decrease, and if you will add to your past efforts a little more energy, a little more head-work, a little more vim, you will find yourself leading the hosts long before you had dreamed of such a rise.

He can-but will he? is not complimentary. I wish every young man would so live, that when he undertakes anything out of the ordinary his friends will be able to say: "It seems impossible, but if anyone can do it, he is the man. I have never known him to fail yet, and I believe he can do anything he undertakes." I knew of a young man once who undertook to superintend a very difficult business. His closest friend said, in speaking of him, "I know of only one reason why he is likely to succeed in the venture; he thinks himself that he will succeed, and I never knew him to fail in anything in which he believed himself." Every young man is building a reputation; if he gets that kind of a reputation it is worth a gold mine. Why not get it?



"SUCCESS is the result of endeavor. The attainment of a proposed object." Success is strength. It is opposed to weakness, indecision and procrastination. To be a success is to do the thing right, and to do it right now. He who makes it his business to do things right and do them right away, is already a success. It is to do the thing so that it will never have to be done again. Success is decision, self-reliance, action. Success is the result of a right mental attitude. Too many are afraid they are not going to make the thing go. They see obstacles and come in contact with disagreeable features. They look on the dark side of their own business and on the bright side of every other business, and so lose heart. Some men have the faculty of seeing more difficulties than others. The easier it is for a man to see obstacles, the harder it is to see success. It is easier to fail than to succeed. It is easier to drift down stream than to

row up. People are more apt to see an obstacle than the way around it. It takes energy and investigation to get through. It pays to study; it pays to know; it pays to do.

We have seen men travel around the world peeping into every nook and corner of every occupation and profession in their search for success, and yet not find it. They have tried farming. They have tried railroading. They have tried selling groceries. They have tried selling dry-goods, then shoes, and sometimes "blue sky." They have tried law, medicine, and the ministry, and all without avail. Why? Because success comes from within; each man carries the "Holy Grail" within himself. Right thinking brings success, no matter where, or when, or how. Let a man become convinced that he can do a thing, and the idea arouses him to the greatest endeavor. Confidence begets confidence, and success begets success. Build around yourself an atmosphere of success. Take a mental inventory of yourself. How do you check up? What has been your opportunity? What are your possibilities? Have you ever tried to cultivate your personality? It can be done; you ought to do it. A

man's thoughts determine his actions, and his actions determine his success. One isn't even energetic unless he thinks about it.

Take heed how you think. To think right and to feel right is a capital more valuable than a bank account, and it's the kind of capital that gets the bank account. A man isn't going to have the success he deserves if he lets his energy all run to spite thoughts, or even allows part of it to run to spite or hate, or any of the other vices that weaken. Every business man—yes, and every other man-has little, short-sighted people to deal with; let those people "chew the rag" if they want to, but for the man who expects to do things, life is too short to wrangle. It's too short to try to "get even." If there's a person. one is trying to "get even" with, there's only one way of doing it with safety, and that is, quit dealing with him and cease thinking of him entirely. Wipe him off the slate, but don't sit down and think mean things about him, because a man can exhaust more energy in half an hour of that sort of thing than would be required to run his business for a day. Besides, he loses more than energy; he loses personality, he loses control of himself; he weakens himself;

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