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turn, one every year, so that the committee will be totally renewed in four years. The outgoing members shall always be replaced by those following on the list, the same method being observed in the event of resignation.

The Secretary of State of the United States of America shall always be the chairman of the committee.

The supervisory committee shall hold their regular meetings the first Monday of every month, and three members shall be sufficient to constitute a quorum.

Art. VII. There shall be a Director-General, appointed by the governing board, and an assistant director, who shall also discharge the duties of secretary of the governing board.

Art. VIII. The Director-General shall have charge of the administration of the Pan-American Union, in accordance with these fundamental rules, the regulations, and the resolutions of the governing board.

He shall have charge of the correspondence with the Governments of the Union through their diplomatic representatives in Washington, or directly in the absence of such representatives, and with the Pan-American committees. He must attend in an advisory capacity the meetings of the governing board, of the committees, and of the American International Conferences, except in the case of resolution to the contrary.

Art. IX. The personnel of the Pan-American Union, the number of employees, their appointment, duties, and all matters pertaining thereto, shall be determined by the regulations.

Art. X. There shall be in the capital of each of the Republics of this Union a Pan-American committee responsible to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, consisting, if possible, of persons who have been delegates to some International American Conference, their duties being:

(a) To obtain the approval of the resolutions adopted by these Conferences.

(6) To furnish promptly to the Pan-American Union all the accurate data needed for the preparation of its work.

(c) To submit on its own initiative any projects it may deem proper to foster the interests of the Union, and to exercise such

further functions as the respective Governments may deem proper.

These committees shall correspond with the Pan-American Union either directly or through the diplomatic representatives in Washington.

Each Government represented in the Union is entitled to send to the Pan-American Union, at its own expense, a special agent representing the respective Pan-American committee, to furnish such data and reports as may be requested of him, and at the same time to obtain any information that his Government may require.

Art. XI. The Director-General of the Pan-American Union shall submit at the regular meeting in November a detailed budget of the expenses for the following year. This budget, after approval by the governing board, shall be transmitted to the various signatory Governments with a statement of the annual quotas which they are to contribute, these quotas being fixed in proportion to the population of each country.

Art. XII. The Pan-American Union shall issue such publications as the governing board may determine, and shall publish a bulletin at least once a month.

All geographical maps published by the Pan-American Union shall bear a statement thereon that they do not constitute documents approved by the Government of the country to which they apply, nor by the Governments of the countries whose boundaries appear thereon, unless the former and the latter Governments shall have expressly given their approval, which shall in such case also be stated on the map. An identical statement shall be made on the publications of the Union save those of an official nature.

All these publications, with the exception of those determined by the governing board, shall be distributed gratuitously.

Art. XIII. In order to insure the greatest possible accuracy in the publications of the Pan-American Union, each of the signatory States shall transmit directly to the Union two copies of all official documents or publications relating to matters connected with the purposes of the Union, and with the same object they shall also send one copy to each of the Pan-American Committees.

Art. XIV. All correspondence and publications of the PanAmerican Union shall be carried free of charge by the mails of the American Republics.

Art. XV. The Pan-American Union shall be governed by the regulations prepared by the governing board in accordance with these statutes.

Art. XVI. The American Republics bind themselves to continue to support the Pan-American Union for a term of ten years from this date and to pay annually into the treasury of the Pan-American Union their respective quotas. Any of the Republics may cease to belong to the Union of American Republics upon notice to the governing board two years in advance. The Pan-American Union shall continue for successive terms of ten years unless twelve months before the expiration of such term a majority of members of the Union shall have given official notice through the Secretary of State of the United States of America of the desire to withdraw therefrom on the expiration of the term.

Art. XVII. All other rules and regulations contrary to the present resolution are hereby repealed. — (Supplement to the American Journal of International Law, January, 1911, pp. 7-11.)


39. Resolution of the Fourth International American Congress

concerning the Pan-American Railroad, 1910 The Fourth International American Conference, assembled in Buenos Aires, resolves:

(1) To extend the existence, together with all its powers, of the Committee of the Pan American Railroad in Washington, to which, because of the important services it has rendered, the conference hereby expresses its acknowledgments.

(2) The resolutions adopted by the Third Pan American Conference on this same point are hereby confirmed.

(3) Taking into consideration the great moral and material significance involved in the carrying out of such an important work, the Conference recommends to the Permanent Committee of the Pan American Railroad in Washington that, as soon as possible, it shall gather together all the studies and technical and financial data necessary for the preparation of a final plan and estimate for the construction of said work; requests the countries interested in the execution thereof to adopt and to communicate to the permanent Committee of the Pan American Railroad the most efficient measures concerning the guaranties or subsidies they are able to offer in order to facilitate the execution of this great common aspiration so that said committee, in view of these communications, may propose a practical method of solving this problem which, if it were entrusted to the isolated action of some of the countries specially interested therein, it would be impossible to carry out, or would at least be done at a very remote date. — (Supplement to the American Journal of International Law, January, 1911, p. 11.)

40. Protocol providing for a Conference between the five Central American Republics under the Auspices and Direction of

the United States and Mexico, 1907

We, the representatives of the five Central American Republics having met in the city of Washington at the instance of their Excellencies the Presidents of the United States of America and of the United Mexican States in order to devise the means of preserving the good relations among the said Republics and of bringing about permanent peace in those countries, and for the purpose of establishing bases conducive to the attainment of such ends, being duly authorized by our respective governments, have agreed to the following:

Article I

Following a formal invitation which, as is understood, is to be made simultaneously to each of the five Central American Republics by Their Excellencies the Presidents of the United States of America and of the United Mexican States, a Conference of the plenipotentiaries to be appointed for the purpose by the governments of the said Republics, viz., Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, shall meet during the first fifteen days of November next in the City of Washington for the purpose of discussing the steps to be taken and the measures to be adopted in order to adjust any differences which may exist among said Republics or any of them, and for the purpose of concluding a treaty which shall determine their general relations.

Article II Their Excellencies the Presidents of the Central American Republics shall invite Their Excellencies the Presidents of the United States of America and of the United Mexican States to appoint, if they deem proper, their respective representatives to lend their good and impartial offices in a purely friendly way towards the realization of the objects of the Conference.

Article III Until the Conference meets and accomplishes the lofty mission devolving upon it, the five Central American Republics, to wit, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, agree to maintain peace and good relations among one another, and they respectively assume the obligation not to commit or allow to be committed any act which might disturb their mutual tranquillity. To this end they shall refrain from an armed demonstration on their respective frontiers and shall withdraw their naval forces to their territorial waters.

Article IV If any unforeseen question should unfortunately arise among any of the said Republics pending the meeting of the Conference, and if it should be impossible to adjust it by the friendly means of diplomacy, it is mutually agreed that the parties concerned shall submit the difference to the good counsels of His Excellency the President of the United States of America, or of the President of the United Mexican States or of both Presidents jointly, according to circumstances and in conformity with

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