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The ftate of politics in Europe appears pregnant with extraordinary events. In the pre

fent volume we have completed our account of the diffentions in Holland, and have thus cleared the way for the more extenfive concerns of the commotions in France, and the intrigues of the Czarina and the Emperor,

The Literature of the year 1787, has not been altogether so productive of valuable publications as the year 1786, or as the present year promises to be. In the mean time fome performances of merit have appeared, and the reader will find that they have not escaped our notice,


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His Mof Chriftian Majefty's Speech to the Parliament of Paris, Nov. 19,


Reprefentation of the Equeftrian Order and Nobles of the Province of Hol
land, to the States of Holland and Weft Friesland, Aug. 27, 1787, (ibid.)

Letter from her Royal Highness the Princess of Orange to his ferene Highness.

the reigning Duke of Brunfwick, Sept. 15, 1787,

From the fame to the fame, Nov 3, 1787,

The Anfwer of his ferene Highness the reigning Duke of Brunswick, Nov. 5,

1787, to the preceding Letters,

take, and

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Tr. Herfchel's Account of Three Volcanos in the Moon,
Sir Benjamin Thompson's Experiments on the Moiffure abjorbed from the
Atmosphere by various Subftances,


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