The Eclectic review. vol. 1-New [8th]

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Let the reader now pause; and, connecting the extraordinary
claims of the priesthood here noticed, with the nature of the
jurisdiction exercised in the confessional, say whether auricular
confession is not calculated to subjugate and prostrate the
intellect ? It is further to be recollected, that this confession is
imposed upon members of the Church of Rome from the age of
seven years, and upwards: — '
The priest continues what the nurse began,
And thus the child imposes on the man.'
And it is material to mention that the practice under review, by
enabling the Church of Rome to enforce the prohibition of certain
books from its members, in this way also operates most prejudicially
against the growth of the mental powers. The Council of
Trent appointed a committee to prepare an index of prohibited
books; not however having finished their task, the business was referred
to the pope. The index was accordingly published at Rome,
A.D. 1564, confirming the tyrannical regulations of the tenth
session of the council of Lateran, under Leo X.; and among
other decrees the following was issued by the holy see: ' Finally
it is enjoined on all the faithful, that no one presume to keep
or read any books contrary to these rules prohibited by this index.
But if any one keep or read any books composed by heretics,
or the writings of any author suspected of heresy or false doctrine,
he shall instantly incur the sentence of excommunication;
and those who read or keep works interdicted on another account,
besides the mortal sin committed, shall be severely
punished at the will of the bishop.' This law is still enforced :
a permanent committee, styled the 'congregation of the index,'
still exists, and is especially charged with adding to the list.* It
is very true that the ' infallible' decrees of Rome cannot be
enforced to their full extent in England :—thanks to Protestantism,
papists enjoy some little relaxation ; and we suppose the
curse is in some way suspended. But as it is the sworn duty of
the priest to enforce the decrees of the church, there cannot
remain a reasonable doubt that he does prevent those, to whom
he can safely dictate, from perusing books which he conceives
II. Auricular confession necessarily tends to corrupt the morals
of society. We shall abstain from allusions which are calculated
to excite feelings otherwise than delicate ; and simply demand of
fathers, brothers, and husbands, whether the honor and chastity of *
The list contains the works of Luther, and all the reformers, of Erasmus,
Qrotius, Milton, Locke, Jeremy Taylor; and even Young's Night Thoughts !
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