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jury. The details of his operations will be found in the accompanying memorandum, and are creditable to officers and men.

The loss of the enemy in the battle of Chancellorsville and the other engagements was severe. His dead and a large number of wounded were left on the field. About five thousand prisoners, exclusive of the wounded, were taken, and thirteen pieces of artillery, nineteen thousand five hundred stand of arms, seventeen colors, and a large quantity of ammunition fell into our hands. To the members of


staff am indebted for assistance in observing the movements of the enemy, posting troops, and conveying orders. On so extended and varied a field all were called into requisition, and all evinced the greatest energy and zeal.

The medical director of the army, Surgeon (L.) Guild, with the officers of his department, were untiring in their attention to the wounded.

Lieutenant-Colonel (J. L.) Corley, chief quartermaster, took charge of the disposition and safety of the trains of the army.

Lieutenant-Colonel (Robert G.) Cole, chief commissary of subsistence, and Lieutenant-Colonel (Biscoe G.) Baldwin, chief of ordnance, were everywhere on the field attending to the wants of their departments.

General Chilton, chief of staff, LieutenantColonel (E.) Murray, Major (Henry E.) Peyton, and Captain (H. E.) Young, of the Adjutant and Inspector General's Depart

ment, were active in seeing to the execution of orders; Lieutenant-Colonel (William P.) Smith and Captain (Samuel R.) Johnston, of the engineers, in reconnoitering the enemy and constructing batteries ; Colonel (Armistead L.) Long in posting troops and artillery.

Majors (Walter H.) Taylor, (T. M. R.) Talcott, (Charles) Marshall, and (Charles S.) Venable were engaged night and day in watching the operations, carrying orders, etc. Respectfully submitted.

R. E. LEE,

General. General S. COOPER, Adjt. and Insp. Gen. C. S. Army, Rich

mond, Va.

Forces Under General Lee in Chancellors

ville Campaign. Abstract from Returns of the Army of

Northern Virginia, Under General R. E. Lee, C. S. Army, for Month of March, 1863, Headquarters Fredericksburg, Va. (Latest Report Prior to Opening of the Campaign).

FIRST CORPS. Anderson's Division, effective total... 7,665 McLaws's division, effective total..... 7,984

SECOND CORPS. A. P. Hill's division, effective total...10,601 Rodes's division (formerly D. H. Hill's), effective total..

8,964 Early's division, effective total.. 7,638 Colston's division (formerly Trimble's), effective total.

6,130 CAVALRY.

Guns, 12.

(Report February, 1865.)
Officers and men, 4,064.

Guns, 264.
Report of Killed, Wounded and Missing,

Chancellorsville Campaign, by Surgeon

General Guild, Medical Director, C. S.
Killed ..


8,700 Missing

1,803 (Taken from Reports of commanders of bri

gades and regiments.)

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