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lungs, and the air freed from the ma- San Juan to run a 'thousand stamp larious poison of the low-lands, gives mills the year round. (Engines will the lungs a healthy development. be used only in hoisting works at the The air is not “bracing,” as many mines.)

This will be an immense writers tell you ; that is the character saving in the treatment of ores. And of sea breezes, but the mountain air the frequency of these mountain of Colorado is pure, and has a happy streams is another excellent feature; effect upon both mind and body. they are found on every mountain Young man, go to San Juan, get a and in nearly every gulch, so pure mine, and be happy.

and sparkling that life gains a new inspiration with each draught.


There is sufficient water power in


People are led to regard mining en- ; for failure is almost certain if


do. terprises as hazardous more from habit Because a smelter on the Mexican plan than anything else, forgetting that can be built for $500, and a quantity many of those engaged in mercantile of silver saved in the process thus em. pursuits fail at some period of their ployed, it does not prove that a man business history.

with $20,000 capital will not fail if he In mining undertakings more men undertakes the business of smelting. fail in the beginning, than in the A Smelter that would cost $50,000 steady pursuit of that business. More should, to make it a success, have $50,failures come from speculations in 000 besides, used in buying ores, and mining property, than in a legitimate $100,000 would be better. The profits of effort to produce the precious metals. smelting are so great that men are led Any one who will take the trouble to into the undertaking with too small read Raymond's reports of the min. la capital, and fail. It would be better ing industries of the different mineral if persons with from five to twenty producing States and Territories, will thousand dollars, who desired to enbe satisfied of this fact.

gage in the treatment of silver ores, Smelting the ores of the San Juan were to find in the San Juan country a country may be made a success, by large body of low grade ore, where the observing the known conditions of gangue being so impregnated with silsuccess, but it will not do to adopt ver that it required separation, and put those cheap expedients in smelting, up concentration works. Five to eigbt

The Shortest and Quickest Route to Colorado is via the Kansas Pacific






tons could be reduced to one, and ore I be of a kind that they may be concenrunning $25 per ton, which would be trated to make their treatment profitentirely useless as smelting ore, by able, and, as before stated, should be concentration could be made to run in large bodies. A two or three-foot $200 per ton with a cost of concentra- vein, running twenty-dollar milling tion of from one to three dollars, per ores, could not be made profitable ;

yet a thirty-foot vein, running that The machinery for concentration amount per ton, might be made to pay is very simple and inexpensive, con- largely. sisting of:

The sale of mining property is liable Crusher and Roller, 26 tons daily

to great abuse, from the fact that so capacity, Cust... .........

$1,200 00 few purchasing property Cost of Jig.....

600 00 ; quainted with the true value of a

$1,800 00 mine; yet, with due care, nothing A building costing $1,000 would promises a larger return for the

amount of money required to purabout complete the expense. It would

chase than first-class mining propcost to operate this :

erty in the San Juan country. There Three men, at $4 per day.

$12 00 is so great a mining interest there In connection with the concentration that the development of the country of ores a regular sampling business must be very rapid and extensive, and could be done, for there are many of everything is made thereby more marthe high grade ores in San Juan, which ketable. owing to the want of smelting facili- There are many features of the ties, will be shipped out of the coun- country peculiarly encouraging to try by parties buying ores. The buy. prospectors; the great number of ing of ores necessitates the sampling mines daily discovered and the conof them, and a crusher is required in stant demand for them on the part of sampling, and that you have already capitalists, who are willing to buy in your concentration machinery. them at nominal prices and take the

The Blake Crusher, with Cornish risk of their ultimate value. This enrollers, and the Rouse or Parsons jig, courages prospectors to make public with a number of tubes, is the ma- many discoveries that otherwise might chinery usually employed.

not be considered of sufficient imporThe Crusher, to a great extent, has tance to warrant any attention. taken the place of the Stamp Mill. With the large mining population

There are a large number of mines in San Juan, and the rapid increase owned by parties in San Juan, prac. which is sure to follow, every branch tically valueless to their owners, of business peculiar to a mining counwhich, if capital were employed in try must prosper. One thing is certheir development, might be made to tain, there is more silver deposited pay largely. All low-grade ores should in the San Juan country than can be

The quickest way to San Juan is via the Kansas Pacific Railway.


found in any other mining country those capable of properly developing yet discovered, and fortune awaits it.


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Bret Harte, Joaquin Miller, and a season, and although differing in charnumber of other clever writers, cast- acter, the measure of pleasure and ing about for “å hero to adorn a tale," enjoyment is at least equal to that

to find a field for all their found in the older States. enthusiasm and talent in the extreme Life and property are as secure in Western character, and many are led San Juan as in Massachusetts, and sointo the error of thinking that in the ciety is free from the error and hyWest, the knife and gun, the horse and pocrisy common to the polished circles spur, are the true symbols of all that of the East, its best tokens being an is remarkable in western life.

independent manhood and a desire, It is true that human nature freed in the development of this new Eldofrom the restraints of society often rado, to give every man a chance. presents in the West many features No wonder the returned miner is that, in the East, would be regarded full of hope and good cheer, and speaks reckless and lawless, being a strange well of the country. mingling of strength, virtue, cupidity The rude cabin above the trail upon and disregard of human life; but these the mountain side, covered with poles are extreme cases, and we would not and gravel has an air of welcome in consequence have any of the many about it, and a true pleasure is expethousands who are going into the San rienced in the quiet cordiality with Juan country, this season, believe that which you are received he is to mingle with a strange and in buckskin, with his hounds crouchprimitive civilization, where all the ing behind him, and a noble buck sus. customs of the country are ignored, pended from a spruce pole, one end of and law a fitful caprice of man's pas- which is thrust between the logs of sions.

the cabin where the chinking has The habit which once existed with fallen out, and the other supported by men, of leaving all the comforts of life two forked sticks describing a letter behind upon going West, is no longer "A," which the romance writer has practiced, and is entirely unnecessary. given in such true fidelity, proves to All that is required to make life desir- be a very ordinary looking individual able may be found in San Juan this dressed in overalls and blouse and

66 The man

The Kansas Pacific Railway is the Best Road west of the Missouri River, in


slouch hat, who has just come from vada, Arizona, Utah or New Mexico, his mine, a few yards distant, to and you ask him to tell you all about sharpen some tools at the blacksmith mineral and mining, and you are reshop, which so many of these miners | warded with a few careful observahave for their own convenience. He tions, for those old miners do not talk may be from Illinois, Ohio, Missouri much to stranyers of the secrets of or Kansas, who having come to Colo- their success, and you depart, satisfied rado by the Kansas Pacific Railway, is that if you have not met a man who sure to be a sensible fellow, and you has given you information sufficient are shown some rich specimens of sil- upon which to write a work on minver ore, invited to stay to dinner, and ing; you have at least met a gentlemade generally welcome. Or he may man. be an old miner from California, Ne



60 1 00 1 00

Persons going into the San Juan | shoes to wear about camp, a soft hat country to prospect, require from $300 and overalls and blouse, and you have to $500 cash, beside the following outfit. all that is necessary for comfort and Half-Gallon Coffee Pot...

$0 60 convenience.
Bake oven.

A man will eat about one pound of Three tin plates..

25 flour per day, one-half pound of beef Koife and fork. Coffee mill [iron)..

Dried 50 or one-fourth pound bacon.

10 fruits, such as apples, currants and Two tea-poons. Two tablespoons.

10 prunes, should be used freely with

heavy diet, to insure perfect health. Total cost........

$5 40

Bread pun...

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Tin cup





consisting of three double blankets are a great assistance to the prospeoand one poncho, would cost about $12. tor after he arrives in a mining coun

try, as well as in going in. A good

mule will cost in San Juan from $100 One substantial suit of clothes, one to $150; a pony about $75, and a pair of heavy boots, the soles filled Boro about $30. But a person who with hob-nails, with perhaps a pair of does not choose to be to this expense Miners and Merchants should order their Freight shipped via Kansas Pacific




may find facilities for getting in with out of seven-eighths or one-inch steel freighters who are daily starting into and three in number-four are somethe country.

times used-No.1, 18 inches long, No. While a tent is a very good thing, it 2, 26 inches long, and No. 3, 36 inches should only be taken when transpor- long. You also want one striking tation is ample; very few take them, hammer-a six pound cost about $4.50. as sleeping in the open air is attended Also, one breaking hammer, eight with no suffering or inconvenience in pounds, cost about $6.00; one tracing that climate,

pick, cost $2.00; one prospecting pole pick, cost $2.00; one long-handled

shovel, cost $1.50; four gads made of The best steel for gads is Jessup & square one and one-fourth inch steel, Sons English steel. This can be sel- eight inches long; also powder and dom found except in the larger cities fuse. This gives a general idea of an in the States, but all the mining towns outfit as used in San Juan and it is in Colorado keep all varieties. It about all that is necessary for a season costs from 350 to 10c per pound. Drills of prospecting in the Rocky Mounfor prospecting work should be made tains.



Game and fish are abundant in San Jor mountain trout, which weigh in Juan and along the routes leading some instances four and five pounds. into that country.

But the mosi remarkable trout “deThe Rio Grande river and many of posit” in San Juan may be found west the smaller streams that are tributary from Silverton twenty-five miles, in to it are alive with tront. In the the San Miguel lake, which has an early part of the season, before the elevation of 9,720 feet, around which swell of the snow-waters subsides, is the San Miguel group of mountains, trout fishing is not attended with the the highest of which is about 14,000 success one can have later in the sea- feet high. The margin of the lake son, or in the months of June, July almost describes a circle, and its and August and even as late as No- depths are beyond any efforts yet vember. The Rio Grande furnishes made to ascertain them. Two persons specimens of a larger species than caught with hooks, last season, three what are commonly known as brook hundred pounds of trout in one day Remember that the Kansas Pacific Railway is the only line to Denver with

out change.

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