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112 North Fourth Street, Saint Louis, Missouri.


Extra-uterine pregnancy occurring twice in the same Fallo-

pian tube-Dr. T. F Prewitt, of St. Louis,




Abdominal and pelvic surgery, Some complications in--Dr.

John H. McIntyre, of St. Louis,
Abdominal neurosis, A painful, Due to genital reflex-Dr.

E. W. Saunders, of St. Louis,
Adenoids in the pharyox-Dr. William Porter, of St. Louis,
Antitoxin-Dr. Wm. D. Hohmann, of Kewanee, III.,
Amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea, Treatment of, with Apio-

line-Dr. Leon Garner, of New York City,
Axis of the fetal head, On the, and its relation to the "pay-

turient line"-Dr. W. Hutson Ford, of St. Louis,


Hematherapy—Dr. T. J. Biggs, of New York,

Hematuria: Its relation to malarial infection and the in-

gestion of quinige-Dr. Bransford Lewis, of St. Louis,
Illinois State Medical Society, Claims of the-Dr. A. C.

Corr, of Carlinville, Ill,
A infandle Dysauxesis, About a hitherto unrecognized cause

of-Dr.e. Fisch, of St. Louis, -

Insanity, A case bf systematized, and its lesson-Dr. Ed-
JUU15 wang'oz Radogo of St. Louis,

Insanity, Clinical lecture on-Dr. Ralph A Goodner, of

Anna, I11.
B Intubation-Dy. J. T. McAnally, of Carbondale, Ill.,




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Bandage for the shoulder-Joint and contiguous structures

Dr. Edgar Thompson, of St. Louis,
Bronchial asthma, Some remarks on the etiology and treat-

ment of Dr. D. S. Maddox, of Marion, Ohio,
Burns and scalds, Treatment of, with Picric Acid-Dr. Ed-

gar Thompson, of St. Louis,




La Grippe, or influenza: Its etiology, symptomatology and

treatment—Dr. Owen B. Demaree, of Benson, Ky.,
Laparotomy, Indications and limitations of, in peritonitis-

Dr. Pinckney French, of St. Louis,
37 Larvæ passed from the intestinal canal-Dr. John B. Ros-

son, of Tulare City, Cal.,
Lightning stroke with recovery; Report of a case-Dr.
327 Owen B. Demaree, of Benson, Ky.,





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276 Malarial diseases, The pathology of—Dr. J. B. Ross, of St.

Malarial diseases, Therapeutics of—Dr. C. Shattinger, of
294 St. Louis,
Malarial manifestations in the circulatory system-Dr. T.C.

Witherspoon, of St. Louis,
Malarial manifestations in the spleen - Dr. C. H. Powell, of

St. Louis,
325 Malarial manifestations in the upper air passages-Dr. H.

W. Loeb, of St. Louis,
293 Malarial manifestations in the Chest - Dr. William Porter,

28 Mal Acupuotations in the eye-Dr. Carl Barck, of St.

26limalargallo Ogfestasions in the nervous system—Dr. Frank

R. Fry, of St. Louis,
Molith-bBathing caused by adenoids, and its relief-Dr. H.
279 W. Loeb, of St. Louis,


Cancer of the breast, The newer methods of operating for-

Dr. L. T. Riesmeyer, of St. Louis,
Celiotomy, The indications and limitations of, in diseases of

the Fallopian tubes—Dr. Fletcher I. Mooney, of St.

Celiotomy, The indications and limitations of, in intestinal

obstruction-Dr. H. C. Dalton, of St. Louis,
Celiotomy, The indications and limitations of, furnished by

the liver not including injuries–Dr. H. H. Mudd, of

St. Louis,
Celiotomy, The indications and limitations of, in relation to

Pregnancy and labor-Dr. B. M. Hypes, of St. Louis,
Celiotomy, The indications and limitations of, for non-trau.

matic perforations of intestine-Dr. A. F. Bock, of St.

Celiotomy, The indications and limitations of, in ectopic

pregnancy-Dr. Jas. W. Smith, of St. Louis,
Celiotomy, The indications and limitations of, in diseases of

the appendix-Dr. A. H. Meisenbach, of St. Louis,
Celiotomy, The indications and limitations of, in hernia-

Dr. F. J. Lutz, of St. Louis,
Celiotomy, The indications and limitations of, in reference

to intestinal and pancreatic neoplasms—Dr. Edward

Borck, of St. Louis,
Chancroids, Treatment of-Dr. Jno. M. Langsdale, of Kan-

sas City, Mo.,
Clinical report of a year's work from the case-book of a

country surgeon-Dr. V. Berry, of Wagner, I. T.,
Colles' Fracture, The treatment of Dr. Edward A. Tracy,

of Boston,
Consumption, Contagiousness of Dr. George S. Liggett, of

Oswego, Kans.,
Cretinism, Report of a case of sporadic, with presentation of

the patient-Dr. George M. Tuttle, of St. Louis,
Cyclone neuroses and psychoses, On-Dr. Ludwig Bremer,

of St. Louis,

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279 Neurasthenia—Dr. John A. Hale, of Alto Pass, III.,

Neuron Conception of the nervous system, The — Some
307 physiological and pathological facts and theories con-

nected therewith-Dr. Frank R. Fry, of St. Louis,
Obstetrics, Report on-Dr. Fletcher D. Mooney, of St.

Obstetrics and Gynecology, The kinship between-Dr. A.
19 N. Mackey, of Aledo, Ill.,

Oleum Eucalypti E Foliis (Eucalyptol), Action, application

and value of-Adolph Sanders, M.D., M.R.C.S. (Lond.),

of Chicago,
Original methods for detecting and measuring abduction

and adduction of the thigh-Dr. Phil. Hoffmann, of St.

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glio, of Naples,


Strangulated Inguinal Hernia in a lady seventy years old

Recovery and radical cure—Dr. L. C. Armstrong, of

Taylorville, III.,
Supplied blood "in extremis.” Syphilitic virus-Dr. W. H.

Parsons, of Omaha, Neb.,





Synovitis, A case of traumatic, of the knee.-Operation.

Recovery.—Dr. H. C. Dalton, of St. Louis, Syphilis, When to begin the specific treatment of—Dr. Geo.

M. Phillips, of St. Louis,


Health reports, 55 Hemorrhage from healthy kidneys–Angioneurotic hema

turia, 235

Illinois State Medical Society,

Immunity, The known causes of 199 Impediment to medical progress, An

372 185 59

439 283

Trachelorrbaphy, On, and exhibition of new instruments for

its performance--Dr W. O. Henry, of Omaha, Neb., Tracheotomy. After-treatment. With report of cases-Dr.

J. L. Wiggins, of East St. Louis, Ill., Tuberculosis? Is the examination of the blood of diagnostic

value in-Dr. G. C. Crandall, of St. Louis, Tuberculosis, Can, be diagnosed from the blood ?-Dr. C.

Fisch, of St. Louis, Tuberculosis, The limits of organo-therapy in-Dr. Paul

Paquin, of St. Louis, Typhoid fever, Diagnosis and treatment of—Dr. L. C. Roys.

ter, of Smith Mills, Ky.,


405 242


Veratrum Viride in uremic convulsions-Dr. A. F. Myers,

of Blooming Glenn, Penn.,

109 Laymen's views of medical charity,

Lebeay, Death of Dr. Louis A. 224

Medical Association of the District of Columbia, Recom93 mendations adopted by the, February 16, 1897,

Medico-Legal procedure, A rare and important, and its les384

son, Medical teachers, Some thoughts on the selection of 381 Medical expert fees, Concerted action for the purpose of se

curing Medical education, Does the Missouri State Legislature op146 pose a higher standard of

Medical charity,
Milk, The modern requirements of, as an article of food for

invalids and infants—The Walker-Gordon Laboratory, Missouri State Medical Association meeting, 'The

Missouri State Medical Association, Annual meeting of the, 26

at St. Louis, Missouri State Medical Association, Committee report of 317 the, upon the action of Governor Stephens,

Missouri State Board of Health, The defeat of the 426 Missouri State Medical Association, Meeting of the, May

18, 19 and 20, 83 Mortuary records, St. Louis,' half a century ago,

Moses, Dr. S. Gratz, of

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41 281


Amendments of by-laws,
American Medical Association, The semi.centennial meet-

ing of the American Medical Association, The golden jubilee meeting

of the

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National public sanitariums for consumptives, 388 316 Pasteur monument collection, The

Predisposing cause of disease, The 43 Public Library, The, and the St. Louis Medical Society, 99 Public Library, The, and the St. Louis Medical Society 26

once more,

43 203 IO





City Hospital Medical Society, Annual meeting of the
City Hospital Commission, Report of the
Committees of the St. Louis Medical Society,
Committee, Report of the, appointed by the St. Louis Med-

ical Society for the investigation of free clinics, Committee, The appointment by the St. Louis Medical So

ciety of a, to investigate free clinics, Committee, The supplemental report of the, on dispensaries

and clinics appointed by the St. Louis Medical Society Committee, Another supplemental report of the, on dispen

saries and clinics appointed by the St. Louis Medical

Society, Compulsory measures of health boards to prevent the spread

of consumption, Condemnation of the action of Governor Stephens - Reso

lutions of the Central District Medical Society of Mis

souri, Conference, A proposed, of representatives of State medical

societies, Cycling, The influence ol, upon the reduction of the mortal

ity of women from consumption,

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369 Saint Louis Medical Society, Election of officers of the

Saint Louis Medical Society, Installation of officers of the, 282

for 1897, Saint Louis Medical Society, The publication of the proceed389 ings of the Saint Louis Medical Society, Resolutions of the, regarding

the methods of certain hospital associations, 406 Saint Louis City Hospital, A proposed change in the man

agement of the
98 Serum-therapy, Limits of

Southern Illinois Medical Association,
Southern Illinois Medical Association, Semi annual meeting

of the Southern Illinois Medical Association, Officers of the 130 Stercorin--Cholesteremia, The rediscovery of Austin Flint's

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State Insane Asylum, Dr. Young's refusal to resign from the 256 State Insane Asylum at Fulton, The appointment of homeo

paths at the 58 State examining boards, 171 Supreme Court, The, and medical education in Missouri, 281 407 Tri-State Medical Society, Meeting of the

Tuberculin, The old and the new 60 Turkish baths, Danger in


83 Western Ophthalmological, Otological, Laryngological and

Rhinological Association, The 242 Western Ophthalmological, Otological, Laryngological and 440 Rhinological Association, Meeting of the


Primary cancer of the Pylorus and secondary cancer of the

liver, pancreas and supra-renal capsule,
Patellar 1 gament, Rupture of the


Southern Illinois Medical Association, Proceedings of the--

Twenty-second semi-annual meeting, at Centralia, Ill.,
Southern Illinois Medical Association, Preliminary pro-

gramme of the
Subphrenic abscesses, Celiotomy for
Syphilis, When to begin the specific treatment of



Congenital affection of the heart, Case of, in a woman 26

years old,

373 Congenital herniæ, Treatment of, by injections of zinc chlo-

Congenital teeth,
101 Cureite, The, in labor,

Cystitis in children,
321 Cysticercus, Double, in an eye,
337 Cysts and Cystic tumors of the mammæ,

Deciduoma malignum,
208 Diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver,
229 Diabetes mellitus,

Diabetes mellitus, The commencement of
189 Digitalis in pneumonia and influenza,
Diphtheria, Should cultures for bacteriologic examinations

be taken from the nasal chambers as well as from the

throat in cases of suspected
Diphtheria, Preventive inoculation against

Diphtheria, Insufficiency of the bacteriological diagnosis of

46 Diphtheria, Toxic, Hemorrhagic form, death,

463 Dry-earth closet, The—The greatest sanitary necessity in

rural districts,

450 Eclampsia, Treatment of

Eczema, The local treatment of the regional forms of

177 Endocarditis, Case of, during gonorrhea,

Enterol, Disinfection of the urethra by the internal adminis-

447 tration of

412 Epilepsy, Focal, the surgical treatment of

122 Erb's primary muscular atroyhy,

58 Eruptions, The, following surgical operations,

387 Erythema multisorme-Report of a case following circum-

248, 462 cision,

265 Epignathus, A rare form of

122 Epilepsy, Excretion of uric acid in, and the effects of diet
467 and drugs on the fils,

Exophthalmic goitre, New treatment for

16 | Extra-uterine pregnancy,





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of pregnancy,

176 Ginorrhea, Acute, Treatment of


464 Hernia, Radical cure of

77 Hemoptysis, Hysterical

49 Hemorrhage in the vulvitis of children,

231 Hemorrhage from the larynx, following an attack of measles,
232 in an adult,

50 Hemorrhage, Fatal, from a slight wound of the vulva,
443 | Hermaphrodite, Description of specimen taken from a

Hip-joint disease, Operative treatment of, with extensive
287 pelvic caries,


Cancer of the stomach, Surgical treatment of
Cancer-cells, Nature of
Carcinomata of the pylorus, The isolation of non-operable -
Cardiac arrhythmia in children,
Cardiac ganglia, Changes in the, in relapsing fever,
Catheterization, Difficulties met with in, of the male urethra
Cavities of bone, Osteoplastic treatment of
Cervical sympathetic, Resection of the, in the treatment of

exophthalmic goitre and of epilepsy,

Chronic diphtheria,

Chronic ca diac insufficiency, The treatment of

Chrysarobin, Action of, and chrysophanic acid,

Chrysoidin, The agglutinant action of, on the cholera vibrio

Cigarette smoke, Effects of, upon children and youth,

Colies' law, An apparent exception to

Cocaine anesthesia,

Common alopecia-- Its nature, cause and mechanism,

Comparative value of aspiration and the supra pubic inva-

sion in acute retention,






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