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things he gave me, from that splendid mind that he had, along the lines of taxation; and I have wondered sometimes what the future of this organization will be when a few more of those old stalwarts drop by the wayside and cease coming to these conferences, or go the road of our friend Judge Howe.

When I see the splendid gathering that is here today and that has been here during this week, and the splendid interest that has been taken in these matters, there is no question about the future of the National Tax Association. It will go on and grow, and it will do a wonderful lot of good in the communities.

I know that our friend Holcomb, who is the backbone of the organization, sometimes gets discouraged, but if he will look around and see the enormous lot of good he is doing, and what this association is accomplishing, I am sure he will take fresh courage and go on, as will all the members of this organization. And we owe much to our friend Bullock, who is our adviser, from year to year, in many of these things; and I am also proud of the fact that our friend "Tommy" is now our president, and I assure you, my friends, I shall give him all the support my intellect will permit, in making this organization what it has been and what it is destined to be.

I cannot refrain at this time too, my friends, from mentioning the very splendid treatment that we have had in this city from this splendid committee that have put themselves out so much for our entertainment. They certainly have made us feel at home. It is really worth while to leave your busy life at home and come to cities of this kind and be treated as we have been treated during this week. I commend the people of this city and I assure you that I shall carry off into the far West a regard for the city of Minneapolis and praise for the very splendid meeting that they have given us.

I have had for several years a dream of what this association should accomplish. It was very splendid today when our treasurer read about the bonds that we own and about the financial standing of this association. I had a dream that we ought to wage a campaign at this time that will give us a foundation, the interest of which will keep this organization. I think it would not be hard; if each state would put forth an effort and get a goodly number of members into this organization, we could soon accomplish this, and I should like to see it done. We ought to work up the membership to such an extent that we could do that. We have grown to a point today where we must in the very near future have some arrangement and have some man like Holcomb give his entire time to the business and affairs of the National Tax Association. We have grown to such extent and magnitude that this is necessary, in my opinion. We have imposed upon that man (Secretary Holcomb)

for years, and we could not live without him. That is my opinion. We owe so much to Holcomb, and I wish that it were possible for us to get so situated that we could get Holcomb to give his entire time to us, and that we should be able to pay him a salary that would keep him in that position. Those are some of the dreams that I would like to see come true, and I should like to see you, my friends, give sufficient time in your own states so that we can get a following that will accomplish that thing. Holcomb is not always going to be able to do what he has done for these many years.

My friends, I have had many honors come to me in my life in my own state, but I can truthfully say to you today that I never have had one honor given to me that I appreciate as much as I do the honor that you have given me today. I love the National Tax Association and its work. It is most interesting to me, and to occupy this position is a real honor that I prize very highly at this time.

I assure you that I shall give the position all that I possibly can and give the best that there is in me towards the upbuilding and forwarding of the interests of this association. I thank you.

Gentlemen, what will be your further pleasure? Have we found Dr. Adams?

SAMUEL LORD: I believe the Doctor is lost for the day.

VICE-PRESIDENT BAILEY: I think the Doctor knew what was coming. A motion to adjourn will be in order.

SAMUEL LORD: Mr. President, I move you that the association do now adjourn.

(Motion seconded)

(Final adjournment)

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