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the experience of last year, that but a For the present the importance of very small portion of the production the San Juan mines to the rest of the of the mines already opened can be territory cannot be disregarded. Plenshipped as far as Pueblo or Denver ty of Eastern capital is going in there with profit, and that there is a great this year, a vast amount of work will need of a large smelting establishment be done, and much ore taken out. The on the Animas, and of another on the Summit district alone will not fail to Gunnison

Uncompahgre. We produce $100,000 in gold bullion, and know there are several smelters in the the production of the Animas, Unregion already, and that a company compahgre and Gunnison mines will has been organized to put up other doubtless treble that amount. Means works this spring, but unfortunately of reaching this new district should every one who is going into the smelt- therefore be discussed, for the rapid ing business in San Juan, or who has, growth of any one section of the appear to have the idea that there is mines means the improvement of busa great abundance of galena in the iness in every other. Whether we open district, and that lead smelting is the San Juan to the rest of the world proper system for that class of ores. tlirough the South Park or Arkansas

We feel quite sure this is a mistake Valley Railroad is a matter of imporbut it is now too late to change the tance to Denver or Pueblo; but that order of affairs. Even if this season's the railroad should be driven forward smelting operations should not prove as nearly as possible towards those wholly successful, the really valuable wonderful mines, is a matter of percharacter of the ore will prevent any sonal interest to every citizen of the discouragement, and ultimately the State. proper system will be adopted.


There were seven thousand seven latter estimate does not take into achundred and forty failures in mercan- count the amounts expended in prostile business in the United States dur pecting for mineral, but in this the ing the year 1875, with liabilities of value of the discoveries would equal over two hundred millions of dollars. the expense of prospecting.

The profits on mining operations The relative importance of this induring the same period was between terest may be further understood by twenty-nine and thirty per cent. The an examination of the following table,

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1870 ..... 1871


1875, .....

showing the aggregate amount of ex- nent one for many years and furnishes ports for five years.

a strong reason why an increased efAggregate exports of the United fort should be made in the developStates for the years:

ment of our mineral resources to keep $499,073,932 good the present supply, to meet this

and other demands for our coin and

562,518,651 187... ......

649,132,563 bullion.
704,463,120 That the product can and will be
643,094,767 largely increased for the next five

years there can be no doubt to him $3,058,283,083

who has examined into the source of The exports of gold and silver is supply, and the growing interest maniincluded in this statement, and dur- fested in mining affairs. ing the five years they amounted to There is no good reason why, if the $345.747,581. This great export of same efforts were made in the business the precious metals has been the re- of mining as there are in other pursult in a measure of the demand to suits, that the yield of the precious meet the interest on our bonds held metals should not reach, in five years, in Europe, and likely to be a perma. two hundred millions annually.



The Immense Undeveloped Treasures of Colorado---Disinterested Testimony to the

Value and Extent of Our Rich Mineral Interests.

(From a Conımunication by Josiah Copley to the Editors of the Pittsburgh Gazette of January 1st.]

* Prosperity and business activity, to be the same is true of textile fabrics, and even of real and abiding, must be based upon the pro- the products of the soil. duction of something whi h the wor'd wants-- What is there, then, the production of which something which is not already in excess. For may be increased to any practicable extent example: Prosperity could not be revived, or safely, and with no danger of plethora or stagbusiness made active, or confidence restored, nation? Gold and silver, the absence of which or the ability to redeem either greenbacks or in sufficient quantity, as you have so clearly bank bills in coin, brought about by doub'ing shown, renders the redemption of our paper the production of iron. And why not? Be- currency in coin simply an impossibility. Alcause the world does not want more iron than ready the production of these metals is an imis now produced, and hardly that much; and portant industry--wild, fitful and irregular, as Ship to Ft. Garland, the nearest Railroad Point to the Mines, by the Kansas

Pacific Railway.

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compared with iron, it is true—but still it tided Colorado fell into bad repute. True, the gold the country over shoals upon which it would and silver were there, but operations characotherwise have stranded years ago.

terized, as many were, by ignorance, inexpe

rience, rascality and profligacy failed to bring CALIFORNIA IS NEARLY EXHAUSTED,

them out. so far as its gold product is concerned, and the

While there is no difficulty in this business, present prostration, is more attributable to that

at which men of ordinary courage and enterexhaustion than people generally imagine prise need be appalled, still much care and California produced a flood of placer gold, drift

prudence ought to be observed on the part of gold, without the investment of much capital; those who go into it. If they wish to be their and the getting of it out more resembled a wild

own miners they must be sure that they have a scramble than the steady and systematic pur- good mine-not so much a mine that yields suit of a well established business,

wonderfully rich ore as one that has plenty of it. But in Colorado, especially in Southwestern

If their object be to put up reduction works, Colorado, the conditions are altogeth differ

wbether by smelting or chlorination, let them ent. There, in thousands of well developed make sure that there are good mines in suffilodes of unknuwn depth, the Creator has de- cient number near them to furnish them with posited inexhaustible and incalculable stores

all the ore they are able to work up. of the ores of the precious metals; and now they have been brought to light and made easily accessible just in time to replenish the depleted

is to have at least one mine of their own, as a life-blood of the country. But these treasures are not to be gathered up from other miners, at fair prices, the ores which

sort of reserve, and at the same time purchase as those of Colorado were. Science, skill, capital and well directed industry are required to they may bring them. Most of the mines in

the San Juan country, as well as in many other make them available. During the past summer and autumn, which I spent in Colorado, I districts, yield ores which will give a generous looked calmly and carefully into this thing, margin of profit to both parties. and the more I studied it the more I became Although I am no longer a resident of Pittssatisfied that there are

burg, and never expect to be of Colorado, and, although I have reached a time of life when "treasure upon earth" has almost ceased to be

an object of personal desire, still I see how AREA OF EQUAL EXTENT ON THE GLOBE. much our deeply indebted country needs this

They are there, but they are not to be gath- treasure; and, above everything else, I should ered as the gold of California was gathered. be gratified to see this city take a ieading part The thing was attempted in the rush to Pike's in its development. Peak in 1839, which resulted in the sad failure of nine out of ten of the eager but inconsiderate adventurers. The more bold and unscrup- THE Kansas Pacific Railway runs a ulous sought and found mines which they had fast freight train from Kansas City to neither the skill nor the capital to work. They Denver in 60 hours, where close conthen turned to credulous capitalists to aid them nection is made with the trains of the in what they had neither the means nor the skill to do themselves. The result was that Denver & Rio Grande, for Pueblo,

Cucharas and Fort Garland. the capital thus put in was, in many cases,

Ship wasted, stolen or misdirected, and mining in your freight by this route.



El Moro, the nearest Railroad Point to San Juan, by Great Southern Route,

is reached via Kansas Pacific Railway. 3


[Letter from the Lawrence, Kansas, Journal, Sunday, June 4, 1876.] Editor Journal: Hiving spent several south of the town of Del Norte, and sheds its months in Southern Colorado last summer, I water into the Rio Grande, although some of endeavored to make myself as well acquainted the waters of the San Juan are in ihe neighwith the mineral resources of that remarkable borhood. region as I could:

The San Juan country is subdivided into Colorado is divided on the east side of the four districts. continental watershed into two well defined First-The Animas D'strict, so called besections of about equal area The northern cause it is drained by the Animas, a branch of division is drained by the Platte ; the southern the San Juan In this district there are thousby the Arkansas. Between these two divisions ands of well defined lodes, principally silver, a mountain spur runs eastward about a huu- some gold, and much copper and lead. On the dred miles across the Great Plains fifty miles Animas there are several mining towns, the south of Denver. Its average altitude is about principal of which is Silverton, which is rapidtwo thousand feet above the general level of ly becoming a place of importance. A spirited the plains, and between seven and eight thous- weekly newspaper is published there, and there and feet above tide. Denver is the natural are two or three reduction works. A few miles trade center of the northern division; Pueblo above Silverton the e is a miring property, that of the sonthern. Colorado Springs may called the "Silver Wing ”-a score or so of compete with Pueblo for the trade of Southern claims consolidated on which there is a clusColorado; but Pueblo, which is the western ter of not less than forty distinct, vertical terminus of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe lodes, from four to thirteen feet in thickness, Railway, seems to be the most natural trade very rich in silver ore, combined with copper, cenrer at present

and some of which have a large per centage Both the northern and southern divisions of of gld. A tunnel of 1,000 feet in length will Colorado are rich in gold and silver mines. cut the whole of them.

cut the whole of them. There is an excellent Greater progress has been made in the norta; miil site on the property and good water power. but the southern and southwestern mines are This property is for sale, in whole or in part, richer and more numerous, although less de- by the Colorado Springs Mining Agency. veloped.

There are numerous lodes equally rich scatWhat is known as the San Juan country tered through the 'Animas district, but not (pronounced San Wan) is probably the richest such a cluster. mineral region on the continent. It is an ex- Second-Directly north of the Animas Distensive tract with no definite boundaries--as trict, and only separated from it by a mountain large, perhaps, as four or five of our counties, range-itself rich in mines is the UncomIt lies west of the cont nental watershed, and pahgre District, less developed than the other, drains into the Pacific through the Great Colo- but perhaps equally rich. It is so called berado. The southern portion is drained by the cause it is on the upper branches of the UnSan Juan; the northern by the Gunnison. compahgre river, a tributary of the Gunnison.

Strict'y speaking, the Summit District-Its course is a little west of north ; that of the small in area, but remarkably rich in gold- Animas is south. bearing quartz-is not a part of the San Juan Third-The Lake District, so named because country. That district lies some thirty miles it is on the upper branches of the Lake Fork Ft. Garland, sixty-five miles from Del Norte and one hundred and seventy from Silverton, reached by the Kansas Pacific Railway'


of the Gunnison. It is east of the Animas and lands to agriculture. A good wagon road has Uncompahgre. The people of Like City and just been completed across the watershd, so its surroundings strenuously contend that the rs that transportation is now easy from Colorado is the best district in the San Juan country. through Ute Pass and South Park to the valley Be that as it may, they certainly bave some of the Gunnison, from whence the entire San excellent mines, and many of them.

Juan country can now be reached. And it is Fourth, The Elk Mountain Distr'ct, which believed that a rai'road is practicable by the is on a mountain of that name, a iittle to the same route. If so, it would be one of the most north of the Gunnison, a few miles east or important and profitab'e roads in the United northeast of the mouth of the Lake Fork. It States. is spoken of as a very rich distri. t, with mines The mountains around South Park are rich of both gold and silver, principal'y the latter. in gold and silver, and near where the line of Having been until within four or five months the road strikes the Arkansas, far up in the very difficult of access, it has been less ex- mountains, is the Chalk Creck District, said to plored and developed than any of the others. be rich in mines. Chalk Cre k is an affluent of In that district there are extensive deposits of tte Arkansas, coming from the west. anthracite coal, and the valley of the Gunni

Very respectfully, son for many miles is admirably adaptez to

JOSIAH COPLEY. the rearing of stock, and some of the bottom Perry, May 31, 1876.




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There can be but one location made the lead can be opened to best advanwithin a mining claim, and the dis tage, taking into consideration the tance and direction claimed from the mineral outcrop, the approachability discovery shaft should be stated upon to the discovery shaft, the formation discovery stake . Suppose George about the vein and the facility by Legit and Nathaniel Prospect have which it may be opened, should be discovered a lead. The point where selected. When this has been decidRemember, the Denver and Rio Grande Railway is now completed to Ft. Garland.

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