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The state of politics in Europe appears pregnant with extraordinary events. In the present volume we have completed our account of the dissentions in Holland, and have thus cleared the way for the more extensive concerns of the commotions in France, and the intrigues of the Czarina and the Emperor,

The Literature of the year 1787, has not been altogether fo productive of valuable publications as the year 1786, or as the present year promises to be. In the mean time some performances of merit have appeared, and the reader will find that they have not.escaped out notice,


C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.

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THE Hiftory of Knowledge, Learning, and Taste, in Great Britain,

during the Reign of King Henry the Eighth. From the Year 1509, to

ibe Pear 1547

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снА Р. І.

Afairs of Bengal, Situation of Oude. Negociations at Delhi Oecono-

mical Reform. Mr. Hastings regns. Affairs of the Carnatic. Sur-

render of the Revenues, Lord Macartney refigns,


сн А Р. II.

Proceedings of the States of Holland. Inflitution of the College of Tribunes

at Utrecht. States withdraw to Amersfort, Capture of Elburg and

Hattern. Stadtholder is deprived of the Office of Captain general, 17

с н А Р. III.

Mediation of Pruffia and France. Revolution in the City of Amsterdam.

Fluctuation of the States of Holland. Hoftilities in the Province of

Utrecht, Tumults. Preparations for War,



Meeting of Parliament. Address. Commercial Treaty with France. Deo

bates. Treaty approved by botb Houses,


CH A P. V.

Consolidation of Culoms. Budget. Farming of the Poft Horse Tax.

Lottery Bill. Mutiny Bill. Spanish Convention,


c H A P. VI.

Determinations on the Scottish Perrage. India Affairs. Motion for a Re-

peal of the Teft. Injolvent Bill. Efablishment of the Prince of Wales.

Inquiry into the Pef Office,


сн А Р. VII.

Imprachment of Mr. Haflings. Charge of the Rohilla War negatived.

Charge of expelling the Raja of Benares adopted by the House of Commons.


@ H A P. VIII.

M. Sheridan's Speech on the Charge of the Begums. Charges of Farruk-

abad, of the Contracts, of Fizulla Khan, of the Presents, of the Reve-

nues, and of Misdemeanouts in Oude, vored. Mr. Hastings impeached at

the Bar of the House of Lords,


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His Majesty's Speech to both Houses of Parliament, January 23, 1787.(57)
His Macy's Speech to both Houses of Parliament, May 30, 1787 (ibid.)
His Majesty's Speech to both Houses of Parliament, Nov. 27, 1787 (58)
The Speech of his Grace Charles Duke of Rutland, Lord Lieutenant of Ire-
land, to both Houses of Parliament, Jan. 18, 1787,

Ibe Speech of the right hon. the Speaker of the House of Commons in Ireland,
to his Grace the Lord Lieutenant, March 17, 1787,

The Speech of bis Grace rhe Duke of Rurland, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland,
to both Houses of Parliament, May 28, 1787

A Proclamation (by the King), for the Encouragement of Piety and Virtue,

and for the preventing and punishing of Vice, Profaneness, and Immo-



Circular Letter from the right bor. Lord Sydney, one of his MajcAy's Prin-

cipal Secretaries of State, to the several High Sheriffs of England, in-

closing the foregoing Proclamation


Corrucntion between bis Britannic Majefy and the Moft Chriftian King,

figned at Versailles, the 15th of January, 1787


Convention betiveen bis Britannic Majesty and the Most Christian King,
figned at Versailles, August 31, 1787

Declaration and Counter Declaration exchanged at Versaillss, between the

Minifters of his Britannic Majelly and the Most Christian King, Oxtober
27, 1787,

(70), (71)

Remonftrance of the Parliament of Paris to the King, againf the Declara-

tion of a Stamp Duty: July 24, 1787


His Moft Chriftian Majefty's Speech to the Parliament of Paris, Nov. 19,


The Address of the first President of the Parliament of Paris to the King at

Versailles, on the Exile of the Duke of Orleans, and two Counsellors of

the Parliament,


The Second Address of the Parliament of Paris to the King, on the fame
Suhjeet, Nov. 23, 178-,


His Majesty's Anfiver to the foregoing Address, Nov. 26, 1787, (80)

The Third Remonftrance of the Parliament of Paris to the King, on the same

Subject. Dec. 10, 1787,


Memorial presented to the States General of the United Provinces, Aug. 14,

1987, by fir James Harris, K. B. the British Ambasador at the Hague,


Representation of the Equestrian Order and Nobles of the Province of Holo

land, to the States of Holland and Wef Friesand, Aug. 27, 1787, (ibid.)

Letter from her Royal Highness the Princess of Orange to his ferene Highnej's

the reigning Duke of Brunswick, Sept. 15, 1787,


From the same to the same, Nov 3, 1787,


Tbe Answer of his ferene Highness the reigning Duke of Brunswick, Novs,

1787, to the preceding Letters,


The Emperor's Declaration to the States of his Belgic Provinces, July 3,

1707; in Antwer to their Remonftrance of the 22d of June, (ibid.)


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'The Emperor's Answer to the Deputies from the States of the Belgic Proe

vinces, Aug. 15, 1787,


The Emperor's Orders alluded to, in the preceding Anfwer, and transmitted

to the Compte de Murray,


Memorial of the Deputies of the Belgic Provinces to Prince Kaunitz, occa-

fioned by his communicating the foregoing Orders to them,


Declaration of the Emperor's Intentions to the States of Brabant, by his Ex-

cellency the Compte de Murray, Sept. 21, 1787,


Letter written by Order of the Emperor, to the Council of Brabant, by the

Count de Trauttmansdorff, the new Imperial Minister, at Bruffels, (94)

Circular Letter transmitted by the United States of America, in Congress

effembled, to the Governors of the respective Stales,


Plan of the new Conftitution of the United States of America, agreed upon

at a Convention held at New York


Memorial of a Society, instituted in Pennsylvania, for promoting the Abolition

of Slavery, addressed to the Convention of the United States of America,

a{sembled at Philadelphia,


Abstract of the Overseers Returns to Parliament of the several Parijes in

England and Wales,


The Thirteenth Report of the Commiffioners appointed to examine, take, and

ftate the Public Accounts of the Kingdom,


Supplies granted by Parliament for the rear 1787,


Public Åsts passed in the Fourth Seffion of the Sixteenth Parliament of Great



Prices of Stock for the rear 1787,



Character of Gregory VII.


Life of Arnold of Brescia,


Character of M. Turgot,


Particulars of the Life of Dr. John Jebb,


Portrait of Mr. Hanway,


Life of Shaik Daher,



Nuptial and Funeral Rites of the Ancient Mexicans,


Their Ceremonies on the Election of a King,


Moral and Phyfical Qualities of the Mexicans


Cuftoms and Manners of the Bedouin Arabs,


Manners and Character of the Inhabitants of Syria,

The Family Oeconomy of the Gipfies,


Their Occupations and Employments,


General Character of the Germans,


Charadteriftic Picture of the Bavarians,



of the Greek Compohtien


The Style of History


Of the Greck Comedy and its Chronology


Defence of Ariftophanes against Pluarch and Ælian


An Examination of the Moral F.ffects of Tragedy,


Peculiar Features of English Landfiape,





Dr. Herschel's Account of the Discovery of two Satellites revolving round

the Georgian Planct


Tr. Herschel's Account of Three Volcanos in the Moon,


Sir Benjnmin Thompson's Experiments on the Moisture absorbed from ilie

Atmosphere by various Substances,


On the Prodution of Borax, in a Letter from William Blaze, Eq. (129)

Willis's Method of preventing Stone Retorts from breaking during Chemical



Dr. Ruftor's Letter to Dr. Francklin on the Cure of Smoky Chimneys, (132)

Thoughts on the Cause of the Variation of the Needle,


On the Perceptibility of Vegetables,


Dr. Percival's Observations on the Silk Cotton of Sumatra (144)

1 On the Acid of Tar


History of the Virginian Mountains,



Of the Settlement of the Phoceans at Marseilles,


Obfervations relative to the History of Serapis,


of the State of the Sovereign in the Primitive Anglo-Saxon Government, [155]

Of the Origin of the Petty Jury and Grand Jury,


Specimens of Love Letters in the Reign of Èdward IV.


King Richard the Third's Address against Henry Tudor,



Letters on the Breeding and Treatment of Silk-Worms,


Miss Greenland's Observations on the Ancient Grecian Method of Painting,


On Prejudice


Pasquin's Comparison of Ancient with Modern Times,


On the Evils of Good Neighbourhood,



Story of Albert Bane,



Ode for the New Year, 1787,


Ode from the Persian of Hafez,


Sir William Jones's Hymn to Narayena,


Poem addressed to Sensibility,


Yo Indifference


The Story of Fofcari,


Mona. An Ode,


The Blush of Simplicity,


Ode on his Majesty's Birth-Day,


Ode to a Lady going abroad,


Ballad in the style of Mr. Crow's Song, Seaton Cliffs,"


The Court Belle,


Dr. Corbet to his Son Vincent Corbet,


Elegy on the Burying-Place called Campo Santo, near Florence, (211)

DOMESTIC LITERATURE for the Year 1787, (214)

FOREIGN LITERATURE for the l'ear 1787, f281)

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