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he even impairs his digestion and ruins his health. And what's the use of worrying about what is not going to happen? It is said that nine-tenths of the worrying is done over things that never happen. What's the use? That energy, if directed in the right channel, would run a business and manage a thousand men. What's the use of worrying about things that are going to happen? If they are going to happen, they are going to happen-let them happen.

What's the use of being jealous of people who are getting along faster than we are? It doesn't do them any harm; they would be pleased if they knew it, but it will ruin the man who keeps it up. What's the use of being afraid that you are not going to carry the enterprise through successfully? It's being afraid that makes the thing go down. It pays to think right. It pays to take a powerful stimulant every hour or two, in the form of bright, cheerful, enthusiastic, confident, business-getting thoughts. Think about being broad-minded and generous and successful. Have in mind the kind of person you want to be and keep those thoughts constantly before your mind, and you will get to be

that sort of person. It pays to think right; it pays to feel right. The way one feels has much to do with the way one thinks, and the way he looks has something to do with the way he feels. The man who looks shabby will feel shabby. If a man is in a business where personal appearance counts, he ought to make it a point to look well. He doesn't necessarily need to wear expensive clothes, but he needs to wear clothes that he won't be ashamed of. If he doesn't, he won't feel right, and can't do himself justice.

A man's thoughts determine his success, his standing in the community, and his opinion of himself. If he dwells upon the petty annoyances of his business; makes little deals; tries to "jew" people down on pennies, he is going to be a two-cent man. It doesn't pay to be cheap. A man can afford to leave the thing or pay two prices, but he can't afford to make a practice of "jewing" people down. There are people who do that sort of thing, and when they deal with you, you had better give them two cents where they want one. They will think you are generous if you do; they will think you are as small as they are if you don't. Such people are always unreasonable, but if you try

to reason with them they think you are unreasonable, and go off and talk about you. Better give such a man his price, add a little to it and pile him on the first train that comes along.

I believe that if every man could control his thoughts and aspirations to such an extent that he would treat everyone with whom he dealt as though he were that one, he would get rich. It's sympathy that counts. It's not the amount of money that one has in the bank, or in real estate, or in bonds. I would rather have a big, splendid, useful life that was a blessing to humanity, than a big bank account with selfishness. However, selfishness doesn't mean a big bank account, nor does a useful, generous life mean a little one. Cultivate the attitude of courage, positiveness, good cheer, and success. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." But if evil thoughts take the good out of a man, so good thoughts beget good thoughts, a happy, cheerful disposition, and a successful life. "For unto everyone that hath shall be given, but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath."


PEOPLE who are not getting on as rapidly as they should are not failing because of lack of backbone, nor because they lack will-power or desire, or willingness to do. There are thousands of people who have all those qualities, with honesty added, who aren't making the success they deserve.

A person can't have success without working hard and faithfully for it and doing his best, and yet, a good many people do this who don't find success such as they have been striving for, and it's not lack of good intent; it's lack of personality. It's the lack of that pleasing, winning, forceful way, which makes a person liked and gets him business.

A man can't succeed alone. Co-operation makes a person successful; it's the voluntary, hearty good-will of his fellows. A man unconsciously draws people to him by the strength of his personality. People are in training for almost everything under the sun but the thing

they need most-development of their own personality.

The world is full of people who deserve more than they get. When you see a man who isn't as successful as he should be, he may not deserve censure. We don't know how hard he has tried; we don't know the conditions with which he has had to contend. He may not be well liked, but it may not be his fault. The chances are that it isn't. Most people like to please, to create a favorable impression. Perhaps they don't always know how, and have never realized that the art can be learned. Some of the men who are the least successful to-day, will be the most successful to-morrow if they happen to discover their own strength. It is the accomplishment of things that makes a man well pleased with himself, and being well pleased with one's self adds to the personality. When a man does a thing well, it has a tendency to make him appear at his best; when he doesn't do it well, he hasn't anything to be proud of, and it naturally affects his personality.

A man's success is in his mind. Unless he believes heartily in what he is doing and is glad that he is doing it, hard work will bring but

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