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Uncompahgre district, in that markable

markable success. The belt seems to neighborhood, and the name, mean- run in a southwesterly direction, ing "Valley of Fountains," has more across the head.waters of Cement of its true significance in the valley Creek to Red mountain. Mineral along the Uncompahgre river than in creek comes in its course also, and at the mining district of that name. all of these points ores have been But we will not quarrel with the In- found resembling the Uncompahgre dian who gave it, if he will peaceably ores, and believed to be of the same permit us to locate the mining prop- mineral belt. Of those mines producerty in the mountains along the Un- ing so wonderfully we might mention compahgre river, which are within the Mother Clim, Alaska, Saxon, the Ute reservation. There is a large Tyrol, Poughkeepsie, Fisherman, Silscope of rich mining country along ver Coin, Our Pat, King Solomon, the Gunnison and Uncompahgre Bonanza, Adelphi, Alpha, Scottish which last season, tempted the reck- Chief, Gipsy Queen, Seneca Chief and less adventurer, which will be, before Little Minnie. The ores of the Unmany months, joined to the borders of compahgre carry less galena and more that wonderful mineral country. of the sulphurets of silver than in any

The richest mines in all San Juan other district named, and being of a are found in the Uncompahgre. There high grade and easily treated, are reis a nest of mines on the summit of garded with great favor by smelters. those mountains, perhaps included There is great need of smelting within one and one-half miles square, works in this district. Austin and whose best grade ores will run from Greenell, owners of the famous Linfive hundred to one thousand dollars coln Boy mine and others, are erectto the ton at the smelter. A number ing works this season, but they exof mines furnish ores which will bring pect to furnish the supply of ore from from $1,500 to $1,800 per ton at the their own mines. Many of the ores smelter. Last season the extension of the Uncompahgre have

have been of this rich belt of mineral was ex- shipped to Denver for treatment. tensively prospected for, and with re


Nearly every mining district in metals, ample to guarantee its success. Southwestern Colorado has some dis. At this time it is difficult to detertinctive characteristic from others, mine which is to be the most imporand posesses wealth in the precious tant. The Lake district, for the presFor Passenger Rates address BEVERLEY R. KEIM, General Passenger


ent, is the most accessible by good that sort, and it has two bakeries, two roadways of any of the silver bearing saw mills, three restaurants, two districts, and having mines, though blacksmith shops, one livery stable, not so numerous, are equaily as rich as

one millinery store, one weekly paper those in the famous Animas district. —the Silver World--five saloons and There are some four hundred and fifty two meat markets. mines located in Lake, and it has the

A bank has been chartered the only Tellurium lode of any note in Bank of Lake City-with a capital of the San Juan country. This is the $50,000, which will greatly facilitate Hotchkiss, which carries tellurium business and assist materially in buildores rich in gold and silver and is, ing up the mining interests there. perhaps, the best developed mine in Already the good people of Lake bave that region.

an ambition to make it a great city Of the mines of note we might and the distributing point to the exmention the Cora, East Boston, Big tensive mining districts west and Casino, Ouray, Little Chief, Mountain south west. Lyon, Belle of the East, Belle of the The scenery about Lake City is deWest, Lone Chief, Mayflower, Atlantic lightful, and is remarkable for its deep Plantation and California Lode.

canons, picturesque waterfalls and

floral attractions. LAKE CITY,

The Granite Falls, two miles disis the chief town in the mining dis- tant, is seventy eight feet in height, trict, and has a population of seven and the Argentine Falls, four miles hundred inhabitants, and situated at above Lake, takes a tremendous leap the confluence of Lake Fork with the of one hundred and sixty feet into a Gunnison River.

chasm below. Two toll roads have been

Thus briefly bave we noticed some structed, one from Del Norte and an- of the leading features of the princiother from Saguache to Lake City, pal silver mining districts in the Sara giving it two outlets to the East, and Juan country. New mining districts the road is extended west to the forks are occasionally being formed and of the Animas, which will give a new mines daily discovered. We will stage route to Silverton, in San Juan now. mention those districts noted county

principally for their gold-bearing The town is well provided with sup- quartz and placer gold. ply stores, there being five stores of


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Twenty-five miles west from Silver- men poured in from every quarter. ton the San Miguel gold mines are What was thought to be the best found. In the middle part of August portion of that country was staked last it was being talked around quietly out, and a new mining district was at Silverton that rich placer diggings formed. At the present writing the had been struck at that place, and in extent of the deposit is not known, three days thereafter three-fourths of yet a considerable amount of gold the people of that lively town were off was “panned out." Old prospectors to the new gold “diggins." Every- think there is gold to be found bebody wanted a mule or a horse, and tween San Miguel and the La Plata those who could not be thus provided, country, and we may look for new either rode a boro or went on foot. discoveries during the present season

The rush continued for a week, and in that quarter.




Sixty miles southwest from Silver- furnish

to those who ton is Parrott City, the principal min- claims adjacent thereto at a given ing town of La Plata county, near price. During last season sluice minwhich are those rich placer and quartz ing was the method employed for segold mines, which perhaps have no curing the gold, but in October last equal in Colorado. The placers are parties interested in those mines went found along the La Plata river, and to California to engage aid in the conare, as prospected, about ten miles in struction of a perfect hydraulic sysextent along that stream, and have an tem, by which a more effective treataverage width of about two miles. It ment could be employed, so that the is estimated that bed-rock is thirty or present season will undoubtedly be forty feet below"grass root,” the yield one of greater activity in these new from the surface paying from five to gold fields of La Plata. Such rich ten dollars per man. A company has placers satisfied the old miners that constructed a system of ditches along the source of these low-land deposits certain portions of this gold bar and were exceedingly rich, and prospectYou can buy Tickets anywhere in the East to all points in Colorado' via

Kansas Pacific Railway.

ing for quartz gold leads upon the ad- When, in October last, those operatjacent mountains was, during last sum- ing the Comstock lode struck a vein mer, pursued with vigor and great which run in bulk $120,000 per ton, a success, which not only led to the dis- large number of old miners who rencovery of rich gold quartz veins, dezvoused at Silverton, started for the but silver was found in abundance La Plata district with the intention and of a very high grade.

of permanently locating there, arguThe rock is of limestone formation ing that if they could not strike it principally, the ores carry but little rich in gold, they could in silver, and galena, and in appearance resemble seemed assured of success. the ores found on the Uncompahgre. The altitude is considerably lower Many beautiful specimens brought at Parrott City than in the silver disinto Silverton last season assayed be- tricts up the Animas, and the climate tween $1,500 and $2,000 per ton in more mild. Coal is found in abundsilver, with more or less gold.

ance in that country, which, with its Silver has been found at different superior productiveness of soil, and points along the La Plata trail, be- being on the best line of approach tween Silverton and Parrott City, and for a railroad to the mines up the one wonders as he sees specimens of Animas river, makes it a chosen spot, high grade silver ores come in for a and no portion of the entire San Juan hundred miles along this mineral belt country has a more assured success in if there really is an end to those rare the future than the La Plata gold and deposits.

silver district.


The immense bodies of fine quartz The average run of the ores from gold, found on South Mountain in the the Little Anna is variously estimated Summit district, has led to the loca- between $50 and $80 per' ton. tion of mining claims, covering nearly

The owners claim to have taken out the entire mountain and to the organ- $50,000, in sixty days, the formation ization of mining companies and the of the vein matter is seamy in all erection of a number of reduction directions, no definite line of pay works, which makes it truly a great streak as in regular true fissure veins and important mining camp.

of silver. The width of the vein is The Little Anna Lode has gained not fully determined, but the supposiperhaps the greatest reputation, owing tion is that it is seventy or eighty feet to its more thorough development.

wide. This and a ten stamp mill The great Through Freight or Passenger Route is via the Kansas Pacific


erected upon the mine is owned by a Standing upon the summit of South New York company, a small interest Mountain, 12,300 feet high, by the in said lode having recently been sold lines of timber in the distance to the by W. H. Van Gieson to parties in east and north, you can determine the New York City for $50,000.

course of the Rio Grande river that Other lodes of great promise are lies along the borders of San Luis being worked, among which are the Park. The approach to South MounGolden Queen, Summit, Major, Golden tain from Del Norte is by wagon road Eagle, Mollie Bush, Yellow Jacket, up Francisco Creek, thirty miles from Caribou, Dexter, Golden Star, Del Del Norte, and by Pinos Creek twenNorte, Dora, Upper Annie and Ida. ty-eight miles. A mine of very singular appearance

There are various theories concernis the Summit Lode.

Here was

a ing the formation of South Mountain. butte of quartz matter standing eighty Quartz gold having been found in feet high, thirty feet wide and about nearly every portion of the mountain, fifty feet long, situated well up the it is claimed by some to be a solid mass mountain, and standing erect.

of quartz gold, while others believe Fifty feet farther up the mountain the “top dressing” to have been is the upper wall rock to the vein, poured over the surface from the while below it is shingled down about mouth of a volcano. There has been three hundred feet with a red-colored a large amount of gold taken from this quartz rock, and calcined granite, mountain, and must continue to be giving on the whole an ashy.appear one of our best gold producing disance. Nearly all the best mines on tricts. South Mountain lie in and about a The Little Annie, Golden Queen and large basin formed in the mountain, Summit mines each has its stamp mill and might be termed a golden bowl. and others are being erected.


The climate of Colorado is a subject in going out of this up into a lighter of universal remark by those visiting air, from 5,000 to 13,000 feet above sea for the first time the Rocky Moun- level, a heavy burden seems to be tains. The heavier gases, which are a lifted from the system. You breathe part of the atmosphere, seek the lower freer, but it requires more labor to levels, and there we have the air we take in enough air to “run the mabreath over-charged with the combus chine." tible gases which sustain life, so that This gives an expansion of the The Kansas Pacific Railway runs a Fast Freight, in Sixty Hours, to Denver, where close connection is made with the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad for

Cucharas, Veta and Fort Garland.

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