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Though strong in world-o'ercoming faith,
Yet in such dark and thorny path

He craves Almighty light. “Why criest thou ?” saith the Lord to Him ; “Untried the way, the night though dim,

Bid Israel “forward go.'
Jehovah trust, to Him all leave,
E’en through the raging waters cleave

A way before the foe.”
Thus Israel's host triumphant passed,
Onward, still onward, till the last

Stood on the furthest brink.
Then Moses stretched the rod on high :
The waters close ; with thrilling cry,

The host beneath them sink.

We, like to Israel's host of yore,
The foe behind, the sea before,

May trembling stand between ;
But as they from the Red Sea's coast,
Viewed Pharaoh's host o’erwhelmed and lost,

So shall it yet be seen.
For in the darkest painful road,
Firm faith in an Almighty God

Beholds a way made clear.
Be still, he saith to every saint,
Though trodden down, depressed, and faint,

Be still, his voice to hear.
For God, our God, is always true ;
His wondrous works, though ever new,

Himself remains the same.
So shall the past and future blend
In songs and praises without end,

To God and to the Lamb.

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