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often becomes very tired of it before simply to show you the consistency in many weeks are over, and the great which gruels should be served. est care must be taken in the prepara The farina gruel, which is a form of tion of his food. Pepper must never gruel that is the easiest to give bebe added to beef tea, which is an im cause the most palatable, is prepared portant point in serving it. Pepper and

in this way:

To a cup of boiling vanilla must be done entirely away water add a salt spoonful of salt; with; they have no place in the diet of when boiling, sprinkle in one tablethe sick unless perscribed by the spoonful of farina. When it has physician.

cooked about ten minutes turn it into In preparing beef juice yon can broil a farina boiler and add a cup of milk the beef. I am going to take a pound and cook again for about five minutes. of beef and show you how much juice Milk should never be boiled to give to comes from it when it is broiled. Beef a patient unless in severe cases of tea or beef extract rarely look well dysentery or other similar serious unless they are colored, and consider diseases, when it must be boiled. ation in this matter should be had, par Milk should always be scalded. ticularly for a patient in a reduced Scalded milk can be taken day in and state.

day out. I think boiled milk is thorIn making beef essence or beef tea, oughly indigestible.

The moment it buy the best meat, as good beef tea is cooked, after taking it a few times, cannot be made from gristly meat. even three or four times, the stomach Take the beef from the round and put rejects it. In cooking the farina gruel it on the broiler, and broil it only in which milk is cooked, never do anyenough to start the joice; chop it fine; thing more than scald the milk. The slowly heat it, never passing the sim farina boiler should be used. The mering point. Beef tea and beef ex farina boiler is a peninsula—a saucetract must never boil so the juices are pan surrounded on three sides by coagulated. Season with salt, but water. never put in a slice of onion. Beef Whether a thing is palatable or not essence may also be made by chop- to a patient depends much upon how ping the meat from the round very fine it is served, and these things are and puting it in a braising-pan, with a rarely served in the proper way.

As bay leaf and a piece of celery. The much depends

depends upon

how it is pan may then be placed in a moderate served, the proper serving of it oven, and the meat be left to stand will help much toward curing the inthere until the juice is well started. valid. If you want to sweeten the The juice is then squeezed from the gruel, a little granulated sugar or loaf meat and served as in the foregoing sugаr may be used; pulverized sugar instance. The braised beef extract and other sugars may be the most extastes entirely different from any of pensive, but they are not the most the other juices, and it is a pleasant wholesome. Pulverized sugar should change when a person has to take it never be used for the sick, and, ordifrom day to day.

narily people do not like it. It should I now want to speak on the subject be remembered that gruel is a gruel of gruels.

The gruel is usually and not a porridge. It should be served as a porridge, and I first want served so that it can be poured into the

patient's mouth if necessary—so that gestions, and I am here going to sugit can be poured down his throat in gest a few things to give under those stead of having him sit up and be fed circumstances. with a spoon.

The first form of egg-nog that I We now come to milk punch and gave you was made with the yolk of egg-nog.

The best milk should be an egg and a cup of milk and a teaused. Skim milk is not food. Milk spoonful of brandy. When the papunch and egg-nog want cream or tient must have more albuminous food, very good milk. They want that the white and yolk must be given. which gives energy, and skim milk The brandy will at once cook the eggdoes not give energy. In making as soon as it reaches it. Eggs should milk punch scald a cupful of milk and be beaten stiff and dry. Egg-nog add two teaspoonfuls of sugar to the should be given slowly. If a patient milk and stir until dissolved, then add drinks milk rapidly, it will not be dia tablespoonful of brandy. Never use gested. When milk is given to a wine unless a physician tells you to. child or to a patient it should be taken Invalids must take stimulants entirely slowly, not rapidly, in order to nourish under the advice of a physician; never the patient who takes it, and egg-nog according to their own ideas. Always should be taken in the same manner. use brandy unless otherwise advised The third form of fluid food is wine by a physician. After you have whey. It is often prescribed by phybeaten it until it is foamy, do not fill sicians, but many people have not the the glass so it runs over, but fill it faintest idea what the physician is almost to the top. Have a small glass talking about. Wine whey is very and fill it about full instead of filling a simple to make. If you are in a hurry large glass half full. Milk punch and

Milk punch and put a cupful of milk in a farina boiler egg-nog are served where a person and let it scald; add a quarter of a cup needs considerable nourishment; also of wine, and let it stand until the where a patient needs a stimulant. albumen of the milk is curdled. When Sometimes he needs more than the you strain it you have the whey withsimple nourishment, and the egg and out the curd. Very often physicians milk together make a very concen give the curd with the whey. The trated form of food. It can be made curd must then be chopped very fine with the whole egg, or the yolk alone or pressed through a sieve. Only a can be used. Mix the yolk with two small portion should be given. teaspoonfuls of sugar; add one cupful I shall now talk of convalescent of good milk, either warm or cold, and food. The first is the ever-present at once add one teaspoonful of brandy. beef tea, which can be changed from Then beat this up lightly and quickly day to day. It can be flavored with a and turn into a glass.

bay leaf, or a little celery, or when the In case of fever, anything cool physician will allow it, with a little assists the patient very much more tomato. than anything warm, and in such a In preparing an egg for a patient it case the cold egg-nog is very desirable. is best to use an egg cup, which obviThere are really very few forms of ates the necessity of experimenting food to give a patient in case of fever. with many eggs to obtain the proper I can this evening only give you sug consistency. Break the egg and put

Syr. Hypophos Co.,


of the Animal organization-Potash and Lime.

Phosphorus; the whole

Contains the Essential Elements
The Oxidising Agents--Iron and Magnese;
The Tonics-Quinine and Strychnine;
And the Vitalizing Constituentemente los

Slightly Alkaline Reaction
It Differs in its Effects from all Analo-

gous Preparations; Its Action is Prompt

and it posesses the important properties of being pleasant to the taste, easily borne by the stomach, and harmless under prolonged use.

particularly in the treatment of Pul

Tubercu losis, Chronic Bronchitis, and other affections of the respiratory organs. It has also been employed with much success in various nervous and debilitating diseases.

is largely attributable to its stimulant, tonic, and nutritive properties, by means of which the energy of the system is recruited.

, it stimulates the appetite and the digestion, it promotes the assimulation, and it enters directly into the circulation with the food products.

The prescribed dose produces a feeling of buoancy, and removes depression and melancholy; hence the prep

aration is of great value in the treatment af mental and nervous affections. From the fact, also, that it exerts a double tonic influence, and induces a healthy flow of the secretions, its use is indicated in a wide range of diseases.

NOTICE--CAUTION. The success of Fellows' Syrup of llypophosphites has tempted certain persons to offer imitations of it for sale. Mr. Fellows, who has examined samples of several of these finds that no two of them are identical, and that all of them differ from the original in composition, in freedom from aciů reaction, in susceptibility to the effects of oxygen when exposed to the light of heat, in the property of retaining the strychnine in solution, and in the medical effects.

As cheap and inefficieut substitutes are frequently dispensed instead of the genuine prepraation, physicians are earnestly requested, when prescribing the Syrup. to write “Syr. Hypophos. Fellows."

As a further precaution, it is advisable the Syrup should be ordered in the original bottles; the distinguishing marks which the bottles (and the wrappers surrounding them) bear, can can then be examined, and the genuineness-or otherwise-of the contents thereby proved.

Medical Letters may be addressed to

ÅR. FELLOWS, 48 Vesey st., New York.

it into the cup until it is boiled to the sick, and that is the English way. proper consistency. Boiled egg for a Three chops are broiled, placed as an patient should always be boiled soft; under, upper and middle slice, and the never hard. When you boil an egg middle one only is given to the patient. hard the white, the albuminous portion There are very few patients who of the egg, is coagulated, and the cannot be given ice cream. People yolk often remains soft. That is not who are ill crave such things, and the proper way of preparing it. The very often their cravings are a proper yolk of the egg when soft is perhaps guide. I know a case in which ice not very unpleasant to the taste, but cream saved a patient's life. Ice the white of the egg improperly boiled cream can be taken before anything is exceedingly unpalatable. The white else to a patient in a hospital. Rice and the yolk must be boiled alike. In may be given, but never unless it is boiling an egg for an invalid, it should cooked properly. Never give any one be put into an egg-cup, so as to see the who is sick anything fried. Never fry consistency.

a beef steak, Fried potatoes, it is Poached eggs may be given con- perhaps needless to say, should never valescents. In poaching an egg sep- be given a sick person. Very often an arate the yolk from the white. Boil

invalid desires things that seem abthe white first by slipping it on to the surd, but they only seem absurd bewater, and as soon as it begins to co- cause we cannot put ourselves in the agulate, drop the yolk on to the white. place of the patient. We have our Poached eggs are very pretty and ideas of how they should feel, and not digestible, and when perfectly pre- their ideas of how they do feel. Somepared are very palatable. The white times their desires may be just what is not palatable when almost raw, the system needs. and, as said before, though the yolk is Above all things serve the food not so bad when but partially cooked, daintily and prettily to a patient. His it should have the proper consistency appetite is greatly influenced by the and be rightly prepared for the sick.

appearance and the manner in which Eggs should be served poached or the food is served, and nothing can be boiled; in no other form.

too good for our sick.-Practical MedBroiled beef pulp might be men- icine. tioned next. I do not mean Hamburg steak, but simply the pulp of beef

Kola-Koloid, broiled. It is very pleasant to the taste, and is prepared in this way: I have found Kola-Koloid of benefit Take a pound of raw beef from the to myself and during that time of trial round, and with a sharp knife scrape to the mental and physical condition of across the grain until the pulp is all housewives, viz., housecleaning, scraped from the fibres; make it into my wife has found it invaluable. small cakes, and broil it over a hot WILLIAM E. ANTHONY, M. D., fire. When thinly spread on delicate Providence, R.I., May 1, 1895. slices of bread, it is very palatable.

Chicken, game, steaks and chops SAW palmetto in ten drops of the may be given convalescents. There fluid extract is said to be a specific for is but one way of broiling steak for the sick headache.- Cincinnati Clinic.

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