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Smelter; daily capacity unknown. (A Henson Creek, Prof. N. A. Foss, new one in process of construction.) Furnace; capacity, twenty tons.

Eureka District, Duhem & Spencer, Hensen Creek, Col. J. Colt, Furreverberatory; daily capacity five tons. nace; capacity, twenty tons.

Animas Forks, Dakota, and San Juan Reduction Works; daily capacity, twenty tons.

Austin and Greenelle Furnace ; fifMineral City, Greenleaf's Concentra

teen tons daily capacity. tion Works; capacity, twenty tons.




Mark and consign your goods " care Henson Creek, Green Brothers, K. P. R. W., Kansas City, Mo.," and Smelter; daily capacity of twenty insure prompt transportation and low





General Properties.--A metal is a ling, stamping,

stamping, washing, l'oasting, body which conducts electricity and smelting and refining. heat, which is opaque, and has a high Assaying. This is the determinaand peculiar brilliancy, known as the tion of the quantity of metal conmetallic lustre.

tained in any particular ore. The Extraction. Metals are often found knowledge requisite for this is called naturally in their metallic form. the docimastic art. When they so occur, they are said to be in their native state. Their characters are generally masked under This metal has hitherto been found some form of combination with oxy- only in the metallic state, either pure gen or suiphur, and they are then or in combination with other metals. said to be in the state of ore. They It occurs in veins, and disseminated are met with, generally, in veins in primary and secondary rocks, and penetrating the strata, intermixed abundantly in alluvium or drifts, with various earthy substances. To which constitutes certain plains and separate the metal, after it is dug margins of rivers. The rocks in from the mine, the mass is broken up which it most often occurs are granand subjected to the operation of sort-lite, quartz, slate, hornstone, sandTime and Aloney Saved by taking the Kansas Pacific Railway to the San

Juan Mines.



stone, limestone, gneiss, mica-slate, with these pyrites and brass-filings. and especially in talcose slate, and This fraud may easily be detected by rarely in graywacke and tertiary throwing the dust into aqua fortis,

It also occurs in veins of iron which dissolves the substances and ore, antimony, zinc, lead, barytes, etc. leaves the gold untouched. When the metal exists in the bosom of primary rocks, it is particularly in schists. The gold which is found in alluvial deposits occurs in small par

This metal occurs only in the me

tallic state, associated or combined ticles or grains, called gold dust, mingled with sand and debris. It some with various metals, as iridium, rhotimes occurs in beds or layers, instead dinm, palladium, asmium, copper, iron, , of veins, which conform to the regu- disseminated in rocks of igneous ori

lead, gold and silver. It is frequently lar structure of the slaty rocks. It is usually found alloyed with small por

gin, as the primary. It is often found tions of other metals, particularly sil- in sienite, associated with gold. But ver and copper.

it occurs principally in alluvium or

drift. External Characters.--Color, golden

External Characters.-Color, very or orange yellow, passing into grayish yellow; some varieties, in

light steel-gray, approaching to silver

white. clines to brass yellow. Seldom occurs

Occurs in grains or rolled massive, often disseminated, capillary, pieces, seldom larger than a pea, and amorphous dentritic, and crystalized resembling coarse iron-filings. Roundin cubes, octahedrons, rhomboidal and ish. Shining and glistening. Streak doderahedrops and tetrahedrons. In- unchanged. Hardness nearly equal ternally, shining, glistening and me to that of iron. Malleable ; ductile. tallic. Fracture, hackly. Tissular.

Structure sometimes lamellar, but No cleavage. Soft, malleable, ductile, often not obvious. Specific gravity,

20.98. tenacious. Specific gravity, 19.26 to

Chemical Characters.--Infusible in 19.5. Chemical Characters.--Unaltered by

the hottest furnace, but melts before

Unaltered exposure to air, moisture or acids, the compound blow-pipe. Soluble in aqua regia, Fusible with by exposure to air, moisture or acids. the blow-pipe. Melts at 2016° Fab. Dissolves in aqua regia. renheit.

Distinctive Characters. -Gold is the only metal which has a yellow color. Geognostic Situation.--This metal is Its malleability will distinguish it found mostly in primary and secondfrom iron and copper pyrites, and ary states. It is found native, also as from yellow mica, for each of which ore, combined with sulphur, chlorine, it is often foolishly. mistaken. The copper, antimony, lead, arsenic and gold of Africa is often adulterated l gold. The rocks richest in it are The future Great Route to New Mexico, Arizona and the San Juan Mines

by the Kansas Pacific Railway.



gneiss, mica-slate, clay-slate and gray- not giving a blue globule with borax, wacke.

Composition.--Silver, 73; antimony, Native Silver.-Primitive and sec- 27. ondary rocks, with the ores of silver,

SILVER-(SILVER copper, cobalt, etc. It often occurs

GLANCE.) penetrating crystals or amorphous

Found in primary and secondary pieces of common quartz.

rocks, associated with the other ores External Characters.---Color, silver

of silver. It is an important ore for white; often tarnished gray or red

the extraction of the noble metal. dish. Occurs dentiform, capillary,

External Characters.--Color, dark, ramose, reticulated, seldom massive, lead-gray; often with an iridiscent more frequently disseminated; also in

tarnish. Occurs in tubes and octaheplates and spangles, and crystallized

drons; also reticulated, romose, lain tubes, octahedrons, rhomboidal do

melliform, amorphous and in plates. cahedrons and tetrahedrons. Lustre,

Cleavage, imperfect. Fracture, flat splendent to glimmering. Fracture,

and conchoidal. Malleable. Easily fine, hackly. Specific gravity, 10 to

sectile. Specific gravity, 7. 10.5.

Chemical Characters.-Fusible witlı Chemical Characters.-Fusible into a

intumescence and odor of sulphur, globule. Melts at 1873°, or a red heat.

leaving a globule of silver. Soluble in aqua fortis, forming the

Distinctive Characters.--It may be well-known lunar caustic.

distinguished from silver by its less Distinctive Characters.-Its color and

specific gravity, and its sulphurous malleability

odor under the blow-pipe. Composition.-Silver, with a little

Composition.-Silver, 85; sulphur, iron, antimony, copper or arsenic.


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PIANITE gray-slate, associated with the other Found in primary rock, with the ores of silver.

other ores of silver. External Characters.--Color, silver External Characters.-Color, dark or tin-white. Occurs massive, in lead-gray, or bluish-gray, passing into grains, and in cylinders, also in iron-black. Occurs massive and discurved laminæ. Yields to the knife. seminated, also in hexahedral prisms. Fracture, uneven. Specific Gravity, Lustre, metallic or dull. Structure, I to 10

foliated; crystals mostly intercept Chemical Characters.--Fusible, with each other. Soft and brittle. Fracthe emission of antimonial vapor, into cure, conchoidal. Specific gravity, 7. a globule of silver.

Chemical Characters.-Fusible, with Distinctive Characters. - Want of the evaporation of sulphur, arsenic ductility; and the antimonial vapor ; and antimony, into a globule of silver

All Railroad Towns in Colorado reuched via Kansas Pacific Railuay.


surrounded by a slag. Soluble in aqua Composition.--Silver, 60; antimony, fortis.

23.5 ; sulphur, 17.5. Distinctive Characters. Characters. - It differs

(HORN SILVER.) from sulphuret of silver in its want of malleability, and from other ores Found in primary rocks, with the by its dark color and brittleness.

other ores. It is a good ore for the Composition. -- Silver, 66.5 ; anti-extraction of the precious metals. mony, 10; iron, 5; sulphur, 12 ; ar

External Characters.--Color, pearlsenic, 5.

gray greenish or yellowish, or green

ish white, and brown. Occurs massivo, SULPHURETED ANTIMONIAL SILVER

investing other minerals, reniform, (PYRARGERYSE.)

amorphous, and crystallized in tabes,

octahedrons, and acicular prisms, Primary rocks, chiefly in granite Lustre, glistening and wavy. Soft; mica-slate and porphyry. It is a val

yields to the knife and to pressure. uable ore.

Malleable. Feebly translucent. Be. External Characters.-Color, red of

comes brown by exposure. Specific various shades, passing into lead-gray gravity, 5.5. and grayish-black; powder, crimson

Chemical Characters.--Fusible in the red. Occurs in masses and grains, flame of a candle. Before the blowalso denitritic, membranous, capillary pipe it emits muratic acid fumes. and crystallized in hexahedral prisms, Rubbed on moistened zinc, it leaves a terminated by scalenohedrons; also

film of silver. in double six-sided pyramids. Lus

Distinctive Characters.--Muriate of tre, metallic adamantine; crystals often striated. Structure, imperfectly blow-pipe, and does not leave a silver

mercury is entirely volatile before the foliated. Yields to the knife. Opaque.

globule. Specific gravity, 5.20 to 6.68. Hard

Composition.--Chlorine, 24,7; silver,

75.3. Chemical Characters.-Fusible, with antimonial fumes.

Distinctive Characters. It differs Occurs in beds, imbedded in varifrom sulphuret of arsenic in having ous primary rocks, and as high in tho a greater specific gravity, and in leav. secondary series as the new red sand. ing a globule of silver. Sulphuret of stone; also in large blocks in alluvial mercury is entirely dissipated by the districts;

very rarely in tertiary blow-pipe. The sulpuret of silver is ocks. The ores of copper present malleable. Specular oxyd of iron is the following varieties : magnetic after being submitted to the

NATIVE COPPER. blow-pipe, and the red oxyd of copper is readily reduced to the metallic

In the veins of primary and secondstate by the blow-pipe. Address T. F. OAKES, General Freight Agent Kansas Pacific Railway, a

Kansas City, Missouri, as to Shipments of Freight.

ness, 2–2.5.


ary rocks.



External Characters.—Color, copper- drons. Lustre, metallic.


Structure, red, tarnished externally brownish- lameller. Crystals, small, and seldom black. Occurs dentritic, capilliary, perfect. Cleavage, tissular. Yields reniform, and amorphous; also crys-, to the knife. Fracture, commonly untallized in cubes and octahedrons. even, Specific gravity, 4.3. Malleable. Specific gravity, 8.5.

Chemical Characters.--Tinges borax Chemical Characters.--Fusible. Sol- green. Fusible. uble in acids.

Distinctive Characters.--Iron pyrites Composition.--Nearly pure copper. does not tinge borax green. Native

bismuth is lamellated, and native gold

is malleable. Found in almost every kind of re- Composition.- Copper, 40 to 35.3; pository in all the great classes of iron, 40 to 33; sulphur, 20 to 35. rocks, particularly in beds and veins in primary and secondary rocks. It is a valuable ore.

accompanies the other ores of copper. External Characters.--Color, black- External Characters. ---Color, steel-, ish steel-gray, sometimes iridescent; gray, passing into black; streak, internally lead gray. Occurs massive, brownish. Occurs amorphous, disand in pseudomorphous crystals; also seminated, and crystallized in tetracrystallized in long, tubular, aix-head- hedrons. Lustre, metallic; brittle. ed prisms, lamellar. Tissular. Cleav- Crystals, small. Specific gravity, 5. age easy, with brillial faces. Easily Chemical Characters. - Fusible, but broken into grains. Fracture, con- not easily reduced. choidal. Specific gravity, 5.

Distinctive Characters. - Specular Chemical Characters.--Soluble in hot oxyd of iron is magnetic; arsenical eyjuafortis. Fusible.

iron is harder, and gives out the fumos Distinctive Characters.-Gray cop- of arsenic when heated. per decrepitates under the blow-pipe, Composition.--Copper, 52; Iron, 23; and is harder. This gives out only Sulphur, 14. the fumes of sulphur.

Composition – Copper, 76.50; sul- RED OXYD OF COPPER, ASSOCIATED WITH phur, 22; iron, 0.5.0

External Characters. ---- Color, red.

Occurs amorphous and crystallized in Same as that of the preceding. It octahedrons and cubes.

Structure, is one of the most abundant and valu lamellar. Lustre, metallic, adamanable ores of copper.

tine. Fracture, conchoidal and uneExternal Characters.--Color, brass- ven. Translucent. Yields to the knife. yellow. Occurs dentritic, stulactical, Brittle. Specific gravity, 4 to 5, 9. amorphous, concretious and crystal- Chemical Characters.-Fusible and lized in tetrahedrons and dodecahe- easily reduced. Dissolve in aquafor

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