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CEMETERIES-Continued. Berger, Sec.; Abram Greenwald, Supt., 150 Rich vard, Grasmere. Rev. James F. Mee, Director; mond av., Port Richmond, S. I.

D. McCaffrey, Keeper, Rosebank P. O. Fair View-Richmond turnpike, Castleton Cor St. Peter's-Junction of Brooks av. and Clove ners. 342 miles from St. George Ferry by Midland road. West New Brighton; controlled by St. Peter's Electric Ry. 30 acres. Wm. Anderson, Pres.; R. C. Church. Wm. J. Ladd, Sec.; Lawrence Stein, Supt. Office, Silver Lake--Richmond turnpike, near Silver 51-53 Richmond terrace, New Brighton.

Lake, Tompkinsville.

acres, 9,500 buriais. Fountain Richmond terrace and Van st., West Manhattan office, 58 Canal st. Reached from .. New Brighton. 5 acres. Harry V. Fountain, Sec., N. City by S. I. Ferry to St. George, thereby s. 1. West New Brighton.

Electric and Midland Electric cars. Barnett
Hebrew-Richmond turnpike, nr. Clove road. Friedman, Pres.; H. E. Adelman, Sec.; A. R
98 acres. Office, 11 Elizabeth St., Port Richmond. Gold, Supt., Stapleton, S. 1.
I. W. Wolf, Supt., P. O. Box 87, Port Richmond. Silver Mount-Richmond turnpike, near Clore

Moravian-Richmond road, New Dorp. 80 acres. road. Tompkinsville. Route, from St. George
Ferry from Whitehall st., from St. George, via Ferry. South st., to Central av., to Richmond
Midland Elec. Ry., 6 miles distant. P. P. Heal, turnpike; 2 miles. S. Cooper. Jr., 93 Tompkins
Dres.; N. J. Ostrander, Supt. Office at cemetery. av., New Brighton.
New Springville-Richmond av., New Spring-

Staten Island-Richmond terrace, West Yew ville, S. I. 6 acres. Reached by Staten Island Brighton, adj. Fountain Cemetery: 242 miles from Ferry and railroad to Port Richmond and Rich St. George ferry. 212 acres. Office, 2 Cedar st., mond ay, trolley. Isaac Winant, Pres., Port Rich

Mhtn. Lot C. Alston, Pres.; Jos. H. Barker, Sec., mond.

2 Cedar st. Ocean View (St. Agnes)-Opp. Whitlock Station,

Woodland-10 acres. Richmond turnpike, near Richroond. 442 acres. Reached by trolley, Rapid Clove road; 2 miles from St. George Ferry, via Transit road or carriage from St. George ferry. Central av. and Richmond turnpike. Electric cars Office, 220

B'way; Mhtn. Chas. C. Dickinson, from ferry. Michael Koffer, Pres.; Chas. Koffer, Pres.; Louis W. Groat, Sec,

Sec. Office, 157 Broad st., Stapleton. St. Agnes'--Grounds at Richmond. S. I. Mhtn. Woodrow-Woodrow, S. I. 3 acres. 1 mile from office, 220 B'way. C. C. Dickinson, Pres.; L. W. Huguenot Station. Reached by S. I. Rapid Transit Groat, Sec.

R. R. C. Bogardus, Sr., Pres. ; W. H. Bedell, St. Mary's-Parkinson av. and Southern Boule- Sec.; Abram R. Kelsey, Supt., Rossville P. O.

PASSPORTS. Rules Governing Issue of Passports. person described therein, and set forth facts of

1 By whom issued-No one but the Secretary his emigration, naturalization and residence. 0i State may issue passports in the United States,

8. The child of a naturalized citizen claiming A citizen desiring a passport while abroad should citizenship through the naturalization of the parapply to the diplomatic representative in the coun-ent-In addition to rule 3, applicant must state try where he happens to be; or, in his absence,

that he or she is son or daughter of person deto the consul-general; or, in absence of both, to scribed in certificate of naturalization, which must the consul of the United States. The necessary

be submitted for inspection, and set forth facts of statements may be made before the nearest con emigration, naturalization and residence. sular officer of the United States. If in one of the 9. A resident of an insular possession of the ins ar possessions of the United States, applica- Urited States who owes allegiance to the United tion should be made to the chief executive of States-In addition to rule 3 he must state that such possession.

he owes allegiance to the United States and that 2. Passports are granted to those only who owe he does not acknowledge allegiance to any other allegiance to the United States; a person who has government; and must submit affidavits from at Only made the declaration of intention to become least two credible witnessses, substantiating his a citizen cannot receive a passport.

statements of birth, residence and loyalty. 3. Applications A citizen in this country must 10. Expiration of passport-A passport expires in make written application, in form of an affidavit, two years. A new one will be issued upon a new to Secretary of State. It must be attested by an application, and, if naturalized citizen, the old officer authorized to administer oaths and if he passport will be accepted in lieu of a certificate hag an official seal it must be affixed. If applicant of naturalization. signs by mark two attesting witnesses to signa 11. Wife, minor children and servants-When ap. ture are required. Applicant is required to state plicant is accompanied by wife, rrinor children, date and place of birth, occupation and residence, or servant, who is an American citizen, it will be to declare he goes abroad for temporary sojourn sufficient to state the fact, giving the respective and intends to return and must take oath of ages of the children and the allegiance of the allegiance to U S. Government. Applications servant, when one passport will suffice for all. must be accompanied by a description of the per- woman's passport may include her minor children son applying, and state following particularg, viz. : and servant under above conditions. Age, stature, feet, inches (English measure), fore

12. Professional titles—They will not be inserted head, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, hair, complexion,

ir passports.

13. Fee-One dollar is the fee collected for every face. The application must be accompanied by a certificate from one witness that applicant is the

passport. Orders should be made payable to Dis person represented and that the facts stated are bursing Clerk, Department of State. Drafts or

checks will not be accepted. true.

14. Vises of passports-Will not be procured by 4. Native citizens-See rule 3.

Dept. of State from representatives of foreign gov. 5. A person born abroad whose father was a

ernmentg. native citizen of United States-In addition to re

15. Blank forms of application-Are furnished quirements of rule 3 application must show that

by the Department to persons desiring to apply his father was born and resided in I'nited States,

for passports. and was a citizen at time of applicant's birth. 6. Naturalized citizens--In addition to require to the Department of State. Passport Bureau.

26. Address-Communications should be addressed ments of rule 3, a naturalized citizen must trans

17. Rejection of application-The Secretary of mit certificate of naturalization, or certified copy

State may refuse to issue a passport to anyone of court record thereof, with application. He who, he has reason to believe, desires it for an must state when and from what port he emi. unlawful or improper purpose, or who is unable grated, in what ship he sailed, where he has lived or unwilling to comply with the rules. since arrival, when and before what court he was The foregoing rules apply also to passports in naturalized.

United States. 7. Woman's application-If unmarried in addition to requirements of rule 3 she must state she has never been married. If wife of native

National Banks in U. S. citizen, it should so appear in application. It wife The number of National banks in the United or widow of a naturalized citizen, in addition to States in June, 1903, was 4.963. authorized capital, requirements of rule 3. she must transmit for in- 8748,531,675. bank notes outstanding, $406 443,205. sespection her husband's certificate of naturaliza- cured by $363,586,987, U. S. bonds on deposit and detion, state that she is the wife (or widow) of 'posits in lawful money of $42,856,218.



A statue of Gen. Fowler, commander of the old The Park system of Brooklyn and Queens con 14th Regt., was unveiled in Fort Greene or Washsists of 36 parks, with a combined area of 1,577.718 ington Park, May 18, 1902. acres. In addition there are 14 small gore parks, A statue of Gen. Henry W. Slocum, commandfrom one-fourth to one-half acre each. 2 play-er of the old 14th Regt., was unveiled late in Nogrounds and 20 parkways with total mileage of vember, 1903, at Bedford av, and Eastern Parkway. 42 miles, which are controlled by the Park De

THE SHORE DRIVE. partment, with offices at Litchfield Mansion. Prospect rk, Brooklyn. Foi officers and employes

Two arches connecting Shore Drive with 4th av. of the Park Department, see City Government were completed during 1901, one under 2d av., the chapter.

other under 3d av. The macadam road under In 1835 Commissioners were appointed by City of anches connects the Shore Road with 4th av. and Brooklyn io lay out a Park system, and in 1839 will eventually be carried through to Fort Hammaps showing lands selected were filed with the ilton av. city clerk, the Conimission acquiring Washington,

Dyker Beach Park has a frontage on GravesTompkins and City Parks. In 1845 an act was 'end Bay. The marsh in the center will be dredged passed by the Legislature by which the site of and a lagoon created. Washington Park was to revert to the original views of the river, harbor of New York, over

Sunset Park is on a high plateau and commands owner. Acquisition of Ft. Greene Park was authorized by the Common Council in 1847.

looks the bay, Staten Island and a large part of Prospect Park was acquired through act of the Brooklyn. Legislature of 1859. Its development was begun it from Prospect Park, was part 'of the original

Institute Park, on Flatbueh av., which divides July 1, 1866, and in Oct., 1867, the park was completed and thrown open to the public. Its design 'purchase of Prospect Park. Long used as a dump and construction was carried on under the di- ground, It has, during the last two years been rection of Messrs. Olmsted, Vaux & Co., their de- 1 developed into a picturesque space. An artificial sign providing for a great natural park as dis- lake has been made, trees and shrubs planted and tinct from the artificial features of Central Park. hills constructed. The land cost $3,919,370, and its construction about Seaside Park is the only property the city has $6,000,000. Attractive features

natural on

the ocean and was beautified and fully debeauty, the great .variety of its woodland, its veloped in 1902. botanical gardens, menagerie, the Lullwood bridge

A new park will also be constructed in the Eastover the lake, a large lake with numerous boats, ern District, the Board of Estimate having two about 200 tennis courts and croquet grounds. The years ago authorized the condemnation of a plot Parade grounds of about 40 acres, on southerly of land in the 14th, 15th and 17th Wards, bounded side, is set aside exclusively for use of base bali, by Berry st., Nassau av., Lorimer st., Driggs av.. cricket and polo players.

Manhattan av., Leonard st., Bayard st., Union av.

The value The Palm House is located at the Greenhouses, and North 12th st., comprising 45 acres. 7th st. and 9th av. (Prospect Park W.), and is of the land is estimated at $:,000,000. one of the most beautiful sights of the Park.

The land used for playgrounds is within the The statuary of Prospect Park includes the bronze territory to be acquired for the park, having been figure of J. S. T. Stranahan, bronze busts of John bought at private purchase. Howard Payne, Thomas Moore, Washington Irv

PUBLIC GOLF LINKS. ins. Beethoven and Mozart. In Aug., 1895, a

Public Golf Links are located at Sunset Park, shaft was erected on the slope of Lookout Hill 5th av., 420 st., and at Forest Park on Myrtle av. to the memory of the four hundred Maryland soldiers who defended the rear of the American

PROJECTED PARKS. Army upon its retreat after the Battle of Long The following new parks are in process of acIsland. It was erected by the Baltimore Society quirement, all having passed the local boards and of the Sons of the American Revolution, in con been forwarded to the Board of Estimate: junction with the Park Dept.

Fulton Park, at Fuiton st., Chauncey st., Lewis The bronze statue of Major-Cen. Gouverneur av. and Stuyvesant av. Kemble Warren, near Memorial Arch, in the park Plaza at Tvillink entrance to Prospect Park, plaza, was unveiled on July 4, 1896. The bronze bounded by Washington av., Malbone st., Flatstatue of Abraham Lincoln, dedicated Oct. 21, 1869, bush av. and Institute Park, as an addition to is placed in the front part of the Flower Garden, Institute Park. overlooking the lake. It was paid for by popular Flatlands Park, at Avs. I and J. E, 38th and subscription.

E. 39th sts. The bust of Mozart, in the Flower Garden, was Sunset Park addition, 5th to 7th avs., 430 to 44th unveiled Oct. 23, 1897. It is the gift of the sts. “United Singers of Brooklyn" to the city and was Park bounded by McKibbin st., Bogart st., won by them as a prize in a Saengerfest, held in Moore st. and Bushwick av. Philadelphia.

Park bounded by 1st av., Bay Ridge Parkway, Immediately fronting the Park is the Plaza, Wakeman pl., New York Bay and Bay Ridge av. surrounded with mounds covered with pines and Park bounded by Bedford av., Atlantic av., Bedattractive shrubbery. In the center is an immense ford pl. and Brevoort pl. electric fountain, built in 1897. South of the foun Park bounded by Bedford av., Lynch st. and tain and facing the main entrance to Prospect | Wallabout st. Park in the Solidiers and Sailors' Memorial Arch, erected to the memory of the soldiers and sailors

NAME AND LOCATION OF PARKS. who lost their lives in the war of the Union. The Name.

Acres. Value and Location. bas reliefs were prepared by Maurice J. Power, Prospect .......516.167.... $28,0,0,000—Prospect Park and show Lincoln and Grant on horseback, re

W., 15th st., Coney Isl. viewing the army after the fall of Richmond.

av., Parkside, Ocean, The arch in 1898 was further adorned by a bronze

Flatbush avs. group on top. called the Quadriga, designed by Fort Greene .... 30 ....$1.890,000 --- DeKalb

av., Frederick MacMonnies; in 1900, two massive

Wash. Pk., Ashland pl.. groups, one representing the Army and the other

Willoughby st., St. Elthe Navy, for the sides.

wards st., Myrtle av. At Gate 8, on the 9th av. side of Prospect Park, Bedford


$150,000-Brooklyn, Kingsare two bronze panthers on pedestals. At Gate


pl., 4, at the Ocean Parkway entrance, are two speci

Prospect pl. mens of bronze work in the shape of an athlete McKinley 9 1-3.... $124,000—7th av., Fort taming wild horses.

Wmsburg Bdge

Hamilton av., 73d st.

5 1-3 South 5th st..

Bedford Other statues are scattered throughout the Bor

av., Kent av, and southough. The Grant statue on Bedford av., near

erly boundary line of Dean st.. wag unveiled April 25, 1896, the gift of

bridge approach. the Union League Club to the city.


7.750.... $400.000-Tompkins, Gr'ne. A statue of Henry Ward Beecher stands in the

Marcy. Lafayette avs. center of the park in front of the Borough Hall.


7.500....$335.000 - St. Edwards. A statue of Alex. Hamilton graces the entrance

Navy sts., Park, Flushto the Hamilton Club, Clinton and Remsen sts.

ing avs.

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....... 46




Acres. Value and Location.


Miles, Value and Location. City Hall 0.500....$100.000-Court & Fulton).


3 *$1,000,000—Ocean parkway Carroll 2 ..$390,000-President, Court,

to Bensonhurst Beach. Carroll, Smith sts. Seventy-fifth st... 2 *$300,000—Fort Hamilton Winthrop 8.500....$325,000-Nassau, Driggs

p'kway to Bay p'kway. avs., Monitor, Russell. Bay Ridge........ 14.... $500,000-Fort Hamilton Highland .... $1.000.000---Eastern Pkway

av, to 1st av. Extension, Sunnyside Shore Road......

*$3,000,000—1st av, to Ft, and Force Tube avs.

Hamilton. Sunset

14.250....$300,000—41st to 43d sts., Union st........ %....$800,000-Prospect Pk. to 5th to 7th avs.

4th av. Red Hook

6 ....$150,000-Rich'ds, Dwight. Fourth av... 44.... *$2,000,000—-Union st. to Verona, William sts.

Shore rd.

$150,000 -- Knickerbocker, Pitkin av..

142... *E.N. Y. av. to Stone av. Irving avs., Starr. Suy- Stone av...... 1 *Eastern p'kway. extendam sts.

sion to Riverdale av. Underhill 0.250....$25,000-Underhill, Wash-Glenmore av...... 2


*Stone av. to Eldert la. ington ave.

Riverdale av.. 112. *Stone New Lots av Etuyvesant 0.125.... $8,000-Stuyvesant av. & New Lots av..... 1 .... *Riverdale to Dumont av


Dumont av........ 14.... "New Lots av. to Foun. Cuyler 0.250....$75,000-Fulton st. and

tain av. Greene av.

Bushwick av..... 14... •Eastern pkway, extenCooper Gore 0.250.... $4,000–Metropolitan and

sion to Jamaica av. Orient avs.

Pennsylvania av, 292.... *Jamaica av. to Jamaica Wood Point $4,000-Metropolitan av,

bay. and Woodpoint rd. Miller av .........1-10.... *Jamaica av. to Eastern Institute Park . 50 .$3,000,000-Wash. av., E.

pkway ex. P'kway, Flatbush av. Buffalo av

18.... Eastern pkway to East Bklyn Heights. 5 $200,000—Columbia hts.,

New York av. fronting Furman st. Rockaway

Buffalo av. to Canarsie Gravel Pit 13....$10,000-Windsor terrace.

Park. Gravel Pit -$15,000-Ocean parkway. Ocean av

14.... Flatbush av. to Fort Parade Ground.. 40 $1,290.000-Coney Isl., Ca

Hamilton av. ton, Ft. Hamilton avs. Shaw av

14.... Jamaica av.

to Forest and Parade pl.

Park. Seaside ........

40 .... $2,000,000-Seabreeze av., Vermont st. from Sunnyside av. to and along

E. 5th st., Ocean West, the return road of the Eastern parkway extension, 5th st.

In addition there are two bicycle paths, one on Fort Hamilton. 7 - $150,000—th av., De Myse each side of Ocean parkway, each 54 miles in

st., Ft. Hamilton av.. length, exclusively for use of bicycle riders.

N. Y. Bav.
Concourge land is now Seaside Park, 40 acres.

*Worth collectively $1,000,000.
The balance of the 70 acres has been washed out
to sea.

Queens Parks. Lyker Beach ...144 $300,000—7th as., Graves The park equipment of Queens is not extensive.

end Bay, Bay 8th st., There are a few undeveloped triangles in Long

Cropsey and 14th avs. Island City; College Point has two small parks; Bensonh'st B'ch. 8 .$88,000-B a y parkway, there are two in Flushing: Corona has a small,

Gravesend Bay, 21st attractive park; Jamaica has one of seven acres, and Cropsey avs.

in which is located the historic King Manor and Lincoln Terrace. 12 . $120,000-Eastern p'kway, another small undeveloped park on a hill over

Buffalo av., President locking the town.
st., Rochester av.

NAMES AND LOCATIONS OF PARKS. Canarsie Beach. 40 ..$105,000-Rockaway park

way and Jamaica Bay.
New Lts P'yg'd 3 ....$50,00C-Sackman


Christopher, Flushing

.1,200.... Main st. and B'way. Riverdale avs.


11.... Fulton, Alsop, Grove and Cooper 7 ....$100,000_Maspeth, Mor

Ray sts., Jamaica. gan avg., Sharon, Guil

Monitor Sq......0.250.... Jackson av. and 30 st., ford sts.

L. I. City. Irving Sq.

3.500....$70,000-Hamburg, Knick-Poppenhausen ...0.143.... College av. and 13th st.,
erbocker avs., Halsey,

College Point.
Weirfield sts.


1.... Lake, Park, Linden sts., Saratoga Sg........ 4.... $150,000—Saratoga, How

Sycamore av., (orina. ard avs., Halsey, Macon.

College Point 312. ... 14th, 15th, Louisa sts, and 3....$75,000-Bradford st ,

5th av., College Point. Blake, Dumont, Miller


Long Island City. East av., Van Alst av., 9th Brooklyn Forest.. 536.. $2,000,000-Bet. Jamaica, and 12th ste.

Myrtle avs.. Utica Ravenswood Park, at Vernon av., East River,
turnpike, Cypress Hills Sanford st. and Pierce av.; condemnation author-

Cem. and Metrop'n av. ized.

Park bounded by Radde and Academy sty. and

Paynter av.
Acres Value and Location,

Park lying along East River, between Barclay 12.... $5,000-Bedford av., North st. and the Bulkhead line of the East River, from 14th st.

Hoyt to Ditmars avs., First Ward. For girls............ 16 ... $7,500—Manhattan

av., Driggs av.

BROOKLYN FOREST PARK, This is land bought at private purchase and is Brooklyn Forest is a natural woodland park, a part of Williamsburgh Park, land for which is extending from the boundary of Highland Park being acquired by condemnation. The playgrounds as far as Richmond Hill,

in Queens. It cost are a temporary use of the land already acquired. about $1,150,000. From its high points are oh

tained magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean, PARKWAYS.

Jamaica Bay and Long Island Sound. Roads have Miles. Value and Location. been made through and the main road is mac542.... $4,000,000-Prospect Pk. to ada mized. The park drive leads into fine macConey Island.

adam roads connecting with Astoria, Flushing, 244.... *$3,000,000-Prospect Park the military reservation at (reedmoor. Whiteto Ralphav.

stone, Queens and the north side of Long Island. East'n P'way Ex. 24. *$1,300,000-Ralph av. to Highland Park, separated from Forest Park by Highland Park,

cemetery property, adjoins the city reservoir. It Fort Hamilton.... 44..., *$1,000,000—Flatbush

av. contains many high eminences, and is a great Fort Hamilton.

pleasure ground for the East New York section.


For boys..

Name. Ocean


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