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and laws of the class or tribe or nation to which the parties respectively belong, especially with respect to the holding, possession, transfer and disposition of lands and goods and testate or intestate succession thereto, and marriage divorce and legitimacy and other rights of property and personal rights, but subject to any British laws which may be in force in any of the territories aforesaid, and applicable to the peoples or inhabitants thereof.

15. If at any time Our Secretary of State thinks fit to dissent from or object to any part of the proceedings or system of the Company relative to the peoples of the territories aforesaid or to any of the inhabitants thereof, in respect of slavery or religion or the administration of justice, or any other matter, he shall make known to the Company his dissent or objection, and the Company shall act in accordance with his directions duly signified.

16. In the event of the Company acquiring any harbour or harbours, the Company shall freely afford all facilities for or to Our ships therein without payment, except reasonable charges for work done or services rendered or materials or things supplied.

17. The Company shall furnish annually to Our Secretary of State, as soon as conveniently may be after the close of the financial year, accounts of its expenditure for administrative purposes, and of all sums received by it by way of public revenue, as distinguished from its commercial profits, during the financial year, together with a report as to its public proceedings and the condition of the territories within the sphere of its operations. The Company shall also on or before the commencement of each financial year furnish to Our Secretary of State an estimate of its expenditure for administrative purposes, and of its public revenue (as above defined) for the ensuing year. The Company shall in addition from time to time furnish to Our Secretary of State any reports, accounts or information with which he may require to be furnished.

18. The several officers of the Company shall, subject to the rules of official subordination, and to any regulations that may be agreed upon, communicate freely with Our High Com

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missioner in South Africa, and any others Our officers, who may be stationed within any of the territories aforesaid, and shall pay due regard to any requirements, suggestions, or requests which the said High Commissioner or other officers shall make to them or any of them, and the Company shall be bound to enforce the observance of this article.

19. The Company may hoist and use on its buildings and elsewhere in the territories aforesaid, and on its vessels, such distinctive flag indicating the British character of the Company as our Secretary of State and the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty shall from time to time approve.

20. Nothing in this Our Charter shall be deemed to authorize the Company to set up or grant any monopoly of trade; provided that the establishment of or the grant of concessions for banks, railways, tramways, docks, telegraphs, water-works, or other similar undertakings or the establishment of any system of patent or copyright approved by our Secretary of State, shall not be deemed monopolies for this purpose. The Company shall not, either directly or indirectly hinder any Company or persons who now are, or hereafter may be, lawfully and peaceably carrying on any business, concern, or venture within the said District of the Tati hereinbefore described, but shall by permitting and facilitating transit by every lawful means to and from the District of the Tati, across its own territories or where it has jurisdiction in that behalf, and by all other reasonable and lawful means, encourage, assist and protect all British subjects who now are, or hereafter may be, lawfully and peaceably engaged in the prosecution of a lawful enterprise within the said District of the Tati.

21. For the preservation of elephants and other game, the Company may make such regulations and (notwithstanding anything hereinbefore contained) may impose such licence duties on the killing or taking of elephants or other game as they may see fit: Provided that nothing in such regulations shall extend to diminish or interfere with any hunting rights which may have been or may hereafter be reserved to any native chiefs or tribes by treaty, save so far as any such regulations may relate to the establishment and enforcement of a close season.

22. The Company shall be subject to and shall perform and undertake all the obligations contained in or undertaken by Ourselves under any treaty agreement or arrangement between Ourselves and any other State or Power whether already made or hereafter to be made. In all matters relating to the obseryance of this Article, or to the exercise within the Company's territories for the time being, of any jurisdiction exerciseable by Us under the Foreign Jurisdiction Acts, the Company shall conform to and observe and carry out all such directions as may from time to time be given in that behalf by Our Secretary of State, and the Company shall appoint all necessary officers to perform such duties, and shall provide such Courts and other requisites as may from time to time be necessary for the administration of justice.

23. The original share capital of the Company shall be £1,000,000 divided into 1,000,000 shares of £1 each.

24. The Company is hereby further specially authorized and empowered for the purposes of this Our Charter from time to time (i) To issue shares of different classes or descriptions, to

increase the share capital of the Company, and to borrow

moneys by debentures or other obligations. (ii) To acquire and hold, and to charter or otherwise deal

with, steam vessels and other vessels. (iii) To establish or authorize banking companies and other

companies and undertakings or associations of every description, for purposes consistent with the provisions of

this Our Charter. (iv) To make and maintain roads railways telegraphs har

bours and any other works which may tend to the develop

ment or improvement of the territories of the Company. (v) To carry on mining and other industries, and to make

concessions of mining forestal or other rights. (vi) To improve develop clear plant irrigate and cultivate

any lands included within the territories of the Company.

(vii) To settle any such territories and lands as aforesaid,

and to aid and promote immigration. (viii) To grant lands for terms of years or in perpetuity, and

either absolutely, or by way of mortgage or otherwise. (ix) To make loans or contributions of money or money's

worth, for promoting any of the objects of the Company. (x) To acquire and hold personal property. (xi) To acquire and hold (without licence in mortmain or

other authority than this Our Charter) lands in the United Kingdom, not exceeding five acres in all, at any one time for the purposes of the offices and business of the Company, and (subject to any local law) lands in any of Our Colonies or Possessions and elsewhere, convenient for carrying on the management of the affairs of the Company, and to dispose from time to time of any such lands when

not required for that purpose. (xii) To carry on any lawful commerce, trade, pursuit, busi

ness operations, or dealing whatsoever in connection with

the objects of the Company. (xiii) To establish and maintain agencies in Our Colonies

and Possessions, and elsewhere. (xiv) To sue and be sued by the Company's name of incor

poration, as well in Our Courts in Our United Kingdom, or in Our Courts in Our Colonies or Possessions, or in Our

Courts in Foreign countries or elsewhere. (xv) To do all lawful things incidental or conducive to the

exercise or enjoyment of the rights, interests, authorities and powers of the Company in this Our Charter expressed

or referred to, or any of them. 25. Within one year after the date of this Our Charter, or such extended period as may be certified by our Secretary of State, there shall be executed by the Members of the Company for the time being a Deed of Settlement, providing so far as necessary for (i) The further definition of the objects and purposes of the

Company. (ii) The classes or descriptions of shares into which the capital

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of the Company is divided, and the calls to be made in
respect thereof, and the terms and conditions of member-

ship of the Company.
(iii) The division and distribution of profits.
(iv) General Meetings of the Company; the appointment by

Our Secretary of State (if so required by him) of an Official
Director, and the number qualification appointment re-
muneration rotation removal and powers of Directors of

the Company, and of other officers of the Company.
(v) The registration of Members of the Company, and the

transfer of shares in the capital of the Company. (vi) The preparation of annual accounts to be submitted to

the Members at a General Meeting. (vii) The audit of those accounts by independent auditors. (viii) The making of by-laws. (ix) The making and using of official seals of the Company. (x) The constitution and regulation of Committees or Local

Boards of Management. (xi) The making and execution of supplementary deeds of

settlement. (xii) The winding up (in case of need) of the Company's

affairs. (xiii) The government and regulation of the Company and

of its affairs. (xiv) Any other matters usual or proper to be provided for

in respect of a chartered Company. 26. The Deed of Settlement shall, before the execution thereof, be submitted to and approved by the Lords of Our Council, and a certificate of their approval thereof, signed by the Clerk of our Council, shall be endorsed on this Our Charter and be conclusive evidence of such approval, and on the Deed of Settlement, and such Deed of Settlement shall take effect from the date of such approval, and shall be binding upon the Company, its members, officers and servants, and for all other purposes whatsoever.

27. The provisions of the Deed of Settlement or of any supplementary Deed for the time being in force, may be from time

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