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I only read a couple of entries, but I think Mr. Eberhart should do more research on different entries. Like the Dobsegna entry in particular, as I have researched this topic extensively. He should have included more information about said sightings, quoted them, used the WWF sightings of paw prints on the Jayawijaya mountain range, et cetera. It would be a lot more credible, an it would sound less like it's copy-pasted from some internet post.  

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poop it made me cry ALOT!

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I read the part about Arizona jaguars, a subject I've researched extensively. Eberhart does not know his subject. He simply follows an all-too pervasive pattern of many other authors in the biological "sciences" of accepting whatever they've read by previous authors as gospel truth. I've mined the citations in the so-called "scientific" literature down to original sources. There is in fact NO reliable evidence that any historic "breeding population" of jaguars ever existed in Arizona. Eberhart did not examine or verify his sources and only spreads myth and misinformation in the publication this book. 

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Giant owls aren't a myth anymore guys...Our family has 3 houses spanning maybe 1/4 mile along the edge of where Self creek meets Greeson in Arkansas. Three people have seen the giant creature. Yes, it scared the mess out of each! Yesterday, I honestly believe we heard it - my daughter had heard the same "sound" about 30 minutes earlier. We were leaving to come home. We walked out to the car - it was about 9 or 9:30pm. We were almost to the car when we heard this loud 'swoosh' sound just above our head. Like air rushing under the single flap of huge wings. A few leaves fell from the tree but nothing else. The sound was so loud that it made both of us jump and turn around before scrambling to jump in the car. If anyone is even on this site anymore - I will tell the other sighting accounts. I have never heard of a giant owl before - I am not sure but - after the last 4 days...I do now. I am quite interested to see if anyone else has had a sighting. 

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