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stronger, as if there had been a cross round and pointed at us, when five of the bull-dog in their blood. The marines, who had scrambled through moment Lieutenant Sprawl stuck his the brake, took them in ilank, and atvery remarkablesnout over the stock tacked them on the sea face, with un. ade, several of us having scrambled exampled fury. The sergeant of the up a-breast of him, the man who party instantly shot the leader of the was apparently the leader of the Spanish crew, the powerful and very party hailed

handsome man already mentioned, "Que quieren ustedessomos Espa. between the shoulders, and he felí ñoles-y unde esta la guerra entre uste- forward right on the top of me. Still des i nosotros ?

in my dreams I often fancy that I He was answered by a volley feel the convulsive clutches of the from all our pieces, and half-a-dozen dying man, and the hot blood gurgof us tumbled down, right into the ling from his mouth, down my neck, soft mud; those who had the luck and the choking gasps, and the death to fall on their feet sank to their quiver. knees in an instant, whilst several I was stunned, and must have who fell head foremost, left a beau- been overlaid some time, for when I tiful cast of their phrenological deve- wriggled myself clear of the horrible lopements in the mire. We strug- load, our fellows had already gained gled with all our might, you may the platform, led by old Davie imagine, to extricate ourselves, but Doublepipe, who was laying about three out of the group were instant- him with his rusty weapon like a ly pinned in their clay moulds, by Paladin of old, at one moment shredthe boarding pikes of the slaver's ding away showers of twigs from the crew, and died miserably where branches that overhung us; at anthey fell, while several others were other inflicting deep and deadly wounded by shot; but our fellows gashes on his antagonists, his sword continued to pour in after us, and raining blood as he whirled it round there we soon were, thirty men at the his head, flashing, like lightning, fewest, struggling, and shouting, and while his loud growl, like the roaring blazing away, using the dead bodies of the surf after a gale, alternated of our fallen comrades as stepping- rapidly with his tootletoo, that gushed stones, to advance over, while about shrill and sharp from out the infernal fifteen more, as a reserve under lit- noise and smoke and blaze of the tu. tle Binnacle, had perched themselves mult. Presently the Gazelles and on the top of the stockade in our Midges closed hand to hand with rear, and kept pouring in a most their antagonists, and the next minute destructive fire over our heads; the survivors of the latter fairly while the yells of the men, and turned tail, and fed along a narrow the barking and worrying of the path, equally muddy as the one we dogs, who had now been let loose, had entered by, where many of them and who were indiscriminately ata stuck up to the knees, and were there tacking whoever was next them, shot down by our people, but no atwere appalling in the highest degree. tempt was made to follow them. A

The men who so manfully op- number of men had been terribly posed us, it was our duty and our torn by the bloodhounds, who, when glory to encounter ; but the dogs their masters had fled, noble brutes were the devil,—altogether out of as they were, stood gasping and our reckoning. It was curious to see barking at the entrance of the

openthose who feared not the face of man, ing, covering their retreat as it were. hanging back when attacked by one -spouting out in a bound or two of the blood-hounds. So our anta- towards us every now and then, and gonists, although so largely over- immediately retiring, and yelling matched in numbers, had, from the and barking at the top of their pipes. ferocity of their allies, and the sound. I was going to fire, when the Scotch ness of their footing, the advantage corporal of marines, already introover us, and made good their posic duced on the scene, took the liberty tion on the wooden stage, where of putting in his oar, “ Beg pardon, they were in the act of at length Mr Brail, but let abee for let abee getting another of the carronades, no with mad dogs and daft folk, is doubt loaded with grape, slewed an auld but a very true adage." I looked with an enquiring eye at the “ After these miscreants, men," poor fellow, who appeared worn to cried I, having previously ordered the bone with illness, so that I was ten hands back to cover the boats puzzled to understand how Sprawl _" after them, and drive them from had brought bim with him; but I the jungle.". took his hint, and presently the ca- “Hurrah!” We shoved along the nine rear-guard beat a retreat, and narrow path through which the all was quiet for a time.

enemy had vanished, and the first We now spiked the cannon and thing we orertook was one poor capsized them into the mud, where devil shot through the neck, writhing they instantly sank, and I had time to in agony, and endeavouring to extrilook around on the scene of conflict. cate himself from the slough. He There lay six of our people stark was thrust through on the instant, as and stiff, countersunk into the soft unceremoniously as if he had been mud, which in two instances was gra- a crushed beetle. A little farther on dually settling over the bodies in a we encountered in another small bloody mire, while four wounded men by track that took away to the left were struggling to extricate them- of us, three other men, evidently selves from the tenacious clay, and part of the gang, who had been pependeavouring to attain the hard

foot- pering us from beneath the covert of ing of the platform of planks. Three ihe bushes. These were shot down of them, with the assistance of their where they stood, and I cannot formessmates, did accomplish this, but get the imploring glances of the the fourth was too badly hurt, and poor fellows as they vainly beseeched too faint from the loss of blood, to our mercy, and the fearful sight of persevere, and in despair threw him- their stretching themselves out, and self back, gasping on the bloody falling crash back amongst the quagmire.

branches when we fired. Two of " What is that?” said I, while them seemed to fall at once quite half a dozen dropping shots sparkled dead amongst the bloody leaves, but out from beneath the thick jungle, the third, shrieking aloud, had wresand at the very instant one of the tled himself a fathom or two into boat-keepers stuck his head over the the brake before he received his stockade.

quietus from a marine, who walked “ The tide has left us, sir, and close up to him, and shot him through the mouth of the creek has not six the heart. Still we heard the shouts inches of water in it, sir. The boats of the rest of the party who had remust stick hard and fast until next treated, and were now well ahead of flood.”

us, and we pushed on in pursuitStartling enough this. What was when all at once, as if I had been to be done. To retreat, for the time, struck by the levin-brand, a flash of was out of the question, so we had light blazed across my eyes, and I no chance but in a forward demon- came to the ground by the run. stration.



Rich in the wreaths of Glory's race, full run,
Sated with spoils,-transcendent WellingTON,
One trophy yet awaited thee; one band
Of laurel, yet ungather'd at thy hand.
Twine it about thy front, in Oxford's name,
To crown her honours and complete thy fame;
Stamp thy bold brows with Oxford's sacred sign,
Champion of Christendom !--by right 'tis thine.

W. G.
January 22, 1834.


No. II.


Every man of common observa. by the force of numbers, and the ter. tion must now see to what the head. ror of combination, obtain that instrong passion for innovation is ra- stant and practical relief, which they pidly leading. It is in vain to con- have sought in vain in the delusive ceal, it would be folly to attempt to theories of their deceivers. deny, that, under the influence of The Trades' Unions, therefore, the prodigious changes of recent which have now spread with such times, a spirit has been nurtured, portentous rapidity through the which at length threatens the very whole country; which have arrayed elements of society with dissolution. millions of Englishmen in combinaAs long as the lower orders were de- tion against the authority of law, luded by the cry for Reform; as long and the order of society; which as they were infatuated enough to threaten to overwhelm industry by believe that, by supporting the Whigs the accumulation of numbers, and in office, they would convert the age extinguish opposition by the terrors of iron into that of gold; as long as of self-authorized punishment ;* they were deceived by the assurance, which lay the axe to the root of the that, by obtaining the command of national resources, by suspending the Legislature, they would readily the labour by which it is created, find a remedy for all their sufferings, and lock up the fountains of prosthey were kept tolerably quiet, as perity, by 'paralysing the capital against their rulers, and their fury which must maintain its producers, turned exclusively upon their devo- are a natural and inevitable, but not ted opponents of the Conservative uninstructive step in the progress of party. Now, however, that device revolution. They indicate, and that, will no longer answer its purpose. too, in a voice of thunder, the arriThe battle has been fought; the vic- val of the period when the vanity tory has been gained ; Tory misrule of hope has been felt, and the falseis at end; Whig wisdom and libe- hood of promises experienced; rality have been for three years and when the hollowness of professions a balf in full operation; and the peo- has become apparent, and the selfishple naturally ask, what is the end of ness of ambition manifested itself ; ihese things ? What have we gained when Whig aristocracy can no longer by all the efforts we have made ? employ the multitude as the instruWhere are the fields, the wages, the ments of its will, and democratic plenty, which were promised us ? flattery can no longer supply the Finding that they have gained no- want of real relief. The manufacthing by all they have done, that turing classes seem now resolved to wages are as low, taxes as burden- take the matter into their own some, employment as scarce, suffer- hands; they disdain to make any ing as general, as before the arrival appeal to their own Legislature, or of the promised millennium, they re- give any instructions to their darling turn in gloomy discontent to their representatives ; but boldly fixing a firesides, and, throwing aside all rate of wages, a period of labour, confidence in public men, and all and a set of regulations for them. hope of relief derived from the Le- selves, they bid open defiance to all gislature, sternly resolve to take the the constituted authorities in the matter into their own hands, and, state, and invite Government and

. We are aware that all the respectable organs of the Trades' Unions disclaim acts of violence; but experience has proved, that while they exist, they cannot be prevented, and that, practically, whatever they may say, they amount to a tyranny of numbers over helpless industry.

their masters into an open con- government. All this, we have no test with millions of desperate men, doubt, they would say; and all this, upon whose labour great part of the we have no doubt, they sincerely national resources is dependent. believe. It is not the vanity of de

This fearful revolutionary system, mocratic principles and self-govern. therefore, need excite no surprise ment which is as yet felt and dein any thinking mind; we have long monstrated by the existence of the foreseen it, and foretold it, in this Trades' Unions; it is the vanity of Magazine, an hundred times over. the Reform Bill, and the ruinous It is the reaction of experience and tendency of Whig measures, which suffering against the delusive hopes is proved to bave been experienced; nursed bythe predictions and changes it is the loud voice of the manufacof former times; the proclamation, turing classes, at whose instigation, in the hundred-mouthed trumpet of and, professedly, for whose behoof, the national voice, of the vanity of all the changes were made, which is all former innovations; the public heard, announcing that they have admission, that, from the regenerated been cheated and deceived, and that Legislature, the people have nothing direct self-government can alone to hope; and that, for any real alle- admit them to the social benefits to viation of their sufferings, they must which they are entitled. look to their own right arms and That the true friends of the worktheir own firm resolution. It is to ing classes are the Conservatives,— be regarded as a natural and neces that their worst enemies are the desary step in the progress of the dis- magogues who lure them by the ease under which we are labouring; voice of flattery to perdition, must as the painful, but inevitable and be obvious from the consideration, well-foretold result of the insane in that labour and industry of every novations of which we have so long sort can only flourish during the sun. been the victims; and as indicating shine of tranquillity and ease, and that step to amendment at least that they necessarily wither and die which arises from a perception of amidst the storms and the agitation the deadly tendency of the remedies of Revolution. If a tree is cut down, which have hitherto been adminis. the leaves and distant branches are tered.

the first to wither; and they lanThe people, indeed, are not, for guish and die long before any sympthe most part, aware of this; they toms of decay appear in the stem and would not admit, if it was put to larger branches, because the sap them, that their present distresses, which vivifies the whole is first which have prompted them to form stopped in its ascent to the farthest these formidable combinations, are extremities. It is the same with the the natural result of the bitter circulation of capital through the not disappointment experienced from less extensive and curiously conthe contrast between the promises structed filaments of society. If any which were held out to them, and shock is given to the heart, the workthe results which have attended the ing classes are the first to suffer, measures which were pursued; they because they are the last whom the would perhaps answer, if such a life-blood reaches, they receive it in thing was seriously stated in their the smallest quantities, and have the presence, that it was not because least stock to enable them to subsist their rulers are, but because they during its interruption. The rich, are not democratic, that their confi. by a cessation of credit, or a susdence in them is gone; and that the pension of industry, may be abridge substantial benefits which they were ed of their luxuries ; the middling told would follow the Reform Bill ranks straitened in their comforts ; can never now be hoped for, until but the labouring poor are instantly the nest of Whig rotten boroughs is deprived of bread, and thrown withas thoroughly exterminated as that out employment upon the world, of Tory has been, and Annual Par- disabled, by the same cause which liaments, Universal Suffrage, and has prostrated them, from adminis. Vote by Ballot, have completely tering any effectual relief. and finally admitted the people to The stage in the progress of innovathe full powers and blessings of self. tion, which the simultaneous growth of the Trades' Unions in all parts of ture of the principles which these the country proves to have arisen, regenerators of society are pouring is observable in every other convul- into the minds of our manufactusion of a similar kind which has yet ring population. desolated the world. It corresponds Cobbett tells us, in one of his reto the revolt of the 10th August in cent numbers, that the first French Revolution ; the

" Their intention is to take the governeffort, as Mignet tells us, of the

ment of the country entirely into their own working-classes to shake off the

hands. The view which they take of our burgher aristocracy, who had got present political situation is something possession of the legislature, and like this: both Houses of Parliament, who were determined to obtain for they say, have been most actively engaged themselves those benefits which had in doing whatever they could to bring so long been held out to them by the down the old fabric of society, and they demagogues to whom they bad lent have succeeded so well, that none of the ear. It corresponds to the revolt of political parties can much longer support Lyons in November, 1831, when the it. Were the producing classes not prestarving weavers of that great manu- pared with effective conservative measures, facturing city rose in open revolt Tories, Whigs, and Radicals would soon against the revolutionary authorities be in inextricable confusion. The proof Louis Philippe, and were only ducing classes, viewing matters in this subdued by Marshal Soult and the light, state their object to be to take their Duke of Orleans, at the head of a

own affairs into their own hands; and greater force than_fought the Duke by taking their own affairs, they are perof Wellington at Toulouse ; or the fectly aware that they cannot avoid at great revolt of the Parisian opera

the same time taking the affairs of the tives at the Cloister of St Merri in non-producers also into their own hands; June, 1832, which was only crushed

the management of which latter will deby a mightier military array than glit- the producers may determine to adopt.

pend on the particular arrangements which tered on the field of Jena or Aug

These are no trivial objects to have in terlitz. The pacific habits and more orderly character of our working- chine so far that the producer may go

view, namely, to reverse the state maclasses will, it is to be hoped, give a

vern the capitalist, and to make the capi. very different character to this stage talist minister to the wants and pleasures of the disease in the British Isles

of the producers, instead of the producers from what obtained amidst the fier

to the capitalists! In this state of things, cer passions and military ideas of and with a body of men in the commutheir southern neighbours: but the nity holding these doctrines, it becomes a crisis is the same; it has arisen from matter of serious consideration for both the same deep-rooted disappoint- the Government and the public to ascerment at the deceit and delusions of tain their probable result if the course which they have been the victims, marked out be followed up. There have and will be attended in the d, if been Trades' Unions in existence for some not firmly coerced, with effects not length of time; many of them rich, and one whit less disastrous.

partaking of the nature of benefit socieFew of our readers are acquainted ties.

But the Trades' Union, which is with the real objects of these formi. now attracting so much attention, is a dable Associations, or the manner in thing of very recent origin, arising, in which they are levelled, not merely

some degree, out of the Political Unions. against the rights of their masters, the conduct of the latter, and looking

But the former being dissatisfied with and the general authority of law, but the whole principles of religion classes, they have followed the steps of the

upon them as the creature of the middle and morality by which society is working classes in France, who soon came held together-by which the strong to view the Girondists as a class who aimed are prevented from tyrannising over

at monopolizing all the benefits of the Revo. the weak—and civilisation is pre- lution, and keeping the working class in rented from relapsing into the anar

the same state in which they found them. chy and bloodshed of savage life. The General Congress of the Union has We shall give, therefore, a few quo- already twice assembled, once at Birmingtations to illustrate the extent of the ham, and once in London, and it is said danger which now threatens society, that another meeting is to be convened and the perilous and seda cing na- early in 1834, at Barnsley, with the de

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