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FROM JANUARY 1, 1900, TO JUNE 30, 1900




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(Nos. 1801-1826.)


The Week,

Alabama, Montgomery conference over race prob-

lem, 871-Army brigadier appointments of
Gens, Young, MacArthur, and Ludlow, 22–

Armor-plate controversy in Congress, 369.
Boston's fallures in municipal ownership, 176, 469

Bufalo strike of New York Central employees,
831-William J. Bryan sees gold standard at
work in Wall Street furry, 23, listened to in
New England on anti-imperialism, 102, more
silverite than his party, 850George S. Bout-
well on Filipino cheap labor and immigration,
233—Theodore Bacon, deceased, 63-John Bar-
rett draws circles round Manila, 81-E. G.
Bourne on taxing State exports to Porto Rico,
165-Boers, sympathizers with them opposed to
Philippine war, 63, Boer envoys arrive, 371,
rebuffed by the Administration, 391–Barnard
College merged in Columbia, 63-Beef investi-

gating committee's outlay, 330.
Colorado Republicans unite on gold standard, 370

China, open door in, secured by Secretary Hay,
1, 156, Chinese Minister on the corollary--wel-
come of Chinese here, 81, on the golden rule,
119, on extending Monroe Doctrine to China, 156
--Chicago, drainage canal opened, 2, labor-
unions making concessions, 42, boycotting in
building trades, 176, machinists' strike OD-
checked, 215, Mayor Harrison's connivance, 252,
253, 429, building contractors' statement, 292,
talk of abolishing sympathetic strike, 468–
Bourke Cockran ready to support Bryan, 83—
Charles H. Cramp's conflicting statements
about American shipbuilding, 214–Senator Clark
of Montana's resignation trick, 390—Jorge
Cruz's case, 272-Grover Cleveland's Princeton
lectures on the Executive, 292–Cotton yield and
price and Southern indifference to silver, 197–
Currency Bill in conference committee, 156,
defect pointed out by I. Seligman, 176, practl.
cal effect of refunding, 271, circulation per capi-
ta, 351-Chaplains, army, proposal to increase,
2–Census, must be printed in Government Or-
fice, 62_Consular reform bill burked by House

Foreign Affairs Committee, 138.
Congress, LVIth, first session: Pettigrew's call for

Philippine information, Beveridge's defence of
Administration policy, Foraker's plan of gov-
ernment for Porto Rico (Senate), 21-Aldrich's
speech in reporting House Currency Bill, Cul.
lom's bill to amend Interstate Commerce Law
(Senate), 22–Hoar's comment on Beveridge, and
Wolcott's; Beveridge on our noble party work-
ers and on holding Manila for the China trade
(Senate). 41-Vote on Currency Bill fixed, Sa-
moan treaty ratified and recalled, Morgan for
Immediate construction of Nicaragua Canal
(Senate); McCall's bill regarding personal bag.
gage (House), 61-Debate on Pension Bill, on
supplementary Census Bill, reports on seating
Roberts of Utah (House), 62-Hoar on pro-Boer
resolutions (Senate); Roberts of Utah thrust
out (House), 82–Pettigrew denounced for trea-
son in offering to print Aguinaldo's statement
(Senate), 101-Caffery's speech against retention
of the Philippines (Senate), 102—The Hague
Treaty ratified (Senate), 119–Aldrich's amend.
ment to Currency Bill (Senate), 120Cullom's
Hawallan free-trade bill (Senate); Dalzell's
speech on Porto Rico tarifr (House), 137, 155,
McCall and Littlefield's, Payne's, 155--Hep-
burn's Nicaragua Canal report (House), 137–
Quay case taken up (Senate), 157–Porto Rico
tarif bill debate and passage, vote of $2,000,000
to President for the island (House); Davis's
plan to extend constitutional taxation to Porto
Rico (Senate), 175-Porto Rico rellet bill passed
(Senate), 213-McClellan's bill to reorganize
army (House), 214-Pettus's chastisement of
Beveridge, Davis against the Porto Rico tarife
(Senate), 251-Army bill debate, cost of Philip-
pine war (House), 252-Morgan for the neutrall.
ty of the Nicaragua Canal, Foraker's Porto
Rican bill passed (Senate), amendments to Ha-
wallan bili (House), 271-Bill for Hawailan
cable passed (Sepi' e); vote for constitutional

amendment to elect Senators by people (House),
291-Debate on extra compensation to army of.
ficers in Cuba and Philippines, 309—Adverse
report on Sepator Clark of Montana (Senate);
amendments to Hepburn Nicaragua Capal
(House), 310-Porto Rico bill passed (both
houses); Industrial Oriental Commission oppos.
ed (House), 329—Quay unseated (Senate), 330
Nicaragua Canal Bill passed (House), 349–
Lodge makes war on Germany to insure high
prices for armor plate (Senate), 369-Oleomar-
garine debate (House), Grand Army Pension
Bill passed (both houses), 370—Clark of Mon-
tana resigns and is trickily reappointed (Senate),
890-Spooner defends Philippine policy (Senate);
Army Reorganization Bill defeated, Payne's
statement of war taxes and revenue (House),
407-Spooner's Philippine resolutions withdrawn,

CUBA: Gen. Brooke's farewell proclamation dis-

credited, 1-Effort to repeal Foraker amend.
ment, 21–Senate Colonial Committee for an.
nexation, 42-Post-office employees mostly Cu-
bans, 349, frauds of American employees, 369,
389, 427-Havana railroad fraud, 889-Adminis-
tration withholds from Congress expenditures in
Cuba, 389-Allowances to army officers, 408-No

check on Bureau of Finance, 427.
Danish West India Islands, angling for, 176, 850

Gov.-Gen. Davis revokes his free-trade senti-
ments for Porto Rico, 251--Admiral Dewey's
Presidential candidacy a criticism on McKin-
ley's Philippine policy, 291, withdrawal, 467–

Destiny and Duty dissolve partnership. 101.
Everett, William, neither for McKinley nor for

Bryan, 390—Dorman B. Eaton's bequests to
Harvard and Columbia, 43—Express companies'

receipt stamp, Supreme Court decision on, 293,
French reciprocity treaty's ratification limit ex-

tended, 233.
Griggs, Attorney-General, on our share in adminis-

tering the Orient, 119–Secretary Gage's revenue
estimate, 271-Rev. P. S. Grant on the Philip-
pine question, 252_Gold "famine" caused by
war in South Africa, 3, gold-bar charges of
Assay Office reduced, 43, gold-standard settle-
ment a loss to Republican capital, 156, 167.

gold exported, 830.
GUAM: Gov. Leary abolishes slavery, 21, and op-

poses drunkenness and class distinctions, re-

turns to U, S., 252.
Hague Treaty ratified by O. S. Senate, 119-Secre-

tary John Hay and the open door in China, 1–
Mark A. Hanna votes against seating Quay,
330, presides at Republican Convention 10
Philadelphia, 467-Perry S. Heath and the P.
0. deposits in the Seventh National Bank (N.
Y.), 41-Speaker Henderson's letter for Porto
Rican tariff, 251- John B. Henderson on power
of Congress to lay special taxes on Porto Rico,
155—Ex-President Harrison against Porto Rico
tariff, 195, speech at Oecumenical Missionary
Conference, 311-John R. Hazel sells yacht to
U. S., 427, nomination for U. S. Judge, 407,
opposed by N. Y. Bar Association, 427-House
of Representatives may be made anti-Imperial,

488, 489.
HAWAII: Cable project in Congress, 291, bill for

government as regards high officeholders, 309,
Sanford B. Dole appointed President by Mc-
Kinley, 350, American voters warn Portuguese

to maintain the republic, 370.
Illinois anti-monopoly aot unconstitutional, 82-

Iowa House against Porto Rico tariff, 233-
Indiana Republican Convention on 1mperial
policy, 329, Gov. Mount denies extradition to
Kentucky, 408, 469, Indianapolis Gold Demo-
crat movement, 214--Ioberitance tax sustained
by Supreme Court, 369-Industrial Commission

reports on labor legislation, 408.
Japanese rush of immigration to Pacific Coast, 292.
Kentucky, Senator Goebel assassinated, anarchic

condition, 102, resort to courts, 138, 139, 157,
Gov. Taylor denounces courts, 196, Court of
Appeals decision, 272, Supreme Court of U. S.
disclaims jurisdiction, 389, Governor of Indiana
will not extradite Finley or Taylor, 408, 469-

Kansas Court of R. R. Visitation pronounced
unconstitutional, 370—Kangas City street-ral-
way injunction, 890—John A, Kasson on the

French reciprocity treaty, 1, 42.
Louisiana, Coalition of regular Democrats and

Sugar Republicans, 43–Lowell weavers' striko
recalled, 331-Secretary Long, order creating
navy general state, 214, candidate for Vice-
President, 407-Gen. William Ludlow's service
10 Cuba ended, 235-Charles Littlefield

unanimously renominated, 292.
Michigan, Pingree administration and war con-

tracts, 23-Montana Senatorships sold for cash,
42, 103, 138, reported maltreatment of Japan-

489 -- Massachusetts Republican conven-
tion on the Philippines, 329, Governor Crane
vetoes attack on civil-service law, 350_Missis.
sippi lynching of Innocent and gullty, 468, 489
-Montgomery, Ala., conference on race problem,
371-President McKinley allows Assistant Post-
master-General Heath to work for his reelection,
1, appoints a new Philippine Commission, 119,
knuckles to the protected Interests in the case
of Porto Rico, 137, seesaw with Congress over
responsibility, 195, surprise at pressure for of
fices in Porto Rico, message to repair Porto
Rican law's defects, 309, appoints Dole Governor
of Hawaii, 350, vetoes Navajo Indian Reserve.
tion bill with job in it, 350, nominates J. R.
Hazel U. S. District Judge, 390, 407, attacked
in Methodist General Conference and Presby-
terian Assembly, 408, will not convene Congress
for China crisis, 489—Prof. J. B. Moore on
Isthmian canal and Hay-Pauncefote treaty, 176
-A. O. McGiffert withdraws from Presbyterian
Church, 273–Ex-Gov. MacCorkle at Montgomery
conference, 371-Machinists' unions, N. Y. and
N. J., protests against, 234-Methodist General
Conference on decline of religious journalism,
391, on McKinley's attitude towards liquor
selling, abolishes time limit in pastorates, ad-

mits women to future conferences, 409.
New York State: Mazet committee report, 43,

State Trust Co.'s loan to Lou Payn, 43, 62, 63,
Roosevelt's breakfast with Platt over Payn's
successor, 62, Francis Hendricks succeeds, 83.
Free Employment Bureau's report, 120, Letter
from W. H. Peckham to Legislature on taxa-
tion, 139, Stewart bill on publication of sal-
clde's papers, 157, Difficult application of tax
on corporation franchises, 196, Bill to regulate
New York's confession of judgments, 196. BILI
to enforce a written contract of marriage, 216,
Tax rate reduced by successive taxes, 273,
Croton dam strike, 811, D. B. Hill on central.
ization of power at Albany, 311, Commission
to revise N. Y. city charter appointed, 330, Ap-
pointment of State appraisers for inheritance
tax a job, 330, 350, cost of collection, 429, BIU
to release school trustees from buying prison-
made goods, 351, Counsel fees in transfer-tax
proceedings, 408; City: Trades unions dictating
employees on tunnel, 83, attempt to force re-
ceiver on Whart and Warebouse Co., 121, Bar
Association action thwarted, 157, Molineux trlal
and conviction, 121, Third Ave. Railroad wreck.
ed by Tammany, 177, Tammany Ice Trust, 428,
469, Reception to Comptroller Coler, 196, Board
of Trade and Chamber of Commerce against
tarif for Porto Rico, 233, Grand jury's present-
ment of District Attorney Gardiner, 253, Anti-
Imperial Conference postpones action, 488, N. Y.
"Tribune" on Central and South American
trade, 234, on certain Cuban and probable
Philippine maladministration, 389-New Jersey
franchise-tax bill, 235-Nebraska Democratic
platform, 214, Republican State convention
makes Senator Thurston delegate to national
convention, 350, Supreme Court punishes Omaha
"Bee" for contempt, 468_Nicaragua canal,
Hepburn's report, 137, bill to be postponed, 271,
passed by House, 349Naval estimates in

House, 196.
Ohio Republican convention on Imperialism, 820

Oregon goes Republican, 428-Gen. Otis says
everything is for the best in the Philippines,

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