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the doctrine of the Trinity, vi. 338, 340_his History
of the Corruptions of Christianity quoted, vi. 442-
his judgment of Bishop Horseley's writings, vii. 4, 5
-his reasons for recurring to the testimony of the
Fathers rather than to that of the Holy Scriptures,
vii. 5, 6—his erroneous opinions in philosopby and
divinity, vii. 6–12_his remarkable declaration, vii.
78—what he says of the Ariaus and Trinitarians,

vii, 84
Principles, three, in all who are regenerated, iv. 514

Prince of Life, how he died, iv. 503
Priority of the Father to the Son, vi. 474–476
Privileges under the gospel greater than those under

the law, iv. 310, 311
Promise of the Father, what, iv. 429
Promises, three grand, what, vi. 164 — 170 — three

original, recorded by Moses, in proof of Christ's

divinity, vii. 23
Property'not absolutely our own, v. 103—105
Prophecies, a letter on the, 531-550-of Christ,

the accomplishment of, a proof of his divine mission,

iv. 508, 509
Prophets, the testimony of the, borne to the Godhead

of Christ, vii, 51-54
Prosper, concerning fate, üi. 323
Protest, the Author's, against Calvinism, iii. 14-16
Protestant, what, iii. 5
Protestants in France, expected some great revolution,

iv. 549
Protestantism, scripture and reason, its two pillars,

iii. 18
Prothero, Rev. Mr., letter to, ou experimental religion,

vi. 519
Providence of God, how it overrules free-will, iii. 363

364-errors respecting, iv. 179—how far concerned
respecting sin and righteousness, iv. 179— 183-
watches over families and kingdoms, iv. 183, 184-

a particular, asserted, vi. 239
Psalm, second, observations on, vii. 62

Punishment of daring offenders, how cause of joy to

the righteous, v. 235—237
Purgatory, different opinions concerning, iv. 195, 241
Puritan divines testified against Crisp's doctrines,

i. 257
Purpose of God according to election, what, iii. 146–

God's eterval, what, iii. 185
Pythagoras, iv. 524; vi. 551

Quakers, why they renounced the doctrine of justifica-

tion by faith, i. 333—their error in speaking so little
of Christ's atonement, i, 530—have firmly opposed
the Antinomians, ii. 339—their sufferings in Ame-
rica for preaching practical religion, ii. 339

Races, horse, remarks on, i. 85, 86
Reason, the unreasonableness of the pretended advo-

cates of, is. 501-a beam of the eternal Logos, i.
10, 60—the wisdom of following it, vi. 221—its

degeneracy, i, 60
Rcasoning unprofitably, a caution against, v. 402
Rebellion, homily against, v, 86
Reconciliation, with God, how effected, i. 475, 476–

moderate Calvinists and Arminians invited to, iż.
552-565-ministers of all denominations inrited to,
iii. 560-563-a plan of, proposed, iii.558–565—the
practicability of, ii.461–467—the ground of, ji.469,
470—-motives of, iii. 577—588—with America, a
plan of proposed and a plea for the revolted Colonies,
v. 178—191-strongly recommended, v. 454—456–
of free grace and free obedience, iii. 246——252—the

author's ardent desire for, iii. 408—413
Redeemer of man, observations on the, iv. 503
Redemption, agreeable to reason, iv. 499–503—an-

nounced on the fall, vi. 274–276-general, Mr.
Wesley's views of, i, 227, 228-general, maintained
by the Church of England, i. 228_universality of,
by the death of Christ, i. 425 - the different
degrees of, i. 474-general, by price, the doctrine of,
established, iii. 90-97-general, by power, why not

accomplished, iii. 90-97-general, the spring of all
our blessings, how, iii. 97—111-by price and power,
the distinction between, iii. 108–189-general, ob-
servations on, iv. 499,-513—worthy of God, iv.

502, 503
Reformation, national, recommended, v. 175, 176
Reformers, their “ Erudition of a Christian Man” re-

ferred to, iii. 340, 341-some of them imbibed the
errors of Augustine, iii. 439—theological, the incon-

sistency of, vi. 337
Regenerated, the, iv, 514
Regeneration, a real and positive change, i. 143-how

preached by Christ, v. 276—281-a doctrine of the
Old Testament, v. 277—defined, v. 281, 300; vii
232, 243—faith the instrumental cause of, v. 302–
338—its analogy to the natural birth, v. 283~the
ground of its necessity, v. 287–291—why necessary

to salvation, vii. 237
Religious feelings, remarks on vi, 528
Religion, natural, what, i. 52-insufficient to lead men

to solid virtue, vi. 225-228-should influence our
hearts and lives, iii. 5724577-how to recommeud,
v. 400-experimental, vi. 519_why necessary to sal-

ration, vii. 237
Remission of sins proclaimed to the truly penitent, vi

Repentance, what, and its necessity, vi. 75—78—how

the faithful minister leads sinners to, vi. 82-85-
how the prophets avd Jesus Christ prepared sinners
for it, vi. 85-89 of worldly men, observations on,
vi. 90, 91-inventions to evade the necessity of, vi.
102—107—for indwelling sin, how to promote, iv.

Representation in Parliament unequal, v. 12—virtual,

what, v. 17–24-equal, the impracticability of, v.
31, 98-indirect, allowed by the British Constitution,

v. 93-95
Representative in Parliament, derives no power from his

electors to make laws, v. 150–152
Reprobation, Calvinistic, illustrated, i. 442-444-un-

conditional, illustrated by similes, ii. 49, 195-casts
a blot on the divine perfections, i. 446–449—of the
Jews, what, iii. 135—of Ishmael, Esau, &c., what it
imports, iii. 137–139—of the Jews, conditional, iii.
140 - absolute, explained, iii. 208 — Calvinian, a
dreadful decree, iii. 368–372–Calvinian, against
scripture and reason, iii. 373, 374-partial, what,
iii. 483-515-impartial, what, iii. 5164519-gra-
tuitous, truly scriptural, iii. 542—Popish, its agree-
ment with Calvinian, jii, 551, 552_unconditional, a
fuudamental doctrine of Calvinism, iv. 85—126—and
necessary sin, the left leg of Calvinism, iv. 88–99–
Calvinian, irreconcileable with the justice and mercy
of God, iv. 104—123—Calvinian, cannot be sup
ported by scripture, iv. 130—136—Calvinian, sprung
from Manicheism, iv. 185—Calvinian, exceeds the

Romish reprobation in cruelty, iv. 186, 187
Republicanism, observations on, V. 42–57
Resignation in waiting for divine manifestations, v.

344, 345-recommended in the loss of children,

V. 443
Rest, the dis

nction between the first and second,
note, iv. 468
Revelation, Divine, the danger of departing from

vi. 297
Revenge thirsts after mischief, i. 73
Reviewers, Monthly, concerning Toplady's scheme of

necessity, and Hartley's materialism, ir. 30, 31-
Monthly, referred to, vi. 309—Monthly, their testi-

mony of Christ, note, vii, 17
Reward of the righteous, what, ii. 422-424-the offer

of, encourages obedience, ii. 422–433
Righteousness, imputation of, note, i. 371, 372 how

imputed, i. 527, 528—imputed, will not avail if we
neglect personal holiness, ii. 21-insputed, the Cal-
vinistic notion of, ii. 127-132_imputed, how under-
stood by Arminians, ii. 133—149—the difference
between personal and imputed, ii. 151-why the
Jews attained not to, iii. 140, 141-imputed, the
phrase guarded, iii. 495, 496–Calvinian, imputation
of, a chimera, iii. 373--of God, what, vi, 410-

or justice of God, how demonstrated by the death of

Christ, vi. 410, 411
Robbing God, what, note, v. 183
Roberts, Mr., on the conditionality of the covenant of

grace, iii, 329
Romaine, Rev., his walk of faith quoted, iv. 298, 299
Romans, epistle to, chap. ix, explained iii. 131—165—

epistle to, asserts the divinity of Christ, vii. 106/112
Romily, Mons., his fine description of St. Paul, v.

515, 516
Roques, Mons., a saying of, note, v. 583mconcerning

lukewarm ministers, vi. 24--concerning false apos-

tles, vi. 26, 27—quoted, vi. 32–39
Rousseau, vi. 552—his absurd opinions on toleration,

vi. 285, 286—did not reject the gospel as an obstinate
enemy, vi. 247, 248his pride hindered his receip-
ing Christianity, vi. 230, 231 --- his encomium on
Jesus, iv. 510—a quotation from, on inspiration, iv.
522his strange and inconsistent ideas on prayer,

iv. 523, 526, 527
Rafinus, referred to, iv. 506
Rule of faith, what it teaches, vi. 316
Rump Parliament, how Cromwell disposed up, v. 56
Ryland, Rev. Mr., referred to, note, iii. 386_alluded

to, vi. 308

Sacrifices, how to account for the origin and univer-

sality of, vii. 13, 14
Saints of the world, who, v. 293, 294
Salvation, the mystery of, explained, i. 208213di-

rections for obtaining, vii, 324—all of God in Christ,
i. 231_finished, bad tendency of the expression, i.
393_395; ii. 34—finished, not used in scripture, ii.
50, 51-through Christ, how, ii. 353–379m not by
the proper merit of works, ii. 402-406---faith and
works, its secondary causes, ii. 437-439—the two
canses of, what, iii. 44-eternal, how of grace, note,
iii. 430-eternal, on what it depends, iji, 540-dif-

ferent kinds of, iv. 108, 109
Samuel, the prophet, prophesies of Christ, vii. 32-35

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