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in this lake, and the supply seems in the San Juan country. A wagon may exhaustable.

be driven from Pueblo, Trinidad or Black-tail deer, mountain sheep, an- Ft. Garland to within twenty miles of telope, and cinnamon bear, are found the Animas district, along the valleys in great numbers along the Sangre de of the Rio Grande river, with as Christo range of mountains and the much ease as upon most of the public parks and passes that lie along the highways in the older states, so that routes into the mining regions. A the sportsman's lunch box and all the season of rare sport might be enjoyed necessary outfit for first-class sport by sportsmen by spending a season in may be taken along



The Kansas Pacific Railway has | The main line--by Denver-has this Eastern connections at Kansas City, advantage to parties going into the Missouri, and at Leavenworth, Kan- San Juan country, either for business

or pleasure: If for business, an opAt Kit Carson, Colorado, two lines portunity is offered to visit the mines are extended west, one to Denver and west of Denver, and witness the most the other to La Junta, Col., in the di- practical methods, both for the develrection of Trinidad, which will soon opment of ores and their treatment, be reached by their southern branch. either by stamp mills, concentration

From Denver, the Denver & Rio works, or smelting, and thus learn, by Grande Railroad is built south and practical examination, what it would west as far as Fort Garland, in the require months to learn in a new minborder of San Lan Luis Park, which ing country, is about 165 miles from Silverton, in If parties go to Colorado for pleasSan Juan county, the heart of the San ure, they would not be satisfied withJuan mines, and 65 miles from Del out visiting the capital and metropoNorte, a large mining town, 30 miles lis of the new Centennial State, and north of the Summit gold district, and take in the magnificent scenery along 145 miles from Lake City, in Lake dis- the Rio Grande Railroad, en route to trict.

Fort Garland, by which route Manitou The nearest point by rail to the min- and the famous "Garden of the (fods” ing regions is reached by the Kansas are reached, and also Colorado Springs, Pacific Railway and its connections. the chief watering place in the West. Address BEVERLEY R. KEIM, General Passenger Agent at Kansas City, Mo., for informition concerning San Juan and Routes of Travel to the Mines.



La Junta, the present terminus of Canon City, which is another great the Kansas Pacific is southeast from watering place, where may be found Pueblo, but is on a direct line to the iron, soda and hot springs. Here is San Juan mines, though not as near as another starting point over-land for Fort Garland; yet it is regarded as the mines, and it is a very desirable the best freight route into the mining route to parties going into Lake disregions, 'as through shipments are trict by Saguache. A stage line conmade from Kansas City or Leaven- nects at Canon City and runs to nearly worth to this point, and a choice of all the principal mining towns. The wagon routes is given, either by the Rosita mines lie south from Canon City Rio Grande, or by the great southern thirty miles, and have given to that route, by Costilla canon. The largest picturesque little city great activity. out-fitting establishments in Colorado

The Kansas Pacific Railway reaches may be found at La Junta, and con- with its connections the following nections are made at this point, by points, which are the only starting Barlow & Sanderson's six-horse stage points into the mines at the terminus of line, which runs to all the principal rail routes : Fort Garland, Cucharas, mining towns in San Juan. The Den- La Junta, Pueblo and Canon City, and ver & Rio Grande road also runs to El Moro (five miles from Trinidad).


The following statement is from silver in a ton of ore it contains 291.63 Prof. F. S. Schirner, Superintendent ounces troy of either of these metals. of the Branch Mint at Denver:

The average fineness of the ColoOne ton (2,000 pounds avoirdupois) rado gold is 781 in 1,000 and the natof gold and silver contains 29,163 troy ural alloy, gold is 781, silver 208, copounces, and therefore the value of a per 10, total 1,000. ton of pure gold is $602,799 21, and a The calculations at the mint are ton of silver $37,704 40.

made on the basis that forty-three A cubic foot of pure gold weighs ounces of standard gold, or 900 fine 1,518.74 pounds of avoirdupois; a (coin), is worth $800, and eleven cubic foot of.pure silver weighs 556.25 ounces of silver 900 fine (coin) is pounds avoirdupois.

worth $12 80, If there is one per cent. of gold or

Freight for San Juan, Cheapest Rates, by the Kansas Pacific Railway. Ad

dress T. F. OAKES, General Freight Agent, Kansas City, Mo.



on the

valleys equal in richness to the valleys

of the Missouri, it has built and is the pioneer road into the Territory equipped a first-class, broad-gauge of Colorado, the building of which road from Kit Carson to La Junta, on has resulted in the development of a direct line to Trinidad, which will Northern Colorado with its large min be reached within a few weeks. ing interests, and occasioned the

The largest mining interests in growth of the immense cattle trade Southwestern Colorado are of Colorado and New Mexico. It has western water-shed of

It has western water-shed of the Rocky done more than this; it has made it Mountain range, and wagon "routes as possible for the Denver & Rio Grande well as railway routes to reach the Railroad Company to construct a pay- Animas valley and the heart of the ing line south and southwest in aid of San Juan mines, must avoid the mounthe development of Southern Colora- tain barriers that confront us at the do, which has led to the discovery and head of the Rio Grande. development of the great mineral re

It is a matter long since settled that gion of Southwestern Colorado, known the most practical wagon route to as San Juan.

reach the silver and gold regions of The first map ever made of the San San Juan on the Pacific slope, from Juan country was made by the Kan- the East is from Trinidad, via the sas Pacific Railway Company, in the Costilla canon, in the Raton moun

tains, thence to Tierra Amarilla, ParThus early identified with the ma- rott City and Hermosa, into the Aniterial interests of the Territory, at a mas vailey, which gather in the waters time when its stockholders

on the western slope. By this route obliged to pay large sums beyond the the gold and silver mines of the La earnings of the road, to keep it in Plata district are reached, the coal on operation, it has, up to the present the lower Animas, the minos of the time, kept its faith with public expec- Animas, Adams, Uncompahgre and tation in making it the great and re- Eureka districts, and a portion of the liable route across the State of Kansas mines of Lake district, and encounterinto the best portions of Colorado. ing nowhere on the way any impass

At no time has it adopted temporary able grades, either for wagons or railexpedients in the routes chosen, but way. The importance of this route looking to the Southwest, with the is so well understood by the people of mines of San Juan, New Mexico, Ari- Trinidad and Las Animas county, that zona and Utah, and an agricultural the former have just voted $50,000, country in the San Juan and Animas and the latter $200,000, to aid in the

year 1872


Nothing like ita ride in Palace Cars over the Kansas Pacific to the Mines.


construction of a railway upon this per pound, a distance of about twenty

miles. The new southern route passes The people of Las Animas county around the mountain ranges, and will and the miners in the districts named run through a rich, fertile and open may rest assured that the Kansas Pa- country, without increasing the discific Railway will, by proper encour- tance materially from the route across agement, at no distant day, extend its the mountains to the north. line upon the route indicated, the com

This will give two routes by the pletion of which must aid materially Kansas Pacific Railway to the San in the growth of the entire San Juan Juan mines. One by Denver, which country.

connects there with the the Denver & A wagon road is nearly completed Rio Grande road, now extended to Fort from Trinidad, through the Costilla Garland, in the borders of San Luis Canon, to the open country beyond Park, about sixty-five miles from Del (heavy loaded teams are already pass Norte, and the other by the southern ing over this route), which, with the branch of the Kansas Pacific to Trinicompletion of the road from Cascade dad, which reaches the new wagon Creek to Silverton, a distance of 18 route mentioned. miles, which must speedily follow, will

At the present time the fansas Pagive a road of even grade, and open cific, with its connections, reaches El during all seasons of the year. There Moro-five miles from Trinidad-to is not to exceed fifty miles of moun. which point parties going by the tain road requiring any considerable southern

should ship their expense in grading in the entire route freight and procure transportation. from Trinidad to Silverton, and it is

If going by the northern routes buy estimated that fifty thousand dollars

tickets to Cucharas or Fort Garland would be sufficient to do the grading and go up the Rio Grande via Del at both ends of the line, where the Norte to the mines; or if to Lake City only grading on the entire route is re

and the mines, procure transportation quired.

to Canon City via Kansas Pacific RailBy this route, when completed,

way. (See map.) freights from Trinidad to Silverton will not cost in transportation to exceed four cents per pound, whereas, If you want information in regard by present route, the rate is from six to rates of freight on your mining to eight cents.

outfits or supplies, from any place in Packing over the main range, from the East to the nearest railroad staJennison's ranch near the head of tion within reach of the San Juan the Rio Grande-to Silverton, alone, mines, address T. F. OAK ES, General costs one and one-half to two cents Freight Agent, Kansas City.


No miner should think of buying a Ticket by any other Route.


The population of the San Juan passed when there can any longer be country two years ago could not have any question as to the mineral wealth exceeded one thousand or fifteen hun. of San Juan. "When destiny marks dred.

out a course for mankind, thither tend In 1875 it was upwards of ten all forces in the same direction.” That thousand, and this immense increase course of destiny which shall enrich a was owing entirely to the increased people is easily followed, but the folknowledge of its superior mineral de- lowers in this case are men of strong posits, believed to extend over an area arms and brave hearts, who will bring of about fourteen thousand square about a glorious future to San Juan miles, and of which an area of over and the whole country. three thousand square miles has been

The railroads are not behind in aidexplored. There has been no excite- ing the development of this country, ment attending this growth, but much and they have shown a sagacity in caution and business sagacity have the rapid extension of their lines in been shown, and this course has that direction only equaled by the desteadily advanced its interests and termined spirit of its early settlers. demonstrated its wealth. The first There was little work done in the rush into the country began in the mines in the winter of 1874–75, but spring and summer of 1874, and came during the past winter about twentyprincipally from the older mining dis. five mines have been worked, which tricts of California, Nevada, Montana, have produced about $1,000,000, in Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. gold and silver.

The experienced miners of those The present season will be an acStates and Territories declared their tive one in San Juan. Machinery for convictions that San Juan had no smelting and reduction works of vaequal in the world in the extent and rious kinds is going into the country, richness of its gold and silver depos. and by autumn it is estimated that its. The results of that year and the the population will be double what it year following justified this declara- was last year. The growth will be tion, for never in the history of quartz one of permanent steady increase. mining in any country have mines The open country east of the minproduced such quantities of high grade ing region in Eastern and Central ores at the surface as this. People Colorado, though written up at times are justified in accepting with caution with flattering commendation, is not the statements made in regard to new an agricultural country. It produces mineral discoveries, but the time has very little of anything. The demands

The Kansas Pacific is the best equipped road in the West.

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